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Scopi qpr presentation-e-v8 7

  1. 1. Why SCOPI? Results-OrientedRoot Causes-Conscious
  2. 2. ContentStatement of Confidentiality About QPR SoftwareSCOPI in BriefSCOPI Value PropositionSCOPI MethodologySCOPI Industry FocusSCOPI Areas of ExpertisePerformance Management Systems & AutomationBusiness ExcellenceOrganizational DevelopmentHuman Resources ManagementSatisfaction MeasurementsCustomer Experience ManagementLearning & Human Capital DevelopmentSCOPI Partial List of ClientsSCOPI Resources & PartnersSCOPI Key Personnel
  3. 3. Statement of ConfidentialityAll information presented in this document or shared with the addressee as part of the proposing process is considered strictly confidential. As such, the addressee should not disclose this document or any attachments in whole or in part to any third party without the prior written consent of the Strategic Centre of Organizational Performance Improvement.The addressee also acknowledges that information shared here within is the intellectual property of Strategic Centre of Organizational Performance Improvement and is subject to a disclosure agreement as recognised by the copyright and intellectual property protection regulations.
  4. 4. SCOPI in Brief• SCOPI is a regional pioneer in the design, development, and facilitation of innovative “Organizational Excellence” & “Human Performance Improvement” .• SCOPI blends the expertise of its highly specialized and qualified professional Consultants, Coaches and Trainers with the most advanced state of art specialized technology and software applications to gear organizations towards the highest International levels of Excellence in the 3 P’s Performance 3P’s Productivity Profitability
  5. 5. SCOPI Value Proposition SCOPI commits its self helping organizations achieve the (3 P’s) by:1- Aligning & Integrating the most advanced Management Systems, Structural Re-Engineering & Managerial Technical softwares.2- Utilizing and Applying International Best Practices in Operations, Sales, Cusotmer Services & Human Resources .3- Reducing Operational Costs, Optimizing Human Performance & Enhancing Organizational Productivity & Increasing Stakeholders’ Profitability.
  6. 6. SCOPI Methodology Understand Business RequirementsM&E including Regular Provide the Right SolutionsFollow ups to Ensure - TrainingContinuous Satisfaction - Consulting - Technology High Quality Support Timely Response & Resolution
  7. 7. SCOPI Industry FocusGovernment SectorFinancial SectorTechnology & Communication SectorServices Sector (Hospitals, Hotels, etc..)Oil & Gas SectorFamily Business SectorCommercial SectorManufacturing SectorEngineering & Construction SectorEducation Sector
  8. 8. SCOPI Areas of Expertise SCOPI Academy Training & Human Capital Development SCOPI Solutions Excellence & Management Consulting Corporate Performance & Processes Management & AutomationSCOPI Consulting
  9. 9. QPR Performance, Process & Risk Management Systems QPR ScoreCard QPR Portal QPR ProcessGuidestrategy management and performance Monitoring, reporting, analysis and Process modeling and documentation measurement collaboration QPR Products & Solutions work successfully for example with: Quality Management Risk (including: Business Business Management Balanced Dashboard EFQM, Process Activity Six Sigma (including e.g. Scorecard Management Management Malcolm Monitoring Sarbanes- Baldridge, ISO Oxley Act) 9000/9001 and SCOR).
