How to Use your Apple or Android Device with ACFPL's eBook leadning website

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  • 2. OverDrive Media Console Mobile Application Overview•OverDrive Media Console is an eBook reader for your Android orApple Device•Digital titles from the library are borrowed and have expirationdates. Very similar to the due dates on printed books that youcheck out from your local library. If a title is already checked out,you can be placed on a waiting list and alerted once the titlebecomes available.•The application is totally free and is available for download ineither the Apple App store or the Google play store.
  • 3. Apple Device Overview Which Apple devices are compatible with the Overdrive Media Console app? iPod Touch 2 nd generation and newer iPhone 3g and newer iPad all generations What about incompatible Apple devices? All apple devices except the first generation iPod shuffle are at least compatible with audiobooks, but you need a PC or Mac computer to transfer the audiobooks. They will not be able to download the Overdrive Media Console App
  • 4. *Please note, your compatible iPod touch, iPad, oriPhone must be least running iOS v4.0 (or newer).
  • 5. Android Device Overview Which Android devices are compatible with Overdrive eBooks? OverDrive Media Console for Android is compatible with devices running Android v1.5 (or newer) How do I check which version of android my device is running?  To determine what version your device is running on your device, select Menu > Settings > About phone or About tablet. Your software version will be listed under System Version in this menu.
  • 6. Installing the OverDrive Media Console App on Your Device1. Using your personal phone or tablet, open the Overdrive site in your mobile web browser: , On the left-hand side of the page under the Getting Started section, click the following link: OverDrive® Media Console. This will take you to a page where you can download the Overdrive Media Console app.
  • 7. You will be taken to the download pagewithin the Google play store or Apple App store
  • 8. Click download. You may have to enter yourusername and password for your device. Enter your password & clickClick Accept & Download OK
  • 9. You must have an internet connection to yourdevice in order for the Overdrive application todownload and install properly.The android app is now installed and can The overdrive apple app should nowbe opened by clicking “open” or going toyour home screen and clicking the be installed and appear on your homeoverdrive icon screen
  • 10. Opening the App For the First Time. Upon opening theapp for the first time you will be prompted to create aFree adobe id at Go to and create an adobe id Click “Register at"
  • 11. G YOURClick, FREECreateAdobe ADOBEAccount. ID ***Note: These steps are the same for both Apple and Android devices
  • 12. CREATINFill out the G YOURform withyour email FREEaddress,password,first and last ADOBE IDname, City,country, andpostal code.Then clickcontinue.Your adobeid is nowactive.
  • 13. Authorizing your Overdrive Media console applicationClose your web browser and open the Overdrive App. Touch the top right button where it saysTouch the button that looks like three horizontal stripes “Get Books+” and then select the settingsto bring up the App’s options, then click App settings button on the bottom of the new screen.
  • 14. Authorizing your Overdrive Media console applicationEnter the email address & password you Enter the email address & password youused to when creating your Adobe id. Then used when creating your Adobe id. Thenclick authorize. click authorize
  • 15. Addding ACFPL digital librarysiteTouch the Get Books button at the After selecting the get books tab from thebottom of the screen and select add bottom of the screen touch the add librarylibrary button
  • 16. Finding ACFPL’s Digital librarysitesEnter in the local zip 08401 into Enter the local zip code intothe search box then then select the search box then selectsearch search
  • 17. Finding ACFPL’s Digital librarysitesTouch the second listing Touch the second listinglabeled the Atlantic City Free labeled the Atlantic City FreePublic Library Public Library
  • 18. Adding ACFPL’s digital sites toyour OverDrive AppTouch both the star buttons on the pages Touch both the star buttons on the pages soso Overdrive remembers the sites you have Overdrive remembers the sites you haveaccess to. access to.
  • 19. Opening ACFPL’s eBook lendingwebsite through the OverDrive AppClick the first link labeled “Downloadable Click the first link labeled “Downloadable Media” toMedia” to begin searching and begin searching and downloading eBooks and audiodownloading eBooks and audio books books
  • 20. Browsing the library’s eBook lending WebsiteFirst sign in with your library barcode First sign in with your library barcodenumber. Click the login button on the right- number. Click the My account button on thehand side of the hand the page. right-hand side of the hand the page.
  • 21. Signing inEnter your library barcode number and Enter your library barcode number andcheck off the option to remember your check off the option to remember yourdevice. Then select to log in. device. Then select to log in.
  • 22. My Account PageAfter signing in you are presented with the My Account After signing in you are presented with the My Accountpage. Here you can see items that are already checked page. Here you can see items that are already checkedout. View holds, view items in your cart, or view items out. View holds, view items in your cart, or view itemsin your wish list. in your wish list.
  • 23. Browsing the siteClick the Browse button near the top left of Click the Browse button near the top left ofthe page. Then click search if you would the page. Then click search if you wouldlike to search for a specific title. like to search for a specific title. The OverDrive Media Console App supports Epub ebooks and MP3 Audiobooks. You can search for these files by performing an advanced search or browsing by file type.
  • 24. Checking out an eBook When you find an eBook you would like to check out choose the add to cart button next to the EPUB file
  • 25. Checking out an eBook The eBook is now in your cart. You can choose to continue browsing or if you are finished you can select the Proceed to checkout button to download the eBook and begin reading.
  • 26. Checking out an eBook On this screen you can select how long you would like to loan the eBook out for, either 14 or 21 days. Then you can confirm the checkout by selecting the confirm check out button.
  • 27. Downloading the eBook to yourdevice Your eBook has now been checked out and can be downloaded to your device by selecting the download button.
  • 28. Downloading the eBook to yourdevice Your eBook will now show on your bookshelf when you open the Overdrive App. You can begin reading it be selecting the picture of the cover.
  • 29.  You can have up to 10 eBooks or Audiobooks checked out at a time. eBooks can be checked for periods of 14 and 21 days. eBooks CANNOT be renewed but they can be checked out again if they are available when the checkout period ends. Otherwise, you can put a hold on the item.
  • 30. Returning an eBook or Audio bookearly To return an eBook or audio book early. Open the Overdrive App and select the + icon next to which ever item you would like to return. Then select to return/delete. This will delete the eBook from your device and return it to the digital library site.
  • 31. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What happens when I place an item “on- hold?” A: When the item becomes available, Overdrive will send you an e-mail with instructions on checking the item out. It will be available for 2 days after the e-mail. Q: How many eBooks can I have checked out at a time? A: Ten
  • 32. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can I renew eBooks? A: No, but you can check them out again if they are available when the checkout period ends. Q: If I do not have wi-fi in my home, can I still check out a library eBook? A: Yes, you can use the free wifi internet here at the library to download titles to your device.
  • 33. Still stuck? If you have any follow-up questions or can’t seem to get past a step, please contact me at 609-345-2269 x3069 or at Or… you can also view these instructional videos located on our eBook Central website at: