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System builder train july 27th 2013


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FEG System TEAM Training

FEG System TEAM Training

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  • 1. Saturday July 27th 2013
  • 2. THANK YOU Barbara Cardi!!!! Welcome to our team! My name is Barbara Cardi and I will be helping you through the licensing process. Attached are the step by step procedures to get your insurance license. If you have any questions along the way, please call or e-mail me. Barbara Cardi (401) 241-6588
  • 3. T. Together E. Everyone A. Achieves M. More
  • 4.  Al Recruited a guy  that recruited a guy  That has 800 agents
  • 5.  Be Enthusiastic—it's Contagious  Have a Sense of Urgency and Purpose  Set Clear Rules of Behavior  Keep Them Informed  Grow Together- Bond and  Reinforcement Works Wonders
  • 6. Vice President “Life of it’s Own” I. A Recruit Isn’t a Recruit Until They have A Recruit! A new person really isn’t anchored into the business until they are: 1. Field Trained 2. A Crusader 3. Recruited a New Person II A Leg is not a Leg until it’s at least 4 deep Depth = Security Drive Deep • Find Leaders • Lock in Associates •Overlapping Leaders III. Leg has Life of it’s Own At Least Two layers of Leaders
  • 7. “Are you in front of your computer?” Three People a Day
  • 8. Schedule Must Do’s Fill The Nooks and Crannies
  • 9.  Go to Local Networking  Meetups and Coffee  Target People  Build Relationships  Take Notes  Follow up!!!!
  • 10. Natural Groups- Occupation, Cause, Interest CPA, Tax, and Attorneys Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, P&C, Title Health Agents AFLAC
  • 11. Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, P&C, Title
  • 12. “Turn Your Competition Into A Profit Center” I show __________ how to
  • 13. “How to make two or three commissions instead of just one” “They can double, triple or more your income” I show __________ how to
  • 14. “Have Diversification of Income without Distraction” I show __________ how to have
  • 15. “Help Your Clients and Help Yourself” I show __________ how to
  • 16.  $200,000 Total sales commission of 6%  $12,000 Agent gets $6,000 Broker $6,000  If one side Listing or Selling Side then $3,000 One IUL average $3,000
  • 17. 23,000 Agents
  • 18. Florida 108,0000 RI 3,820 MA 18,000 Ct 15,000 NY 47,000 About 1 million 1,000,000 Real Estate Agents in America
  • 19. 10 TEAM sales $100,000.00 Income
  • 20. 100 TEAM sales $1,000,000.00 Income
  • 21. 2011 Individual UL average annual premium per policy $9,527.
  • 22.
  • 23. 1997 First IUL Sales of IUL were just a drop in the bucket at first. $65 million in premium in 1998.
  • 24. Could be $100 billion in the next 5 years?
  • 25. BLS
  • 26. Your Homeowners insurance policy is “required” by lenders and is - for the benefit of you and the lenders. If you have Private Mortgage Insurance - PMI Insurance. If you “default” financially on your loan and is typically required if you currently have less than 20% equity. In Most cases this coverage can be cancelled when you reach 20% equity in your home for any reason. This coverage benefits the lender only.
  • 27.  As promised, here is the information regarding the benefits available to cover your home loan for just about any medical condition....  My goal is to simply explain all the benefits available and to answer all your questions  This Loan protection will pay off your mortgage or make the monthly mortgage payments for medical reasons while you're living and includes Death Benefits:
  • 28. Included Mortgage Protection Plan- no extra cost A chronic illness: Unable to perform at least two of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Transferring, Continence, Eating Or Requires substantial supervision by another person due to severe cognitive impairment.
  • 29. Included Mortgage Protection Plan- no extra cost A Critical Illness: See rider for complete details of critical illnesses 1. Heart Attack 2. Stroke 3.Invasive Cancer 4.End Stage Renal Failure 5. Major Organ Transplant 6. ALS
  • 30. Included Mortgage Protection Plan- no extra cost 17. Blindness 8.Paralysis 9. Arterial Aneurysms 10. Central Nervous System Tumors 11. Major Multi-System Trauma (Major injury to three Or more organs or systems) 12.AIDS
  • 31. Included Mortgage Protection Plan- no extra cost 13. Severe Disease of Any Organ (resulting in significantly altered life expectancy) 14. Severe Central Nervous System Disease (Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Encephalitis with long-term effects) 15. Major Burns (>40% BSA, 3rdDegree) 16.Loss of Limb
  • 32.  See a short video at
  • 33. If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people. (Chinese Proverb)
  • 34. Like a railroad track. You labor to build the track but when it's done it's easy to run on and the train picks up speed! It takes focused discipline and sacrifice.
  • 35. You must master the System and follow the System religiously. If you want your team to copy you, you can't follow it once in a while. You must do it all the time. Following the System (Aim at recruits hit sales) must not be a phase of you business life but a WAY of your business life!!!
  • 36. Three purposes 1. Resell the dream to existing team members. 2. Teach current teammates how to sell the dream. 3. Sell the dream to new prospects.
  • 37. Showing up on time, or late. Arrive early! Bringing a bad day to the BOP. Waiting for your guests in the parking lot. Leaving the meeting, talking in the meeting, answering rhetorical questions by the presenter, and acting casual to a first time guest. Doing the BOP too much before the BOP!
  • 38. If a new agent does not have a fast start…. Then they will have a slow start. It is critical to have a strong start. A new agent that starts fast tends to duplicate a fast start to their team.
  • 39. You are ONE name, one call, one contact, one invitation, one referral, one presentation, one BOP, one big event away from an explosion!
  • 40. At least 10 ten new agents a month At least 2 personal agents a month. Aim at recruits hit sales.