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Tony Bruzzese Cv 2012

  1. 1. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463Experience Professional ProfileSnapshot A seasoned Oracle and Unix practitioner with vast experience in architecting, troubleshooting, optimizing, maximizing large scale, highly complex systemsIndustry using Oracle, Unix, and third party technologies. With 18 years of IT experience including: Oracle database administration, Unix system administration,Manufacturing mentoring, instructing, patching, migrating, upgrading, technical team lead,Telecom authored and administered a wiki artifact for DBAs.Professional Professional ExperienceSpecializationOracle RDBMS, HA 2009-2012 Research In MotionArchitect, RDBMS DR/UnixSystems Manufacturing: Senior DBA: Responsible for administering 6 RAC hubs and Exadata machines globally distributed across Singapore, England and North America (NA).Technical SkillsExadata • Migrated each of the six RAC hubs from Linux x86 to HP-UX ItaniumOracle architecture including Oracle Golden Gate (OGG) instantiations. During testingOracle Golden Gate phase, conducted a 2x and 3x stress test using load runner. Network WAASUnix Admin HP-UX switches tuned for this load to sustain rate of change to its DR sites.Unix shell scriptingOracle Data Guard • Managed Exadata compute nodes and cell nodes and frequently dealt withRAC disk replacement failures completely transparent to end users/applications viaOracle Transparent the ASR (Automatic Service Request) set up.Gateway • Implemented a 3 prong strategy standard portable backup script across allOEM 12c, OEM 11g hubs to minimize recovery times that included a full/archive/image backups andRMAN Data Guard as a last resort.DW Implementation & • Led the team through a double disk fault failure causing impacts to two NAAdministration hubs and their standbys. Readily deployed the image copy switch recoveryTkprof strategy which team members were not aware of its possibilities. BackupAwk & sed strategy minimized manufacturing outage loss.NetApp Storage • Initiated much needed alerting scripts such as: log clearing, file system flooding, OGG manager abend status’, listener/alert log cleanup, standbyCertifications database log shipment/apply delays, etc.Oracle11g ,10g, 9i, 8i ,8 • Introduced the MOP (method of procedure) concept for productionTOGAF 8 deployments, also as there was no documentation, exposed the team to build books, and further excited the advent of a team WIKI containing all sorts of DBA artifacts. • Aided in the implementation of a 6 way OGG replication for the use of sharing global data between manufacturing sites across the globe. • Proposed a new architecture of OGG to a hub and spoke methodology to simplify the infrastructure. • Consolidated OGG extract/replicat parameters for ease of use and administration. • Implemented an integration script to pull data from three chip vendor’s(QC,TI,Marvell) ftp site and load its data in GMS (Manufacturing
  2. 2. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463 database). This was the basis of the BSIS (Blackberry Security Infrastructure Service) devices that led the manufacturing of a secure/authentic BB. • Frequently sought out to troubleshoot latency issues in programs such as Label Print and ASY (Assembly) with the use of 10046 trace data. • Asked to plan, develop, document, test, and deploy a DR switchover for each of the 6 hubs for duration of one week before switching back. This led to the solidification of the DR databases and network infrastructure coupled with its capability to run manufacturing on its DR servers. • Exposed a network latency issue between Singapore and England through the use of a home grown script redirecting the focus to England rather than Singapore as it was believed to be the issue. The root cause was an IOS version known for dropping data packets and upgrading the IOS solved the problem. • Successfully deployed 10g to 11g RAC upgrade using scan listeners and RIM’s usual 2x and 3x performance stress tests. • Coached the team on the use of Oracle active duplication to refresh UAT environments on a monthly basis and one of many artifacts documented in the team WIKI. • Migrated RIM’s 60TB archive database from expensive HP’s XP24 disk arrays to NetApp filers to reduce cost of ownership.1997 – 2009 CGI Architecture & TechnologyClient: Bell ExpressVu; iTV UpgradeSenior Technical Consultant: Two-phase upgrade, e.g. from to and to The two-phaseapproach was so that we could meet 10g ability to downgrade to the minimum 9i release, e.g. • Managed team of 4 overseeing their deliverables.Client: Bell Canada; OrderMax Oracle Upgrade • Oracle upgrade of a Data Guard