Plaquette Hong Kong Dream Up Bordeaux


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Plaquette Hong Kong Dream Up Bordeaux

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Plaquette Hong Kong Dream Up Bordeaux

  1. 1. 百闻不如一见 二 零 零 八 年 五 月 W O R L D H E R I TAG E 制 作 FINE WINES 2008 - May GASTRONOMY 24
  2. 2. 合作单位 目 录 Cont acts Contents Hotel Burdigala Bordeaux Tourist Office Christine FOURNET(女士) Jean-Daniel TERRASSIN(先生) Sales Manager General Manager 115 rue Georges Bonnac 12 cours du 30 juillet 33000 Bordeaux 33000 Bordeaux Phone:+33 (0)5 56 90 16 16 Phone: 33(0)5 56 00 66 04 Bordeaux & Gironde: an ideal location ........................ P 3-4 + Email: Email: 波尔多和纪龙德:理想的旅游之地 The Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux Gironde Tourist Board Lena LALANNE(女士) Christian CAILLEAU(先生), International renown .................................................... P 5-6 Director sales & marketing Promotion and Marketing Manager 2-5 Place de la Comédie 21 cours de l'intendance 世界著名的旅游胜地 33000 Bordeaux 33000 Bordeaux Phone: +33(0)5 56 48 40 85 Phone: +33(0)5 57 30 43 30 Tour suggestions .......................................................... P 7-10 Email: Email: 推荐行程 Golf du Médoc Hotel & SPA Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maurice BOURLIER(先生)Manager Bordeaux Gastronomy & restaurants ........................................... P 11-12 Ying YINSHAO(女士)Sales Manager Nelly RENAUD(女士) Chemin de Courmateau, Tourism Project Manager 美食家的天堂 33290 Le Pian Médoc 12 place de la Bourse Phone: 33(0)5 56 70 11 95 33076 Bordeaux + Email: Phone: +33(0)5 56 79 44 77 Accommodation ............................................................ P 13-17 Email: Saint Emilion Excellence 多档次的住宿选择 Madeleine MARCHAND(女士) Hongkong Maison de la France Yolanda CHAN(女士) Company Manager Golf in the Gironde ........................................................ P 18-19 39 rue de Tivoli Manager Hong Kong and South China 33000 Bordeaux Room 1805, 18/F, Vicwood Plaza, 199, Des 纪龙德的高夫尔球运动 Phone: 33(0)5 56 44 27 68 Voeux Road Central + Email: 999077 Hongkong Shopping facilities ......................................................... P 20-21 Phone: 852 28 15 58 77 + Email: 购物消费 Taiwan Maison de la France Sophie WENG(女士) Useful information & Photographic credits ................. P 22 Director Taiwan 实用信息与图片版权 13F, 167, FU-HSIN North Road, Taipei(105), Taiwan, R.O.C. Phone: 886 2 27 18 82 01 + Contacts ......................................................................... P 23 Email: 合作单位 2 23
