Ask: consumer driven marketing


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Sometimes, the most obvious is the hardest to see...
If you really want to know what people are interested in

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Ask: consumer driven marketing

  1. 1. Ask...
  2. 2. Sometimes, the most obvious isthe hardest to see...If you really want to knowwhat people are interested inAsk...
  3. 3. My mail...• A gallup pollin 1980– Event looked mostforward to in youdaily life63 % said gettingand reading the dailymail
  4. 4. Junk mail• 98% want morecontrol of their mail• 94% say they get toomuch unwanted mail• 71% think the buyingand selling of consumerdata is unethical
  5. 5. 6timeResponseRatesLower resultsVolumeOf mailmore mail lower results ...more mail lower results ………
  6. 6. A step back...what is effective marketing ?• The right product• The right consumer• at the right time• But we focus all ourattention on the .5% that respond,what about the other 99,5% ??!
  7. 7. 7More and moresophisticated dataIndividualResponse graphicsGeo-demographicsDemographicsLifestylePyschographics???SophisticationIndividual
  8. 8. And none ofthat is true...
  9. 9. “Problems cannot be solved bythinking within the frameworkin which the problems werecreated...”Albert Einstein
  10. 10. Using DM techniquesfor lunch...• RFM– This is what you orderedlast time– And this is how muchyou ate...• Analysis techniques– Based on your weight,height, social background• You expect them toask, why dont you ?
  11. 11. Why ask?• To know what your consumers want– When you know, it is easier tosell to them• To learn more about whatthey think of your services• Consumers are moredifferent than the boxeswe put them in• Consumers want you to ask
  12. 12. Targeting isn’t as simpleas it used to be…
  13. 13. Who to ask..• Your clients• Your ex-clients• And your prospects…
  14. 14. Why aren’t morecompanies asking…• Pile ‘em high and cheap key to lower costper response• It is easier to put consumers in groups• I already run satisfaction/ dissatisfaction studies• Addresses and consumer dataare seen as a cost, not an investment• And many don’t believe it would work
  15. 15. 3 myths• Most consumers won’t give marketers personalinformation about themselves• Even if they did, it would cost too much• You cant believe what consumers say
  16. 16. Consumers like toanswer surveys• Through multiple contacts weare getting response ratesupwards of 33% on a 12 pagesurvey with over 2000 questions• Client surveys work in lots ofcategories (Response rates:insurance: 15 %, Health, 30%...)
  17. 17. It doesn’t cost that much• A 20% response£ 2 per response• Even less withexternal companies• More importantly,what is the cost ofnot doing it
  18. 18. Survey data is data youcan count on• If consumers answer,they want to tell yousomething• Tests on survey data– 2 surveys 3 months apart– 87% of the answerswere the same !
  19. 19. Integration of a databaseloading program in yourmarketing mix
  20. 20. Identify the questions to Ask• Identify what you would like toknow• Throw away half• And focus on what you need toknow to market to consumers moreeffectively
  21. 21. Really Ask• Would you possibly consider changingcredit cards ?– ❏ yes ❏ possiblyWhat happened to No ?Ask in the way consumers talk
  22. 22. Include surveys inyour ongoingcommunication• Reader Digest Case– A survey sent withalmost all bills since1969– 75 % of theircustomers haveanswered at least onesurvey
  23. 23. Collect Data, inyour prospectionactions...• Columbia Houseexample– On order forms– On the phone– Whenever they can...
  24. 24. Don’t forget consumersafter they buy• A nice warm and fuzzy communication• Response rates up to 30% !Traditional thinkingLevel ofConsumerInterestTimeA decision toParticipate/purchaseThe time to AskReality
  25. 25. Run joint surveys withconsumer specialists• Simplicity• Lower cost• Brand buildingif done right
  26. 26. Invest in quality data• There is a whole new generation of companiesfocused on permissionmarketing• They offer an easy way to ask many of thequestions you should be asking
  27. 27. Case Story: Cardisense
  28. 28. Background• A heart drug sold by Merell Dow• About to lose patent protection– Generics normally take 50 -70% of the market• They decided their best hope was toestablish a real link with consumers
  29. 29. Action Plan• Development of a general newsletter “Cardisense”• A survey in each issue• Creation of direct response to get names addresses• A full-scale database loading program– 3 survey waves with reminders– Ongoing update surveys
  30. 30. Execution:Intro Letter• simple• clear• friendly
  31. 31. Execution:Newsletter• Consumer drivencontent• Benefits orientated• Not just about selling• Asks again and again forconsumers to react, tell..• A survey in most issues
  32. 32. Execution:Survey• Low-tech• Friendly• Easy layout• Interested in the“whole” consumer
  33. 33. Results• A 80% coverage of their user base (over500,000 households )• 10% have written spontaneous letters• No loss in sales when their patent ran out
  34. 34. If you want better results,all you need to do is Ask• It is the only way to really know what peopleare interested in• It is an easy way to develop betterconsumer relationships• Stop promoting to profiles and list segments,promote to people• Learn more profit more..
  35. 35. ideas are not the key tosuccess, action is…some things are self evident…it makes sense to ask,don’t be the last one inyour market…
  36. 36. Now it’s yourturn toAsk..