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10 things you should know before purchasing a CRM - slideshow presented by Bryan Anderson, Sept 10, 2012

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  • Research HistoryNothing wrong with going with the new kid on the block, but understand their rootsHave they recently been acquired?Is CRM a their main offering or an add-on?Who are the key stakeholders and what is their background?Are the founders or visionaries still there?Follow them on twitter and in trade rags
  • Confirm ExpertiseBuy from people you trustAsk tough questions and don't let anyone sell you from a power pointBring in stakeholders from every area of your dealershipDon't let ONE person in your store make the decisionEveryone should be involved in the due diligence
  • Verify StabilityHow many customers do they add each month?How many customers leave every month?Keep in mind the highest volume doesn't mean the highest qualityGet lists of newly added dealers and recent attritions to make calls
  • Evaluate PlatformWhat is the application written in?Why did your company choose that platform?Where is my data hosted?  Is there a failover hosting facility?How frequently is my data backed up?Is a data warehouse being used?
  • Identifying partnershipsGet a list of all of their technology partnersHow many of these partners are people you do business with?What is the relationship and level of integration?Are they certified with your OEM lead provider?Are there any key vendors that you use in a critical process that they don't integrate with?Would they be willing to create this integration?Call dealers that are using the same integrations.
  • Consider On-boardingWhat data will you start out with?What metric will you use to determine if your data conversion was acceptable?Ask how much time will be spent working on process maps and automated processes?See their on-boarding checklistReview their recommended process mapsHave your team read through their email and letter templates
  • Explore EducationTo maximize training, it must go beyond technicalTraining must focus on the who, when, and why - it must be customer centricCRM training is the perfect time to teach on the expectations of the customerBuild the value of REAL customer relationshipsEveryone in the dealership should be trained and taught to build value in customer dataAre there on-line tools available to teach your staff?What does the initial training program look like?Ask your rep how frequently they think you should receive training, this will give you insight as to how important training is to their organization.
  • Here is why it is imperative that your CRM education is more than just technicalIn fact, there is more opportunity to teach and to coach than ever before.As you can see, the typical CRM user now averages well over 300, even 400 customer contacts per month.Those contacts can either hurt you or they can help you.
  • Investigate SupportGet a clear understanding of the following:Support HoursSLAOn-siteOn-lineChatPhone - is it live answer?Call their support number and ask to speak to your future support rep or reps.Will I have an account manager?Interview your account manager before you purchase.How often will we be in contact?On site?  On-line?  On-phone?How will you measure our store's CRM success?
  • Request RoadmapAsk for a copy of their current development roadmap (may not get)Ask for a copy of a roadmap from a year agoHow frequently do you have product releases?Request a copy of the latest release notes.Ask the rep, what is your favorite feature and why?  How long has it been in the system?Align key processes with key features - do they fit?How do they handle special requests or custom reports?
  • Review ContractsWhat is your philosophy on contracts and why?Even month-to-month contracts are important - think of them as an SOW (statement of work)Use contracts/schedules to understand the following.Data conversions and improvementIntegrations includedTraining & consulting days includedTravelOn-going educationLicensing (qty of users)What happens to my data if we cancel?Are there any rate increase clauses?Is GLB (Graham Leach) baked in?The key to any contract is to first be comfortable with the vendor and all of the other due diligence items. Ultimately, any contract or agreement should protect both parties and establish a well defined relationship for a long term partnership. There is nothing wrong with a month-to-month agreement or even a 5 year agreement as long as it makes sense. If you do make a longer term commitment, you should ask for price increase protection in exchange for making that commitment.
  • Establish your goals and objectives with CRMDon't be subjective - create SMART goalsGoals don't have to be dollar driven - they can be process drivenGreat dealership CRM processes will drive the dollarsBuild your own CRM due diligence checklistReview it yearly even if you are staying with your current providerHave key stakeholders from every department review it and comment on itDevelop a tool to measure CRM process impact (see sample survey)Be sure to include each department (multiple people from each department)Formally review this with your team and your CRM vendor twice per yearBuild or rebuild your process playbookIf you don't have one, you need oneIf you have one, always ask, where can we improve?Make the process playbook mandatory reading for new hiresHave members of your team share best practices and variations around each processManagers must continuously coach around these processes and best practicesDevelop Customer-Centric focusWhen is the last time you asked a customer how they wanted to be sold?Have you genuinely asked them, how can we improve this process or that process?How many of you have ever put together a customer advisory council?
  • Sample process impact survey.Have members from each department list out all of the processes that are driven by CRM technology…Grade each of those processes to see if the technology actually improves it or even makes it more difficult.Sample processes to grade:Initial lead responseAppointment processBe-back follow-upShowroom data gatheringFirst pencilManager T.O.Handoff to F&IIntroduction to ServiceService appointment schedulingLoyalty Conditioning
  • Frictionless - (less pain for user/customer process interactionsMobile – more specialized away from seats (my Dad – kitchen table close)Social – We will no longer measure our VIP customers simply by the number of vehicles or service they purchase, but their value to us via the social networkDynamic – AI / artificial intelligence will make customer facing workflows and touches even smarter (we have seen just a tip of the iceberg in the last 24 months with equity mining)Connected – There is little doubt that CRM will continue to be the hub of the wheel and the center of all consumer activity. It will no longer be just dealer facing, but both consumers and OEMs will leverage portals for self-serve interaction which will drive improved analytics and even more refined context.
  • This slideshow with more detail will be posted to slideshare.
  • 10 things crm slide share version

    1. 1. 10 things you need to know before choosing a CRM Bryan Anderson General Product Manager, CRM @dominiondealer pinterest.com/dominionds bryan.anderson@drivedominion.com
    2. 2. Quick Bio1984-1990 Automotive Retail1987-1988 Founder – Autobase1988-2007 President – Autobase2007-2012 Product - DDSBooks publishedFloor Traffic is for Green Peas7 Months to CRM Greatness
    3. 3. Member since: August 2010@bryan_autobaseMember since: July, 2011Bryan.Anderson@drivedominion.com Member since: August, 2011 pinterest.com/bryananderson Member since: January 2, 2007 andbry@gmail.com
    4. 4. Agenda1. Review 10 things to consider2. Develop some action items3. Envision the CRM of the future
    5. 5. 10 Things to Know Before Choosing a CRM1. Research History2. Confirm Expertise3. Verify Stability4. Evaluate Platform5. Identify Partnerships6. Consider On-boarding7. Explore Education8. Investigate Support9. Request Roadmap10. Review Contracts
    6. 6. 1. Research Historyhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/11/Emanuel_Leutze_-_Washington_Crossing_the_Delaware_-_WGA12909.jpg
    7. 7. 2. Confirm Expertisehttp://www.nikhathi.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Albert-Einstein-albert-einstein-1280x1024.jpg
    8. 8. 3. Verify Stabilityhttp://www.building-wallpapers.net/user-content/uploads/wall/o/64/extraordinary_monument_leaning_tower_of_pisa_wallpaper.jpg
    9. 9. 4. Evaluate Platformhttp://www2.newsvirginian.com/mgmedia/image/0/0/169954/hurricane-irene-virginia-beach-fishing-pier/
    10. 10. 5. Identify Partnershipshttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rieHMZghXcg/UDblb_gU5vI/AAAAAAAA1sA/NpJAxLMWpXE/s1600/three-amigos-chevy-chase-steve-martin-martin-short.jpg
    11. 11. 6. Consider On-boardinghttp://www.umac.org/images/sensors/endeavourLaunchBig.jpg
    12. 12. 7. Explore Educationhttp://pauling_d.dragonsites.org/files/2009/10/stott-apple-books.jpg
    13. 13. Quantity vs. Quality Pre CRM CallsEarly CRM Letters Emails & Digital Today 0 100 200 300 400
    14. 14. 8. Investigate Supporthttp://ksgall13.me.holycross.edu/files/2012/07/Bridge.jpg
    15. 15. 9. Request Roadmaphttp://image.yaymicro.com/rz_1210x1210/0/38/highway-interchange--381f0.jpg
    16. 16. 10. Review Contractshttp://www.makingthemomentscount.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/magnifying-glass.jpg
    17. 17. Action items…• Establish your goals and objectives• Build your own CRM due diligence checklist• Develop a tool to measure your CRM process impact• Build or rebuild your process playbook• Develop customer-centric focus
    18. 18. Process Impact SurveyPervasive and complete – high impact Some positive impact Little or no impact 5 3 0
    19. 19. The Future of CRM1. Frictionless2. Mobile3. Social4. Dynamic5. Connected
    20. 20. Questions? Mobile/SMS: 317-418-7430 Email: Bryan.Anderson@drivedominion.comhttp://www.slideshare.net/bryan_autobase Thank you