2007 ARLIS/Ohio Valley Web Site

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A co-presentation with Beck Bristol and Bryan Loar on the capabilities of ARLIS/OV's Web site.

A co-presentation with Beck Bristol and Bryan Loar on the capabilities of ARLIS/OV's Web site.

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  • 1. ARLIS/Ohio Valley Website Becky Bristol & Bryan Loar Presented at the Art Libraries Society of Ohio Valley’s Annual Conference October 26, 2007
  • 2. ARLIS/Ohio Valley Website
  • 3. Features
    • Personalized ARLIS/OV Emails
      • [email_address]
    • Digital Management for Archived Materials
      • Collage back issues
    • Member-only only areas Many more features are available (more on this in a few minutes)
  • 4. Members’ Menu
  • 5. History: How the Site Came to Be
    • 2006 – ARLIS/OV voted to redesign the Web site
      • Recognizing the need to create a more dynamic & engaging online presence
    • 2007 – Frederick initiated a non-profit hosting contract with Dreamhost and installed their OSS packages; MySQL, SquirrelMail, and Joomla
    • 2007 – Becky Bristol converted and migrated the content of the old site to the new site, and she cleaned and freshened the site’s design
  • 6. CMS: A New Way to Manage Content
    • A content management system (CMS) is software for organizing and facilitating collaborative creation of documents and other content.
    Editing Window @ OV-ARLIS.ORG
  • 7. Administrator End
  • 8. Content Management
  • 9. Content Editing
  • 10. Content Editing
  • 11. Joomla: Open Source CMS
    • Advantages
      • Allows the user to easily upload and manage several content formats
      • Very user friendly interface that allows the user to browse and search the site
      • Allows for security, based on users
      • Users easily manage content with the use of templates, modules, and components
  • 12. Joomla
  • 13. Joomla
  • 14. DreamHost
    • Hosting a Web site is not cheap
    • Dreamhost decided to sponsor several non-profits last year for free
    • ARLIS/OV was chosen as one of the sites!
  • 15. DreamHost
  • 16. Possible Features
    • Blog
    • Calendar
    • E-Newsletter
    • Multimedia center or image gallery
    • Secure site for donations or member fees this includes creating an interactive form
  • 17. Modules
  • 18. Components
  • 19. Components: Mass Mail
  • 20. Administration
    • Administration of the ARLIS/OV site is based on a three-year, rotating three person committee
      • Currently the committee consists of Becky Bristol, Bryan Loar, and one vacancy.
      • Becky’s term is finished 2009, Bryan’s term is finished 2010.
      • Train one year, maintain for two years.
    • Qualifications
      • The desire to promote the OV-Arlis in a professional manner.
      • Time and the desire to learn a little HTML coding.
      • The need to pad your resume!
  • 21. Discussion
    • Web site: care and feeding
      • The site needs to be branded: colors, fonts, logo, and with current and future printed materials.
      • Using the site as a tool, how, and to what end.
    • Marketing and Promotion
      • Conference proceedings
      • Continuing Education
      • Events
      • Membership
      • Newsletter
      • Vendor relationships
    • Questions