  10. 10. Business ExcellenceEuropean Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM Excellence Model, Baldrige Criteria for Performance ExcellenceFrameworkISO Systems, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM)Excellence Awards in MENA Region such as: King Abdulaziz Quality Award King Abdullah II Award for Excellence Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence Makkah Award for Excellence Dubai Government Excellence Award EFQM Recognized for Excellence Enablers Results People People Processes, Products & Results Leadership Key Results Services Strategy Customer Results Partnerships Society & Resources Results Innovation & Learning European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model®
  11. 11. Organizational Development Business Processes Gap Analysis Management & Re- engineeringOrganizational StrategicStructuring & PlanningRe-Structuring Governance
  12. 12. Human Resources Management Competencies Job Analysis Job EvaluationFrame Work Design Compensation Career Path Job Descriptions System Development Learning & PerformanceSuccession Planning Development Appraisal Strategies HR Manual Learning Needs Customization & Assessment Development
  13. 13. Satisfaction Measurements Mystery Customers Shopping SatisfactionOutsourcing Surveys (CSS) (MSO) Employees General Public Satisfaction SatisfactionSurveys (ESS) Surveys (GPSS)
  14. 14. Customer Experience Management Premium Value Added Services Customer Experience Solutions Analyze Data & Mine & Manage Data Apply Insights Interpret Insights Adaptive Data Segmentation Profiling and Smart, InsightIntegrated View Campaign Enrichment and Value Propensity Drivenof the Customer Management & and Refinement Analysis Modeling Interactions Execution Close the loop so customer responses are quickly incorporated into future analytics
  15. 15. Learning & Human Capital Development (SCOPI Academy) Balanced ScoreCard Performance Improvement Programs Business Organizational Strategic Process Excellence PlanningManagement Performance Improvement Management Performance Improvement Program Improvement Program Improvement Program Sales Performance Team Performance Customer Service CSPIP Program SPIP TPIP Excellence MPIP Criteria
  16. 16. SCOPI Partial List of Clients
  17. 17. Partial List of Clients Ministry of EnergyMinistry of Foreign Ministry of Industry Ministry of Royal Medical & Mineral Affairs & Trade Education Services Resources Rum Group for King Abdullah II Social Security Aqaba SpecialTransportation and Center for Jordan Ahli Bank Corporation Economic ZoneTourism Investment Excellence Cities & Villages Greater Amman Petra Travel & Bank of Jordan MenaITech Development Bank Municipality Tourism Co. Food and Jordan Co. For Dead UNICEF Agriculture USAID Ministry of Interior Sea Products Organization – FAO Abu Dhabi Award For Excellence in Ajman Excellence Dubai Government Bait Assawadah Bank of Khartoum Government Program Excellence Program Performance
  18. 18. SCOPI Resources & Partners
  19. 19. SCOPI Resources & Partners
  20. 20. SCOPI Key Personnel
  21. 21. SCOPI Key PersonnelTareq Khayyat, PhD - Chairman Bashar Sarayreh, PhD – Chief Consulting Officer Certified EFQM Assessor by the “European Foundation for Certified EFQM Assessor by the “European Foundation for Quality Management” Quality Management” Certified Assessor by “King Abdullah II Center for Certified Assessor by “King Abdullah II Center for Excellence” Excellence” Over 20 years of Experience in Management and ICT Over 19 years of Experience in Management and IT PhD in Management Information Systems PhD in Political Science Firas Abualragheb – Vice Chairman Over 15 years of Experience in Business & ManagementMilad Farajallah, Msc. - Chief Business Excellence Officer Major Investor in SCOPI Certified EFQM 2003, 2010 Assessor by the “European Foundation for Quality Management” Nidal Bitar – Chief Executive Officer Certified ISO 9001 lead auditor since 2000 Over 19 Years in Management, Learning & Development and Certified Assessor by “King Abdullah II Center for Workplace Performance Excellence”, public, private, business associations Approved Mentor by King Abdullah II Center for Excellence International Excellence models, assessors, self assessment Board Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Association trainer “YEA” Approved Mentor by King Abdullah II Center for Excellence Member of the American Society for Training & Development Awards (Private, Public and Business Associations Sectors ) “ASTD” Over 11 years of Experience in quality management systems Member of the International Society for Performance and excellence models Improvement “ISPI” Masters degree in Industrial Management B.Sc. Electrical Engineering – UMASS Dartmouth 21
  22. 22. The typical situation... STRATEGY!! We need to improve processes but which? ProcessStrategy management management Performance DON’T management FORGET!! How do we How do we make sure we ensure we What are the measure the keep on doing implications to right things? things correct? our business? ? Quality management duplication, misalignment, data corruption and a lack of overview
  23. 23. Why Executing the strategy with Balanced ScoreCard gives Tremendous results?David P. Norton:• ”90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies.”• ”95% of the typical workforce don’t understand their organizations strategy.”• ”70% of organizations do not link middle management incentives to strategy”• 60% of organizations do not link their budgets with their StartegiesPeter Drucker:• “If you cant measure it, you cant manage it.””Translating a Moderate Strategy to Actions with a Measurment Tool is better than having just a Fancy Strategy” SCOPI
  24. 24. Balance the perspectives Financial If we succeed financially, how will we look to our owners? Customer Process To achieve the To satisfy our vision, customers, in whichhow must we look to processes should we excel? our customers? Development EmployeesTo achieve our vision, how can we To achieve our vision, how can secure that our performance is we ensure that our employees continuously improved? are continuously developed and being positive?
