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Overview of Rastar

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Rastar Capabilities

  1. 1. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Presentation © 2007 Rastar
  2. 2. Rastar Capabilities Synopsis of Rastar • Rastar facilities are located in Salt Lake City • Over 16 years in automotive marketing expertise • 350 employees with annual revenue of over $39 million • Recognized in personalized strategy communications • In the forefront of digital, print-on-demand solutions • Established relationships with automotive dealerships • University of Phoenix, American Honda • Lexus, HP, Coors © 2007 Rastar
  3. 3. www.rastar.com Beyond the discovered. Once you go beyond the discovered, the real adventure begins.
  4. 4. What does “beyond” really mean? It’s the difference between acting on what you already know, and pursuing what your customers are trying to tell you. We are architects, not contractors… © 2007 Rastar
  5. 5. www.rastar.com The Rastar Philosophy By “going beyond,” we will help you to: • Acquire, retain and convert customers to high value • Build a stronger dialogue with prospects and customers • Send trigger-based messages that are unique and relevant • Rank leads and focus the right energy in the right place • Automate campaign management processes to maximize cost reduction °Develop dialogue maps and business rules °Provide 24-hour fulfillment turnaround °Execute real-time tracking • Significantly reduce the cost-per-lead/transaction
  6. 6. Rastar Capabilities Our most valuable quality is a strategic mindset: 1. Core capability is database management expertise 2. Programs based on proven lead treatment models 3. Creative services and strategy tied closely together 4. Pioneers in variable data communication solutions 5. In-house offset printing supports variable data printing 6. Fulfillment solutions focus on relevance and timeliness 7. Research-focused call center integrated into solutions 8. Tracking and report generation through Web and print © 2007 Rastar
  7. 7. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Database Management • Data Extraction/Transfer Team ° System Management ° Data Mining ° Data Manipulation
  8. 8. Rastar Capabilities Database Management • Data Extraction/Transfer Team • Database Analysis/Transfer Team ° Analysis ° Segmentation ° Dialogue Mapping ° Business Rules © 2007 Rastar
  9. 9. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Database Management • Data Extraction/Transfer Team • Database Analysis/Transfer Team • Variable Template Programmers ° Creative Implementation ° Template Programming
  10. 10. Rastar Capabilities Database Management • Data Extraction/Transfer Team • Database Analysis/Transfer Team • Variable Template Programmers • Variable Data Programmers ° Rule Programming ° Variable Messaging ° Data File Preparation © 2007 Rastar
  11. 11. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Lead Treatment Models • Experience in dynamic lead treatment models • Applied at both dealership and national levels • Dialogue-driven: Action>Reaction>Feedback • Integrated with teleservices capabilities • Multi-channel approach: Print, E-mail, Phone
  12. 12. Rastar Capabilities Lead Treatment Models • Case Study: Lexus Lead Treatment Program ° Intelligent, ongoing dialogue ° Customer can change preferences ° Recipient allowed to “win” at the customer game ° Exceptional results justify the strategy © 2007 Rastar
  13. 13. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Creative Services • Creative personnel with strong direct response experience • Understanding of database and variable data marketing • Experience in multiple direct response mediums • Staff includes copywriters, art directors, interactive designers • Strategy and creative teams work in tandem • Shorter time from concept to market • Co-develop solutions for other marketing firms
  14. 14. Rastar Capabilities Variable Digital Printing • The elite of nationally recognized digital print facilities • One-stop solution for front-to-back variable print solutions • Facilities geared to execute print-on-demand programs • Powered by HP 5000, Xeikon and large format presses • Skilled digital press operators with years of experience • Integrated with traditional mailing house capabilities © 2007 Rastar
  15. 15. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Variable Digital Printing • Case Study: O.C. Tanner Recognition ° Leading Fortune 500 recognition company needed help ° Old system relied on warehousing printed catalogs ° Printed supplies would quickly become obsolete ° Moved to digital print-on-demand program ° Today, orders are received, printed and fulfilled same day
  16. 16. Rastar Capabilities Offset Printing Capabilities • Award-winning Heidelberg-based printing facility • Rastar was founded on its color and pre-press expertise • Project management team with vast experience • Capable of high-volume production • Large-format, bindery and packaging services • Press operators are talented technicians • Complements the digital printing services © 2007 Rastar
  17. 17. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Blended Solutions • Case Study: University of Phoenix Lead Generation • Part of variable/static balanced testing strategy • Variable pieces targeted to high-value leads • Offset pieces targeted to low-value leads • High-volume monthly output
