Arduino lessons learned
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Arduino lessons learned






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    Arduino lessons learned Arduino lessons learned Presentation Transcript

    • Lessons Learned
    • Dont make somethingyou dont use yourself
    • Know who youre making it for
    • Know what you want out of it
    • Make projects,not platforms
    • Respect the intelligence of the beginner
    • Experts are not the bestadvisors when you want to make tools for beginners
    • Good hardware, goodsoftware, good explanationand generous users make a great project
    • Document what you make
    • Change is painful
    • Expect resistance
    • ...and conspiracy theories...
    • Never ascribe to malicewhat can be explained with stupidity.
    • If nobody complainsyou’re doing something wrong
    • Including people is hard (but necessary)
    • If you are five people inthree different countries, you are a multinational company
    • If youre not prepared for someone else to adapt your work, dont share it online
    • If youre not prepared for someone else to improve your work, dont share it online
    • If youre not prepared for someone else to clone your work, dont share it online
    • If youre not prepared for someone else to trash your work, dont share it online
    • Organizing a startup is alot harder once the idea has traction
    • You cant run a startup part-time
    • Mistakes will getinstitutionalized
    • Pick your name carefully
    • *duino is not creative
    • Especially if your boardis not even compatible
    • Register every domain that you can
    • Hire a lawyer, you don’tknow why but she does
    • Be careful whensomebody is just too eager to help you
    • Even your friends might become a competitor
    • It’s good to be friends, better if it’s in writing
    • Open source software doesnt necessarily translate into a business model...
    • Open source hardware has to.
    • If a defective boardmakes it through QA...
    • will be delivered to the most vocal customer...
    • ...who will publishelectron microscope pictures of it...
    • ...pointing at every atom that is out of place...
    • ...Twittering that everyboard you ever made is seriously flawed...
    • ..whose follower will robotically RT and in 8hours someone will declare your company doomed.
    • Your most importantcustomers are not the most vocal ones
    • You might need to travelthe world to meet them
    • but, most of all
    • Don’t let the fact thatyou don’t know whatyou’re doing stop you