  25. 25. Why QPR? Optimize your Reduce duplicative Reduce time and Engage your ability to achieve work and therefore cost related to Multilingual employees objectives cost audits Clear, Quantitative Collaboration,Dynamic Multi-level Fast Data Visualization & and Qualitative Feedback & Action Strategy Maps Implementation Trends Target Setting Planning Reports, Static Scalability (as manyApproval and Status Warnings and E- Consolidation & Word Reports, end users, as manyControl of Measure mail Alerts & Drill-Down Dynamic Microsoft processes, as many Values Integration word reports . scorecards) Design & Flexible UserBest Practices and Integration with Links to Documents Communication of Management withDocument Sharing Existing Systems & Applications Management high Security Processes Certified by the Powerful Balanced Scorecard Calculation Engine Collaborative (BSCoL)
  26. 26. Integrated makes things easier than separated• Align all management practices with strategic objectives• Improve execution of management practices and strategy performance objectives• Facilitate better risk identification Risk & Business• Provide multiple drivers for process improvement compliance performance• Improve communication and insight Business process Once system, one systematic approach Quality
  27. 27. Sample of QPR Customers around the World (15,000+) The Finnish Defence ForcesDepartment of Defense / USA Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
  28. 28. QPR: One system for improving control! Strategy Management Our plan of action Business Performance Business Process Management ManagementRisk and Regulatory QualityCompliance Management Management
  29. 29. What standards & regulations affect your organization? Business Occupational Excellence: Health, Sarbanes Oxley Risk: AS4360, Baldridge OHSAS COSOQuality, ISO Environment, ISO 14001 Social 9001 Information Responsibility security
  30. 30. And is this how you manage it?
  31. 31. Then this must be...• Your CEO? Trying to understand the value-add of all of this?• Your internal auditor? Taking months to do an audit?• Your quality manager? Wishing his job would be taken more seriously?• One of your employees? Frustrated with all the extra tasks compliance brings?• A shareholder? Worried about mediocre business performance?• Your insurance underwriter? Disappointed with your inability to demonstrate control?• A supplier or distributor? Tired of the combersome experience of working with you?
  32. 32. Captured Dashboard Sample
  33. 33. Captured Strategy Map Sample
  34. 34. QPR 8 system components Manage quality risk regulations Hierarchical process Performance documentation: a management: yourdocumented system of objectives, targets, risks, processes controls Process map-linked Performance monitoring content: Your policies, and drill down: work instructions, dashboards, alerting templates etc.Online collaboration and Process & performanceaction planning: control analysis: insight you can activities, incident share! reporting
  35. 35. QPR 8 - architecture process participants – collaboration, initiative management and reporting process map hierarchies with performance dashboards performance detail analysisindicators and external content Business analysts, quality & risk professionals, process owners etc. Create one point of process modeling performance management Automate access for all performance data process collection information Link performance metrics with process process-related content model objects business systems and files
  36. 36. Employees get easy access to all their work related instructions!Hierarchical model:Easy to navigate process maps Rich process maps, containing policies, work instructions, templates, standard & regulation related online content, eLearning etc. Task-related departmental, team T:DocumentationTemplatesRFI_template.doc and personal targets & performance management ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS & Risk Incident reporting: near misses, risks, out of specs, suggestions etc.
  37. 37. Function managers & process owners get better insight  decisions! My process maps are dashboards of performance that cover all aspects of our operations!Defects per million tubes Loss ratio per orderLoss ratio per order Mean time between failure Scrap value I can easily identify problems and respond timely and appropriately!
