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D2 7   200710 Poznan+Ameri Credit Bpm And Soa
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D2 7 200710 Poznan+Ameri Credit Bpm And Soa


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. . . M % '1' ww“~‘~. -h« ‘ -2 Ix 4h? s‘~_1'. ! ')] TI B Americredit The Road to BPM and SOA The Power of Now° Justin Brunt Senior Product Manager, TIBCO Software “ism
  • 2. Introduction to AmeriCredit - Leading independent auto finance company - More than 4000 employees - Funds approximately 25,000 loans per month from a centralized loan processing center in Arlington, Texas - Currently services more than one million active consumer loans - Manages a loan portfolio of $14 billion - Provides financing solutions indirectly through auto dealers and directly to consumers in the US and Canada. ITIBCOI ‘llur lawn a‘ Muir‘
  • 3. Road to BPM + SOA I The Problem: I Streamline the current business process that validates and processes loan documents prior to funding our dealers and placing account on books. I Visibility I Resource Management I Regulatory Requirements I The Solution: I Put together a cross function team of business and IT. I Perform a business process re-engineering effort. I Evaluate the tools available in the market. Find the one most aligned to AmeriCredit's needs. I TIBCO Solution I T| BCOiProoess Suite I TIBCO Businessworks I TIBCO EMS I T| BCOiProoess Decisions _ , !I3'. .B: .g. C.. Q_'
  • 4. Goal of the Project I Increased productivity of our current workforce I Elimination of redundant processes I Metric measuring and monitoring of our current workforce I Rapidly adjust processes for regulatory or other purposes , !.I. L'3.. §g I
  • 5. I Streamlined Development Engaged TIBCO in 1"‘ Otr 2006 Design began in 2"” Otr 2006 Development in 3'’ Qtr 2006 Solution deployed to end users in January of 2007 I Release 1 - January 18, 2007 4 Pilot Branches 1.534 Cases Started so far 187 Users in Various Roles 1,383 cases Funded through CPW System I Release 2 - June 2007 30,000 cases per month ~60O Users, 90 Branches 25,000 cases funded per month ~: 2035 ‘I500 Sum-we int. NI ‘bums Ke5e4vua. Ca1derI5a and l>’vv: pne1a'y W T Ilu- rrlwrv n" lnw'
  • 6. Results (cont. ) Optimized Business Process I Regulatory due—diligence checks up front (deal killers) I Cut down on back-and-forth processing I Reduced processing time, lower cost per loan Customized Processing of Contracts I State I Country specific regulation I Quality of Loan I Reduced processing time, better customer service. lower cost per loan Business Process Visibility I Managers can manage people not work I Eliminates manual reporting ef‘orts I Allows managers to identify bottlenecks sooner. meeting SLA expectations Reduced Training Time I Process and rules contain business intelligence rather than users Outsourcing Readiness I Service orientation easily allows us to plug in outsourcing vendors I Contract Data Entry (in now) I Various va idation processes (on the honzon) ‘. t 20:15 ' IHCU Sam-are Irv: NI -unlit-. Hl_"Af‘I! fl, : _'. v:Nmev-Isa arm Fvccn-sin-y T BCO the rnwer n-' Mm‘
  • 7. BPM Driven SOA Design I Why BPM driven SOA important I SOA should be focused on business needs, so having it driven from business processes makes sense. I Allows services to be placed in context to specific process needs I Allows business users to have input into the requirements of services without being forced into a technical discussion I Business process definition is a natural way to define reusable services. I Leverage both existing and future process models I Easily identify services or actions that are utilized across multiple processes to identify reusable components I Business processes reinforce the value of a service oriented architecture , !I, L'3.. ,C. g_l
  • 8. BPM Driven SOA Design I Discovering Services through Existing Processes I Existing business processes can be an excellent starting point for determining possible services I Existing processes probably already contain integration points (EAI steps) I The definition of the EAI step contains information that will help mold a service I When researching existing business processes it is important to note the following information: I Determine whether or not an existing EAI step can be defined as a service I Determine whether or not there is a value in creating a service for the EAI step I Important to only build reusable integration points as services, the cost can be 30% greater than a standard integration. , !I, L'3.. ,C. g_l
  • 9. BPM Driven SOA Design I Discovering Services through Future Process Design I During the design of future business processes is an excellent opportunity to discover potential services. I Potential services can be noted in the business process design I Simple requirements surrounding actions and data requirements can be built into the process design I Defining services during process design adds value to a SOA implementation to the business I When designing future processes it is important to note the following information I The functionality of the service I The data requirements, at least at a high level. , !I, L'3.. ,C. g_l
  • 10. BPM Driven SOA Design - Discovering Services external to BPM - Are there requirements for other systems to communicate with business processes? ' Case starts ' Triggering events I Manipulating Users, Roles and Groups ' Close and Purge cases ' And many more. .. g , !I. L3.C. .Q bl
  • 11. -Iul "r W l'l-lg” «W1! if. i.;1L| |i Determine which EAI steps for service design What action(s) does the EAI step take? ' Reusable functionality ' Integration with external systems, databases or business logic What value does a service give versus an EAI step? Functionality that can be used by other systems developed in one service Functionality that can be used by existing and future business processes - Each service becomes a single point of development. versus replicated EAI steps in multiple business processes the rnwi-r n-' Mm’
  • 12. BPM Driven SOA Design I Best Practices for defining the service from BPM I Define the action or functionality of the existing EAI step I Business Logic I Systems or databases for integration I Utilize the existing inputs and outputs to define a data model (or schema) I Define the level of granularity of service(s) I Define the security of the service I At the end of this exercise, the information gathered should be defined in a technical specification for service development. , !I. L|3.. §.Q-l
  • 13. -Iul -. « in i"l-ma «til I3 I7—i; iLIi. Process Review ac-.4.. .» nu , - _. ~ . V , —-. —-‘_| ._ , ~ —l: |._ -~ - . _ _, ~ - l 1 . a'. r:u: . ix"""‘i ‘ n : Inn -l 3.4 on -: the rnwi-r n-' Mm’
  • 14. -Iul "r W I’)-lg” «W1! if. i.;1L| |i SOA at Americredit BPM Integration points I Rules logic (iProcess Decisions) — The requirements for rule logic were to be accessible not only by iProcess, but also the user interface and other processes ' External systems — iProcess communicates with a large number of external systems. Funding a loan, calculating APR, and communication with external dealers are a few examples. T Services affecting iProcess — The imaging system creates cases in iProcess and external systems can trigger events in iProcess to manipulate the case. the rnwi-r n-' Mm’
  • 15. BPM Driven SOA Design I SOA at Americredit (continued) I Implementation of services I iProcess utilizes Businessworks to communicate to external systems I Extemal systems initiate Businessworks processes over EMS queues I Businessworks communicates with other systems over a number of protocols (EMS, Soap over Http and database connections) _ . !.. ..r. .'. .'3.. C.. Qg_l
  • 16. T‘-i’-. liI( I’ IL: -V I Questions? ' Contact: Seamus Devine Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic, Hungary. Belarus Email: sdevine@tibco. com ' Tel: +420 739 559 658 the rnwi-r n-' Mm’