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Classroom rules 2007 08 Classroom rules 2007 08 Presentation Transcript

  • Classroom Rules Orchestra Room
  • Rule #1 Be courteous and respectful at all times.
    • Show respect for classroom, school property, and property belonging to others by not touching anything that does not belong to you.
    • Speak to the teacher and your classmates in a respectful manner. When responding to the teacher always use good manners by saying “Yes, ma’m” or “No, ma’m”.
  • Rule #2 Bring all required materials to class every day.
    • Each student is responsible and will be graded for having the required materials everyday.
    • All students are required to bring their OWN music and pencil everyday, not just rely on their stand partner to bring it!!
    • Violin and viola students are also responsible for having their personal instrument in class every day. If a student is unable to bring his/her instrument because it is out for repairs, a parent note is required. In this case, a school instrument will be provided for use in class without a deduction of participation points. Without a parental note, you will lose participation points for that day.
    • Bring your agenda to class EVERY DAY.
  • Rule #3 Handle music and instruments with care…they are expensive. If you are using a school instrument, you are responsible for any damage to the instrument or case and will be required to pay for repair or replacement costs.
  • Rule #4 Remain on task and behave appropriately.
    • There will be no unnecessary talking or playing during rehearsals/class instruction. When the conductor dictates a cut-off, stop playing immediately and listen for comments or instructions.
  • Orchestra Concert Requirements
    • Fall, CODA, Jamboree and Spring concerts are required performances.
    • Please put these dates on your calendar and do everything possible to keep them reserved for our concerts. These are our primary evaluation tool and are invaluable to team building.
    • If the student cannot participate in a concert, you must notify the teacher at least one week in advance and you must submit a taped recording of the entire concert program prior to the concert date or make arrangements with Mrs. Secrist to perform the entire concert program for the class.
    • Failure to follow this procedure will result in a zero for the performance grade given for that concert.
  • Classroom Procedures
  • Procedure #1 Entering the Classroom
    • Enter Quietly And Get Required Materials .
    • Upon entering the classroom, students are to immediately get their instrument and/or other required materials and proceed to their assigned seat without excessive noise.
    • If you need to borrow classroom equipment you must request permission from Mrs. Secrist to borrow school equipment and leave “collateral” at the front of the classroom.
  • Procedure #2 Tuning
    • 7th And 8th Grade Students Tune Your Instrument . Students should then proceed to tune their instrument using the tuners provided by the teacher or their own tuner. Teacher and section leaders will be provide assistance as needed.
    • 6th Grade Students Place Instrument Beside Seat . Until given different instructions, 6 th grade students should place the instrument beside their seat and wait for the teacher to help with tuning.
  • Procedure #3 Beginning of Class
    • Please do not ask Mrs. Secrist any unnecessary questions
    • at the beginning of class.
    • Once we have settled into class for the day, I will let you know that I am ready to help with tuning as needed.
    • Some days there will be written work relating to our orchestra class work. The assignment will be posted and self-explanatory. While the written work is being done I will assist students as needed.
    • If no bell work has been assigned for the day, you should immediately proceed to get your instrument and music out, tune and warm-up.
    • There should be no talking that is not related to our class. All talking should be done with your “quiet” voice.
    • There should be no yelling, running, or inappropriate language at any time!
  • Procedure #4 Bathroom Breaks
    • We will follow the school procedures for bathroom breaks which include:
      • Only one person at a time
      • Breaks are not allowed during the first or last five minutes of class; waiting until all announcements are completed
      • You MUST have your instrument tuned and music ready before asking for a bathroom pass
      • Sign the Bathroom Log at the beginning of class: maximum 8 allowed per class; go in the order that you sign up; take the BR pass with you and return it to the Log location when you return
  • Procedure #5 Behavior Chart
    • Orchestra class will use the Behavior Management Plan (BMP) to monitor classroom behavior and participation.
    • Failure to follow the classroom rules or procedures will result in the appropriate number of deductions from the students Conduct Grade or Class Participation Grade.
  • Procedure #6 Tardy Procedure
    • Once the tardy bell has run, any student entering the classroom will be considered tardy unless you have a pass from another teacher or staff.
    • If you have a pass from another teacher, give it to Mrs. Secrist. Without a written note your tardiness is considered unexcused and points will be deducted from your behavior chart.
    • Quietly and without ANY unnecessary noise, proceed to get your required materials, go to your assigned seat and join in the class activities.
  • Procedure #7 Quiet, Please!
    • Remain quiet when the teacher is talking or working with other students.
    • Stop playing as soon as the teacher stops conducting.
  • Procedure #8 Dismissal
    • Pack up in quiet and orderly manner . Students are to pack up their instrument and put away all personal items as well as any classroom equipment used during class.
    • Students must remove trash on the classroom floor.
    • On Fridays, the last class of the day will be responsible for putting away all chairs and stands.
    • Everyone will be quiet during afternoon announcements.
    • Final dismissal is given by the teacher when ALL these have been completed by EVERYONE.
  • Procedures Summary
    • Enter Quietly And Get Required Materials
    • Tune Your Instrument (7 th and 8 th ) OR Wait for teacher assistance with tuning (6 th ).
    • Begin Written Work On Your Own if indicated on agenda.
    • Follow Bathroom Break procedures .
    • Remain quiet and focused in class.
    • Pack up in quiet and orderly manner.