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"Nearpod"ize Your Classroom, by Bryan L. Miller, Director of Educational Technology at Pine Crest School. FCIS Technology Workshop, April 23, 2013

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FCIS Nearpod Tampa Presentation

  1. 1. Twitter: @EdTechNerdwww.bryanLmiller.com“Nearpod”ize YourClassroomBryan L. MillerDirector of Educational TechnologyPine Crest SchoolFCIS  April  23,  2013“Above  &  Beyond  the  21st  Century”Tampa  Preparatory  School
  2. 2. About BryanDirector of EducationalTechnology at Pine Crest School for2 yearsTaught in public school outsideof Philadelphia as a computerteacher for grades Kindergartenthrough 5Held roles as instructionaltechnologist, teacher, Blackboardand learning management systemsadministrator, multimedia specialist
  3. 3. Number of Faculty: 120 (FortLauderdale) / 90 (Boca Raton)Number of Students:1,680 (FortLauderdale) / 875 (Boca Raton)Student/Teacher Ratio:9:1Year School Established:1934Grades Offered:Pre-K --12 (FortLauderdale campus); Pre-K -- 8 (BocaRaton)Number of Campuses:2Description:    Pine Crest is an all-faith, college preparatory school thatserves students on campuses in FortLauderdale and Boca Raton.  Since1934, the school has developed anoutstanding academic curriculum andgraduated students who becomeprofessional and community leaders. To learn more, call either(954) 492-4103 or (561) 852-2846 orlog on to www.pinecrest.edu.
  4. 4. Pine Crest Ed Tech6 educational technologists on the Ed Tech teamEach division (lower, middle, upper) has at leastone educational technologist on each campusOne LMS administrator who works with onlinecontentTeach teachers how to use technology, hold PDopportunities, maintain websitehttp://edtech.pinecrest.edu
  5. 5. Pine Crest Ed Tech1:1 laptops in grades 6-12Every teacher and teacher II have an iPad ingrades prek-5Over 300 iPads in lower schools
  6. 6. Battle of the StudentResponse Systems
  7. 7. Nearpod Socrative SMART Response VE eClickerPrice Free - Additional Plans available FreeRequires SMART Notebook andcost of licenseStudent: Free Teacher:$14.99Multiple Choice x x x xTrue/False x x x xEssay x x x -Fill in the Blank x x x -Self Guided Quiz x x x xGame - x - -Exit Question x x x xViewable Powerpoint orKeynote Presentationx - x Uses SmartNotebook -Video x - -Reporting x x x xCompatabilityIOS devices, web enabledcomputer, Android devicesIOS devices, web enabledcomputer, Android devicesIOS devices, web enabledcomputer, Android devicesiOS devicesMonitor Class x x x -Shareable Presentation x - x -Administrative Control x - - -Branding x - - -Website Sharing x - - -Polls x x x -Drawing x - - xSelf Guided Presentations x - x -Display Results x x x -Pre-Made presentations x - x -
  8. 8. Becoming Beta
  9. 9. Why Nearpod?Allows synchronouspresentations led by the teacherInteractive for students andkeeps them engagedallows immediate feedback ofunderstandingWe didn’t want app that is a“know and throw” App.Content is endless
  10. 10. Deployment of NearpodOne App for bothstudents and teachersNearpod is FREE!School Edition (paid)provides additionalfeatures useful for a1:1 environment
  11. 11. Nearpod School Edition
  12. 12. Nearpod at Pine Crest SchoolWhat are we doing?
  13. 13. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
  14. 14. Pre-K and KHandwritingMatching lettersBeginning letter soundsReading stories together
  15. 15. Pre-K and KHandwritingMatching lettersBeginning letter soundsReading stories togetherDraw-it feature is afavorite in these gradelevels!
  16. 16. Nearpod Tip #1Scan your favorite workbook pages as .pdf files toinput them into a presentationIf you scan your favorite workbook page as a .jpg, youcan place it as a background for students to draw overin the Draw-It tool
  17. 17. Lower School (Grades 1-5)
  18. 18. Lower SchoolUsed in all curricular areasPopularity forced us to purchase additional iPadsMade the iPad a transformative device
  19. 19. Lower SchoolCurricular Examples
  20. 20. Middle School (6-8)
  21. 21. Middle SchoolNearpod SchoolEdition allows us touse the Web AppTeachers use Nearpodto test students onunderstanding whencoming into classExit survey whenleaving classWatch movies thatalign with thecurriculumTake quizzes and testsin class
  22. 22. Nearpod Tip #2Nearpod is great for distance education. If a studentis absent, have them join class via Skype or a Google+Hangout and use Nearpod.
  23. 23. Upper School (9-12)
  24. 24. Upper SchoolTeachers use allfeatures of Nearpodfor their classesExit survey whenleaving classWatch movies thatalign with thecurriculumTake quizzes and testsin classFlipped classroomteachers love Nearpodto test understandingupon arrival to classNEW NearpodHomework - Great forflipped classrooms!!
  25. 25. Nearpod Tip #3If you have the School Edition, give students access toaccounts so they too can create their own Nearpodpresentations!
  26. 26. Getting Startedwith Nearpod
  27. 27. Getting StartedFind presentations that you have already createdExport them to a .pdfAdd interactive features
  28. 28. Nearpod Tip #4When designing a presentation (or working with anold one) plan where you are placing your interactivequestions.Add a placeholder right into your presentation, whendesigning it.Draw out your presentation on paper
  29. 29. Nearpod Tip #5To share your presentation through your projector:• If you have the School Edition, you can project theWeb App to the board to show the same presentation• If you don’t have School Edition, project an extraiPad through AirServer, Reflector, or Apple TV•Don’t use AirServer, Reflector or Apple TV with youriPad, or else your students will see your view
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Thank you forparticipating!Twitter: @EdTechNerdwww.bryanLmiller.comBryan L. MillerDirector of Educational TechnologyPine Crest Schoolbryan.miller@pinecrest.edubryan@bryanlmiller.com