LinkedIn Tips for Nonprofit HR Professionals.
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LinkedIn Tips for Nonprofit HR Professionals.

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  • The LinkedIn Glee group does this number together.It’s to connect ALL the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.
  • We’re making great strides toward our mission:**As of March 31, 2012, LinkedIn has 161 million members, and we’re now adding about two members every second. This is the fastest rate of absolute member growth in the company’s history. Sixty-one percent of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.As of March 31, 2012 (the end of the third quarter), LinkedIn counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate hiring solutions are used by 82 of the Fortune 100 companies.More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.LinkedIn members did nearly 4.2 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2011, and are on pace to do 5.3 billion in 2012.[See for a complete list of LinkedIn facts and stats]
  • Who is a member of the Chronicle’s LinkedIn group? 21,000 people are.In addition to your 5 homework items due tomorrow at lunch…Add to this discussion!My goal is to have 500 comments from all of you on how you’re using LinkedIn to build presence, relationships and engagement.The more you share, the more we all succeed.
  • Have you ever seen these three sites? Jd’s Social Brite, Deb A’s community organizerGeri’s ventureneer??? I love them. They are my top three founding public evangelists! I’m looking for all the teachers and evangelists we can enlist!Learn more from our amazing evangelists and supporters at their sites.Search with “linkedIn” on any of their sites. You’ll like what you find.
  • Who feels like they have a great LinkedIn member profile? It all starts here.Look at mine sometime soon. It’s quite complete and vibrant.It’s ot just recruiting teams searching this information now.Everything you add can be seen by the world-donors, partners, clients, volunteers, future staff, etc etc.Quick Tips- Use this vessel wisely. 1. Click on “Edit Profile” Bring your personality to your profile & set yourself apart. Tell a story, don’t just state the facts.Include your ask.2. Be a proactive connector, not necessarily an open networker.
  • Get your whole team singing the same song like we did earlier…Complete profiles, intentional connecting, key-words and asks.
  • Who knew they also had a “company” page or organization profile on LinkedIn?2 billion searches happened on LinkedIn last year. Billions more on search engines to find you.Billions of others clicked on their professional friends “company” after LinkedIn stalking them.BACR, seen here, just starting their journey with us.Tip-Be sure what donors, volunteers, future staff and partners see an ask and a good story when they arrive at your company page. 1.)Use your work e-mail on linkedin. It will associate you with you “company page”2.) Click on Admin tools (if you can). 3.) Add you logo4.) Make your ask at top5.) Connect everyone on staff if count is low (especially board)…BACR needs work here.
  • Who has joined a LinkedIn group before?Did you find any of the discussions helpful?Who’s created one?Three examples are listed here. Great groups.Chronicle- 21K members…vibrant discussions. - strict no-solicitation. - Peter Panapento for President!VolunteerMatch- Great and growing group. - Robert and his team do a great job. - lately asking ‘please introduce yourself’- people want to be heard. Lettem teach.NTEN- member’s only. - budget plan, NTC content agenda, etc.*** Room to Read- - has their local chapters creating groups to engage more locally. - Shauna, their social media / external comms person makes sure they’re tied to the main Room to Read company page.Groups are now on the mobile devices…let’s mobilize…!
  • Hello, Chicago! I’m Bryan Breckenridge. 2 relevant facts for you.I help found LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions for you.I’m from the midwest. Go Jayhawks.I’ll ask you lots of questions today because we have beginner mind and are learning. Please share your thoughts and desires with me today.One hand if member.2nd hand if used for your org.Stand up…3rd if have a organized, intentional, well funded Global LinkedIn Strategy.The sight of job security. Lots to do. 
  • Goldies Place, a small nonprofit in Chicago fighting homelessness used LinkedIn Recruiter and a Job Slot to attract and secure multiple board members in almost no time.They posted this “Job” which put them in front of thousands of senior executives in Chicago with board experience.When they posted, Linkedin matched them with 50 perfect candidates.The in-Mail on the right was sent to 30 candidates- 7 or 8 responded.Multiple senior people saw the opening in the “jobs you may be interested in” box at right - One of those had a 2nd degree connection and had her contact reach a current memberA few lunches later they had two great new board members.We discount the services used to do this.
  • Thanks again for the opportunity to learn and teach.