environment and a single instance database. • Introduced real-time apply for quicker recovery of the physical standby database, including max connections option to the LGWR process. • Discovered real-time apply bug and through an SR, a back-port fix was provided for AIX. • Conducted switch-over testing and found out that additional bugs exist in and remediate it through a Data Guard patch bundle addressing many switch-over issues in the database. • Also, added April CPU2008.Client: Bell Canada; Database upgradeSenior Technical Consultant: hosts all of Bell Canada’s content information. It is the entry points of allresidential and commercial consumers hence its high visibility to external and potential customers. • Very sensitive upgrade and scrutiny from Bell VPs since this is the second attempt within the last year to upgrade from 9i to 10g. • database configuration includes Data Guard. • Successfully developed, tested, and executed upgrade process including the introduction of real-time apply whereby a known issues was discovered with real-time apply and Oracle subsequently provided a back-port for HP-UX parisc architecture. • Customer testimonials were overwhelmingly a great success in that database performance was even better in the upgraded release. • Learned from the previous team’s attempt and cautiously applied workarounds from that experience.
  3. 3. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463 • Conducted thorough research on known issues and workaround and applied appropriate one-off patches to mitigate certain common vulnerabilities in the database including Critical Patch Update.Client: Bell Canada; Max+ Database upgradeSenior Technical Consultant: The project was to upgrade two databases from 8i to whereby one of thedatabases has a physical standby database. • CGI project manager sought me out to aid in the development through the execution of the upgrade including testing of the top 10 SQL queries in the upgraded database. • Methodology chosen for the upgrade was to employ the exp/imp utility and the reasons where twofold: o Re-create tablespaces to include ASSM feature. o Natural database reorganization – database size shrank from 40GB to 12GB • Successfully presented Oracle upgrade strategy & convinced Bell VP, whom was very weary of the upgrade due to two highly visible upgrade failures in the near past that CGI would conduct a successful upgrade through proper test cycles from SIT, UAT, and a two cycle performance stress tests.Client: Bell Canada; Tivoli Data Protector Centralization to IBMSenior Technical Consultant: Bell mandate to centralize administration of 13 Oracle RMAN backups via TDP from CGI-DBA’s to IBM DBA’s as part of the on going tape storage cost reduction initiative to Bell by adopting the same AIstandard backup policy. • Coordinated CGI effort to identify and document Oracle database instances that currently use TDP as the media management layer. • Granted appropriate privileges to IBM to the Oracle databases that would give them the ability to manage and administer the Oracle database backups while integrating the target databases to IBM’s RMAN catalogue. • Ensured that CGI DBA’s have not compromised database security while allowing IBM to possess SYSDBA access via a non-Oracle group account.Client: Bell ExpressVu; Project OPS Re-designSenior Technical Consultant: Introduction, expansion, and de-risking of BEV application environments. Over 130applications sharing the same Oracle back end of approximately 1 TB of data with numerous schemas of the variousapplications. The project strategy was to de-couple schemas from the current database environment to a set of newdatabases in order to decrease the load on the current OPS production database, improve performance andavailability, and mitigate business outages by leveraging AI infrastructure hosting services. • HA architecture will consist of Oracle RAC, Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC, and a physical DataGuard for data/environmental protection. • A phased approach in the database migration will minimize the impact on BEV business. o The first phase of the project consists of the analysis and migration strategy definition. o The second phase includes the construction and coordination of necessary environments, migration of critical on-line schemas and associated data migrations to new Oracle instances. • Heavy uses of db-links were deployed during the segregation of schemas due to the inter-relationships of the applications. Oracle Streams was another option discussed rather than db-links, but we felt that Oracle streams would be better deployed on Oracle 10g rather than 9i where Streams was first introduced. Oracle concurred.
