LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Nonprofit are Using.


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This outlines some of our nonprofit customers and the LinkedIn hiring solutions they use.

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  • This is screen shot ONE of TWO (top portion of the Career Page)[[This is a generic company. Customizable screen shots and additional collateral featuring real Career Page customers will be sent out following the product launch]]Your key recruitment messageYour featured recruitersJob postings targeted specifically to viewers based on his or her profile informationYour culture video(For Gold customers, the customer can create up to five different versions of the page, customizing all of these modules to appeal to the viewer based on his or her profile information)
  • This is screen shot TWO of TWO (middle portion of the Career Page)[[This is a generic company. Customizable screen shots and additional collateral featuring real Career Page customers will be sent out following the product launch]]Employee spotlights – Gold customers can select different employees to feature based on who is viewing the page (up to five versions)Employee benefitsCustomizable modules – These can be any set of pictures and text the customer wants to include (e.g., Culture, Awards, Philanthropy, etc). Customers can add up to 3 custom modulesLinks to additional company content(For Gold customers, the customer can create up to 5 different versions of the page, customizing all of these modules to appeal to the viewer based on his or her profile information)
  • Recruiter will make your best recruiters even better and your less successful recruiters as good as your best:Boost Productivity: Multiple tools to get to talent faster. Recruiter boosts productivity: 1-to-many InMails and saved templates let you contact more candidates in less time Saved Searches and Search alerts let you find new talent that matches your criteria even when you’re working on something else. You can be the first to get to candidates! Project folders let you stay on top of each search by saving the Req, search queries, interesting profiles and more in the same work spaceGet your Team on the same Page: Visibility into colleagues’ projects, notes on candidates and more.Get all your recruiters on the same page:No more duplication of effort or stepping on each others’ toes.With shared folders, your team can share notes on candidates, searches, contact history and InMail templates.Maintain Sourcing Activity: Team activity history stays with your companyDon’t lose weeks & months of work when your recruiters leave your team:Unlike with personal accounts, the sourcing activity and history of a seat holder does vanish when a recruiter leaves but can be re-assigned to another team member.And we also help you with your OFCCP compliance efforts.
  • Members distribute your Jobs: The avg job on LinkedIn gets forwarded 11 times!The major difference between posting a job on a traditional job board and LinkedIn is that jobs posted on a professional network are NOT static.Instead of sitting on a web page just waiting to be found, the community of professionals starts forwarding them, helping connect the right talent with the right opportunity.Your jobs even reach passive candidates.when someone forwards: they do that because they know that the recipient is a good fit, is likely to be interested or is likely to know someone who is.We Reveal the Best Matches: Our algorithm shows you the best candidates. You discover the best matches out of more than 65MM professionals seconds after posting.It is another way to identify and go after passive candidates that would not apply to your openings.Flexibility of Slots: Own 1 slot, update the job as often as you likeThink of Jobs Slots as your annual parking spot in which you can switch the car as often as you like.
  • We are able to save you time finding the right talentfor your jobs because, unlike “job boards,” LinkedIn has the power to automatically distribute your jobs throughout a network of top active and passive talent:On the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” module relevant jobs are served directly to members’ homepages using LinkedIn’s talent matching algorithm: Members’ home pages get tens of millions of views per month. The majority of these members are passive candidates who will only be shown jobs relevant to them. (10% of viewers now see Jobs You May be Interested In module, rolling out to 100% of members soon). You can also use this slide and the next as a lead-in to demonstrate live the unique virality of Jobs Network on by showing the following pages:-Show “Jobs You May Be Interested In” module on your home page (shown here)-Search Company for a competitor who you know has many jobs posted on LinkedIn to show open jobs listings in search page (e.g., Google, Genentech)-Leading companies are establishing their hiring presence on LinkedIn. Do you want to only show 1 or 2 jobs?Show Jobs page with “Jobs You Might Be Interested In”-This more intelligently targets your jobs to active candidates.Additional ways LinkedIn jobs reach candidates:Company follows: Tens of Millions of company follows on LinkedIn (exact numberconfidential). Members who follow companies are automatically updated when that company is hiring.Groups can be viewed as specialized talent pools: over 500,000 groups where you can publicize your job to niche audiences-Web-wide reach: Jobs are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized and automatically distributed to Twitter to broaden jobs’ reach well beyond the LinkedIn site.-Jobs appear on your Company Profile on the Careers Tab
  • Accurate targeting of many candidates: Highly targeted audiences based on your criteriaDirect contact, direct reaction: Top of LinkedIn front page + Landing page with custom call-to-actionWe manage your campaign: Give us your criteria and copy, we will deliver leadsThink of Talent Direct as an email campaign on steroids. Only legal.It’s your way to efficiently send a direct message to many members that precisely match your search criteria.We manage that campaign for you so you quickly end up with the names and contact information you need. You will reach them directly at the top of the LinkedIn home page.With strong response rated, This will help you build a strong pipeline of passive candidates in no time.
  • Get their attention: Make your message relevant to your target [POINT TO COPY]Leverage graphics too: Show them why they’ll thrive at your company [POINT TO BANNER]Capture a new lead: Customize your call-to-action [POINT TO LEAD FORM]
  • The US Cellular case study is available online at http:/
  • LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Nonprofit are Using.

