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Tetra Americana Overview
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Tetra Americana Overview


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Overview of Tetra Americana’s activities in distributing the competitive hybrid layer genetics of Bábolna TETRA Kft from Hungary

Overview of Tetra Americana’s activities in distributing the competitive hybrid layer genetics of Bábolna TETRA Kft from Hungary

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Change Welcome message based on visiting party.
  • Bábolna TETRA out of Hungary.
  • City of Bábolna founded in 1268
  • General breeding company for horses established by the state for military purposes in 1789
  • Imported the Shagya breed early on and became famous for its further development of this breed in Bábolna, Hungary
    The Breeding company, still state owned at this time, expanded into poultry breeding in 1967
  • The poultry breeding division was set up by Dr. Róber Burgert -NOTE: in Hungary they switch places for first and last names.
  • Tetra Broiler was terminated during the JV with Arbor Acres in the 90’s, and they acquired the HARCO from Arbor Acres.
    Tetra White program did not develop after the 80’s due to their focus on Europe which became almost fully brown.
  • In 2004 Mr. George Buza and Mr. Zoltan Budai together with one other silent partner bought the company from the state with the vision to re-establish Bábolna TETRA worldwide.
    The Tetra White program was also immediately re-instated as a priority in the breeding program.
  • Location of Bábolna is half-way between Vienna, Austria and the Hungarian capital, Budapest.
  • At the commercial headquarters the horse breeding operation still exists.
  • Technical headquarters of Uraiújfalu is closer located to the pedigree and GPS farms.
  • One of the primary pedigree farms.
  • The newly built PS hatchery after the purchase in 2004. Petersime machines, single-stage.
    9 setters, 6 hatchers, each hatcher capacity of 38,400 eggs, can make 100.000 females per hatch. When full have 2 hatches per week (mon & thu) has a capacity of about 10 mln female chicks per year.
  • Some basics in breeding, very comparable to other breeding companies.
  • Independent electronic and computerized registration.
  • Some general points of attention in the breeding program for females
  • For males
  • Specific characteristics for egg quality
  • General parameters of selection
  • General accepted genetic improvement based on inheritability.
  • Home Field, traditionally strong Tetra markets in Europe and Northern Africa.
  • Countries with TETRA GPS, PS or commercials. (GPS IN GREEN).
  • Establishment of Tetra Americana in 2008
  • Our press release in early 2009.
  • Tetra Brown GPS and PS.
  • Early maturing, comparable to Bovans and Hyline in this case.
  • High number Egss / HH.
  • Very comparable feed efficiency to Hy Line brown.
    Don’t look at absolute number, based on European feed diets which are generally lower on energy, meaning higher feed intake.
  • The latest completed test from 2008-2009.
    First few slides on rearing, then production data.
  • In this test shows large day-old chicks compared to others.
  • Not a big eater, need to keep a close eye on body weight when rearing in order to move into production properly!
  • Some slides on cumulative data during production up to 38 weeks of age.
    Good egg numbers, together with HyLine the highest in the Browns (the other 2 are Amber type birds).
  • Together with HyLine good on production.
  • Again, shows to be a small eater, in the summer time with high temperatures need to keep a close eye on that!
  • Some of the latest raw data that has come in on production up to 66 weeks of age (48 weeks producing).
    At 66 weeks production is very comparable to HyLine (80,4%), Hisex (83,4%) and ISA (81,9%).
    Persistency (>90%) is not so good here, 23 weeks, compared to HyLine 27 weeks, Hisex 32 weeks and ISA 31 weeks.
  • Our latest results of our internal test at Auburn University comparing TETRA Brown to HyLine Brown and Bovans Brown.
    Comparable production, HyLine shows good livability with Bovans and Tetra one each up to 36 weeks (out of about 200 birds each group).
  • Here the egg weight shows to be a little lower than a Bovans or Hyline. On similar diets the Tetra shows smaller egg size.
    This can be helpful from here on in the average egg size not getting too big, perhaps giving more L eggs on balance.
  • Going in to 40 weeks an on, there is a clear difference in feed consumption on the Tetra compared to a Bovans and HyLine.
    Tetra is known for its good feed efficiency!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Who are we? • Tetra Americana, LLC distributes Layer genetics from Bábolna TETRA Kft for American layer operators • Tetra Americana wants to highlight the importance of having variety available in the Layer Poultry gene pool
    • 2. Topics Covered • History Bábolna TETRA Kft and the establishment of Tetra Americana, LLC • How does our operation look like? • How does the TETRA product line up?
    • 3. BÁBOLNA since 1268
    • 4. II. József 1741-1790 Csekonics József (1757 – 1824) General Founded in 1789
    • 5. Mission: horse breeding for military purpose
    • 6. The Shagya breed elegance, harmonic movement, exceptionally good intention and learning skills in addition to robust arduousness and ideal dimensions
    • 7. Poultry Breeding Since 1967
    • 8. Dr. Burgert Róbert Bábolna, (1924-1999)