  4. 4. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463Client: Bell Canada; Project: Service Assurance DWSenior Technical Consultant: The CGI proposal to address the implementation of an Oracle based data warehouse forthe purpose of housing network related data including traps, syslogs and performance data. The data warehouse is tobe designed to accommodate future growth. The solution also includes the implementation of a production DataStagebased ETL environment as well as ETL processes to source network data from two systems: SMARTS and InfoVista. • Design and build ETL processes by leveraging DataStage capabilities. • Estimated Warehouse size ~ 40 TB. • Apply Oracle’s resilient best practices for HA (RAC) and backup/recovery practices. • Currently working on the Exploration phase which will comprise of 80% effort from design & analysis prior to construction. • Provide for a reliable data warehousing solution suitable for high volumes of network data. • Supply a data repository accessible by various reporting applications. • Provides for a one polling environment to be prime for discovery of the network elements. • The current asset data flow is done in two or more parallel flows. This asset data flow would condense the asset inventory flow to the Fault and Performance Management systems and allow for accurate inventory control in both systems. • Enables the desire for a Report Development and Gatekeeper role for future work without IS/IT involvement. • Allows for an independent internal and customer facing reporting environment which can be leveraged in the future for new report generation. • Streamlined access to reliable and consistent strategic information. • Provides a solid foundation for housing network data with possibility for future integration with customer data thereby enabling intelligence analytics. • Reduces centralized operations costs.Client: Bell Canada; Project: ScorecardSenior Technical Consultant: Scorecard Systems is the leader in reporting and analysis solutions fortelecommunications companies across North America. Their solutions capture and assess sales results, regionalpenetration, campaign take rates, retention, bundling opportunities, subscriber segmentation, distribution channelanalysis and other key metrics. • Installed Oracle 10gR2 and Oracle Transparent Gateway for Teradata. • Configured Teradata’s ODBC and Heterogeneous Services to access Teradata databases within Oracle. • Planned, implemented and successfully tested Oracle to Teradata connectivity. • Table volume performance tests scaled linearly.Client: Bell Canada; Project Enhanced Information Access (EIA)Senior Technical Consultant: A database structure built 14 years ago to address reporting, analysis, segmentation anddirect marketing needs in the absence of a proper EDW-based tool to provide flexible, accurate and reliable data. TheEIA database provides the capability of running Ad-hoc queries against the whole Business Market or any portion of it.The capability of running these Ad-hoc queries allows users to be able to drill down to very specific information orobtain an overall view of the data for specific Market segments. • Migrated database from aging Solaris hardware to Bell’s adaptive infrastructure (AI) while converting 358 raw devices (0.5 Terabytes) to file systems. • Record breaking conversion in less than 3 hours by parallelizing copy operations to remote server. • Upgrade from 8i to 10gR2.