    1. 1. Hiring Solutions for NonprofitsPresenter: Bryan Breckenridge, LinkedIn Nonprofit SolutionsTuesday, September 06, 2011 Recruiting Solutions v
    2. 2. Recruiting Solutions
    3. 3. SOME OF OUR NONPROFIT CLIENTS Recruiting Solutions 3
    4. 4. Let’s Surface Your Biggest Recruiting Challenges Maximizing the LinkedIn Network Understand Position your company as an your target audience “employer of choice” Measure Engage Results top talent Recruiting Solutions
    5. 5. Let’s Surface Your Biggest Recruiting Challenges Maximizing the LinkedIn Network Understand Position your company as an your target audience “employer of choice”  Recruitment  Career Pages Insights  Work With Us Ads  Recruitment Ads Measure Engage Results top talent  Usage reports & metrics  Recruiter  Jobs For You  Campaign analysis  Jobs Network  Talent Direct Go to case study… Recruiting Solutions
    6. 6. LinkedIn Solutions Overview for Nonprofits1. Career Pages2. LinkedIn Recruiter3. InMail Best Practices4. Jobs Network5. Talent Direct6. Usage & Metrics7. Case Study Recruiting Solutions
    7. 7. Examples of Career Pages Recruiting Solutions position
    8. 8. Your message dynamically adapts to the viewer (Gold only) Your featured recruitersJob postings targeted to viewer for relevance Company culture video Recruiting Solutions position
    9. 9. Employee spotlights (viewer targeted for Gold) Employee benefits Links to additional company content Up to 3 customizable modulesRecruiting Solutions
    10. 10. LinkedIn Recruiter Recruiting Solutions engage
    11. 11. LinkedIn Recruiter: CollaborationMake your teams ultra efficient Personal and shared Projects Full names for profiles in your teammate’s network saved to shared projects Profile and Team Activity Export to Spreadsheet or PDF Recruiting Solutions engage
    12. 12. What recruiter users are saying... …It saves me hours a week ... We have hired 2 Technical Leads, 1 Sr. Project Manager and 3 Web Developers as a direct result of LinkedIn Recruiter... It has changed how I approach the passive job seeker - Ken Smith, Recruiting & HR - North America at Ioko The efficiencies of LinkedIn Recruiter have far exceeded my expectations and I see many more wins on the horizon using this tool. Keep up the good work and continue listening to your customers! - David Gabler, Sourcing/Recruiter Consultant for Retail Store Management at Lowes Home Improvement LinkedIn Recruiter tool has allowed us to hire direct on all our positions in 2010. - Maria E Perez, GPHR, SPHR-CA, Human Resource Manager at Bekaert Specialty Films, LLC Recruiting Solutions
    13. 13. LinkedIn Recruiter - InMailThe best way to contact & attract top talent InMail® – 50 per seat per month – 90 day rollover – 7-day response guarantee Free Messaging – 1st Degree – Group Members – OpenLink Members Sharable templates Bulk campaign (50) Recruiting Solutions engage
    14. 14. Best Practice - InMail Include Company Name in Subject Try to keep subject line 35 characters or less Body of Message should be 3-4 sentences maximum Use conversation starter or networking approach (reference mutual contacts) Offer next steps Recruiting Solutions
    15. 15. Poor Response Rate InMailHi (insert name),We are hiring for ABC position. Please see the job description below.Experience with Social Media Recruiting and LI Recruiter highly desired5+ years experience in corporate recruitingExperience with developing and delivering onsite training and webinarsStrong interpersonal and communication skills as well as attention to detailWorking knowledge of two or more of the following business areas:o Call Center/Customer Serviceo Business Analyticso Social Network Recruiting Recruiting Solutions
    16. 16. Higher Response Rate InMail Hi (contact name), I came across your profile, and thought your background lined up nicely with an exciting opportunity we have at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing pre-IPO internet companies in the world, and I am looking to network with professionals that are interested in building a world class (insert team name). Please let me know if you’d like to discuss the role in more detail and we can correspond via LinkedIn or over the phone if you prefer. My contact details are enclosed. (insert closing) Back to Recruiter Recruiting Solutions
    17. 17. LinkedIn Jobs Network:Let your jobs do your job Members distribute your Jobs We reveal the best matches Flexibility of Job Slots Recruiting Solutions engage
    18. 18. We direct your jobs to the most qualifiedcandidates Millions of passive candidates view jobs on LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 18
    19. 19. LinkedIn Talent DirectQuickly build a strong candidate pipeline Reach many passive candidates with precision Direct contact, direct reaction We manage your campaign Recruiting Solutions engage
    20. 20. Talent Direct Campaign Your branded banner ad Get their attention with is prominently featuredcustomized & relevant messages Calls to action include graphical button, text link, or in-line form capture Recruiting Solutions engage
    21. 21. Examples of Talent Direct Campaign Recruiting Solutions position
    22. 22. Usage Reports & MetricsMeasure the effectiveness of your efforts Key highlights • Collect hard data on how your recruitment branding campaigns affect your audience’s perception of your company. • Test campaign effectiveness and measure ROI to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sourcing and branding investment. Recruiting Solutions measure results
    23. 23. Case Study:Challenge: Pinpoint hard-to-findprofessional & technical candidatesfor highly specialized rolesSolution: LinkedIn Recruiter as areplacement for “boards”  Finding higher-quality candidates faster  Saving time and money “No more post-and-pray. We find better depth and breadth of candidates, plus we’re saving tens of thousands of dollars.” –Director of Talent Acquisition Recruiting Solutions