    • 9. Milestones in the History of Bábolna TETRA Kft. • The 60’s • - Official registration of the „Tetra” brand and beginning of the layer breeding program, • TETRA 82 broiler • TETRA L white • TETRA SL • The 70’s • - First „Tetra-SL” hybrids and first exports • - Inventing color-sexing • The 80’s • - Using blood typing for improving livability • - Eradication of the Leucosis virus • - Intensive market expansion • more than 1 million PS export per year • in more than 60 countries
    • 10. Milestones in the History of Bábolna TETRA Kft. • The 90’s • - Tetra – Arbor-Acres co-operation • Exchanging breeding line • New Millennium - Privatization in 2004 and new management • - Genetic program on new basis • - Renewing the distribution system Búza György Budai Zoltán
    • 11. Commercial and Production Centers URAIÚJFALU BÁBOLNA
    • 12. Commercial Headquarters Bábolna
    • 13. Technical Headquarters Uraiújfalu
    • 14. Kenderes Pedigree Farm: near Uraiújfalu
    • 15. Bábolna TETRA Hatchery near Uraiújfalu
    • 16. Basics of TETRA Genetic Program
    • 17. Bábolna Tetra Test Farm Every pedigree bird is individually registered
    • 18. Female characteristics (not in any order of importance) • Egg Production • Feed Intake • Liveability • Egg Weight • Body Weight • Shell Colour • Puncture Score • Albumen Height (Haugh Unit) • Production persistency • Sexual Maturity • Temperament
    • 19. Male characteristics (not in any order of importance) - Mating ability - Fertility and hatchability - Appearance - Size of the spur - Feather cover - Behaviour
    • 20. Egg analyses – Shell color – Breaking point – Egg weight – Height of albumen (HU)
    • 21. The Parameters of Selection QUANTITY (egg production) • Sexual Maturity • Peak Production • Persistency QUALITY (egg quality) • Egg Weight • Shell Color • Shell Strength • Albumen Height (Haugh Unit) • Meat & Blood Spots ECONOMY • Feed Intake • Body Weight • Livability
    • 22. Genetic development Parameters Change year to year • Age at 50% production 0,5 days earlier • Peak production 0,1 – 0,2% higher • Production of hen housed +0,5 — 1,5 eggs • till 80th weeks • Body weight at 72nd weeks of age 10 — 20g lighter • Feed conversion 1,3 — 1,5 % better
    • 23. Albania Algeria Austria Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Germany Greece Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Libya Macedonia Moldavia Montenegro Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Ukraine
    • 24. History and Establishment Distribution Agreement 20 September, 2008
    • 25. • Tetra Americana, LLC established in 2008 • Exclusive distribution of TETRA genetics in North and South America • Located in Athens, Georgia with GPS in North Georgia. Highlights
    • 26. GPS & Distribution Baronel Grandparentstock Farm High level of Biosecurity
    • 27. GPS & Distribution Housing of TETRA Brown Grandparent Stock State of the art facilities and equipment
    • 28. GPS & Distribution
    • 29. How does the TETRA product line up? • Ustrasice Test, Czech Republic 2007 – 2008 • Ustrasice Test, Czech Repulbic 2008 – 2009 • Internal testing at Auburn University, USA Hendrix Genetics Products: 2. Bovans Brown 3. Hisex Brown 4. ISA Brown Wesjohann Products: 5. H&N Brown Nick 6. Hyline Brown 7. Lohmann Brown Classic 8. Lohmann Brown Lite Bábolna TETRA Product: 1. Tetra Brown Hendrix Genetics Products: 2. Hisex Brown 3. ISA Brown Wesjohann Products: 4. H&N Brown Nick 5. Hyline Brown 6. Lohmann Brown Classic 7. Lohmann Brown Lite Bábolna TETRA Product: 1. Tetra Brown
    • 30. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS At 76 weeks Ustrasice 2007 Test
    • 31. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS At 76 weeks Ustrasice 2007 Test
    • 32. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS At 76 weeks Ustrasice 2007 Test (3.63 lbs / dzn)
    • 33. 1. Rearing phase 2. Production phase TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test ÚSTRASICE – XVII. International Performance Test The basic data of laying test Setting in the hatchery 2008. March 17 Beginning of rearing – Day 1 2008. April 9 Rearing of pullets (126 days) 2008. August 12 18 weeks long growing period Keeping Hen (127 – 518 days) 2009. September 8 56 weeks long laying period
    • 34. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test 2.65 lbs. 0.88 lbs. 3.09 lbs.
    • 35. Rearing phase TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test 13.89 lbs.
    • 36. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test Production Statistics till 57 weeks
    • 37. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test till 57 weeks Production Statistics
    • 38. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test till 57 weeks 3.64 lbs. / dzn
    • 39. TECHNICAL COMPARISONS Ustrasice 2008 Test till 57 weeks
    • 40. Auburn 2009 Test
    • 41. Auburn 2009 Test
    • 42. Auburn 2009 Test
    • 43. Auburn 2009 Test
    • 44. How are we going to distribute our products? • Tetra Americana, LLC evaluates downstream distribution infrastructures per country in order to establish the best supply mechanism to its end- users. • In the United States, Tetra Americana will make use of existing distribution channels which have a solid establishment.
    • 45. • Breeder sales from our Georgia based GPS to several Latin American countries already taken place. • Small commercial TETRA Brown test flocks have been placed in the US and Canada. • First TETRA Brown breeders sold to Centurion Poultry, Inc. • Large commercial flocks (50,000+ per hatch), available starting Jan. 2010. How are we going to distribute our products?
    • 46. Thank You