  18. 18. Rastar Capabilities Fulfillment Solutions • Project management is our top priority • Full-service order processing and fulfillment • State-of-the-art mail facility near USPS and airport • Print-on-demand solutions • Web-to-print solutions • Lead treatment programs • In-house digital/offset printing • In-house lettershop/mailing © 2007 Rastar
  19. 19. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Fulfillment Solutions • Case Study: Coors Banners Solutions ° Oversized format promotional materials ° Multiple sizes and output options ° Rapid fulfillment to the field
  20. 20. Rastar Capabilities Fulfillment Solutions • Case Study: Coors Promotional Solutions ° Extremely timely Web-to-print solutions ° Variable fields allow customization ° Rapid fulfillment to the field © 2007 Rastar
  21. 21. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Fulfillment Solutions • Case Study: Lexus Limited Edition Neiman Marcus Mailing ° Quick turnaround ° Creative/Dimensional/Packaging ° Overnighted materials to customers and dealers
  22. 22. Rastar Capabilities Integrated Call Center • Expandable 24-station call center • Handling of inbound and outbound calls • Expertise in market research surveys • Focused on dealership solutions • Extensive call management system © 2007 Rastar
  23. 23. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Report Generation • Back-end reporting is a top priority ° Standard reports ° Custom reports ° Ad hoc • Rastar Web tools built with full reporting functions • Available in both print and online formats • Reports analysis is part of the program • Constantly measure success • Alter programs as dictated by results
  24. 24. Rastar Capabilities Other Capabilities • Web-to-print allows automation of customized collateral • In-house packaging design and production • Phone follow-up and market research • In-house photo studio with seasoned digital photographers • On-demand publishing capability for online consumer sites © 2007 Rastar
  25. 25. www.rastar.com Rastar Capabilities Summary • Continually push the boundaries of possibility • Experts in database marketing strategy • Leader in variable digital printing solutions • Creative solutions built around the strategy • Print, promotional and custom fulfillment services • Fulfillment programs built around one-to-one programs • Quick turnaround on orders and fulfillment • Broad range of core in-house services streamlines efforts
  26. 26. Rastar Capabilities Discussion • Matters of Importance/Impact • Making sure you go for things that work and are already proven © 2007 Rastar
  27. 27. Appendix Chart 1 One-to-one Loyalty Hurdle Road Map Chart 2 One-to-one Dialogue Chart Chart 3 Master Auto Dealer Solution Chart 4 Trigger Intervals Chart 5 Sales Dialogue Chart 6 Service Dialogue Chart 7 Return On Investment Chart 8 Generic Dialogue Map Chart 9 Business Reply Cards
  28. 28. Chart 1 One-to-one Loyalty Hurdle Road Map © 2007 Rastar
  29. 29. Chart 2 One-to-one Dialogue Chart
  30. 30. Chart 3 Master Auto Dealer Solution Master Auto Dealer Solutions Data Drives Decisions A successful marketing program starts with a dealer’s existing customer list—which Rastar enhances with additional consumer and lifestyle data. When analyzed, this enhanced data accurately predicts future purchases. Further, DATA B ASE the profiles of best customers point out new prospects who are “clones,” with the same buying preferences. This program also tracks each customer’s behavior, and determines the best offer each customer should receive each month. Rastar’s database approach dramatically improves the effectiveness of offers for both customers and prospects. As data drives marketing decisions, sales are more successful. Acquire Conquests Convert Customers Retain Customers Objective: Acquisition of Brand New Customers Objective: Keep Them Coming Back Objective: Obtain the 2nd Transaction Sales Announcements Thank You Letters Conversion Communications Ongoing service and sales offers—for continued service and the next purchase or lease People who have never purchased, leased, or A “Thank You” combined with service offers serviced at this dealership —sent only to first-time customers BUYER LETTER OUTSIDE LETTER IN THE MARKET IN THE MARKET CONQUESTS SERVICE LETTERS SALES LETTERS • Thank You • Thank You BROCHURE BROCHURE • Best Customer • Sale Announcement LETTER • Service Offer • Service Offer • Struggler 1 • Incentives • Model Specific • Model Specific • Sales • Struggler 2 • Leads • Full Line • Full Line • Defector BRC BRC BRC BRC BRC BRC BRC Acquisition Ownership Experience at Dealer Ready to Purchase © 2007 Rastar
  31. 31. Chart 4 Trigger Intervals
  32. 32. Chart 5 Sales Dialogue © 2007 Rastar
  33. 33. Chart 6 Service Dialogue
  34. 34. Chart 7 Return On Investment © 2007 Rastar
  35. 35. Chart 8
  36. 36. Chart 9 Business Reply Cards © 2007 Rastar
  37. 37. www.rastar.com Get Ready To Go Beyond!
  38. 38. Rastar Bill Sattree Vice President 2211 West 2300 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84119 Tel: 801.558.5660 Fax: 801.973.7149 Email: bsattree@rastar.com web: rastar.com © 2007 Rastar