  • 1. Brand & recruit well.Meet your mission. @BGBreck 1
  • 2. LinkedIn Nonprofit SolutionsEnable nonprofits to engage what they need to succeed. Bryan Breckenridge Nonprofit Success Enabler LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions LinkedIn | San Francisco Bay Area Connections: 2,500+ | Recommendations: 22 650-605-2684 @bgbreck @BGBreck 2
  • 3. 1.Social2. #’s3. 10 Tips4. Success5. Demo @BGBreck 3
  • 4. Social @BGBreck 4
  • 5. Differentiating between the Social Networks Key Themes  Identity  Relationships  Activities @BGBreck
  • 6. The Three Classifications of Social Networks Identity Relationships Activities Status, Friends, Family & Social Utility Social Gaming & Colleagues PhotoSharing Public Fans & Real Time Communications Followers Micro-blogging Professional Colleagues & Professional Identity, Network Business Contacts Connections & Insights @BGBreck 6
  • 7. The Casual Utility Mass audience, socially engaging Core use cases: games, photos, sharing, events In the context of Linkedin – Very different environments (customers, priorities, objectives) – Overlap in participants, but not in intent @BGBreck
  • 8. The Public Broadcast Platform Ability to disseminate and/or track information Real time, trending, celebrity appeal In the context of Linkedin: – Partnership enabling publishing and professional information flow  Content in to LinkedIn when relevant  Content published out to amplify professional message @BGBreck
  • 9. The Professional Network MISSION: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Provide ability to own and manage one’s own professional identity Curate professional context Turn relationships and information into opportunities @BGBreck
  • 10. #’s @BGBreck 10
  • 11. @BGBreck 11
  • 12. @BGBreck 12
  • 13. @BGBreck 13
  • 14. @BGBreck 14
  • 15. The world’s largest professional social networkOver 60% of members are now international * 82% * 161M 90 Fortune 100 Companies use LinkedIn to hire * 55 >2M Company Pages 32 17 ~4.2B 8 Professional searches in 2011 2 4 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 *as of March 31, 2012 LinkedIn Members (Millions) @BGBreck 15
  • 16. 3,682,4328.8% @BGBreck 16
  • 17. 10 Tips @BGBreck 17
  • 18. 1.) Share success & ideas in this groupJOINTHISGROUP! @BGBreck 18
  • 19. 2.) Search for “LinkedIn” on @BGBreck 19
  • 20. 3.) Establish your individual brand 100% profile. @BGBreck 20
  • 21. 4.) Create an “InMap”. Here’s mine @BGBreck 21
  • 22. 5.) Encourage staff & board to do 3.) & 4.) @BGBreck 22
  • 23. 120 staff 144 “Employees” @BGBreck 23
  • 24. 6.) Establish your organizational brand 100% adoption . 1.) 1.) Promote 2.) Share2.) 24 @BGBreck
  • 25. FreeRealEstate @BGBreck 25
  • 26. 7.) Spread the word using “Groups” Join & participate or Launch one! CSV Invite Tool 41K+ 1K+ 2K+ Chronicle of LinkedIn Nonprofit Philanthropy Solutions NTEN 88K+ Nonprofit Groups. @BGBreck 26
  • 27. 8.) “followers” are good. They see your job posts @BGBreck 27
  • 28. 9.) Social recruiting strategies have four parts 1. Understanding 2. Positioning your target candidate your organization as an audience? “employer of choice”?4. Measuring Results 3. Engagingof your sourcing and posting? top passive & active talent? @BGBreck
  • 29. 10.) These two audiences operate differently Active Candidates Passive Candidates - Will apply @ your site - Don’t have a current resume - Listen to opportunities - May not listen to opportunities - Respond quickly - May not respond to “apply now” - Seek information - Higher bar to respond @BGBreck
  • 30. Success @BGBreck 30
  • 31. + Social ImpactLinkedin Nonprofit Solutions platform, members & employees @BGBreck 31
  • 32. Social recruiting has its rewards - Time-to-hire from 100+ days to 60 days - Dramatic lift in candidate quality - Strong $ ROI vs. former posting approach - Building “just in time” candidate pipeline @BGBreck
  • 33. Posting all position levels pays off Year-round AND summer camp staff. @BGBreck 33
  • 34. Traffic + good branding = Strong applicant flow . @BGBreck
  • 35. Demo @BGBreck 35
  • 36. Brand Target Post Source @BGBreck 36
  • 37. Going beyond LinkedIn’s self-service offerings Nonprofit Relationship Managers  Monitors usage  Strategy development Enterprise Services Team  Rapid response to service inquiries  Regular usage reporting Education & Events  General training offered constantly  Schedule training sessions @BGBreck
  • 38. Questions? @BGBreck 38