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Linkedin and networking in the digital age 2

Linkedin and networking in the digital age 2






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Linkedin and networking in the digital age 2 Linkedin and networking in the digital age 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Linkedin and
    Networking in the Digital Age
    An overview by
    Bryan Daly
  • LinkedIn
    What it is.
    What it is not.
    Some insight on how to use Linkedin as a tool to build a referral based, word of mouth business
    At the end some places to learn more
  • My advice
    Time takes Time
    Be patient
    Be persistent
    Be consistent
    Begin at once… ready or not
  • LinkedInFacts & Figures
  • Linkedin Background
    LinkedIn started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002.
    As of May 2011, there are over 100 million members.
    It is the world’s largest professional networking site.
  • Tips on Growing Your Network
    Have fun but keep it professional.
    Pictures of friends and children are kept on Facebook.
    Pay it forward- be helpful
    Never try to sell anything
    Quantity and Quality – don’t focus just on numbers
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is not networking. 
    It’s just a platform, a tool.
    People make it happen and
    It is HOW you use it.
  • From Online to Offline
    Move the relationship from online to offline
    “Relationships Matter”
  • How I Approach Others
    Call to say Hello and introduce yourself.
    • Find out what they want
    • Be an excellent listener
    • Find a need and fill it
    • Ask great questions
    • Be truly helpful
  • Follow Up or Fail!
    To really stand out from the crowd
    get really good at the follow up
    You will be miles ahead by following up better,
    smarter, and faster.
    The fact is most people don’t follow very well
    if at all.
    Good follow up elevates you above
  • Promote & Edify Others
    “Promote unto others
    as you would have them
    Promote unto you”
  • 3 Key Principles
    Express Gratitude
    Be a Giver
    Be Visible and Consistent
  • 6 Steps to Success:
    Get Involved & Show Up
    Share the Your Network
    Make New Connections
    Build and Develop Your Network
    Set One on One’s
    Start by Giving
  • Relationships Create Opportunities
    • Relationships Create Opportunities
    • Network = Net Worth
  • Have the Right Mindset
    You don’t know who someone else knows
    Trust & Respect
  • Final Tips
    Don’t Close Sales
    Open Relationships
  • Watch for Future Videos
    • Learning Resources
    • Connecting and Posting
    • Using LinkedIn Groups
    • LinkedIn Advanced Networking
    • How to go “offline”
  • LinkedIn Learning Resources
  • http://learn.linkedin.com/
  • Linkedin Blog http://blog.linkedin.com/
  • Linkedin on Youtube
  • Why LinkedIn?
    For Business Networking
    Visibility, Credibility, Profitability
  • LinkedIn Edge
    You can connect with people you might not ever connect with any where else.
    We know the main reason we are here.- Business
    You can “see” others in the network-
    Profile business history/resume no where else
    Search for people that don’t have profiles any where else
    Groups & Answers
  • Connect With Others
  • Connect With Others
    Invitation Limits
    LinkedIn initially allows all users to send up to 3,000 invitations.
    LinkedIn encourages all users to connect to their trusted professional contacts, and to others who welcome connections with new contacts.
    Users who limit their invitations to these two groups have high invitation acceptance rates and LinkedIn will usually raise the limit for such inviters.
  • Invite to connect to you
    I am always looking to expand my local network and welcome the opportunity to connect If you would like to add me to your Linkedin network, You can add me directly at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bryandaly
    Groups or my email bkdaly@comcast.net If there is anything I can help you with, please call me anytime (561) 246-1404 All the best Bryan Daly
  • Groups
  • Introduce Yourself
    Copy your profile link
  • Introduction to a group
  • Introduction to a group
  • Contibute To The Group
  • Micro Appreciation
    Referrals Thank you for Referrals
    Watch for Jargon and lingo
  • Highlighted in light blue
    Nov 1st- Nov 2nd 2011
  • Create network of 1.4 million
    Join LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.com
    Create a name, company and some info
    Search for “Bryan Daly” in the top bar
    Click add “Bryan to your network”
    Click Friend enter email bryan@bryandaly.com
    Click send invitation
    We are now connected and you have a
    network of 1.4 million people
  • From June 11th to June 13th Less than 2 days
  • Profile Connection Info
    Easy To Find = Easy To Connect
  • Search
    People, Events, Company, Topics Groups
    Employers are using this to find candidates
  • http://www.palmbeachbusinessconnection.com
  • Thank you
    You can reach me on Linkedin at
    Bryan Daly- Founder Palm Beach Business Connection
    Network includes:
    Martin Business Connection, Broward Business Connection, Dade Business Connection, Tampa Business Connection
  • Thank You For Attending