  5. 5. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463 • Conducted full load stress testing while capturing AWR snapshots to identify problematic SQL queries. • Provided optimized query solutions and rewritten better SQL for various program tasks. • Delighted customer beyond their expectations with performance improvements, on budget, and ahead of schedule.Client: Bell ExpressVu; Project OPS Database UpgradeSenior Technical Consultant: Database upgrade from to was deployed which resulted with significantperformance degradation, long running queries from minutes to hours, nearly 100% CPU capacity and excessivephysical I/Os. • Sought out by the VP escalation committee to provide an executive review and viable corrective measures to salvage a roll-back of the upgrade. • Rapidly identified the immediate contributor of the performance inhibitor which led to a database bounce uplifting the immediate CPU and physical I/O strain. • Over the course of the week, several business functions were identified as having lengthy execution times due to optimizer differences between the Oracle software versions. • Optimized query programs to performance levels prior to the upgrade.Client: Bell Canada; Project NSC HubSenior Technical Consultant: Primary responsibility to oversee the successful implementation of relocating 7 Oracledatabases from a single node/single instance to a failover architecture allowing seamless application failover withminimal downtime. • Enlightened project sponsors by demonstrating the relocation of these large databases in under 30 minutes of database downtime by leveraging Oracle’s DataGuard technology one week prior to deployment. • Guided senior DBA’s in documenting, implementing, and executing Oracle DataGuard cloning techniques with Tivoli’s integration media manager.Client: Bell Canada; Database Users Group (Committee)Senior Technical Consultant: Assisted in initiating and active senior participant in DUG meetings held weekly with thevested stakeholder’s participation of Sun, Oracle, IBM, CGI, and Bell Canada. • Primarily these meetings are to share a common forum whereby every member having an active role in Bell’s adaptive enterprise adheres to stated guidelines, best practices, information sharing, and introduction of new technologies, capacity planning, integrating hardware/software upgrades, and enterprise monitoring of infrastructure. • Maintain vendor relationship with leading industry suppliers such as Oracle, HP, Sun, and IBM. • Organize, deliver, and present ‘lunch & learn’ sessions to foster development and knowledge sharing to interested management, junior, and senior peers and liaise with leading supplier to present their latest technological offerings. • Participate in vendor events such as Oracle Open World.Client: Bell Canada: Project Customer Master File (CMF)Senior Technical Consultant: In accordance with Bells One Vision and long term goals, the Customer Master File(CMF) initiative creates a system which enables a better customer account matching and in turn, enables the creationof a holistic view of the customer. CMF allows the BCH family of companies to build a concise profile of its customerbase.
  6. 6. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463 • The first release of the CMF populates Consumer market segment data, focusing on Consumer Name, Address, Accounts, Sub-accounts, and validation of the Party to account relationships by the Customer for the following lines of business: • Bell Wireline • Bell Mobility • Sympatico • ExpressVu • Coordinated and supervised the h/s provisioning of the CMF system environment, installation of Oracle9i. • Evaluated ETL load performance and documented schema object changes to further scale optimization during the load processes.Client: Bell Canada; Problem Resolution Services (PRS)Senior Technical Consultant: Oracle HA Architect –Introduced, planned, designed, and implemented Bell’s firstOracle HA solution to the PRS infrastructure that led to the adaptive enterprise (AI) architecture for application hostingwithin Bell Canada. • Orchestrated best of breed practices in collaboration with peers and hardware and software vendors for Oracle infrastructure implementations on Unix with respect to hardware, software and storage configurations. • Liaised with responsible vendors, storage supplier (IBM), Sun, Veritas, Vitria, Remedy Corp. and Oracle and brought them all together as stakeholders in rationalizing Bell’s adaptive infrastructure, now known as AI. • Solaris domains/partitions are categorically designed to host Web servers (mainly BEA WebLogic), application servers, and database servers. This methodology decouples the traditional implementation of having a server/domain host all three engines while also avoiding server sprawl and reducing environmental and operational expenses. • Partnered closely with Oracle to solution the HA PRS database infrastructure and to increase H/S agility to meet fault tolerant system stability, reliability, resiliency, and scalability.Client: Bell Canada; Project: HP-UX Unix Administration / Oracle AdministrationSenior Consultant: • Administered a multitude of Oracle databases on HP-UX and Sun Solaris platforms. Responsible for schema maintenance, tuning Oracle instances, troubleshooting, tracing SQL*Plus sessions, optimizing execution plans, upgrading Unix OS and Oracle software. • Technical documents were written for DBAs to disseminate new features, problems, and solutions. • Sought out frequently by development teams to upgrade HP-UX versions, create Unix file systems, and installing Oracle databases. • Planned, tested, and documented Y2K patching strategy as commissioned by the DSO district to enable a single source repository for Unix administrators to execute accordingly. • Used shrewd cloning techniques to create many Oracle environments through their development cycle, system integration, user acceptance, and staging testing environments.
