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  • 1. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Solutions for your medical imaging needs! HERMES Fusion™ for Oncology HERMES CardioClick™ HERMES NeuroClick™ for Neurology for Cardiology HERMES Explorer™ for bridging Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET State-of-the-Art Medical Imaging Software by HERMES Clinically driven MultiModality medical imaging software for CD-201.1_P diagnosis, staging & treatment of disease! HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS
  • 2. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES software - designed for your clinical imaging needs Fighting illness & disease requires state-of-the-art imaging modalities & software in order to diagnose accurately, stage disease appropriately & select the best treatment available. HERMES partners with the best institutions globally to continually deliver customized diagnostic software packages to meet your ever-changing medical imaging needs. Whether it be longitudinal tumor tracking in Oncology, database design to differentiate Alzheimer´s Disease & Fronto - Temporal Dementia, advances in cardiac PET imaging or bridging Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET, HERMES is leading the way. HERMES Fusion™ for Oncology Fusion™ features: MultiModality™ Fusion & Volume Fuse Multiple Modalities Display™ • HERMES MultiModality™ Image Fusion is the most PET-CT-MRI Fusion advanced automatic image registration sofware toolkit for co-registration, analysis, comparison & fusion of image data from any modality: PET, SPECT, CT, MRI & Ultrasound • HERMES Volume Display™ provides all the tools necessary for reporting PET-CT & other volume datasets efficiently Report PET-CT Efficiently PET-CT Fusion PET-CT study co-registered with an MRI study using MultiModality and viewed in Volume Display. Head & Neck Cancer. Case Courtesy of Children’s Hospital Boston, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Boston, MA, USA. • Register the PET/CT scan to other modalities such as MRI, SPECT, standalone CTs & Radiotherapy Planning CTs • See SUV values on the PET scan immediately as you move the cursor over the images Lymphoma case courtesy of Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Boston, MA, USA. • View up to 4 studies in synchrony with a linked cursor in ”exquisite tissue characterization” Transverse/Coronal/Sagittal (TCS) style Volume display with triangulation & automatic zoom • Generate/save MIP movies from transverse slices as animated GIF or as DICOM multiscreen captures for HERMES in Drug Development viewing from PACS PET PET-CT Fusion CT Improve Tumor Localization PET-CT, Misaligned Aligned with HERMES Patient with gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), before drug treatment. 1 month after drug treatment. Case courtesy of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Nuclear PET-CT with motion artifact, FUSION After HERMES co-registration & FUSION. Medicine Dept., Boston, MA, USA. ONLY Solitary Pulmonary Nodule (SPN). (Up to 15% of PET-CT hardware fusion Case Courtesy of Athens Regional Medi- lung cases require image registration cal Center, Athens, GA, USA. software for motion correction) • Longitudinal Tumor Tracking: Register, fuse & compare serial scans on the same patient, e.g. before & after • Draw ROIs & display SUV average & max ROI values drug treatment CD-201.1_P • Send VOIs & registered studies to a radiotherapy • Automatic ‘seed’ ROI for quick & easy definition of lesions planning station (RTP) & display of SUV values HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS
  • 3. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES NeuroClick™ HERMES Explorer™ for bridging for Neurology Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET NeuroClick™ features: HERMES BRASS™ Explorer features: HERMES JADE™ & HERMES RAPID™ Improve Differential Diagnosis PACS DICOM Gateway FDG PET Alzheimer’s Fronto - Temporal PET-CT Fusion Normal Template Disease Dementia The images above show deviation maps of the patient studies in relation to the normal database. The red-colored regions on the two right images represent the regions of PET-CT Image Fusion on HERMES Explorer™ with HERMES JADE™ the patient’s brain that are more than 2.5 standard deviations away from normal. Cases courtesy of Dr. Stephen R. Bunker, M.D. Clinical Dir. Nuclear Medicine, California Pacific • HERMES JADE™ is a windows based patient browser with Medical Center & Medical Director, Fusion Diagnostic Group, San Francisco, CA, USA multi frame viewing, which displays & fuses medical images from Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET, • HERMES BRASS™ empowers the clinician with state-of- including dynamic PET & Gated MRI the-art brain quantification software in order to perform automatic coregistration & direct comparison of the • HERMES JADE™ has DICOM gateway functionality which patient’s neuro-PET study to a normal template enables direct import from DICOMDir CD’s & connectivity (database) with HERMES GOLD Mediator™ & existing PACS • HERMES offers more than 52 databases • HERMES BRASS™ quantification tools improve differential diagnosis of Fronto-Temporal Dementia & Alzheimer’s Report from Anywhere Disease & specifically display the affected brain regions, accompanied by the severity/deviation away from normal PET-CT Fusion • Voxel-based & volume-region-based quantification techniques ”statistically significant rather than visually apparent” PET-CT Image Fusion on HERMES Explorer™ with HERMES RAPID™ case courtesy of Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Boston, MA, USA. HERMES CardioClick™ • HERMES JADE™ interfaces with HERMES GOLD Mediator™ & other DICOM servers via the web to access, for Cardiology store & view DICOM & Interfile studies securely from anywhere over the Internet CardioClick™ features: PERFIT™ - Cardiac Perfusion Analysis • HERMES RAPID™ PC is a standalone application for image fusion display & analysis of PET, PET-CT & other Fit & Quantify Perfusion Scans volumetric studies with TCS Display, SUV Calculations, VOI Measurements & MIP movie generation HERMES PERFIT™, Bullseye Analysis Distribute Image Fusion (e.g. PET-CT) • HERMES RAPID™ CD enables distribution of studies along with an application for display, analysis & fusion of PET, PET-CT & other volumetric studies with TCS Display, SUV Calculations, VOI Measurements & MIP movie generation • Packaged as a standalone PC application together with patient • Automatic fitting of myocardial PET & PET-CT perfusion data on an AES (256-bit) encrypted scans to model databases with HERMES PERFIT™ CD, created on HERMES GOLD™, to provide a secure, CD-201.1_P • Display deviation from normal databases & stress/rest self-contained viewing & analysis package for distribution differences to referring physicians, etc. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS
  • 4. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES Packages HERMES offers a dynamic range of custom designed software & hardware packages for utilizing medical imaging for Oncology, Cardiology & Neurology etc. HERMES offers a Classic line of software applications for the UNIX platform and an Explorer line of software packages for the Windows platform. HERMES Classic line is installed on HERMES recommended hardware for optimal performance, maximum availability & uptime. HERMES Software HERMES Classic Line (Unix-based) - Select one or more Classic packages to add to Hermes Hardware HERMES Fusion™ HERMES Fusion Deluxe™ HERMES NucMed Click™ HERMES NM/PETClick™ Designed for comprehensive any Designed for comprehensive any mo- Designed for your comprehensive Designed for your Nuclear Medicine modality image fusion & PET-CT dality image fusion, PET-CT reading & Nuclear Medicine processing needs. Processing & Image Fusion needs. reading. RAPID CD™ distribution. Software applications Include: Software applications Include: Software applications Include: Software applications Include: • HERMES GOLD Mediator™ • HERMES GOLD Mediator™ • HERMES GOLD Mediator™ • HERMES GOLD Mediator™ • MultiModality Image Fusion™ • MultiModality Image Fusion™ • Image Display Suite • Image Display & Analysis Suite • Volume Display™ • Volume Display™ • Image Analysis Suite • Reconstruction Suite, including • Quantification • Quantification • Reconstruction Suite, including Filtered Backprojection & • Motion correction • Motion correction Filtered Backprojection & HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT • Reconstruction Suite, including • Reconstruction Suite, including HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT Reconstruction Filtered Backprojection & Filtered Backprojection & Reconstruction • Renal applications HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT • Renal applications • CardioClick™ applications Reconstruction Reconstruction • CardioClick™ applications • MultiModality Image Fusion™ • HReviewer™ • Volume Display™ • HERMES RAPID™ CD burning • HERMES RAPID™ CD burning HERMES NeuroClick™ HERMES NeuroClick Deluxe™ HERMES CardioClick™ HERMES RAPID™ CD Advanced brain quantification soft- HERMES NeuroClick™ with Image State-of-the-art Cardiac Nuclear Designed for burning password pro- ware suite for registration, analysis & Fusion™, Volume Display™ & RAPID Medicine Software Suite for all your tected PET, CT, PET-CT & MRI studies comparison to normal databases. CD™ Distribution. cardiac Nuclear Medicine needs. together with image viewer on CD’s Software applications Include: Software applications Include: Software applications Include: Software applications Include: • HERMES GOLD Mediator™ • HERMES GOLD Mediator™ • Reconstruction Suite, including • TCS Display • BRASS™ Brain Registration • BRASS™ Brain Registration gated Filtered Backprojection & • SUV voxel values Analysis Software Suite Analysis Software Suite gated HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT • Automatic VOI growing with SUV • 1 x HERMES BRASS™ Database of • 3 x HERMES BRASS™ Databases Reconstruction & volume measurements your selection. of your selection. • PERFIT™ - Automatic Cardiac • Image Fusion • Reconstruction Suite, including • Reconstruction Suite, including Perfusion Analysis • MIP Movie Generation Filtered Backprojection & Filtered Backprojection & • FUGA™ - Gated Heart Analysis Packaged as a standalone PC app- HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT HOSEM™ Iterative SPECT • First Pass Shunt Analysis lication together with patient data Reconstruction Reconstruction on an AES (256-bit) encrypted CD, • MultiModality Image Fusion™ to provide a secure, self-contained • Volume Display™ Optional: Cedar Sinai (BPGS, QGS, viewing & analysis package for dist- • HERMES RAPID™ CD burning QPS) or 4DM SPECT ribution to referring physicians, etc CD-201.1_P HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS
  • 5. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES Explorer Line (Windows-based) HERMES JADE™ HERMES RAPID™ PC HERMES JADE™-RAPID™ Bundle HERMES JARVIS™ A patient browser designed as a PACS Any Modality Image Fusion Viewing Designed to provide a robust suite Designed to access, manipulate, fuse & DICOM Gateway and Viewing applica- application designed especially for of image communication, analysis & report studies from the patient archive tion for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine PET-CT fusion with TCS, SUV, VOI & MIP fusion tools, a combination of the best using a web browser with no additio- & PET. tools. of JADE ™ & RAPID™. nal client software required. • Multiple frame viewing • Interfile & DICOM file import & • Complete image analysis tool for • Secure web-based remote environment which can display connectivity, standalone or viewing planar, volumetric & gated viewing and reporting access to images from any modality (CT, through HERMES JADE™ data your HERMES studies MRI, Planar Radiography, • Manual manipulation, • Modality independent viewing & • Interactive viewing controls Ultrasound, NM & PET) thresholding, triangulation and synchronized fusion including display and processing • HERMES JADE™ communicates full standard uptake value (SUV) • DICOM server capability of static, dynamic, gated, whole- with HERMES Classic and/or capabilities for PET studies, • Access, store & view DICOM & body, tomographic images & DICOM Servers including 3D automatic region Interfile studies securely from fusion • HERMES JADE™ interfaces with growing anywhere via the web • Customized remote reporting HERMES GOLD Mediator™ & other • Fusion of two studies with • Manual manipulation, using annotated images, text and DICOM servers to access, store & variable overlay, triangulation of thresholding, triangulation, distance voice notes view DICOM & Interfile studies two studies in synchrony and measurement, VOI & ROI, annotation • Suitable for other modalities such securely from anywhere via the web Maximum Intensity Projection & many other features as CT & MRI (MIP) movie generation • User-dependent access privileges HERMES Connectivity, Integration & Archiving HERMES Services HERMES GOLD Mediator™ HERMES RAID-5 Storage™ HERMES Experts Online™ Designed as a one-stop solution platform to your HERMES RAID-5 Storage is a fault-tole- Clinical services (via HERMES secure GOLD™ department’s connectivity & image storage needs rant, failure-safe, digital online archiving and/or VPN) for your needs called Experts solution for Nuclear Medicine & Radiology Online™. departments. Software applications Include: 1 high capacity storage management HERMES Experts Online™ includes: • GOLD (Global OnLine Database) workstation • Remote processing and/or remote • Native and/or DICOM storage • 1 x external RAID5 Disk Array with up reading by our imaging experts • Any protocol connection to PET, NM, CT, CR, to 8 hard drives including two hot- • Remote backup storage offsite for MRI, Ultrasound, PACS & HIS / RIS (Worklist swap drives (variable capacity/ your studies SCP/SCU) availability configurations to 2.4 • Database creation • Provides DICOM Query / Retrieve (SCP/SCU), Terabytes (Tb)) • Teaching/Education DICOM Import/Export, DICOM CD Reading • Expandable to any size required • Consulting and Writing, DICOM Basic Worklist (SCP/SCU). • Can act as an interface & gateway to many non- DICOM systems. HERMES Hardware HERMES Servers and Clients HERMES Laptop HERMES Tandem Server HERMES Displays HERMES hardware platform is based on HERMES Laptop may host the entire HERMES Tandem Server consists of HERMES server & client configuration the latest generation of PC’s with flex- HERMES product line all in one op- two mirrored HERMES Servers where is flexible & the systems can be delive- ible display capabilities and mirrored timized portable, state-of-the-art, all user settings and patient data are ered with one, two or four displays of internal drives for hosting Hermes Clas- multimodality, diagnostic imaging duplicated. Should the first system any size, resolution or orientation. sic line server applications. HERMES workstation for the modern mobile life. become inoperable for any reason, servers & clients can be integrated HERMES Laptop is based on the latest the second system can be switched to into existing image communication, generation of PC’s take over the complete functionality of CD-201.1_P storage & security infrastructure, or can the first system, with no loss of patient provide a complete solution in itself. data and minimal loss of up time. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS
  • 6. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Hermes Medical Solutions (Nuclear Diagnostics AB) was established in Stockholm, Sweden in 1976 by Jan Bertling (Founder, CEO & President). In the same year, the company was the first to develop commercial SPECT re- construction software collaboratively with Dr. Stig Larsson of Karolinska, Stockholm, Sweden. Since 1976, Hermes Medical Solutions has grown into an international company with worldwide headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. HERMES’ experience, proven history and success comes from playing a leading role in the development of cutting-edge medical imaging software solutions for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & PET Departments. HERMES is the oldest and most well established of any ”Fusion” vendor in the world. In November 2004, the International Museum of Surgical Science, www.imss.org, in Chicago, Illinois, USA recognized Hermes Medi- cal Solutions to be featured in an exhibit called MILESTONES IN MEDICAL IMAGING: from X-Ray to Nuclear Medicine which runs from November 30th, 2004 thru December 2005. HERMES was recognized due to its uni- que contribution as the first company globally to commercially introduce medical image fusion software to the marketplace in 1992 together with collaborator/inventor Piotr Slomka. The ability to seamlessly integrate CT, MRI, PET, SPECT and other imaging modalities has made HERMES the choice of more than 1,200 hospitals worldwide in over 30 countries. • FDA aproved since 2000 • MDD aproved since 2000 • HIPAA compliant ”Advancing the Art of Fusion” Hermes Medical Solutions AB Stockholm, SWEDEN Tel: +46 (0)8 19 03 25 Nuclear Diagnostics Ltd. London, United Kingdom Contact us Tel: +44 (0)1474 328728 info@hermesmedical.com Hermes Medical Solutions Inc. Explore more at Greenville, NC, USA www.hermesmedical.com Tel: +1 (866) HERMES 2 (toll free) Tel: +1 (252) 353 0050 Hermes Medical Solutions Canada Inc. Montréal, Québec, Canada Tel: +1 (877) 666 5675 Manufactured by Nuclear Diagnostics AB. Hermes Medical Solutions reserves the right to make changes in specifications and CD-201.1_P features shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Contact your Hermes Representative for the most current information. HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS HERMES MEDICAL SOLUTIONS