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JRC Info DAY Engl fin R Traicu.ppt

  1. 1. Potential Romanian offer for GIF R&D Rodin TraicuRodin Traicu RAANRAAN
  2. 2. TRIGA Reactors High-Inherent Nuclear Safety, intended to Fuel and Materials Testing in Steady – State and Pulse Modes Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratories for Evaluation of Nuclear Fuel and Structural Materials Behavior High Activity Gamma Irradiation Station (SIGMA) Fuelling Machine Heads Testing Rig High Pressure Loops for Testing of Nuclear Fuel and Nuclear Equipment Laboratories specialized in Physical, Chemical and Materials / Equipment Testing and Diagnosis ICN ASSETS Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant based on Qualified and Authorized Technologies and Staff Laboratories for Fuel Elements Manufacturing and Experimental Development of Technologies for Advanced Fuel Fabrication Mechanical Workshops dealing with Precision Mechanics, Pressure Equipment, Lifting Devices sustained by Special Authorized Processes and Distinct Laboratories for Material and Quality Control
  3. 3. Reactor Physics and Nuclear SafetyReactor Physics and Nuclear Safety Experience in: Continuous improvement of the nuclear installation safety through nuclear safety analysis upgrading, and computer codes and models development. Current Activities: Reactor Physics Analysis Thermo-hydraulic Analysis Reactor Physics Computer Methods and Codes Development Nuclear Safety Analysis for NPP Safety Assessment for Radioactive Wastes Repositories Neutronic Design of In-Pile Irradiation of Romanian CANDU Type Fuel in TRIGA Reactor Probabilistic Safety Analysis for Cernavoda NPP, research reactors and conventional installations  Development of experimental methods for reactor physics Experimental Facilities: Reference Neutron Spectrum Devices for Thermal and Epithermal Energies (to be Assessed as a Neutron Flux Density Etalon) Neutron Source Graphite Pile for Low Neutron Flux Measurements High Resolution Gamma Spectrometry Chain
  4. 4. TRIGA reactor (1)TRIGA reactor (1) - used in Romanian nuclear fuel licensing irradiation tests on structural materialsirradiation tests on structural materials and nuclear fuel for CANDU type nuclearand nuclear fuel for CANDU type nuclear power plants.power plants. Irradiated and non-irradiated nuclear fuelIrradiated and non-irradiated nuclear fuel behavior analysis in transient regime.behavior analysis in transient regime. - radioisotopes and irradiated materials production with applications in health, industry and environment areas Current activities:Current activities: Irradiation tests on:Irradiation tests on: - TRIGATRIGA Nuclear fuelNuclear fuel,, - experimentalexperimental CANDU SEU-43 fuel typeCANDU SEU-43 fuel type - Cernavoda NPP fuel - in accidentCernavoda NPP fuel - in accident conditions – LOCA, RIAconditions – LOCA, RIA Structural materials irradiation in inactive environment (Helium)Structural materials irradiation in inactive environment (Helium) Power cycling tests with technical conditions specified by the beneficiaryPower cycling tests with technical conditions specified by the beneficiary US General Atomics design for materials testing
  5. 5. TRIGA reactor (2)TRIGA reactor (2) Strategic plan (2006 – 2010)Strategic plan (2006 – 2010)  Maintenance of operational status of theMaintenance of operational status of the reactor;reactor;  Continuing TRIGA SSR 14MW conversionContinuing TRIGA SSR 14MW conversion from HEU to LEU;from HEU to LEU;  Activities to ensure higher thermal flux forActivities to ensure higher thermal flux for experimental channels;experimental channels;  SEU 43 type experimental fuel elementsSEU 43 type experimental fuel elements testing according to specifications;testing according to specifications;  RIA type test in ACPR, on pre-irradiated fuel;RIA type test in ACPR, on pre-irradiated fuel;  Alternate/multiple use of neutron flux in theAlternate/multiple use of neutron flux in the reactor core and from horizontal beamreactor core and from horizontal beam tubes;tubes;  Radioisotope production for pharmaceuticalRadioisotope production for pharmaceutical applications.applications.
  6. 6. Nuclear Materials and Corrosion (1)Nuclear Materials and Corrosion (1) 35 years experience in:35 years experience in:  Nuclear materials behavior study in NPP’s,Nuclear materials behavior study in NPP’s, under normal, abnormal and severeunder normal, abnormal and severe accident conditions.accident conditions.  Development of manufacturing and controlDevelopment of manufacturing and control technologies for advanced nuclear fuelstechnologies for advanced nuclear fuels
  7. 7. • Thermo-mechanical testing of metallic andThermo-mechanical testing of metallic and ceramic materials under different state ofceramic materials under different state of stressstress and environment conditions;and environment conditions; • investigation of degradation mechanisms actinginvestigation of degradation mechanisms acting in the NPP systems/components materials;in the NPP systems/components materials; • Fracture mechanical analysis;Fracture mechanical analysis; • Zirconium alloys and UO2 pellets behavior underZirconium alloys and UO2 pellets behavior under sever accident conditions;sever accident conditions; • Microstructural and fracture surfaces analysis;Microstructural and fracture surfaces analysis; • Micro- and nano-structural analysis;Micro- and nano-structural analysis; • DRX and texture analysis;DRX and texture analysis; • Development of technologies for UO2 sinterableDevelopment of technologies for UO2 sinterable powders and sintered pellets with controlledpowders and sintered pellets with controlled microstructure;microstructure; Nuclear Materials and Corrosion (2)Nuclear Materials and Corrosion (2) Current Activities:Current Activities:
  8. 8. Post-Irradiation Examination LaboratoryPost-Irradiation Examination Laboratory ActivitiesActivities  CANDU fuel and structural materialsCANDU fuel and structural materials behavior investigation afterbehavior investigation after irradiation in Cernavoda NPP and inirradiation in Cernavoda NPP and in Romanian TRIGA research reactor.Romanian TRIGA research reactor.  Manufacturing of sealed nuclearManufacturing of sealed nuclear radiation sources and radioisotopesradiation sources and radioisotopes used in industriy, agriculture andused in industriy, agriculture and medicine.medicine.  Radioactive waste characterizationRadioactive waste characterization and treatment.and treatment. Direct connected to the TRIGA reactorDirect connected to the TRIGA reactor
  9. 9. OUT-OF-PILE-TESTINGOUT-OF-PILE-TESTING  design, manufacturing and test of thedesign, manufacturing and test of the equipment and facilities for Out–of-Pileequipment and facilities for Out–of-Pile testingtesting  design, manufacturing and operation ofdesign, manufacturing and operation of the specialized unique devices for Out-of-the specialized unique devices for Out-of- Pile testing on nuclear fuelPile testing on nuclear fuel  nuclear and non-nuclear materials Out-of-nuclear and non-nuclear materials Out-of- Pile testingPile testing Experience and activities:Experience and activities:
  10. 10. INSTITUTE FOR NUCLEARINSTITUTE FOR NUCLEAR RESEARCHRESEARCH PO.Box 78PO.Box 78 No. 1, Campului Str.No. 1, Campului Str. 115400 – Mioveni, Arges County, Romania115400 – Mioveni, Arges County, Romania Tel:Tel: (+40) Fax:Fax: (+40) email: secretariat@scn.roemail: secretariat@scn.ro THANK YOU!THANK YOU!