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Local Talk Newark Charter Schools Special published by Jaffe Communications on behalf of the Newark Charter School Fund.

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Local Talk Charter Schools Special

  1. 1. NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOLS SPECIALKeep The Children Out Newark Charters Offer High Quality Options The national spotlight is focused on variety of charter schools in the city, Unlike magnet schools, charterof Newark PoliticsEducation leaders nationwide are New Jersey’s largest city as major ef- including the four new ones slated to schools do not have entrance examseyeing what happens in Newark, forts are launched to improve the open for the 2011-12 school year. or prerequisites; they accept all stu-which is becoming a haven for in- quality of public schools district- Several of these schools will be lo- dents who apply through a randomnovation. And it’s not just the $100 wide. cated inside traditional district lottery. If there are more applicantsmillion from Facebook founder schools, making the best use of than spaces, students are placed on aMark Zuckerberg that has others Under the leadership of a new super- buildings with empty classrooms.paying attention. However, some Mashea waiting list. intendent, the Newark public schoolquestion all this “outside” interest system is creating a portfolio of high- Charter schools are innovative public This year, 14 percent of Newark’sin Newark. schools that do not charge tuition. Ashton quality schools, from new in-district student population is enrolled in char-The reason for this attention is simple and complex. high schools to charter schools, that And they are not private schools — ter schools. Next year, it is expectedWhether outside or inside- we all agree that some- contrary to some popular mischarac- will offer parents and their children to grow to nearly 7,900 students —thing has to be done before we allow another gen- terization — even though many char- wide-ranging options. about 17 percent of the total publiceration of students to not reach their full potential. ter students in Newark are receivingThe complexity is that we don’t all agree on how to This special four-page section of school population. G a public education that rivals some ofget there. Charter schools, co-location, new small Local Talk Newark explores the the best schools in the state.schools- these are not the silver bullets, but theyare part of the solution.This willingness to embrace a different way of“public education” comes with considerable oppo- SPARK Academy Prepares Students for Successsition from those unwilling to ease their grasp onpast practices, even though many of those have SPARK Academy, the sole elemen-failed. The goal of the anti-crowd is to fight for the tary school in Newark’s TEAM Char-status quo — no matter the consequences. ter Schools network, is committed toThe latest commotion relates to a school district working with children from an earlyplan that allows public charter schools to rent un- age to prepare them not just for col-used space in public school buildings beginning lege, but to become global citizens.this fall. Even though such an initiative makes “A world class education programsense economically, logistically and morally, some means more than a focus on readingare gearing up to fight to keep seven, eight or nine- and mathematics,” said Joannayear-old Newark kids from sitting at a desk in a Belcher, School Leader and founderNewark school. of SPARK Academy. “At SPARK,The issue of public charter schools and traditional we expect our students to obtain anpubic schools sharing space is very often an emo- early mastery of a variety of subjects,tional one, filled with tensions fueled largely by including science and social studies,rumor and innuendo. Many think charters are pri- which build on their core competen-vate schools, funded by the public but open to only cies in literacy and math. Our goal isan elite few. That’s totally false. Yet I hear it again to have each of our students per-and again. forming at or above grade level inWhile the demand for charter schools continues to every subject by third grade.”grow, students attending a charter receive less fund- SPARK incorporates a Spanish edu- A SPARK Academy student completes her assignment in class.ing than those in traditional public schools. Char-ters in New Jersey do not receive funding at the cation program beginning in kinder- college-bound culture. Students are achievement of every student in thefederal, state or local levels for facilities. That’s why garten to build cultural awareness. often referred to as “scholars” and school.the idea of allowing charters to rent unused exist- The vast majority — 97 percent — are treated as such, regardless of age. of SPARK’s student body is African- Collaboration among teachers anding space in school buildings is the right choice. American and speak English as a “We want our students to be confident partnering between parents andThere’s something in the space-sharing proposal