  38. 38. Reuse your process documentation in support of different roles! As quality manager I look at Risks: documented on process compliance from a different maps with their risk assessmentperspective than for example the score! Chief Financial Officer View settings allow you to determine the types of objects and level of detail presented on Control checks with their test process maps! status (passed / failed)
  39. 39. Make improvement part of people’s everyday work! Provide people easy access to everything that affects their role and responsibilities! ”My Responsibilities” Portal Page comments complaints action plans near misses lessons CAPA’s discussion control activities Out of specs risk suggestions non-conformities Analysis / AuditingGet employees involved in Capture contextual information All information captured centrallycompliance and improvement on process maps and instead of in people’s emailefforts! performance measures! inboxes, documents and files.
  40. 40. QPR 8 Functionality Matrix QPR ProcessGuide QPR ScoreCard QPR Portal Transforming strategy toStrategy Process alignment objectives and cascading Monitoring and reportingManagement from top to bottomBusiness Business activity Target setting and assigning Monitoring, analysis andPerformance monitoring accountability initiative managementManagementBusiness Process Process development and Measuring process Process analysis andManagement maintenance performance collaboration Assessments, controlRisk and Regulatory Risk identification and Risk appetite setting and activities, monitoring,Compliance risk/control documentation assigning accountability reporting and auditing Monitoring, incidentQuality Policy, process, procedure Target setting and assigning reporting, CAPA’s, reportingManagement and task list documentation accountability and audits
  41. 41. Data Integration• QPR provides automatic: Seamless integration with existing business systems• CRM, ERP, Databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server etc.)• All major databases (ODBC – SQL)• OLAP Cubes (MDX queries)• Files (.txt, .csv, .xls )• Cross application reporting (e.g. Crystal Reports, Business Objects etc.)
  42. 42. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫• تحسن نوعية الخدمات للمشتركين‬ CFE is a decentralized public electric utility that ‫شركة الكهرباء المكسٌكٌة‬ ‫• إمكانية قياس ومراقبة أداء الموظفين‬ generates, transmits, distributes and markets electrical Comisión Federal de ً ‫ومدى تحقيقهم لألهداف بناء على‬ power to 24.5 million clients, representing almost 80 Electricidad (CFE) ‫مؤشرات األداء‬ million Mexicans throughout Mexico. Today 128,446 24.5 ‫تولد وتوزع كهرباء لـ‬ localities are served and their inhabitants receive better 128,446 ‫مليون مواطن في‬ and faster attention through 951 customer service ‫منطقة 159 مكتب خدمة‬ offices. ‫جمهور‬•‫ •• اتصال أفضلفيبين الوحدات واألقسام‬Council improvedwithin and between units was rapidly Dublin ‫ تحسن عالي‬Communications dramatically its performance. ‫األداء‬ City Dublin City ‫بلدٌة دبلن‬ ‫والدوائر‬ improved, and consistency in reporting was increased. ‫إيرلندا‬• Moscow City A flexible and adaptable approach wasuse of the key ‫• ثبات عالي في جودة التقارير‬ ‫ • تقليل كلف مالية بشكل كبير‬success factors combined with easy to one ‫5,1 مليون مواطن‬ ‫005,6 موظف‬ ‫ مع نظام موجود‬QPR ‫• تم ربط نظام‬ characteristics of QPR ScoreCard.‫أصالً وفي وقت قياسي لم يشكل عبئ‬ The fast implementation due to the external hosting ‫إضافي على الشركة‬ possibilities, and the low management overhead were also benefits of the project. City of Dublin valued the fact that the software could be built on existing systems instead of adding complexity. One of the important goals was achieved equivalence with the defined mission and strategy.
  43. 43. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫• اتصال أفضل بين الوحدات واألقسام‬ Banco Espirito Santo (BES) is the largest listed bank in Banco Espirito ‫والدوائر‬ Portugal, and the second largest private financial Santo (BES) ‫• تحسن نوعية الخدمات للمشتركين‬ institution in Portugal by net assets. ‫بنك إسبٌرٌتو سانتوس‬ ‫• إمكانية قياس ومراقبة أداء الموظفين‬ ً ‫ومدى تحقيقهم لألهداف بناء على‬ It has average one fifth market share in the domestic ‫البرتغال‬ ‫مؤشرات األداء‬ market and more than 2 million customers. 1/5 Market Share BES has shown particular ability to diversify its revenue sources by ranking highly in strategic business areas 2 Million Customers• Dublin City such as Retail, Private Banking and Asset Management, Corporate Banking and Investment Banking.• Moscow ‫ • تحسن‬Established in 1967, Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) L.L.C. ‫عالي في األداء‬ City ‫• ثبات عالي في جودة التقارير‬ provides a comprehensive range of shipping and Gulf Agency ‫• تقليل كلف مالية بشكل كبير‬ logistics services to local and international clients in ‫ مع نظام موجود‬QPR ‫• تم ربط نظام‬ Company (GAC) Dubai.‫أصالً وفي وقت قياسي لم يشكل عبئ‬ ً‫دب‬ ‫إضافي على الشركة‬ GAC Dubai is firmly committed to service and quality, underlined by its ISO 9002 certification for the “Provision of Logistics and Shipping Agency Services” since 1996. GAC is also the winner of “Shipping Agent” award at the Lloyd’s List Middle East and Indian Subcontinent Awards 2006.
  44. 44. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫إمكانية قياس ومراقبة أداء الفروع‬ • Stora Enso is an integrated forest products company Stora Enso ‫والمصانع والدوائر والموظفين ومدى‬ producing magazine papers, newsprint, fine papers, 43,000 Employees in 40 ً ‫تحقيقهم لألهداف بناء على مؤشرات‬ packaging boards and wood products; areas in which Countries ‫األداء‬ the Group is a global market leader. Revenue:13.5 B USD ‫اتصال أفضل بين الوحدات واألقسام‬ • 15 Million Tons of annual Paper & Cardboard Production ‫والدوائر‬ Capacity‫زيادة الشفافية والتطبيق مبادئ الحوكمة‬ • Stora Enso shares are listed in Helsinki, New York and ‫التركيز على النمو وما هو أهم من‬ • Stockholm.• Dublin City ‫العمليات اليومية‬•‫ •• اتصال أفضلفيبين الوحدات واألقسام‬Commercial Bank ofEmirates (UAE). it hasbankbranches, Moscow ‫ تحسن‬Dubai, United Arab Dubai is a mid-sized 24 based in ‫عالي األداء‬ City Commercial Bank of Dubai ‫والدوائر‬ all with-in UAE , offering full range of services for ‫• ثبات عالي في جودة التقارير‬ corporate, commercial and consumer banking. ‫بنك دبً التجاري‬ ‫• تقليل كلف مالية بشكل كبير‬ The bank is a highly profitable institution, recording one 1,200 Employees ‫ مع نظام موجود‬QPR ‫• تم ربط نظام‬ of the highest Return on Assets in the industry, year Net Profit :771 M AED ‫أصالً وفي وقت قياسي لم يشكل عبئ‬ after year. The Bank posted a net profit for the full year Total Assets: 36 B AED ‫إضافي على الشركة‬ of 2008 of AED 771 million.
  45. 45. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫تحسن نوعية الخدمات للمشتركين‬ • Swisscom Fixnet is one division of the Swisscom ‫شركة سوٌسكوم‬ ‫تحليل النتائج بشكل مستمر لتحقيق‬ • Group, which is with revenue of CHF 10.1 billion Swisscom Group ‫األهداف االستراتيجية‬ for 2004 and 15,477 employees No 1 in the Swiss ‫قياس كل عملية وربطها وفعاليتها‬ • telecommunications market. ‫سوٌسرا‬ ‫بمؤشرات األداء‬ Swisscom offers a comprehensive range of Revenue: 9.5 Billion ‫حظيت اإلدارة العليا برؤية أكبر فيما‬ • telecoms products and services and is clearly Employees: 15,477‫يتعلق باإلجراءات والمشروعات التي ال‬ positioned as the leading provider of mobile and ً ‫يتم أداؤها وفقا للمعايير المحددة، مما‬ fixed voice and data services and Internet(based • Dublin City ‫يسمح لها بصناعة القرارات واتخاذ‬ ‫اإلجراءات بشأنها بصورة أفضل إلى‬ services. ‫جانب تحقيق األهداف اإلجمالية لها‬ • Moscow City Voted one of “America’s Best Hospitals” for 2006, ‫• زياد جودة الخدمات للمرضى‬ ‫مستشفى كولومبس لألطفال‬ ‫تحديد أولويات مهام األطباء واإلداريين‬ • Columbus Children’s Hospital (CHI), a Research Columbus Children’s ً ‫بناء على الخطة االستراتيجية‬ Hospital, located in Columbus, OH, USA was Hospital (CHI) ‫قياس كل عملية وربطها وفعاليتها‬ • founded in 1892. ‫بمؤشرات األداء‬ Presently there are 700 medical practitioners and ‫الوالٌات المتحدة‬ ‫ترجمة المعلومات القابلة للقياس إلى‬ • 4800 employees. 600,000 :ً ‫عدد المراجعين سنويا‬“‫ألوان ”األحمر“ و“األصفر“ و“األخضر‬ Columbus Children’s Hospital admits over 14,000 14,000 :ً ‫عدد المتعالجين سنويا‬ ‫زيادة كفاءة واإلنتاجية‬ • patients to its 323 bed facility every year. 323 :‫عدد األسرة‬ The number of visits to the health system’s clinics, 700 :‫عدد االختصاصيين‬ urgent care centers and outpatient volume totals 4,800 :‫عدد الموظفين‬ nearly 600 000 visits annually..
