Prospecting and List Building


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Building a Dream Business- Step by Step

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Prospecting and List Building

  1. 1. Business Format System Step #1 Prospecting and List Building
  2. 2. Our Challenge to You Develop a Passion for Our Mission Our Leadership Team is 100% committed to creating wealth for families. There is a critical need for the education delivered on a giant scale.
  3. 3. Develop a Passion for Our Mission Your success for the most part will depend on how strong your passion is for our mission and how effectively you can get many other people to feel the same way. It’s a mission that motivates.
  4. 4. Posture and Position • • • • Your “Attitude” An edge that comes from belief Not selling a “product”… Changing lives! Know what we have and what we can do!
  5. 5. Run a Diagnostic on your business • Show me your list • Show me your appointments ……….I will show you your results
  6. 6. Step #1 PROSPECTING Just as a building contractor cannot construct a building without a large supply of raw materials, An empire builder needs a large pool of prospects/people to plug into the system to build a distribution empire.
  7. 7. Developing A Target Market You can divide prospecting into three areas: 1. Natural Market Friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, social contacts, 2. Friendship Farming Turning strangers into friends to create a new natural market 3. Friendship Borrowing System Relationship marketing through our third-party referral syste
  8. 8. Step #1 PROSPECTING Create a Target Market List Top priority!!! The start of an exciting business adventure. From this list, you will build a business and transform the lives of the people on it.
  9. 9. Do with partner Put at least one Name next to each equals 300-500 names Don’t worry about contact info just yet
  10. 10. Important Keys 1. Make your list with others. Complete your prospect list with your Leader, and make sure to involve your spouse when possible. 2. Add names, don’t eliminate them. Resist the tendency to eliminate people from your list because you think they’re too busy or make too much money. That is a major mistake. Remember, it’s not just who you know, but who they know also. 3. Use the “Executive Memory Jogger.” The purpose is to “jog” your memory for every quality person you know. 4. Identify the “Top 25” on your list. Your list should have a minimum of 100 names and grow to as many as 300, 500, 1,000. ….quickly identify the “Top 25” and begin contacting them immediately with your Leader.
  11. 11. Chicken List • • • • Recruit up- Never FEAR successful people Don’t judge people You never know where someone will lead you Leave no stone un-turned MASTER the Three Way Call
  12. 12. Friendship Farming Turn Strangers Into Friends As you go about your day, always be on the lookout for people with whom to start a conversation. Cultivate a new warm market by meeting new people.
  13. 13. The F.O.R.M. Method There are four questions you can ask when talking with a stranger. This method flows more naturally if you “prime the pump”. F. Stands for “Family.” You might ask him (or her) if he is a family man, does he have kids, did he grow up here in town, etc.? O. Stands for “Occupation.” What does he do for a living? How long? Does he like his job? R. Stands for “Recreation.” Perhaps you have a common recreational interest. M. Stands for “Message.” Tell the prospect what you do to spark his interest. Get his name
  14. 14. Friendship Borrowing Referral/Lead System KEY TO SUCCESS What they are missing is number of qualified people to get in front of on a regular, consistent basis.
  15. 15. “All Roads Lead to Your LIST”
  16. 16. Prospecting at each contact point I. II. III. IV. Approach/Contact BOP Product Presentation Ongoing Client Contact “A closed mouth does not get feed”
  17. 17. Prospecting during Approach/Contact Once the approach has been made, even if the prospect is not interested, there is still an opportunity to obtain referrals. “I appreciate how you feel, May I ask you a quick question before we get off the phone: I’ve found my best new associates come through referrals from quality people like yourself. Who do you know that may be interested in a new business venture or a possible career change?”
  18. 18. Prospecting If the prospect has attended the BOP (whether at the office, one-on-one, or online) and is not interested in joining, there is still an opportunity to get referrals. “I appreciate getting to meet with you today. As you can tell, our concepts can make a huge difference in someone’s life._______, I work strictly on referrals. Would you be kind enough to introduce me to a few people who might benefit from our concepts?”
  19. 19. The List Grows Recruiting…… Top 25-Top 100 Referrals…… 3-5 per sale Networking Online and Offline….. ……and In the normal course of the day
  20. 20. “Are you in front of your computer?” AL Cardi School of Marketing “Pick up the phone”! Then what?.....Call 3 people a day “Are you in front of your computer?”