in their abilities and their outlook for teachers is crucial to this success.for the traditional schools too. The district would first language in the home. the future,” Belcher said. “We strive Students and parents have the cellbe paid for classrooms that have sat empty, but The curriculum at SPARK incorpo- to help them develop a strong sense of phone numbers of teachers, as wellhave had to be heated and maintained. At a time rates a service component to build self and pride in their community. as Belcher’s phone number. All arewhen school boards, as well as every other students’ commitment to becoming Moreover, we aim to instill in our committed to ensuring that students’government agency are pinching pennies, the extra active citizens and contributing to their students a sense of responsibility to- learning needs are met in the bestincome should be welcomed. communities. Students in all grades wards themselves and the world.” way possible.The idea of sharing space has been done success- participate in a day of service eachfully in other cities across the country — largely The majority of SPARK’s students “Our students are proving what we year, as well as complete social studiesbecause it’s reasonable and economical, and the are already performing at or above have always believed,” said Belcher. service learning projects each monthleaders of the building come together to put the best grade-level, despite the fact that “That every student can and will suc- that stress community involvement.interest of students first. many entered the school with below ceed when the school, teacher and “We focus on preparing college- pre-K levels of reading mastery. family work together to ensure thatNewark students who opted to go to a public charter bound students from an early age,” Belcher attributes much of this students receive the care and atten-school should not be locked out of the city’s under- Belcher said. “In addition to academ- success to the commitment of the tion they need.”utilized schools because of politics. If the goal is pro- ics, a commitment to community and school’s teachers and families. SPARK Academy opened in Augustviding the city’s children with the best educational global and cultural awareness are keyopportunities, whether they attend a traditional pub- SPARK has a highly selective hiring 2009 and currently enrolls 200 stu- elements in college preparation. We process. Those teachers hired must dents in kindergarten and first grade.lic school or a public charter school, should not make believe kids need to start off with a demonstrate not only an ability to Over the next 3 years, the school willany difference. Parents don’t care about the title —they just want great schools for their children. G strong and well-rounded foundation.” perform at high levels and a belief in add one grade level per year to be-Mashea Ashton is the CEO of the Newark Charter All of SPARK’s classrooms are SPARK’s values, but also a sense of come a 500-student K-4 elementarySchool Fund. named after colleges, to reinforce the responsibility for the success and school. G
  2. 2. 2 NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOLS SPECIALAdelaide L. Sanford Provides Structured, Supportive EnvironmentThe African-centered approach to educa- Sanford’s goal, he said, is to educate chil-tion encompasses more than just the cur- dren and provide them with the structured,riculum at the Adelaide Sanford Charter supportive environment that will allowSchool. It extends to the way those in the them to become leaders.school community — children, parents, The school, founded by the CEO, Sisterteachers and administrators — share their Fredrica Bey, has a logo and uniforms thatlives with each other. contain a touch of purple, which DavisIn its essence, the Adelaide L. Sanford noted, represents royalty, a subtle way ofschool is like an African village. It’s a nur- reminding students that they’re special.turing environment designed to empower Located on Lincoln Park, the school is in itsand mold the minds of future leaders. fourth year and has 288 students in kinder-Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford, for whom the garten through fifth grade. It adds a gradeschool is named, is a much revered and hon- level each year and eventually will offerored African-centric educator, who has long classes through eighth grade. Like mostbeen an advocate for the education of un- charters, Adelaide L. Sanford can’t accom-derserved children. She was a primary-grade modate all who want to attend and currentlyteacher in New York and eventually rose to has 200 students on the waiting list. There is plenty of one-on-one instruction at Adelaide L. Sanford.the position of vice chancellor of the State to straighten out the issue immediately. reaches out to others.University of New York’s Board of Regents. The curriculum isn’t the only aspect of what makes Adelaide L. Sanford charter Parents, he said, must be a part of the ed- The success at Adelaide L. Sanford hasDr. Sanford is very much involved in the ucation equation and Davis reminds them caught