  46. 46. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫• حوسبة ومواءمة و متابعة المعلومات ذات‬ “We selected QPR as it provided us with the ability to City of Tshwane ‫العالقة باألداء في كافة مستويات المنظمة‬ automate, align and track complex performance information ‫بلدٌة تشوٌن‬ ‫• سهولة االستخدام‬ across the different levels of our organization. We found the ‫جنوب أفريقيا‬ ‫• تم تدريب أكثر من 59% من المدراء على‬ system very easy to use and as such could own and maintain ‫000,31 موظف‬ ‫آليات متابعة األداء والتعاون على وضع‬ the system with the skills that we have in our organization”. ‫2,2 مليون مواطن‬ ‫خططالعمل لمراقبة األداء وضمان فاعليته‬ “Through effective change management, communication and training we have been able to educate approximately 95% of our senior management team to actively track and monitor performance as well as actively collaborate through action planning to improve performance” says Harriet Kwinda, HR General Manager.‫• متابعة وسيطرة وتحليل حي ومباشر لمؤشرات‬ With QPR ScoreCard, the executive authorities of the Moscow City ‫األداء واألهداف االستراتيجية‬ prefecture manage, control and analyze in real-time the ‫بلدٌة موسكو‬ ‫• وبفضل الدقة العالية والعناية بالتفاصيل في‬ key indicators including the solutions for tactical schemes ‫روسيا‬ ‫ حظيت اإلدارة العليا‬QPR ‫مراقبة األداء لدى‬ and strategic goals of the district’s development. ‫265,01 مليون مواطن‬ ‫برؤية أكبر فيما يتعلق باإلجراءات‬ ً ‫والمشروعات التي ال يتم أداؤها وفقا للمعايير‬ ‫المحددة، مما يسمح لها بصناعة القرارات‬ ‫واتخاذ اإلجراءات بشأنها بصورة أفضل إلى‬ ‫جانب تحقيق األهداف اإلجمالية لها‬
  47. 47. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫أتمتة شاملة لبطاقات األداء المتوازن‬ • CNOOC SES Ltd is a subsidiary of China National CNOOC SES Oil & Gas ‫إمكانية قياس ومراقبة مدى تحقيق‬ • Offshore Oil Corpo-ration (CNOOC). Founded in 1982, Ltd. ً ‫الشركة لألهداف بناء على مؤشرات‬ CNOOC is one of the largest state-owned oil giants in ‫شركة كنوك سٌس للنفط‬ ‫األداء‬ China. It is authorized to cooperate with foreign ‫زيادة الكفاءة والفعالية لعمليات الشركة‬ • partners for oil and gas exploitation. CNOOC SES Ltd. is ‫والغاز‬ ‫وقياس أثرها الشركاء والمجتمع‬ one of the largest offshore pro-ducers of crude oil in ‫الصين‬ ‫والموظفين‬ Indonesia. The operation of the company covers an area‫استدامة لعمليات استراتيجية الحوكمة في‬ • of around 8,200 km2 in which CNOOC SES has • Dublin City • ‫الشركة وضمان الشفافية‬ ‫تقليل الكلف من مشتريات ومصاريف‬ production capacity (average Jan-April 2009) of 56,090 BOEPD, including gas. •‫ •• اتصال أفضلفيبين الوحدات واألقسام‬Creating competitive environment for the operations of Moscow ‫ تحسن‬business enterprises, including high standard of ‫عالي األداء‬ City ‫وزارة التجارة والصناعة‬ ‫فنلندا‬ ‫والدوائر‬ professional expertise, is one of the responsibilities of ‫ثبات عالي في جودة التقارير‬ • the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). ‫تقليل كلف مالية بشكل كبير‬ • In order to carry out the mission, the Ministry of Trade ‫ مع نظام موجود لم‬QPR ‫تم ربط نظام‬ • and Industry collaborates with other ministries: The ‫يشكل عبئ إضافي على الوزارة‬ Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Ministry of ‫خدمة أفضل للمواطنين‬ • Labor. These three ministries have jointly combined their regional forces in the Employment and Economic Development Centers (T&E Center).