  3. 3. Bordeaux International airport 场 机 际 国 克 亚 里 梅— 多 尔 波 实用信息 Useful inf ormation Airport information Bordeaux Mérignac(波尔多国际机场) phone: +33 (0)5 56 34 50 50 Website: Bordeaux Tourist Office(波尔多旅游局) phone: +33 (0)5 56 00 66 00 Website: 理想的旅游之地 Gironde Tourist Board )局游旅德龙纪( phone: +33 (0)5 5652 61 40 Website: An ideal location Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry )会商工多尔波( phone: +33 (0)5 56 79 50 14 Website: 波 城的特独格风且香古色古、趣性满充个一是多尔 “ Website:购物指南网站) quot;Bordeaux is a curious, original city, perhaps even 大国法是这 ”。体合混的化文普卫特安和赛尔凡是像就她。市 unique. Take Versailles, mix it with Antwerp, and you have 于,生先果雨·多克维家作 1843年7月,第一次来访波尔多时 Bordeaux. quot; Victor Hugo on his first visit to the city in July 。言名段一的下留 1843. 您为将,准水务服游旅的界世誉享其以,多尔波的天今 You can count on the worldwide reputation of 。历经的忘难个一供提期假的 Bordeaux / Gironde to add atmosphere to your tours. 图片版权所有 Arcades de Grand Théâtre Bordeaux Grosse Cloche Place de la Comédie 廊 长形拱 的院剧 大多尔波 楼钟大 场广剧喜 Photogr aphic credits Aéroport de Bordeaux (CCIB) Golf des Vigiers Aquitaine Caviar Golf du Médoc Hotel & Spa B.P.Lamarque (CDT 33) « Hennessy » Bordeaux Saveurs J.J. Le Fur (CDT 33) Burdigala hotel L.Royer CDT 16 Les Ateliers Martron Château Cordeillan Bages Musée de Cognac Château de la Rivière O.Boisseau (CDT 33) Climate and temperature 度温与候气 度温与候气 度温与候气 度温与候气 : : : : Château Franc Mayne Office de tourisme Saint Emilion Bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, Bordeaux/ Château Kirwan OTBX – Philippe Roy et Thomas Sanson 洋海的润湿暖温,洋西大邻毗,部南西国法处地多尔波 Gironde enjoys a mild oceanic climate with the influence of the Gulf Château Pichon Comtesse Pascal Calmette 城的光观合适分十都季四是,人怡候气年常多尔波让,候气性 Stream. As you can see in the table below showing average tem- Château Smith Haut Lafitte Saint Emilion Excellence :度温均平的中年一 。市 peratures, the weather is mild all year round in Bordeaux/Gironde… CIFOG SIBA - B. RUIZ Crédit Château Lusseau Tarek FAKHRY 10℃ 12℃ 13.6℃ 月一 月二 月三 Golf de Cognac The Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux January 10 ℃ February 12 ℃ March 13,6 ℃ 15.8℃ 19℃ 22.4℃ 月四 月五 月六 Golf de Margaux April 15,8 ℃ May 19 ℃ June 22,4 ℃ 24.7℃ 25.2℃ 22.7℃ 月七 月八 月九 July 24,7 ℃ August 25,2 ℃ September 22,7 ℃ 18.5℃ 13℃ 10.5℃ 月十 月一十 月二十 October 18,5 ℃ November 13 ℃ December 10,5 ℃ 22 3
  4. 4. Bordeaux shopping 南指物 购多尔 波 购物天堂 Shopping facilities 波尔多被称为“小巴黎” Bordeaux like a quot;petit Parisquot; Few people outside Europe realise what a shopper's paradise 正真 个一是 实其多 尔波, 道知 客游的 外以洲 欧有少 很 Bordeaux truly is. There are some of the world's most popular brand 前 以早 很在 , 牌品 的行 流最 上 界世 前目 多 很有 。堂 天物 购 的 names on parade here: Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, How to get there 如何到达 、龙宝万、登威·易路、仕马爱、亚地卡:多尔波驻入就 Christian Lacroix, Rolex and Tartine et Chocolat. Christian Lacroix、劳力士还有“派与巧克力”等等。 三金“为称被,心中市于位是区物购佳最的多尔波 路铁 路铁 路铁 TGV铁路 The pinnacle of shopping in Bordeaux is the Golden Triangle : (道大尼尔图由,的”角 Allées de Tourny),议会大道 of the Allées de Tourny, the Cours de l'Intendance and the Cours By Rail: 车列速高国法由 T GV承运的铁路客运,十分快捷,噪音 Clemenceau. This triangle contains the Place des Grands-Hommes, ( Cours de l'Intendance)、伟人广场(Place des Grands- home to the city's most prestigious shops vending everything from 很国法是多尔波。受享为成都程旅次一每的您让,洁整全安,低 Excellent rail connections by TGV Atlantique High Speed Train, Hommes)和克里蒙梭道(Cours Clemenceau)构成的,城里 foodstuffs the latest fashions. In the heart of Bordeaux is Rue Sainte- place the Bordeaux/Gironde region at the crossroads of key routes. 乘 纽枢通交的要重 : TGV从波尔多到巴黎只要三个小时;往南特 是 ,街 娜琳 特 嘉圣 的来 出伸 延 ”角 三金 “ 从。 区街 尚时 新 最 Catherine. This pedestrian only shopping street is 1.2 kilometers of Paris is just 3 hours from Bordeaux, Nantes 4 hours, Lille 5 尔塞鲁布到;时小个五和时小个四为别分尔里和 (比利时首都)也 长条一 1.2公里的步行街,也是全欧洲最长的步行购物街,拥 shops, restaurants and cafes; it is also the longest shopping street hours, and Brussels 6 hours. 。时小个六要只 in Europe. 。处去想理的闲休物购您是,馆啡咖和家酒、铺店的多众有 ,里 店装时 档高在 花都钱 分一 每把要 必有没 也您然 当 :空航 :空航 :空航 :空航 By Air: You don't have to shell out your last dollar on upscale designer 这 在, 择选 您 供店 装服 锁连 型 大, 的宜 便 较多 很有 也多 尔 波 With 13 national and international airline companies and 38 与场 机际国 克亚里 梅 多尔 波 - 1 3家法国境内以及国际航空 shops, however. There are plenty of cheaper French chain stores 是 的要 重更 , 式款 特独 、的 新 最多 很到 找 以可 您, 里铺 店 些 destinations in France, Europe and the world Bordeaux-Mérignac here for you to choose from along with countless locally-owned 供提。系关作合有司公 38条来往於境内、欧洲与国际的航线,是 。理合格价 international airport is the biggest in the South West and the fifth boutiques where you can get something special at a reasonable price. 有只黎巴到多尔波从。场机际国大五第法全、的大最部南西国法 biggest in France placing Paris less than one hour away, and the 多尔 波个整 。酒萄 葡记忘 会不 定一多 尔波来 您,然 当 航 的 时 小 个两 不 都府 首 的 家 国 洲 欧 数多 大 到, 行 航 时 小 一 到 不 major European capitals less than 2 hours away. 份 年个 各、 的 区地 多尔 波供 提 您为 ,格 价 的宜 适常 非以 区 地 And of course don't forget the wine. The whole Bordeaux 。行 。乱缭花眼您让到广围范择选,酒萄葡的 region offer their local vintages for sale by the case and at very By road: :路公速高 :路公速高 :路公速高 :路公速高 favorable prices. Paris-Bordeaux (5½ hours) Cognac-Bordeaux (1½ hours) ;时小半个五:多尔波-黎巴 Toulouse-Bordeaux (2½ hours) : ;时小半个一 多尔波-邑干 : ;时小半个两 多尔波-兹卢图 4 21
  5. 5. Place de Bourse 场广券证 世界著名的旅游胜地 International renown 波尔多市和纪龙德省位于法国西南部的中心,在方圆 Bordeaux/Gironde is located in the heart of South West France and offers countless world-renowned names within a radius 100公里内(车程1个半小时左右)有许多著名旅游景点:圣艾 of 1½ hours driving time: Saint Emilion, Cognac, Bordeaux Vine- 。滩海雄卡阿和区市多尔波,克多梅,邑干,侬米 yards (Médoc, Sauternes…), the City of Bordeaux and the Bay of Arcachon. Cours de Chapeau Rouge Tribunal Le Pont de Pierres 院 剧大和 道大帽红 院法 桥石 的纪世 八十于建 Bordeaux — On the UNESCO World 波尔多- 波尔多-世界文化遗产名城 Heritage List Since 2007 与是那,界世名闻此如庄酒萄葡的她让多尔波是说果如 Although Bordeaux owes its world-renowned name to its 及以,史历化文易贸口港洲欧,的同不众与,的名著世举那她 famous vineyards, it is its history, so intimately linked to its river, 密有都,史历和化文术艺的久悠,的域流河涅多尔多与河龙加 which invites the visitor to discover its extraordinary heritage today. With over 350 historic monuments, Bordeaux was officially 观来前人世着引吸化文史历些这是正也,天今,联关的分可不 included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites on 28 June 于多尔波。产遗化文的同不众与她赏2007年6月28日凭着350多 2007. 。产遗化文界世入列织组文科教国合联被,迹遗史历个 In addition to wine, the river and the arts, Bordeaux also 艺和义意史历有富,的多常非有拥还多尔波,酒美了除 possesses a number of visually, intellectually and spiritually uplifting museums and cultural sites: Aquitaine Museum; Museum (馆物博坦基阿:胜名化文及馆物博的息气术 Aquitaine of Fine Arts; Museum of Decorative Arts; Museum of Modern Art … Museum)、高雅艺术博物馆(Museum of Fine Arts)、装饰艺 But Bordeaux is not content with paying homage to its past (馆物博术 Museum of Decorative Arts)和现代艺术博物馆 founders or being the wine capital of the world. Bordeaux can also ( Museum of Modern Art)等等。 be enjoyed for its numerous parks, mild climate, quality of life, 称的都酒萄葡界世及以,去过的煌辉她于足满不多尔波 gastronomy and nightlife. 的多众:貌面的勃勃机生其显展人游向更,多尔波的天今。号 丰及以肴佳酒美的色特具独、术艺活生的适舒馨温、园公色绿 。活生夜的富 20 5
  6. 6. 波尔多的葡萄园 The Bordeaux Vineyards Golf du MEDOC 场 球夫尔 高克多梅 With 55 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées 着凭 5 5个AOC产区(Appellations (Designations of Origin) and 8,000 Châteaux, the d’Origine Contrôlées)(法国葡萄酒产区 Gironde is largely covered with wines. ,识标级分 Designations of Origin),和 In the rolling landscapes of the Médoc, the 8000个大小酒庄(Châteaux),整个纪龙 Libourne region and the Entre-deux-Mers, wines Chateau d’Agassac (省德 G ironde)被富饶的葡萄园和葡萄 are a familiar feature. Saint-Estèphe, Saint-Emilion, 堡古克萨加阿 。着盖覆化文酒 Pomerol, Pessac-Léognan, Sauternes… as well as being well-known appellations, these are also (克多梅着沿 M édoc),里布尔(Libourne)和两海间(Entre-deux- charming, magical spots… Mers)地区波澜起伏的山谷,众多葡萄酒庄园栉比鳞次,这就是美丽的优雅 The term “Château” used in the region is .光风园田式法的 Saint-Estèphe, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Pessac-Léognan, specific, and stems from the fact that the big wine- 。词名代的迹奇与力魅是也时同,的详能熟耳您是定一名地些这 Sauternes… making estates very often had their own castle. Margaux, Lynch Bages, Lafitte, Pichon Longueville, “ Château”一词在这里具有特别的意义,它起源于葡萄酒酿造庄园,同时这 Yquem, – a historic monument dating back to the :如,堡城的久悠史历着有都园庄大些 Margaux, Lynch Bages, Lafitte, Pichon 12th century – and many, many more still embellish 到述追以可史历的堡城些这 Longueville, Yquem, 12世纪。她们优美古雅的建 the Bordeaux region with their sumptuous architec- 萄葡的名 闻世举些 这略领去 人世着引 吸,辉生 熠熠区地 多尔波让 仍今至, 筑 ture. Go on a voyage of discovery in the world's 纪龙德地区的高尔夫 greatest fine wine region and wine cellars. 。采风的庄酒 阿卡雄海滩 The Bay of Arcachon The Bay of Arcachon is a geomor- 一于貌地特奇种多集、的见罕是滩海雄卡阿 phological curiosity: a bay of 1,500 Golf in the Gir onde 积面个这:滩海的处 1500公顷的海滩,是加龙河和 hectares fed both by the ocean and a 海的绿碧着睡沉边一的它。口海入的河涅多尔多 large number of waterways, forming an 丘沙拉皮 ,的样一冠金着立耸边一,湾 104米高的皮拉沙丘 丘沙拉皮 丘沙拉皮 inland sea with the colors of a lagoon and bordered on one side by a crown of 近附 往前多尔波从 12家高尔夫会所的20个球场,车程都不到 Enjoy your favorite sport all year round on the 20 golf courses 您,部顶的丘沙上登,)丘沙然自的高最洲欧全( fine white sand culminating at an altitude in 12 clubs, all less than one hour from Bordeaux. The wine-loving 人的 风海爱 热而 ,克 多梅 往前 妨不 士人球 打的 酒萄 葡好 爱。 时小 一 The Bay of Arcachon ……林森的丽美侧一另见看以可还 of 104 meters: the Dune du Pyla. golfer could try the course on the Médoc wine route, while those who 滩海雄卡阿 的爱 喜己自 到找 德龙 纪在 能都 者好 爱球高 位每 ;场 球滨 海择 选可 士 班上的活生市都了倦厌些那为是正雄卡阿 prefer the bracing sea air might choose the coastal course; in From the top of the Dune you can also 。动 运夫尔 高受 享宜 适都 月一 十到 月三从 ,和 温候 气德 龙纪 。场 球 Gironde there is something for every golfer. Designed by renowned 去佳最的们者好爱动运上水是更,堂天的备准,族 admire the beautiful forest. The Bay of Arcachon is home to the eponymous Bill Coore, Rod 如,划规计设师计设的名著界世由都场球的有所 architects (Bill Coore, Rod Whitman, Olivier Brizon, Donald Steel…) town and its famous Ville d’Hiver. The site of the first ever healthcare holidays, 在曾里这。处 1857年5月2日被官方选为保健疗养渡 Whitman, Olivier Brizon, Donald Steel等等 平水界世办举常时并。 the region’s golf courses host leading international competitions Arcachon was officially founded on 2 May 1857 and became a luxury resort ,假渡此来常曾也皇沙国俄和室皇牙班西,地之假 。赛标锦洲欧和赛共公国法如,赛球夫尔高的 such as the French Open and the European Challenge Tour. where Spanish royalty, Russian dukes and all sorts of artists came to stay. 。光观览游来前客雅人文多众了引吸更里这今如 Golf du Médoc - Les Châteaux course - ”场堡城“-夫尔高克多梅 ”场堡城“-夫尔高克多梅 ”场堡城“ 夫尔高克多梅 ”场堡城“-夫尔高克多梅 Cognac 干邑 6946 yards, par 71 Exported to more than 150 6946码,标准杆71杆 长 杆 杆准标,码 长 杆 杆准标,码 长 杆 杆准标,码 长 及以国法着志标,内围范界世在字名的她 The “Chateaux Course” was designed in 1989 by the famous countries and a symbol around the American architect Bill COORE, today associated with Ben 邑干 过超到口出被,术艺活生其 ,邑干 world of France and its lifestyle, 150个国家:干邑 邑干 师计设国美名著由场球”堡城“ 于 Bill Coore, 1989年设 Crenshaw. He laid out this course in the purest tradition of the Cognac is produced by double ,酒萄葡白馏蒸次二经中器馏蒸制铜在先种一是 是今如,计 Ben Crenshaw合伙人。他将这个高尔夫球场设计成 Scottish links. The wide fairways lined with heather, the quality of the distillation of white wine, and aged 。地兰白年陈的造酿酵发年多经,中桶木橡在再 greens, and the influence of the winds from the Ocean make quot;The 兰格苏的 统传 LINKS风格。宽阔平坦的球道,两边揉合了海滨 in copper stills then in oak cellars. Chateauxquot; a fantastic golf challenge. On this course, it is necessary 地生出的世一瓦索朗弗王国前是也邑干,时同 - Cognac is also the name of a city, 结 美完 的泊 湖与坑 沙、 被植 然天 、貌 地始原 :观 景然 自区 地 to play with a lot of intelligence and strategic sense, every shot is the birthplace of King François I of 干名著多许是亦,字名的镇小的部南西国法处地 极 个一 的们 手球夫 尔高 为成 场球 ”堡 城“得 使都 切一 这, 合 different, making a bogey easy but par difficult. France and the home of such 如。地基产生的邑 Rémy Martin(人头马)、 每 。略 攻考 思,时 同的 技球 挥发 在您 要需, 场球 在。 战挑 好 prestigious firms as Rémy Martin, Four European Tour tournaments have been played here, Camus(卡慕), Hennessy(轩尼诗), Martell 标 “, 打好 ”忌柏 “里 这在 么什 为是 就也, 同不 自各 都杆 一 Camus, Hennessy, Martell, including The French Open, won in 1999 by Retief Goosen. )利爹马( , Otard(奥达,即金像), Prince Otard, Prince Hubert de 括 包 ,办 举 此在 赛 回 巡洲 欧 个 有曾 。 得难 ” 杆 准 4 1 999年由 Cognac 邑干年陈 Polignac. Hubert de Polignac(德波利亚克王子)。 Retief Goosen夺冠的法国公开赛。 Golf du Médoc – Les Vignes course – 6842 yards, par 71 ”场园萄葡“-夫尔高克多梅 ”场园萄葡“-夫尔高克多梅 ”场园萄葡“-夫尔高克多梅 ”场园萄葡“-夫尔高克多梅 圣艾米侬:世界文化遗产之一 St-Emilion, listed in the The “Vignes Course” was designed in 1991 by Canadian Rod 6842 71杆 杆 杆准标,码 长 杆准标,码 长 杆 杆准标,码 长 杆 杆准标,码 长 Whitman. This course is in a typical regional landscape of moor and UNESCO world heritage 波, 的名 著界 世个这 ,侬 米艾 圣 maritime pines. It is dedicated to players of any level, but can be ,点景化文史历和地产级入酒萄葡多尔 于”场园萄葡“ 1991由加拿大设计师Rod Whitman设 The vineyards and landscape of made extremely selective according to the pin positions. 化文界世入列织组文科教界世被幸荣已 Saint-Emilion are listed by UNESCO as 题主为林松滨海及泊湖与观景域区的型典个一是场球该。计 You will particularly appreciate the big variety of game World Heritage, featuring among the 以可直一史历久悠的镇小。中录名产遗 择选有供提,家玩的平水个各为门专中场球个这在 。场球的 situations and the difficulty of the greens which will satisfy the most handful of sites to be honored by this 国法得值座一是这!纪世八元公到述追 demanding golfers. 足岭果现发并,则规戏游种各会体快很会您。置位杆旗的性 distinction. Its history goes back to the 性史历,好完分十的护保被,的耀夸人 8th century. 行举曾上场球个这在。手高夫尔高的练熟最战挑以 2002-2003- This course hosted the Grand Final of the European Challenge Tour in 2002 - 2003 - 2004. 。镇小部南西国法的存共性术艺与 2004三届欧洲挑战巡回赛的终场赛。这两个球场都出现过很 Take a day to discover the These two courses have been played by several Grand Slam 在以 可就 您, 间时的 天一 用要 只 :者胜优与家名夫尔高多Ian Bakerfinch, Severiano Ballesteros, medieval town perched atop a hillside winners: Ian Bakerfinch, Severiano Ballesteros, Angel Cabrera, Mark Saint Emilion overlooking the vineyards. Saint- 侬米艾圣 可座这赏观细细,时同的酒名地当尝品 Angel Cabrera, Mark Calcavechia, Ben Crenshaw, Steve Elkington, Calcavechia, Ben Crenshaw, Steve Elkington, Retief Goosen, Paul Emilion boasts all the appeal of the Retief Goosen, Paul Lawrie, Sandy Lyle, Geoff Ogilvy, Jose-Maria 。镇小纪世中的园萄葡瞰俯接直以 Lawrie, Sandy Lyle, Geoff Ogilvy, Jose-Maria Olazabal, Mark vestiges of a past steeped in art and Olazabal, Mark O’Meara, Ian Woosnam等等。 O’Meara and Ian Woosnam. history. 6 19
  7. 7. Château d’Agassac fête de la Fleur 堡城克萨加阿的间期节卉花 推荐行程 Tour Sugges tions SEE-Saint Emilion Excellence 社行旅侬米艾圣彩精- 社行旅侬米艾圣彩精- 社行旅侬米艾圣彩精 SEE-社行旅侬米艾圣彩精- 员成部乐俱待接游旅务商家之国法的局游旅家国国法 A Member of the CFTAR of the French Government Tourist 。一之 Office. 长们我让,爱热的区地克亚玛何阿、邑干、多尔波对 Passionate about our region, we dare to be different, offering a 提人游的地各界世自来为,念概游旅的新出推断不,来以期 genuine experience of Bordeaux, Cognac and Armagnac vineyards. 。路线游旅的同不众与类各供 为,假渡游旅是还,务业谈洽、议会加参来是您论无 We invite our guests to discover a LIFESTYLE highlighting the 满充、的准水高有都们我,光风然自与情人土风的里这略领 joy of hospitality, a search for exclusivity and attention to detail. Share 放,会机个一供提您为,务服的微入贴体与路线游旅的喜惊 unique experiences during private excursions and exceptional encounters in the OTHER SOUTH OF FRANCE, while appreciating 们我年每。术艺活生式法,的适舒闲悠享共们我与,情心松 the diversity and natural beauty of places that exist no where else, 为是,客游的来而名慕分部大绝,客游的地各界世自来接迎 with rows of vines and facades of yellowish stone. People come from 。酒萄葡解了入深和堡城类各区地多尔波观参了 SEE凭借多年 all over the world to see the chateaux shown on labels and to learn 很些那观参您排安以可,络网系关作合的 about wine. SEE lets you in on the secrets of who’s who in wine, holding the keys to prestigious 白邑干入进您让或,堡城的放开人游对少 chateaux and brandy houses in Cognac, and 一添增旅之乡酒的您为,房厂的产生地兰 12家高尔夫俱乐部 12 Golf Clubs Golf du Médoc Golf de Lacanau making you one of the happy few. 12家高尔夫俱乐部 Les Châteaux: 18 holes Par 71 。乐快的密私丝 Ardilouse 18 holes Par 72 Les Vignes: 18 holes Par 71 Golf de Bordeaux Lac Golf de Teynac La Jalle: 18 holes Par 72 Les Etangs: 18 holes Par 82 18 holes Par 68 Golf de Margaux Golf de la Méjanne 18 holes Par 71 La Méjanne: 9 holes Par 36 Golf de Pessac Golf de Biscarrosse 18 Holes Par 72 9 Holes Par 36 18 holes Par 72 Forêt + océan: Pitch and Putt:9 holes Par 27 9 holes Par 32 Le Lac: Madeleine Marchand女士(经理) :人系联 Château des Vigiers Golf de Gujan Mestras 18 Holes: Par 72 18 holes Par 71 Les Lacs: Pitch & Putt: 6 holes Par 20 phone): 33 (0)5 56 44 27 68 (话电 + 9 holes Par 36 Les Pins: E-mail: Golf de Bordeaux-Cameyrac Golf des Aiguilles Vertes Website: 18 Holes Par 72 Aiguilles Vertes: 9holes Par 33 9 Holes Par 28 18 7
  8. 8. Program 1 Bordeaux Flagships GOLF DU MEDOC HOTEL & SPA **** Day 1 Arrival at Bordeaux airport 梅多克四星级高尔夫 Sightseeing tour in “La Belle Epoque” vintage carriage: do not miss the superb monuments of the city, listed as UNESCO World Heritage since June 渡假酒店及水疗中心 2007. A tour combining art, wine and gastronomy. The tour will end with wine and cheese in the fashionable wine bar of 梅多克高尔夫渡假酒店,座落在法国西南部“葡萄 the Bordeaux Wine Bureau. On the wines route with its famous Châteaux, this Golf Hotel Colonne des Girondeins Porte Caihau Dinner at the hotel. Resort is a must in South West France, offering a combination of 有只市多尔波离,上”路之酒 20多分钟车程。这所隐藏在梅 碑 念纪民 人德龙纪 一之门 城古个 两的存 现多尔波 golf, gastronomy and wine tasting just 20 minutes from Bordeaux. 的过错容不个一是,店酒假渡的间之园庄酒名著的多众克多 The Medoc Hotel & Spa is nestled in the middle of the 项目一:波尔多标准三日游 Day 2 Médoc: along the châteaux road ,时同的肴佳和酒美尝品情尽在以可您,里这在。地胜闲休 famous Golf courses of the Medoc (36 holes on site) offering the best 。夫尔高克多梅的光风园田具极验体 in accommodation, service and fine regional French cuisine in an Château Margaux, Château Latour, Château Mouton 第一天:观光波尔多古城区 个两于处 elegant, panoramic setting, perfect for a long stay in the Medoc and 18洞高尔夫球场之间,酒店为您提供宁静优 Rothschild – the names you have long dreamed of become reality. Bordeaux region to discover Châteaux and wines after a great day’s Visits and tasting in some of them. 提,厅餐景全的阔开野视。务服的微入贴体和境环宿住的雅 不别特,区城古的”华年好美“为之称被,多尔波览游 golf. Built in wood and glass, the Médoc Golf Hotel & Spa offers Lunch in the tiny medieval kitchen of a château. 品,余之动运夫尔高验体情尽您在。肴菜色特地当的盛丰供 自 。筑 建的 美 绝纪世 八十 些那 是, 的过 错 能 2007年6月,这些 guests 79 rooms and suites for sporting and relaxing stays. The natu- 。术艺活生区地克多梅和多尔波味品分充、肴佳酒美尝 Prepare your own blend of Bordeaux wine with an owner and 将 您。 录名 产遗化 文界 世入 列织 组文 科教国 合联 被都 筑建 古 ral and simple tone of the decoration gives a pleasant sensation taste some great wines in prestigious cellars s uch as Pichon of relaxation and comfort, while the light interior of the hotel is as 最 行此 。术 艺活生 式法 略领 ,食 美色 特与酒 萄葡 的美 醇用 享 店酒克多梅 的合结美完材木和璃玻座一是, -SPA中心 Longueville, Kirwan or d’Agassac. surprising as it is charming. On the 多 尔波 个一 行举, 吧酒 品的 会协 酒萄 葡多尔 波在 将, 站一 后 有拥店酒。筑建 79间客房和套间, patios, the rays of the sun are cap- Gourmet dinner in a Michelin one-star restaurant, Le Chapon 。餐晚用店酒在。会鉴品的酪奶国法与酒萄葡 的体一为松放闲休与动运育体集是 tured by large windows open to the Fin. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a favorite haunt of 雅优洁简、实朴然自以。店酒假渡 sky. The spacious rooms are fur- European Kings . nished with the most modern equip- 的快愉松轻来带您为,格风要主为 第二天:梅多克-城堡之 第二天:梅多克-城堡之路 路 路 路 ment, a custom-made Golf corner, 风具极统系光采的店酒。验体适舒 fully-equipped bathroom with large 葡的久已寐梦您让多么这……庄桐木,庄图拉,庄歌玛 ,窗天型巨的部顶院内于设被,格 shower and separate WC, flat , 堡城 的丽 美雅古 的们 他观 参边 一您 请邀将 们我 !园 庄酒 萄 著部南西国法,捉捕您为候天全将 screen TV, individual safe, mini bar and internet access, digital 古 间一 ,中 堡城在 您请 将饭 午; 酿佳 的年陈 里窖 酒尝 品边 一 。光阳媚明的名 Television. 。用享里房厨纪世中,的爱可朴 化代现最有备都里间房的亮明敞宽 The Spa by Décléor 自您配调,中庄酒的名知在,下导指师酒调在以可还您 室浴淋、话电拨直、调空:施设的 While you are here, put 名多众尝品中窖酒的名著世举些那在并,酒萄葡的欢喜己 、箱险保人私、立独自各间手洗和 yourself in the caring hands of our (庄尔维格朗·尚碧 如。酒 庄麟麒 Pichon Longueville), 接带宽和视电星卫平纯、吧酒你迷 professional team at the Spa to ( Kirwan),达戈萨克庄(d’Agassac)等等。 夫尔高个两置放以可个一有更,口 relax and refresh yourself. Mas- Place de la Bours sages and reflexology are all avail- 。间物储的包球 场广券证 able for men and women. There are also a heated pool and steam 心中疗水 心中疗水 心中疗水 Spa水疗中心 rooms, as well as a fully-equipped fitness center to help you stay in good shape. 在 Spa水疗中心,您可以享受,由专业理疗师为您提 Day 3 Saint Emilion 内室、浴拿桑、浴其耳土有还。底足、身全:务服摩按的供 可您让,心中身健的全齐备设个一及以,室浴光日和池泳游 Golf & Wines … A tiny medieval village boasting some magic places, such as 。态体的好良和力精的沛充复恢以 Château Cheval Blanc (owned by Dior/ Vuitton), Château Canon There can be no doubt a relationship exists between golf and great wines. They offer pleasures that are immediate. Connoisseurs (owned by Chanel) or Château Figeac. 触接密亲的酒红与夫尔高 触接密亲的酒红与夫尔高 触接密亲的酒红与夫尔高 触接密亲的酒红与夫尔高 of golf and wine travel to Bordeaux and the Médoc in pursuit of their We will open the doors others cannot, for some great tasting 给者两这,疑置庸毋是系联切密的间之酒红与夫尔高 pastimes; it is not uncommon to be passionate about both. sessions. 红和夫尔高多很于对。的影见竿立是也验体悦愉的来带们人 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Whether you are a winelover or a serious golfer, or perhaps 堡古 园庄特 菲拉密诗 Lunch in the best spot in Saint Emilion, recently awarded 2 退