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FEG Team Building Concepts


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“Sales Management” vs. “Team Building” …

“Sales Management” vs. “Team Building”

Allows large unlimited income, based on your effort and abilities, through building and overriding an organization

Allows security through “leveraging” your income and efforts
Self-replicating, self-motivated, self-financed

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  • 1. Team Building Freedom Builders
  • 2. Bryan Daly Founder Freedom Builders
  • 3. Multiplex Income • “Sales Management” vs. “Team Building” • Allows large unlimited income, based on your effort and abilities, through building and overriding an organization • Allows security through “leveraging” your income and efforts Self-replicating, self-motivated, self-financed
  • 4. To Achieve Greatness • • • • Change your Paradigm Think Strategically Commit Specifically Re-Focus Constantly – Stretch your VISION – Create GREAT EVENTS – Build GREAT LEADERS Imagination is the fuel of your dreams
  • 5. Become a Super Star • The battle cry of all new FEG leaders should be ASCENSION & DOMINANCE. • For those who are RELENTLESS in COPYING & DUPLICATING what past Super Stars have done • Do this and it is INEVITABLE you will become a Super Star of the Future • The fastest way to become a millionaire… find one… and then do what they did
  • 6. Powerful Team Builders • Hire people to an environment not a business • Are students of the business – Knowledge does not produce activity. – Activity produces knowledge – Repetition is the mother of skill. • Success revolves around, – Focus… motivation… execution – Be Decisive and Be Persistent Give me 10 driven determined dreamers and soon I’ll give you 10,000 more.
  • 7. Show New Hires How to Succeed • • • • Aim at hiring and the sales will follow Approach everyone with opportunity first Sell to those you hire, AND those you don’t Be enthusiastic and inject crusading fervor – Sell the Dream and the Crusade simultaneously • Help each new hire, enroll 5 of their own. • Help them earn $5000 ( or more) quickly
  • 8. Controlled Ignorance Formula • Stumble forward and stay confused • Capitalize on the excitement and ignorant enthusiasm of new hires • Cultivate a pioneer attitude and spirit • Be ever alert for opportunity to hire • You are always either: Growing or Dying
  • 9. Aggressiveness is Vital – Without aggressiveness other skills are useless – Develop the “Firing Habit” – 90% of all soldiers never fire their weapon in combat. • They lack confidence in their ability • They lack confidence in their weapon – “Drill for Skill” & “Drill for Will” • build confidence in you team
  • 10. The Process • The Most Important Factor in Team Building – You will be paid to IMITATE, not create – Marketing is the creation of the outlet and the movement of product simultaneously. • Set Up a System Whereby Hiring Never Stops • Law of Large Numbers Makes the Law of Averages Profitable • Success = Lots of people doing a little bit and a few people doing a lot
  • 11. • Lead By Example (go wide fast) • Hire in Waves (3 to 12 wide every 30 days) • Magic of “Dud” Power – Leader with most “Duds” wins – Also will have the most associates – Our Sensitive ”Sell the Dream” Machinery – High-Octane motivation – “Hold-a-Meeting” commitment • Compress Activity / Collapse Time Frames – Use short 30 day blitzes with part timers – Run concurrent 90 day Madman cycles
  • 12. Great Builders Focus • Excel at Personal Communication – Master the Art of Motivation – Great builders are great goal setters • Two Marketing Focal Points – The continuous opening of outlets – Increasing the volume production per outlet
  • 13. Promotions Drive Production • Harness each… – – – – – – – – New hire to reach Sales Leader by hiring 5 strong legs. Sales Leader to Dist Mgr by producing 3 Sales Leaders District Mgr to Div Mgr by producing 3 Dist Mgrs. Division Mgr to VP by producing 2 Div Mgr or $75,000 VP to SVP by producing $100,000 income SVP to NVP by producing $200,000 income NVP to SNVP by producing $400,000 income SNVP to ENVP by producing $600,000 income
  • 14. Build Big Production Teams • Build – $25,000 earners – $50,000 earners – $100,000 earners – $250,000 earners – $500, 000 earners – $1,000,000 earners • “Carpe Diem” Seize the day
  • 15. Thermometer vs. Thermostat • Thermometer People are controlled by outside circumstances. If others are hot, then they are hot. If others are cold, so are they. • Thermostat People are those who set their own temperature in advance. Rather than adjust to others, others adjust to them. Others don’t drag them down. They pull others up!
  • 16. To Become a Thermostat… • • • • • • • Self-Confidence Self-Esteem Know-How A System of Accountability Repetition A Plan That Works “The Master Motivator is the one who motivates himself.”
  • 17. Key to Building = Persistence • A definite purpose backed by a burning desire. • A definite plan, expressed in continuous action. • A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances. • A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. *From Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • 18. Ladder of Evolution • • • • • Nobody to Upstart… Upstart to Contender… Contender to Winner… Winner to Champion… Champion to Dynasty…
  • 19. Surge…Explode…Plateau • Surge – – Compress activity (BOP invitations, new hires, etc.) – Collapse time frames (magic of the 30 day blitz) • Explode – Have an explosion of new hires, new leaders, new promotions, production, cash flow, momentum • Plateau – Re-group, Re-energize, Re-focus, Repeat cycle
  • 20. Constant Course Correction • Apollo 11 was off course 90% of the time, but landed on the moon. Expect adversity and use it to achieve your mission
  • 21. Thank you for watching Bryan Daly Freedom Equity Group Founder