the attention of educators not just school special.school, working with staff, parents and, of of that constantly. here but in other countries as well. Thiscourse, the children. “It’s a community environment, a family The village concept plays out in other summer Davis will be at Oxford in Eng-De Lacy Davis, the school’s leader, said environment,” Davis said. ways, as well. The school, Davis said, will land to present a paper on motivating If a child is inappropriately dressed or late help parents with employment problems, African-American children to achieve.Adelaide L. Sanford does more than justteach about the contributions of African frequently or another problem arises, such as lending a hand in finding a job. The influence of this African village isAmericans to their country. It’s a motif Davis will seek out that parent — at work, And like members of an African village, spreading. Gpresent across the curriculum. Adelaide L. at home, even in a college classroom — the Adelaide L. Sanford community People’s Preparatory Charter School A New Day for High School Students Makes College an Obtainable Goal Struggling with Substance Abuse When Jessica Rooney rescinded her law students with 95 each in grades 9-12. The first public school in Newark to specific need in Newark. school applications to explore a career in The school is based on the core values of specifically address the needs of high public education, she had no idea she’d be “Our students will be equipped with intellect, empathy and action. Its mission school students dealing with alcohol opening one of the first stand-alone char- more than academic skills,” said is to serve as “a college-preparatory high and drug dependence is set to open this ter high schools in Newark. September as part of an ambitious roll- Lynette Tannis, Principal and Director school dedicated to ensuring that all of New Day. “They will learn coping Rooney, the founder of People’s Prepara- out of charter schools. students achieve academic excellence, skills, self-awareness, self-esteem and tory Charter School, comes from a family develop strong character, and build a com- The New Day Charter School will offer personal responsibility, all within the of educators, but she took a circuitous path students in grades 9-12 a traditional before joining in the family tradition. mitment to community advancement.” context of healthy living and wellness. curriculum, but with a slant toward The curriculum is based on nationally- We aim to prepare our students to “I was preparing to enter law school helping those with drug and alcohol studied best practice models and the foun- succeed in the ‘real’ world, and provide because I wanted to be an agent for social dependence. Since the charter school them with the skills necessary to change,” Rooney said. “However, some- dational belief that all students, with the is a public school, it will be open to triumph over life’s adversities.” thing just didn’t feel right to me. I came to proper education and support, have the all students in Newark, regardless of the realization that law is more about in- ability to perform at high academic levels. whether or not they are battling Students at New Day will be welcomed tervention after something has occurred dependence. each morning to an assembly involving People’s Prep will have a strong academic and less about preventing the problem.” “People get confused; they think we are the entire school, including even the culture that includes longer school days Rooney said she realized that to effect a treatment program, not a school,” said secretary, security personnel and custo- (8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) and an extended meaningful, lasting change, she had to be Marc Wurgaft, an addiction counselor dians. school year. Students will have double- on the front-lines — as a teacher. Rooney who is president of the school’s Board sessions of English and math for at least “Students will be asked the essential worked at New Design High School in of Trustees. “The fact is our rigorous two years. Students will also be expected question, ‘How did you do last night?’ New York, where she taught Spanish and academic program meets all the core to complete at least one AP-level course as the kick-off to a theme throughout the served as chair of the world languages de- curriculum standards that all public day,” Wurgaft said. “Whether the partment. prior to graduation. schools in New Jersey must meet.” student is studying English or math, During her fourth year at New Design, she As the school grows, all students will be New Day is slated to open in Septem- the curriculum is related to making was accepted into the New Leaders for expected to commit to 40 hours of com- ber; school officials are finalizing a good life decisions while living sub- New Schools residency program, where munity service per year. lease in Newark. When the school is stance-free.” she pursued a track in Urban Education fully occupied, it will enroll approxi- “College preparation includes more than A similar community meeting will and continued her research on the small mately 25 students in each of the four school model. During that time, she com- just being academically prepared,” grades. Wurgaft said the school meets a finish each school day. G pleted a master’s degree in educational Rooney said. “It means being interper- leadership at City University of New sonally, emotionally and socially ready York-Baruch College. to make an investment in one’s higher NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOLS SPECIAL Colleagues suggested she bring the model education.” to Newark, based on the city’s need for Rooney acknowledged that stand-alone stand-alone charter high schools. public high school work can be especially This information is provided by the Newark Charter School Fund, Rooney was awarded a three-year federal challenging because four years is often which support the quality and sustainability of Newark’s public char- charter school program start-up grant, one seen as insufficient time to prepare ter schools. Grants are made to charter schools directly and to non- of only 12 such grants awarded nation- students from varying educational back- profit organizations that support the charter school sector in Newark. wide. She has been working in Newark grounds for college. But she believes such Contact the Fund at: since July 2010 as a founder in residence models are important to help address the at the Newark Charter School Fund in inequalities that exist in K-8 education. NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOL FUND 9-25 Alling Street, 2nd Floor preparation for the opening of People’s Newark, New Jersey 07102 Prep this August. “With the right supports and programs, all People’s Prep will open with an initial children can develop the abilities required enrollment of 95 ninth-grade students. At to succeed in a four-year college,” she Phone: 973-733-2285 info@ncsfund.org full capacity, the school will enroll 380 said. G Fax: 973-795-2203 facebook.com/ncsfund www.ncsfund.org
  3. 3. NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOLS SPECIAL 19North Star Illuminates the Path to AchievementAt North Star Academy Charter School’s first group of fifth-graders was preparingElementary Campuses in Newark, to enter high school, North Star expandedmornings begin with an activity called with them.Community Circle. Students assemble and “Over time, we saw we were having tremen-form a procession to the beat of a djembe dous success with our middle and highdrum. Each class marches stoically to the school programs,” said Baker, “We knew wecircle, lead by scholars bearing class flags had something special with this model. Ourand banners displaying their grade level. kids in grades 5-12 were thriving.”Once the students are seated, the ritual Unfortunately, many fifth-grade studentsexplodes into a “joyous chorus of class were entering North Star’s middle schoolfight songs, motivational call and performing far below grade level. Schoolresponse and academic chants.” School leaders recognized the need to furtherprincipals dash around the circle asking expand North Star’s programming to thestudents not only to answer questions, but elementary grades in order to reachto do so “loud and proud.” Newark’s children at the very beginningStudents in the circle solve math story of their academic careers.problems orally, recite geography facts, North Star opened its first elementarygive praise to one another, celebrate birth- school, Vailsburg Elementary, in 2007.days and welcome visitors to the school Students at North Star participate in Community Circle. Now in its fourth year, Vailsburg serves— all before the first classes start at garten,” Baker said. “That’s what North “School is our students’ job,” said Brett over 300 students from kindergarten8:00 a.m. Star Elementary is about — bringing Baker, Director of Operations at ES2. “We through third grade.“We like to equate Community Circle to a transformative change to the lives of begin to teach our students the importance Last year, North Star Academy opened its of academics the moment they enrollcoach psyching up the team for a big Newark’s youngest students.” second elementary school: Elementary in our schools. They know learning isgame,” said Aja Settles, Principal of North School II (ES2), and this fall, Elementary Ritual and systems are a large part of serious business and the key to success.”Star’s Elementary School II (ES2). “The School III (ES3) is set to open its doors. North Star’s recipe for success. Themorning circle gets students excited about Parents and families, too, know thatlearning in the classroom and reinforces Each school opens with one grade level school’s administrators and teachers know expectations are high coming into a Northpreviously learned content.” (87 students) at a time to ensure consistent strong systems, rigorous academics and Star elementary school. growth and a steadfast attention to results. school culture are crucial to preparing “Our parents are as committed toThe circle joins multiple grade levels so At full enrollment, each of the three their students to eventually graduate from their children’s success as we are,”that younger students can learn from and schools will serve over 400 students in 4-year colleges. Baker said. Gemulate the successes of older students, kindergarten through fourth grade.Settles said. The ritual also serves to getteachers focused on the day’s activities and All three schools are based on the sameprovides time for school leaders to model highly-successful North Star model,effective practices for other teachers. employing identical structure, systems, Robert Treat Academy GraduateFounded in 1997, North Star Academy is and curriculum. Gives Back to the Communityone of New Jersey’s first charter public With the opening of the third elementaryschools. Since its founding, the school has school this fall, North Star will be Marilyn Herrera was a student in thebeen committed not only to closing the enrolling 261 kindergarten students across first class of the Robert Treat Academyachievement gap for students in Newark, the three schools each year, Baker said. Charter School when it opened in 1997.but reversing it. “That’s 261 four- and five-year olds start- Today, she is balancing two jobs dur-North Star’s first school focused on edu- ing on the path to college and success ing her summer break — a clerical po-cating students in grades 5-8. When its before they have even set foot in kinder- sition at the Robert Treat Academy and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at the North Ward Center. In the fall, she will return toNewark Students to Get Their Start Barnard College as a junior.at Roseville Charter School “After college, I want to return to the community,” said Herrera. “That’s theRoseville Community Charter School is a have two teachers; plans call for the message they instilled in us at the school.”new elementary school in a neighborhood school to add a grade each year. The daughter of a couple who emigratedbordering East Orange that will serve 132 The school is geared to ensure every stu- from Ecuador 37 years ago, Herrerastudents in kindergarten and first grade dent is prepared to meet the rigorous de- grew up near the school and attended Marilyn Herrerathis fall. mands of a college education by building the North Ward Center’s Child Devel- pal. I am to this day.”“The school’s focus is to prepare every a solid foundation in literacy and math, opment Center. Her father was deter- Robert Treat teachers encouraged herstudent for academic excellence in high cultivating strong character, and using mined for her to enter Robert Treat to pursue leadership roles and becomeschool, college, and beyond,” said Mar- Academy, the brand new school with so involved in community service. She data-driven instruction to drive studentshaé Newkirk, school director, a Newark much promise. Six years have passed spent summers tutoring at the North achievement.Charter School Fund founder who taught since her graduation; she’s on track to Ward Center, which prepared her forin the Bronx and Mt. Vernon, N.Y. “By fo- With the two teachers in every class, ex- exceed her parents’ expectations. the positions she holds now. Teachingcusing on character development and tended literacy and math blocks, and an Herrera graduated in 2005 from the and working with special needs chil-holding all students to the highest expec- extended school day and year, Roseville Robert Treat Academy, a Blue Ribbon dren are among her career options.tations within a nurturing and disciplined students will be given the increased time K-8 school, as Valedictorian and presi-environment, we will prepare students to “As Marilyn and other students from and support necessary to achieve the dent of the Student Council. She thenthrive.” the initial class of the Robert Treat school’s lofty expectations. attended The Lawrenceville School Academy approach college graduation,With 14 years of experience as an urban through grade 12. we look forward to hearing about their “Academic excellence for all students iseducator, Newkirk is an alumnus of both As a Latina from Newark entering a success as they enter careers in busi- our goal and it will be accomplishedthe New Leaders for New Schools and prestigious preparatory school, she ques- ness, education, public service or what- through hard work, dedication, best prac-Teach For America programs. Prior to tioned if she was ready, but found Robert ever they set their sights on,” said tices in teaching and learning, and an un-coming to the Newark Charter School Treat Academy prepared her well. Theresa Adubato, the principal ofFund, she was the Lower School Director wavering belief in Newark’s children,” Robert Treat Academy.of a charter school in the Bronx. Newkirk said. “I look forward to meeting Herrera recalls her parents and teach- our wonderful kindergarten and first grade ers debating her options for attending “Marilyn’s story shows that with aThe Roseville school, which is designed students this August.” high school and college. “It was my great education, Newark’s children canto grow to 594 students in grades K-8, will second home,” Herrera said, of the excel and return the gifts they receivedopen on Orange Street in a building occu- School hours will be 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m., Robert Treat Academy. “I was very from their community many timespied for years by the St. Rose of Lima with extra time devoted to reading, math, close to my teachers and to the princi- over.” GSchool. Each classroom at Roseville will science and social studies. G
  4. 4. 20 NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOLS SPECIALLady Liberty Shines in NewarkWhen Executive Director Glen Pinder “Students are here on time and ready tofirst arrived at Lady Liberty Academy learn,” said lead language arts teacherCharter School in Newark last year, the Kristen Turner. “They’re extremely ex-school was disorderly, students were not cited about learning. They don’t want toon task in the classroom and many did not miss class and they want to be recognizedwear their uniforms, a requirement man- for the positive things they’re doing.”dated by the school’s charter. Turner said teacher attendance has alsoToday, the new administration is firmly in improved, with educators coming tocontrol, classroom instruction is mission school more regularly, prepared and readyoriented with the goal of improving read- to teach for the day.ing and math skills and nearly all of the Social studies teacher Lemuer Perez saidstudents are in full uniform. since coming to Lady Liberty in 2008,After nearly two years as head of the he’s gradually noticed that students wantschool, Pinder is more confident about his to achieve more.faculty and believes there is a greater “Instead of seeing the glass half-empty,sense of camaraderie and professionalism. they see it half-full,” Perez said.“I feel like the team that we have in place Perez said he’s heard students exhibiting Principal Glen Pinder talks with a class at Lady Liberty Academy Charter Schoolnow is really about the business of chil- different attitudes about their grades now in Newark.dren,” Pinder said. compared to when he first began teaching essary to ensure its future success. ting more involved with their children’sPinder’s arrival to the struggling Newark at the school. The investments and hard work are be- education. She receives e-mails fromcharter school was no accident. Formerly ginning to pay off. parents almost everyday, and parents “When I first came in, students had the have been visiting the classroom andthe principal of Harlem Children’s Zone, idea, ‘the teacher gave me this grade,’” he The morning after Back to School Night,the successful charter school in New York participating in learning incentives like said. “Now you start to hear, ‘I didn’t get Headmaster of Climate and Culture homework parties and student trips. PerezCity founded by Geoffrey Canada, Pinder an A, I earned an A.’ They understand that Christopher Finn burst into Pinder’s office added that more parents are attendingwas recruited by the Newark Charter instead of having to get something, we to tell him of his classroom observations PTO meetings and asking questions aboutSchool Fund and Newark Mayor Cory work hard to earn it.” that morning. the curriculum.Booker to help turn around the struggling Turner said that the administration has “We are rocking today,” Finn said. “I “Parents are constantly talking about theschool. become more student-centered since she walked in and 100 percent of the students changes that have been made and howThe Newark Charter School Fund, which first arrived at Lady Liberty in 2004. were on task, writing incredible essays. happy they are with the school right now,”was established in 2008 to help improve Kids were pulling me over, excited to tell “The administrator we had before would Turner said.the quality of charter schools in the city, me about their books.”has worked to support Pinder’s turnaround always sit behind a closed door, literally,” Turner noted that she has taught pairs of Turner said. “Mr. Pinder is constantly seen Finn told Pinder that in one class the siblings, and she says parents are noticingefforts, including efforts to improve average for the first test of the school yearinstruction and the operations of the in the building. When you express a con- improvements that have been made at the cern to him, he drops everything and he’s was an 86. school over the years.school. Staff from the NCSF joined theboard to ensure the success of these willing to talk to resolve any problems The night before, more than 250 parents “Our kids are at a place that they feel safeefforts. In addition, other members have that you may have.” came out for “Back to School Night,” a huge at Lady Liberty,” Turner said. “They trustbeen added to strengthen the board, Under Pinder’s leadership, the school turn-out for the Newark charter school. Mr. Finn, they trust Mr. Pinder in that theyincluding a parent representative. began making fundamental changes nec- Turner said parents are on board and get- have their best interest at heart.” G Great Expectations at Great Oaks Great Oaks Charter School, opening this of Newark that comes from our co- will serve 133 students; 67 in sixth grade before they treat patients, our tutors are fall to serve middle- and high-school stu- founders,” said Michael Duffy, chair of and 66 in seventh grade. All seats have immersed in a kind of ‘teacher residency’ dents in Newark, takes its name from the the school’s Board of Trustees. been taken via lottery; there are about before they would be called on to take on writings of Chaucer in the 1300s: “Great The school is co-founded by an unlikely 100 students on a waiting list, Duffy said. the challenge of teaching an entire class oaks, from little acorns grow.” pair of educators: Tom-meka Archinard of students,” Duffy said. A grade will be added each year, serving Organizers of the charter school say the and Karma Warren, who worked to- 331 students in grades 6-10 in the fourth Corps members will also take on sec- old English proverb is relevant to Newark gether as emergency room doctors at year of its initial charter. School officials ondary projects at the school, such as in 2011. New public schools must grow University Hospital in Newark. plan for the school to ultimately have coaching teams, leading clubs or assist- to become a part of the community they 463 students in grades 6-12, with its first ing teachers and staff. “As emergency room doctors, we bear wish to serve. Great Oaks is focused in class to graduate in the spring of 2017. “We hope these tutors will develop the witness each night to the work still to be three ways: Equipping students with the skills and competencies to be effective done in Newark, and it’s why we’re Great Oaks’ students are taught in skill to succeed in college, developing teachers,” Duffy said. “Once they are done helping to start a charter school,” Archi- smaller classes than in a traditional pub- teachers and staff to continually grow as with their apprenticeships, Great Oaks can nard said. “We have got to break this lic school. The school will offer higher educators and creating roots in Newark serve as a pipeline for other public schools cycle of violence and despair — we have than average salaries to recruit the best for a strong, lasting school community. in Newark — be they charter or traditional grown weary of patching up young teachers possible. The school day at Great Oaks will follow the work of the people and sending them back to the Great Oaks is from 7:50 to 5:30 p.m. and — looking for effective teachers.” MATCH Charter Public School in streets and a bleak future. “ a five week summer school will be re- The 25 corps members will receive hous- Boston, along with other high-perform- quired for students who fail a course. ing in a modern apartment building near Warren said the best deterrent for young ing college-preparatory charter schools. the school as well as a modest living people on the verge of picking up a gun, There will be tremendous focus on high MATCH is a middle and high school stipend. In addition to tutoring Great selling drugs or acting casually with their expectations for students. Students must serving a high-needs population, 93 per- Oaks students, the tutor will spend an bodies is the belief that they have some- earn at least 70 out of 100 to pass a course. cent of which is minority with 77 percent hour a day supporting the achievement thing better to live for. Every student will be required to take Ad- living below the poverty line. of students at a nearby Newark Public “A teenager with the unwavering belief vanced Placement courses and to enroll in Even with many urban challenges, 99 School. The school is eventually hoping that she is destined for great things is not a college course during their senior year. percent of the students who graduated to move into the planned Teacher’s as likely to be diverted by the tempta- Great Oaks will offer recent college grad- from MATCH over the last seven years Village in the Central Ward. tions of the street,” she said. “We believe uates a position with the “Tutor Corps,” have been accepted into four-year col- “The tutoring model is at the heart of our leges. Last year, the school was ranked that the right school can fundamentally an intense one-year fellowship designed alter the direction of a person’s life.” program,” Duffy explained. “Every by Newsweek as the 51st best high to close the achievement gap one student student at Great Oaks will receive one- school in the country. The school principal will be Jared Taille- at a time. Corps members will work 60 on-one tutoring every day. Our goal is to “Great Oaks is a terrific combination of fer, a dean of students at the MATCH hours a week for one year, much of that get our students on grade level by the the MATCH school model, which I program in Boston, who is planning to time spent tutoring one or two students. time they finish middle school and get played a part in developing in Boston, move to Newark. “In the same way that doctors are trained them college-ready by the time they get and the appreciation and understanding In its first year of operation, Great Oaks through an intensive residency program their diploma.” G