  48. 48. Some Success Stories around the World ‫الفوائد‬ ‫الجهة‬ ‫• تحسين العمليات وتمكين الموظفين من‬ ‫هيئة فيدرالية مستقلة في اإلمارات العربية المتحدة مسئولة عن إنشاء سجل‬ ‫هٌئة اإلمارات للهوٌة‬ ‫معرفتها وتطبيقها أدى إلى زيادة كفاءة‬ ‫حديث للسكان بغرض تسهيل الحصول على الخدمات الحكومية إلى جانب توفير‬ (EIDA) ‫وفعالية العمليات‬ ‫المعلومات الالزمة لدعم اتخاذ القرار والتخطيط اإلستراتيجي وتخصيص‬ ‫اإلمارات العربية‬ ‫• صارت رؤية ومهمة هيئة اإلمارات للهوية‬ ‫المصادر في كافة القطاعات الحيوية في اإلمارات العربية المتحدة‬ ‫المتحدة‬‫في غاية الوضوح داخليًا مما يقودها مباشرة‬ ‫نحو تقديم خدمات للعمالء بجودة عالية‬ ‫• توفير الوقت والموارد وتقليل البيروقراطية‬ ‫ مع النظام الموجود‬QPR ‫• ربط‬ Bank Indonesia is the central bank of Republic of Indonesia. Its ‫بنك أندونٌسٌا المركزي‬ • Dublin City‫• تقليل المخاطر بشكل كبير والتمكن من التنبؤ‬ ‫بها قبل حدوثها‬ mission is to achieve and maintain the stability of the Indonesian Rupiah by maintaining monetary stability and by promoting Bank Indonesia ‫000,6 موظف في‬ financial system stability for Indonesia’s long term sustainable ‫92 محافظة ممثل من‬ • Moscow City development. Bank Indonesia employs 6000 people in 29 Directorates in Head Office, 37 Branch Offices and 4 4 ‫خالل 73 فرع و‬ ‫مكاتب تمثيل‬ Representative Offices ‫• توفير الوقت والجهد والتمتع بالدقة في ما‬ CNAV serves 10 million current pensioners and more than 30 ً‫الضمان االجتماع‬ ‫يتعلق بالمعلومات والتقارير‬ million people belong to its pensions scheme. CNAV operates ً‫الفرنس‬ ‫• توافر مؤشرات أداء واضحة من خالل‬ through 16 regional social security offices (CRAMs) and 4 Caisse Nationale ‫تطابق للمعلومات‬ overseas offices (CGSS) with approximately 13 000 qualified staff D’Assurance ‫• خدمة أفضل لمتلقيها من المواطنين‬ serving current and future pensioners. Vieillesse (CNAV) In addition to saving time and effort in data gathering and ‫000,31 موظف‬ reporting, QPR ScoreCard has made it easier to view and ‫يخدمون 01 ماليين‬ communicate performance information. Consolidated national performance overview also allows drill-down from the top-level 16 ‫مواطن من خالل‬ objectives to local indicators whenever the performance target is ‫فرع‬ not met.
  49. 49. Head Quarter Suwwan Center Um Uthaina Tel: +962 6 551 5993 Fax : +962 6 551 5993 Thank You PO Box: 482 Amman 11941Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Email: