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This Facebook tutorial will show you how to create a fan page.

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Facebook Fan Page Video

  1. 1. Facebook - How to Build a Fan Page What is a fan page? A facebook fan page is where a business belongs on facebook. Why make a fan page? You are not supposed to send commercial messages through your personal Facebook profile as outlined by the terms of service on facebook. This is the reason why Facebook created fan pages to accommodate businesses. What makes a fan page business oriented? A Facebook fan page is business oriented largely due to the level of privacy – Facebook fan pages add a privacy layer between the fans and the fan page owner. As a fan you cannot see the personal information of the fan page owner and vice versa. This is most suitable for agents who do not want to expose clients to their friends and family on facebook. Note: You need to have a personal Facebook profile before you can to create a fan page. What should my fan page include? Your fan page should demonstrate your real estate knowledge. Aim to provide good quality engaging information as your network will naturally grow through recommendations between your fan population. Focus on specific topics such as certain aspects of real estate (for e.g. certain neighbourhoods, downsizing). You may also center your fan page around yourself if you have established clientele. Getting Started 1. Go to the Facebook homepage by either typing ‘facebook’ into Google and following the suggestion or typing ‘www.facebook.com’ into the address bar. 2. Log-in to your Facebook profile by entering your email and your password. 3. Return to the address bar at the top of your browser and type in ‘www.facebook.com/pages’ and hit ‘Enter’ to arrive to the home page of fan pages. 4. Click on the ‘+ Create Page’ button located at the top right corner of the page. 5. Select ‘Local Business’ by checking off the box. Select ‘Real Estate’ from the dropdown box. Enter page name (note: your page name should reflect the topic or the focus of your fan page. For e.g. ‘Downsizing Your Home in Toronto’) 6. Check off the box to indicate that you are the official representative of the page and click ‘Create Official Page’. 7. Hover over the picture icon and click on ‘Change Picture’ when the link appears. To add a picture, click ‘Upload Picture’ when it appears.
  2. 2. 8. Click ‘Browse’ (ensure that your picture is placed in an accessible location on your computer) and select the picture from your computer. 9. When finished selecting, click ‘Upload Picture’ and wait until the picture is seen in place of the picture icon. 10. On the left column of the page (below the picture), write a brief description about the selected topic of the home page in the text box. When finished, click on a blank spot of the page to publish. 11. Click on the ‘Info’ tab to add information about your fan page. Once the tab is highlighted, click the ‘Edit Information’ link to fill in your basic information. Once your basic information is filled, click ‘Save Changes’ to finish. 12. To add more detailed information, extend the ‘Detailed Info’ bar to unveil the section to add your own personal website and other social outlets. Once finished, click ‘Save Changes’. Uploading Photos 13. To create a photo album (to show new listing photos, community events you were part of, etc.), click on the “Photos” tab, click on the “Create a Photo Album”, fill out album information and click the blue button ‘Create album”. 14. To upload your photos, click “Browse”, select a photo you wish to upload, and click ‘Upload Photos’ when finished selecting all the photos you would like to upload. It is a good idea to keep all your photos in an easy to find folder on your computer, such as My DocumentsPhotos or even in a folder on your desktop marked “Facebook Fan Page Photos”. 15. Click on the photo icon to return to home fan page. Removing Tabs 16. To remove tabs, click on a tab (such as “Reviews”) which will take you to the tab (Reviews) page, and hover over the tab, click the pencil button beside the tab and choose “delete”. Discussions 17. The “Discussions” tab allows you and your clients to discuss any manner of topics, from listing information to your next community event. 18. Click “Start New Topic” to begin a new discussion, enter a title and a question to begin a discussion to engage your clients. Adding other useful tabs 19. To add additional tabs (for example the “Notes” tab), click on the ‘+’ button and select the application you would like to add.
  3. 3. 20. Add an “Events” tab. To create an event, click on the ‘Create Event’ button and fill in the details of your event in the respective boxes. 21. Select ‘Share +’ button on the bottom left column of your fan page to post a link to your profile. Add a small description to let others know that you’ve created a new fan page. 22. To add specific individuals, send a message to the person you would like to invite to your home page.