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/upload_folder/exams for gps.doc.doc.doc /upload_folder/exams for gps.doc.doc.doc Document Transcript

  • Bedford Hospital NHS Trust X-ray & Imaging Department Examinations available Examination type Examination name Plain X-ray Abdomen Acromio-clavicular jts Ankle Calcaneum Cervical Spine Chest Clavicle Elbow Facial bones Femur Fingers Foot Hand Hip Humerus Knee KUB Lumbar spine Mandible OPG Orbits Pelvis Sacro-iliac joints Sacrum Shoulder Skull Sterno-clavicular jts Sternum Thoracic spine Thumb Tibia TMj’s Toes Wrist Contrast examination Barium swallow Barium meal Barium Follow through Bowel transit study IVU 13th April 2006 1 .C Darnell
  • Special examination Shoulder Arthrogram Elbow Arthrogram Wrist Arthrogram Hip Arthrogram Knee Arthrogram Ankle Arthrogram Cystogam Dacrocystogram Micturating cystogram Sinogram Parotid Sialogram Submandibular sialogram Urethrogram Venogram Nuclear medicine Isotope bone scan Dynamic bone scan DMSA renal scan Gastric emptying scan HIDA (Gall bladder) scan HMPAO White cell scan Indirect micturating cystogram Isotope lymphoscintigram Isotope thyroid scan Lung V/Q scan Mag3 Renogram Meckels scan MIBG Adrenal scan Parathyroid scan Ultrasound US Abdomen US Aorta US Arm (specify area) US Chest Doppler study US Gall bladder US Groin US Hip US KUB US Leg (specify area) US Neck US Parathyroid US Pelvis US Salivary gland 13th April 2006 2 .C Darnell
  • US continued US Shoulder US Soft tissue US Thyroid US Testes CT CT Abdo CT Colon CT Air Colonscopy CT C spine CT Head CT Kidneys CT Lower limb (specify area) CT L Spine CT Mastoids CT Neck CTPA CT Pelvis CT Sinuses CT Thorax CT T Spine CT Upper Limb (specify area) MRI MR Abdo MR Ankle MR Axilla MR Brachial plexus MR C spine MR Elbow MR Foot MR Head MR Hip MR Knee MR IAMs MR Limb (specify area) MR L Spine MR Neck MR Orbits MR Pelvis Mr Pit fossa MR Thorax MR TMJ’s MR Shoulder MR T Spine MR Wrist 13th April 2006 3 .C Darnell
  • 13th April 2006 4 .C Darnell