  7. 7. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463 • Using Oracle tools StatsPack, tkprof, explain plan, dbms_stats package to fine tune applications using Oracle’s cost based optimizer • Commissioned by management to develop a database/Unix monitoring health check script with capabilities to page out on-call duty manager and deliver pro-active alarms in various user-defined formats including and not limited to: o Email o E-page o Syslog o Tivoli o RemedyTechnical Environment:HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Oracle Standby Databases, RMAN, RMAN Duplication, Oracle’s control file cloning.Team MentoringConduct two to four “Lunch & Learns” per year to the district in various subjects including and not limited to: • Organized 11g new features presentation delivered by Oracle. • Oracle Data Guard implementation in a lab environment. • Influencing the cost-base optimizer; e.g. SQL tuning hints, dbms_stats collection, presence of histograms, utilizing extended raw trace data (e.g. event 10046). • Use and manipulation of shell scripting and advance topics of awk/sed uses to generate rapid Oracle cloning techniques within the control file. • Demonstrated exceptional project experiences that led to unique and challenging tasks.1993 – 1997 Bell Sygma Systems ManagementClient: Bell Canada;Vax/Vms & Unix Operating System Specialist (1993-1997) Managing between 2-4 staff (developers) • Received numerous requests per day for client management assistance on their business applications; plan, estimate, cost, secure client approval for changes; support 400 users. • Responsible for maintaining high availability systems (VAX/VMS), performance tuning, 4 CPU’s running 2 applications; developing disaster recovery plans for these systems. • Administer and maintain HP-UX servers, file systems and security. • Provide 24/7 pager support. Achievements • Reduced Bell Canada’s operational cost by $45K/year by purchasing and installing “Polycenter Watchdog” on VAX/VMS systems. Hardware monitoring utility which automatically contacts pre-defined duty manager eliminating need for round-the-clock graveyard shifts. • Increased system response time by 20%; criteria: memory, CPU, and disk I/Os – using DEC utilities: o SPM (System Performance Monitor).
  8. 8. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Rd. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463 o DECps (Performance Solutions). • Developed measurable services providing the following: o Operations management services – data/system backup runs. o Asset management services – h/s inventory. o Data integrity services – security of storage and access. o Technology planning services – new technologies. • Delivered a system performance report to BSS (Bell Sales & Service) monthly. • Proposed and presented a highly original and less expensive, disaster recovery plan, involving client connection load balancing system in a three server cluster, each server on a different building inter- connected by redundant fiber cables.1989 – 1993 Bell Canada Bell Sales & ServiceTechnical Manager – Varying staff from 2-4 employees • Trained staff on DECnet, LAT protocol, VAX/VMS clusters and networking concepts. • Implemented mobile paging severity codes and cross trained end user groups; severities varied from informational to emergencies. • Resized hardware configuration due to increase in data volume and 20% user increase. • Performed VMS system management and directed daily operations, software upgrades and O/S upgrades. • Provide 24x7 pager support.Achievements • Improved FSOS application availability by 48% for 400 users by introducing redundancy to the cluster (added 2 CPUs and disk drives, software mirroring). • Initiated employment equity move to promote Clerk 7 to BSS Tech 1. • Negotiated 40 days of free-of-charge training at Digital Equipment’s facilities for 4 BSS staff ($40K Value). • Improved system boot procedures by 200% from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. • Successfully developed a business case which convinced upper management to approve a $100k tape drive unit to reduce data backup time by 450%. • Averted major applications problems of new software by developing “pre-release” notes which stand as permanent record to guide operators during application installations. • Authored article on DECnet and Dial-Up Security that was published throughout the MIS organization; how to prevent un-authorized access and how to track intruder breaches.Education University Bishop’s University (1984-1988) Bachelor of Science Lennoxville, QuebecReferences Professional references available upon request.
  9. 9. Tony Bruzzese 216 Kingshill Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 4V4  289-809-0463