Md. Kabir HOSSAIN Scientific Officer (on study leave)


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Md. Kabir HOSSAIN Scientific Officer (on study leave)

  1. 1. Md. Kabir HOSSAIN Scientific Officer (on study leave) Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission & PhD Student Kyushu University, Japan Experiences in the RCARO and ideas of future strategy for the sustainable development of the RCARO
  2. 2.  Duration: From July 1, 2005 to Oct. 27, 2005  My study at RCARO-  Survey on the medical applications of radiation technologies in the RCA member states;  Survey the regional and international development and financial organizations related to human health activities; Experiences in RCARO
  3. 3.  Gathering knowledge and experience on RCA management through the working in an institute of excellence in the region;  Developing inter personal relationship through out the program which will be beneficial for the strengthening of inter institutional cooperation;  Enhancing the understanding about the Korean experience on effective use of nuclear technology for its socioeconomic development; Experiences in RCARO
  4. 4.  Presenting the experiences gathered with RCARO focusing the activities of RCARO, necessity of Invited staff;  I got the chance for higher study and taking study leave from BAEC;  Present study-On severe accidents analysis for future generation nuclear reactor; Experiences in BAEC
  5. 5. Future Strategy for Sustainable Development of RCARO  The largest group of nuclear medicine personnel are technicians responsible for the routine performance of clinical studies;  But unfortunately, in many member countries where good training facilities are not available and do not usually have the opportunity of overseas training;  RCARO may arrange distance assisted training as platform of RCA for Medical technician, technologist, oncologist etc. for ultimate development of patient outcomes through improved diagnosis and/or treatment. ;  Provide up-dated study material for increasing/improving the number and quality of trained nuclear medicine technologists in the RCA Member States;  As a result the quality of healthcare in the region will be enhanced by the upgraded and standardized educational qualifications and resultant higher motivation of nuclear medicine technicians.
  6. 6. Future Strategy for Sustainable Development of RCARO  The RCA regional Office now has several new programmes:  Post-doctoral Fellowship Training;  KAIST Master’s Degree Course;  KOICA Nuclear Medicine Internship Training;  These will enhance to support the RCA Member States in their nuclear capability building as well as their nuclear knowledge preservation endeavours.  Apart from the aforementioned programmes RCARO may also take initiatives for arranging-  The Ph.D. programme together with KAIST Master’s Degree Course;
  7. 7.  The project- RCA/UNDP Post-tsunami Environment Impact Assessment, initiated by RCARO  RCARO may elaborate this program for the supporting of MS;  RCARO as platform of MS, may enhance the IAEA/RCA projects as the demand of MS; Future Strategy for Sustainable Development of RCARO
  8. 8. In my presentation, I mentioned above-  we need many skilled personnel to improve the health care, nuclear technology development etc.;  We need training, higher study, advanced training materials etc. for end users;  Who will be the responsible for those?  How can we achieve those? Responsibility of Member State Countries
  9. 9.  The RCA projects are categorized in several Thematic Sectors-  Agriculture, Lead country-China  Health, Lead country-Japan  Industry, Lead country-India  Environment, Lead country-New Zealand  Energy/Research Reactor, Lead country-Korea and  Radiation Protection ,Lead country-Australia  So these lead countries are requested to consider our demands regarding their respective areas.  This presentation reveals only my opinion/ideas for sustainable development of RCARO; Responsibility of Member State Countries (cont.)
  10. 10. Thank you very much for your attention