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WebGeek Presentation June 2011

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  • Very informative and eye-opening slideshow. I am an IT student and I don't even know the reason why I am in this course? o.O? I am just one of the many underprivileged youth here on earth. Hehe. My thought back then is that if I finish my IT course that I can get a job easily after I graduate. Unfortunately, it is because there were many call center opening during those days and I thought that it is the same field as IT.

    Anyways, I've already done some homework and research about what industry I am really into. Unfortunately, I am sadden of what I've read and learnt on how complex IT is... but let's face the reality and that I am already on this... so I'll just continue my journey. LOL. At least now I already have an idea what the IT industry really works(which I just figured out because I just dropped-out on college. HAHA!).

    I am also planning to be a freelancer someday and I wish I will be a 'successful freelancer'(I know that it isn't easy but I'll try. Hehe).

    Thanks for the infos. Kuya Bry it really help me. Very informative slide! And what makes your slides more cool is that you put what book to be read and put some really cool quotes from great minds. KUDOS for that kuya bryan! :D
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before you leap

  1. 1. Successful Freelancing for WebGeeks
  2. 2. Successful Freelancing for WebGeeks
  3. 3. What is “success”?
  4. 4. Fame? Fortune?
  5. 5. If thats the case, then Im not successful
  6. 6. No carNo fancy gadgets Not famous
  7. 7. But success is not that simple
  8. 8. Understand Success
  9. 9. before you leapstuff you have to do before you go freelance Bryan Bibat Freelance Software Developer
  10. 10. Before everything else...
  11. 11. The “Fresh Grad” Question
  12. 12. Should I go freelance right after graduating college?
  13. 13. Dont.
  14. 14. work for “the man” first
  15. 15. Of course there are exceptions.
  16. 16. And I encourage students to go freelance before graduating.
  17. 17. With that out of the way...
  18. 18. 1. Do your homework.
  19. 19. • Why do I want to go freelance?
  20. 20. • Pros and Cons of Freelancing
  21. 21. • Do I have the skills to go at it alone?
  22. 22. 2. Plan
  23. 23. • What are my short-term and long-term goals?
  24. 24. • What do I want?
  25. 25. • What dont I want?
  26. 26. • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  27. 27. Make the most of your strengths Work around your weaknesses
  28. 28. • What else do I need to succeed?
  29. 29. • Can I do part-time first?
  30. 30. 3. Get your (financial) shit together
  31. 31. Largent est un bon serviteur, mais un méchant maître.(Money is a good servant, a dangerous master.) - Francis Bacon
  32. 32. • Know how much you spend in a month.
  33. 33. Multiply it by 6.
  34. 34. Thats how much you need to save.
  35. 35. • Frugal ≠ Cheap
  36. 36. Spend on what matters.
  37. 37. • Money = Time
  38. 38. • last thing...
  39. 39. Just... no.
  40. 40. Much better
  41. 41. Additional Resources
  42. 42. Internet (duh)
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Thank you for listening! Summary:● Do your research. A lot of it.● Set objectives and goals. Determine the best way to meet them.● Get the money “problem” out of the way. | @bry_bibat