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The Future of Local
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The Future of Local


A talk I gave at the Greenspring Annual meeting

A talk I gave at the Greenspring Annual meeting

Published in Technology
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  • Spent the last 16 years in SLCOften accused of being a ski bum disguised as a VCWhen asked to speak on local, first image that came to mind was of these guys
  • Ski town loacls know all the spots pm the mountain.2 days after a storm and they still know where to find powderTJ Burke, Dexter RuteckiLocals aren’t limited to ski townsDown the road from Aspen, in Boulder, the locals are a little more, um, colorful
  • They shave less, less focused on personal hygieneTake Boulder for example- a little bit more hippy, a little less kempy. I mean, look at this guy. Would it kill you to take a showerKnows everyoneKnows what’s happening in townKnows where the best parties areKnows where the best food isKnows the cool places and places to avoidKnows how to pull a party togetherKnows “a guy”It was this sense of wanting to be a local that foursuarespeang fromThe web and social media have changed local- look at groupon and yelpBut one devices changes everything
  • One devices changes everything.It’s not a phone, it’s not a computer. It’s something else. An living, breathing ,sensing extension of ourselves. Ouraugmented reality module with 10 native sensorsMakes everyone a local
  • In 2008 Dennis uploaded this map image to flickrWhy we investedWhat we’ve learnedWhere we’re goingCanonical use case- open app, get 5 things to do and a deal to try something new
  • Car sharingGetaroundHouse sharingAir BnBKids ClothesThredUpMealsGrub With UsWorkspaceLoose CubesExperiencesSidetour
  • Local government- seeclickfixLocal food movement- locavoreLocal Health- Who Is Sick.orgLocal Merchant Support- cash mobsLocal action- occupywallstreet, arab spring largely coordinated over mobile devices and on twitter,tumblr, facebookUshahidi
  • Portland/WilliamsburgMaker spaces in every city- 124 in 2009, 527 in 2011knowledge sharing and affordable tools.Not limited to hardware. Seeing this in bio tooMaker renaissance will play huge role in remaking education and manufacturing
  • Bionic Services:Task RabbitUberCherry
  • The appeal of local life is emerging elsewhere tooIt’s filled with richer deeper expereincesMore tech means a move to make things more humanMore local