Using Kindle Devices with OverDrive

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  • 1. Downloading e-Books to your Kindle ebook reader Atlantic City Free Public Library
  • 2. Kindle Overview Launched in 2007 byKindle ($79), Touch ($99), Touch 3G ($149), DX ($379), Kindle Fire ($199)With the earliest Kindles, you will need to download books to your computer first, then transfer to Kindle via a USB cable.With most Kindles, you can download your book via the web and directly to the device. Very easy!
  • 3. Go to and “Sign In”
  • 4. Type in your library barcode number from the back of your library card and click sign in.
  • 5. Successfully entering your card number will bring you tothe My Account page. To browse for titles to read, click Digital Media Home.
  • 6. Familiarize yourself with the different ways to browse onthe front page of the Digital Media Catalog. To find aspecific title immediately, click on “Advanced Search.”
  • 7. On the Format drop-down menu, chooseKindle Book (red arrow).
  • 8. To refine your search further, you may also look by subject, author, andmore from the different fields. Clicking the box on the bottom narrows toshow ONLY available titles.
  • 9. After searching, scroll through the results. Notice that each recordincludes the notation “Kindle Book”. To start the checkout process,click on “add to cart” (red arrow). Make sure to click on the “add tocart” that is paired with “Kindle Book.”
  • 10. The book is now in your “Cart.” Click on“Proceed to Checkout.”
  • 11. Choose your checkout period, either , then click“Confirm Checkout” (red arrow).
  • 12. Click on “Get for Kindle” (red arrow).Also notice where it shows the expiration date of your e-book.
  • 13. You’re then taken to Amazon’s website. Click on“Get Library Book.”
  • 14. If you have an Amazon account, enter your e-mail address andpassword. If you don’t have an Amazon account, enter your e-mailaddress and click on the radio button next to “No, I am a newcustomer.” Click “Sign in using our secure server.”
  • 15. Choose the device to which you want todeliver the e-book. Click “Continue.”
  • 16. If your Kindle has wifi or 3G access, it will be delivered once youconnect to it. For Kindle Fire users, you must go to your “Settings”and select “Sync” to kick start the wifi. If are at a computer or in anarea without wifi access your only option is to transfer the eBook toyour device via USB. (Click here if no Wifi)
  • 17. To begin reading, first make sure your Kindle is connected to yourcomputer via USB. Then, copy the downloaded file to the "documents"folder of your Kindle. It will appear on your Home screen.
  • 18. You can have up to 10 eBooks or Audiobooks checked out at a time.eBooks can be checked for periods of 14 and 21 days.eBooks CANNOT be renewed but they can be checked out again if they are available when the checkout period ends. Otherwise, you can put a hold on the item.
  • 19. To access the items on your Kindle, click on“Manage Your Kindle.”
  • 20. This is a list of all eBooks, both library and thosepurchased, on the Kindle. Notice that library books have“digital library” next to the title.
  • 21. Hover over “Actions” on the right side of the screen. With eachbook, you can read it now, deliver it to a device, purchase the book,download & transfer via USB, and return it to the library.
  • 22. Once you hit “Return book” it will still show up on the page. Hoverover “Actions” again and click “Delete from library” to get it off yourlist.
  • 23. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What happens when I place an item “on-hold?”A: When the item becomes available, Overdrive will send you an e-mail with instructions on checking the item out. It will be available for 2 days after the e-mail.Q: How many eBooks can I have checked out at a time?A: Ten
  • 24. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Can I renew eBooks?A: No, but you can check them out again if they are available when the checkout period ends.Q: If I do not have wi-fi on my Kindle, can I still check out a library eBook?A: Yes, you can use the USB cable to transfer the title to your device.
  • 25. Still stuck?If you have any follow-up questions or can’t seem to get past a step, please contact me at 609-780-3503 x3069 or atOr… you can also view these instructional videos located on our eBook Central website at: