Bruno AraujoScared money dont make money            <--------------dont miss outRead a...
success stories all over the net including YouTube. This compensation includes aguaranteed high advance payout for your su... pay structure is on the bottom of that pdf file)A few of the many ...
post it on Facebook, & watch everybody flock to you. You wont have to pay itforward for people anymore... they will happil...
It doesnt stop there. You also get residual income (66 cents per month fromeverybody in your network who you and your peop...
have not only the full explanations, but include my own personal proof of howthis does pay off easy this is, by now you sh...
OKC, OK 73116TVC Associate Services (866) 467-2221Motor Club of America 24 Hours/7 Days (800) 227-6459 24 Hours/7DaysMCA B...
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Mca make cash appear

  1. 1. Bruno AraujoScared money dont make money<--------------dont miss outRead all and go back to that link for it to workIF YOU HAVE $40 TO INVEST IN YOURSELF RIGHT NOW & 30 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME TOFIND OUT HOW THAT $40 CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, THEN PLEASE CONTINUE BELOW. THISMIGHT BE A LONG READ, BUT I ONLY WANT TO DEAL WITH SERIOUS PEOPLE WHO WILL GOTHROUGH THIS INFORMATION SO THAT THERE IS NO CONFUSION!!! I HAVE MADE OVER 20THOUSAND DOLLARS WITHIN A COUPLE OF MONTHS & IF YOU PAY ATTENTION, YOU CAN SEESOME GREAT MONEY TOO. TAKE YOUR TIME!Dear Future Entrepreneur,You are going to thank me for introducing you to this opportunity. This emailmay seem long but TRUST me you will love me afterwards.Before you roll your eyes or assume, what youre about to read does NOT include:- commuting or sitting in rush hour traffic wasting gas.- hard selling- hour plus long presentations- "house parties"- dressing up to go to some hotel meeting & clap for people- No cheesy sales pitch involvedI am about to not only go over what this company & product is, but I am going toshow you the REAL MONEY... REAL PROOF, FROM REAL PEOPLE.Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is a well established and profitableCompany with over 7 million members and counting. Since our inception in 1926,we have been providing our member with the finest products and servicesavailable in the motor club industry, specifically to truckers only. However asof October of 2011 with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., Motor Clubof America’s Protection Plan has been redesigned and custom tailored to alsowork with Regular Automobile Operator and their Automobile Insurance; filling inthe voids to provide all members with complete motoring protection. Note: MotorClub of America is not insurance, it is protection that works in ’addition to’not in lieu of your current automobile Insurance, meaning benefits are paid outdirectly to you, the member.Due to our newly launched Regular Motorist Services, we are in high demand ofCustomer Service/Sales Associates in the USA & Canada to help promote this newRegular Motorist "Total Security Motor Club" Service. The company has decided torely on the old marketing strategy of ’referrals’ to spread the word and investin our own; instead of investing in the common TV, Radio, and Commercial waysmost major companies use day to day’while creating job/income opportunities intoday’s dropping economy.Im looking for Individuals, Partnerships, and/or Corporations who posses a greatdesire to generate a great weekly income, tied to great overrides & immediatemonthly residual income, while simply sharing information and helping customersbecome protected with great benefits. This is ideal for stay at home moms,students, entrepreneurs, insurance agents, car sales reps, disabled, andunemployed individuals...but ultimately everyone who wants to earn a high incomeand residual simply by sharing information with others. You can see many of our
  2. 2. success stories all over the net including YouTube. This compensation includes aguaranteed high advance payout for your successful sign ups; you will be paidweekly via direct deposit or check by mail UPS and/or regular mail. You caneasily earn $80-$1,000’s or more per week with effort, just working part time orfull time if you choose to. The possibilities with this business full-time areendless; you control how much you earn. (Stay tuned to find out how easy it isto promote & how you will be helped)This great business opportunity can be done from home’again part time or fulltime, your choice. By following the directions on the bottom of this email youwill be able to start today. No Experience Necessary... there is training and24/7 online support group on Facebook that has thousands of other members allsharing information. Everything is archived in the files section. In a shortamount of time youll know everything you need to have you working and makingmoney in the next few hours, simple as that! You may perform this businessopportunity in conjunction with your current lifestyle... it wont cramp yourcurrent JOB, in fact very soon you might be making MORE than your JOB, & mighteven have the ability to quit & do this full time. You can make money with MCA,& in the future have other opportunities (because with money comes otheropportunities. I am in the process of finding other opportunities that are morelucrative & easier, so if you stick with me in this & we make money together,youll be the 1st person I contact when something big comes along)There are many benefits in becoming a Motor Club of America Home Associate suchas the ability to work from your home or anywhere for that matter. This means’Nocommute or sitting in rush hour traffic wasting gas especially with today’s highgas prices. No hard sales, No long presentations, No house parties, no dressingup to go to some hotel meeting & clap for people, and No sales pitch involved’this service is so valuable and needed by EVERYONE that it sells by itself. Youcan simply share this service with your Family, Coworkers, Classmates, your dayto day Acquaintances, and definitely your Friends. You can do it all online(Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Blogs, YouTube, Classified Ads), Flyers, or BusinessCards etc’) No phone calls, face to face, or door to door sales necessaryalthough welcomed if you wish. This ’old school’ method may work for many andcan be very rewarding. Ultimately, all that is necessary is a computer andreliable Internet connection to sign up your members and send them all thenecessary information to follow. Easy to learn system! So simple! Anyone can doit! COPY/PASTE... COPY/PASTE!MCA Customers Member/Associates Receive:· Free Training (No Experience necessary, work at your own pace)· Free Company Website and Back Office· A toll free 800 #, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to offer assistance toMembers and Associates.· Support Group Page Available 24 hrs as well as weekly Conference Calls andWebinars.· Flexible Hours, Work at your pace, when you want. Your effort dictates yourincome.· You are paid every Friday via UPS, regular USPS mail, or Direct Deposit· Commission Advance· Residual Income· Management/Leadership Opportunity· MCA/TVC support number (866) 467-2221, training materials, and marketing toolsto help you make great money.In addition to being a MCA Associate, keep in mind you are also a protected MCAMember.As a Member you are PROTECTED 24 HOURS A DAY WHETHER YOU ARE OUT OF TOWN,ANOTHER STATE, AT HOME, WORK, or PLAY.Complete Benefits List & Compensation Details Are Available at:
  3. 3. pay structure is on the bottom of that pdf file)A few of the many Member Benefits include:· Emergency Road Service "ERS" 24 Hour Dispatch - Gas, Tires, Battery, andTowing up to 100 miles!!!(Includes your Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Dually Truck, and Livestock Trailer at noadditional cost)· Locksmith· Emergency Room Expense(Covers: Casts, Splints, Lab, X-Ray, Nursing, Transfusions, IV’s, Anesthetics,Doctor Care, and Facility).· Daily $150 Hospital Benefit up to $54,750(Paid directly to you not the hospital, your auto insurance policy may cover allDoctor and Hospital expenses)· Accidental Death Coverage· Accidental Death Benefit· Traffic Court Defense· Stolen Automobile Reward· Farm Equipment Reward· Legal Defense Fees of up to $3,000 (Moving Violations and Personal Injury)· $500 Arrest Bond Certificate· Jail Bail Bond of up to $25,000· Credit Card Protection· Travel Planning & Assistance Service for both your personal and businessneeds.· Major Hotel and Car Rental Company Discounts from 5-40%· Dental, Vision, and Prescription Discounts with Major Providers from 15-60%*Additional benefits may be added as we enhance our product. Benefit coveragemay vary by State*Associate Compensation:MCA Associates earn $80.00 and up for every single membership submitted, as wellas unlimited monthly residual income from your members. Even 2 small referralsignups a day generates a $1,120.00 WEEKLY INCOME!!! Paid weekly via mailedpaper check or direct deposit to your bank account or deposit of choice. Yourfirst pay check can be as early as the following Friday if you get startedbefore our Company weekly deadline of Saturday 12am Central Time.Remember, this opportunity comes with a small $39.90 initial investment; this isan investment for your own business and financial freedom. This initial paymentis eventually reimbursed on your very first paycheck, meaning you have nothingto lose! (Note: Payment may be paid by BANK Debit or Credit Card such as Visa,Master Card, American Express, and Discover. YOU CAN NOT PAY BY PREPAID CARD, ORGIFT CARD). This is serious business, I guarantee this to be the best decisionyoull ever make for your financial future.Coming in and paying the $40 means youre paid for 2 months with the will then be billed $19.95 monthly (who cares if yourre making hundreds tothousands of dollars monthly from MCA while getting great benefits) If you have$80 you can simply pay $40 to get in the program, and $40 to pay somebody tojoin under you. You will get a check that next Friday for $80 for that 1 person& you will have broken even. You THEN take that $80 and pay for 2 more people toget in... next week you get $160...Repeat this process until the 4th week youll be over $1000. Now thats if youDONT advertise... when you start getting those checks in the mail growingweekly, thats going to be your advertisement & proof that this works. Simply
  4. 4. post it on Facebook, & watch everybody flock to you. You wont have to pay itforward for people anymore... they will happily pay $40 to get in to see thesame result, then all you have to do is copy/paste the same thing I just sharedwith you. SIMPLE! dont think too hard about this... just do it! (The morepeople you get this in front, the better!)The same way that you see me promoting this on Facebook & youtube, is the sameway you will promote it. We have a support group on Facebook, as well as liveweekly conference calls that explain this business to new people. (They are alsorecorded, should you ever miss them)^^^^^^^^^^^**** PLEASE NOTE ****^^^^^^^^^^^^The paying it forward strategy mentioned above should be like a LAST RESORT ifyou are having a difficult time, or simply dont want to promote this, & youdrather "build your paycheck" .You dont have to market/advertise this the waythat I explained above because this is such an easy deal to promote.Even if youre currently involved in a network business, this wont take up anytime & it can help you get people into your primary biz because now yourprospects (as well as yourself) can generate easy side money. The faster peoplecan get money, the faster they can then join anything. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. JUSTDO IT!Trust me... its in my interest that you do well. I want those overrides &residuals. The more money that you make is the more money that I make. Once youget in, I will add you to the members group that has everybody in there helpingeach other, & going over strategy. I will also send you an informational emailthat has all my tips & tricks on how I succeed. We will also have weekly livewebinar trainings.Please take a quick look at this video presentation followed by a Website linkbelow to get a detailed explanation of the benefits and the business entirely.These videos will teach you everything on how to get your membership, become aMCA Associate and get your personal website started right away. MAKE SURE YOURVOLUME IS TURNED UP.Video 1: Complete Motor Club of America Benefit Introduction(22 minute great video, very important to watch entirely as compensation isexplained thoroughly at the end) hope that the video above explained everything for you.BE ABLE TO RETIRE NOW! NOT 30-40 YEARS FROM NOW.Lets keep this with simple math... very modest & basic. If you simply workedthis business opportunity part time & only got 20 per month to join & stay withyou (thats 5 per week), Not only would you be making a couple thousand per month(about 25k per year... more than people who work tough 40hour per week Jobs) butif you looked over the compensation plan, you will see that you get paid offyour referrals efforts (you get paid when THEY bring in people) Think about ifyou brought in 20 people per month for a year (that would be 240 people) ... nowlets say you do NO MORE WORK EVER AGAIN. If those 240 people you brought insimply averaged bringing in 2 people per week each(2 PEOPLE... THATS NOT EVEN 1PER DAY!!!)... you would be making close to 3k per week!!! (240x2 = 480 peoplein a week. 480 x $6 = $2,800 in a week!!!)
  5. 5. It doesnt stop there. You also get residual income (66 cents per month fromeverybody in your network who you and your people brought in paid everytime theypay their measly $19.95 per month) Now 66 cents doesnt sound like a lot, but ifyou brought in over 200 people personally in a year, and those 200 peoplebrought in numerous people, you are looking at getting paid 66 cents monthlyfrom THOUSANDS of people (many people you dont even KNOW) & you have yourself agreat monthly income for doing NOTHING. (majority of people will keep paying$19.95 a month for MCA since they are getting great benefits, plus making money)Now im ALREADY close to this level in only a couple of months, but ALL THIS CANHAPPEN TO YOU IN OR WITHIN A SHORT YEAR OR SO!================================================BUT WAIT, ISNT THIS A "PYRAMID SCHEME"I know... I know... anytime we hear of "these type" of programs, people arequick to think SCAM or "pyramid scheme" & its only fat cat at the top of thisscam getting paid, but let me tell you that 1st of all, it is NOT a scam. Fromday one, YOU are at the top... & you are with a legitimate company that payslegitimate money. Nothing is hidden. There is no dirty plot. If anybody thinksthat this is a pyramid, they need to take a close look at themselves & realizethat theyve been living in a PYRAMID SCHEME their whole lives. If you have aJOB, thats a pyramid (you have a supervisor, a manager, a general manager, avice president, president, CEO... all of them make more money than you, & youreat the bottom making the least, but working the hardest. You have to work for 40years of your life to retire broke) ... Your government is a Pyramid, Yourchurch, your school, your family... EVERYTHING IS A PYRAMID structure if youthink about it & break it down. In MCA anybody can join at anytime & make thesame money or more money than somebody who has been in this for months or years.I AM (NOT) THE ONLY ONE MAKING SERIOUS MONEY WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY.BELOW ARE A COUPLE OF THE PEOPLE WHO I HAVE BROUGHT IN AND ARE MAKING MONEY!VIDEOS BELOW ARE FROM THIS JULY, 2012... THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO JOINED THIS MONTH& GOT PAID IN A WEEK, THIS MONTH!This is a guy, Steven from Texas who I recently brought in showing proof of his1st week check (he made more the week after) is another guy, Chris from Tampa, Florida who made over $800 his 1st week from North Carolina is only 20 years old. He started & made almost $500his 1st week. He is now making more than all his friends and his parents. THESE GUYS DID WAS SIMPLY JOIN, & SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH A FEW PEOPLEVIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, ETC... & HAD THEM LISTEN TO & VIEWSOME SIMPLE INFORMATION. THIS IS NOT HARD SALES, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SOMEPROFESSIONAL.If you have thoroughly read everything above, as well as watched the videos that
  6. 6. have not only the full explanations, but include my own personal proof of howthis does pay off easy this is, by now you should have ZERO doubt about this.You should be ready to sign up. I will not speak on the phone with ANYBODY whohas a ton more questions, or anybody who still has fear or doubt about this. Youshould be ready to rock, & I will only speak to serious action takers. (youshould be able to take all of this information and simply copy/paste... makeyour own videos.. & spread)DO NOT OVER COMPLICATE THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE JUST GONE THROUGH... ITS $40 TOGET STARTED. IF YOU DONT HAVE $40, GO GET IT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, TO GETYOURSELF OUT OF A FINANCIAL MESS. BORROW IT FROM FAMILY OR FRIEND & PAY THEMBACK IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS, SELL SOMETHING, WORK EXTRA HOURS IN YOUR JOB, MOW ALAWN, OR WASH A CAR... (JUST DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING) ANY GROWN PERSON CAN COMEACROSS $40. DONT LET THAT BE THE REASON YOU DONT GIVE THIS A SHOT. I DONTWANT TO HEAR ANY EXCUSES. $40 IS NOTHING!ONLY ONCE YOU HAVE SIGNED UP, OR ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SIGNING UP, YOU CAN giveme a call at 646-400-8796:SIGN UP NOW!!!!(Note: Payment MUST be paid by BANK Debit or Credit Card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. YOU CAN NOT PAY BY PREPAID CARD, OR GIFTCARD)CLICK ON the link "Go Best Now" (the green words... the 3rd option on thebottom) Make sure that you see my name "Gregory Perdriel"then make your username & password... youll be taken to the check out page...then pay... make sure you enter your social security number (tax id) that isbecause you are getting real checks & have to pay taxes& youll be good to go! you decide to pass on this great Home Business Opportunity (which would makeabsolutely NO SENSE to) please feel free to forward this email to any andeveryone you think may benefit from it, either with the benefits, or somebodywho needs to make money because theyre unemployed, or miserable. There isalways someone out there in need and/or looking for a way to make theirfinancial freedom dream come true. You might just be the one to help them.STILL THINK THIS IS A SCAM? THIS IS A REAL COMPANY!!!Company References Available: Matrix3200 W. Wilshire Blvd
  7. 7. OKC, OK 73116TVC Associate Services (866) 467-2221Motor Club of America 24 Hours/7 Days (800) 227-6459 24 Hours/7DaysMCA Business Opportunity Info Hot Line: (508)846-6034 Pin:11370935