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Future of Medical Physics in Future of Medical Physics in KSA KSA






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Future of Medical Physics in Future of Medical Physics in KSA KSA Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Future of Medical Physics in KSA Dr. Nabil Maalej Physics Department King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • 2. Outline Medical Physics Education Training Career
  • 3. Outline Medical Physics Education Training Career
  • 4. What is a Medical Physicist? A medical physicist is a professional who specializes in the application of the concepts and methods of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.
  • 5. The Medical Physicist Bridges Physics and Medicine Medical Physicist Physics Medicine
  • 6. Medical Physics Disciplines Radiation therapy Physics Diagnostic Imaging Physics Medical Nuclear Physics Health Physics
  • 7. Medical Physicist’s Primary Discipline (USA) 4% 1%1% 3% Radiation Therapy 15% Imaging Physics Nuclear Medicine Health Physics Engineering Administration 76% Source: 2002 AAPM Survey
  • 8. General Areas of Responsibility of the Medical Physicist Clinical Regulatory Compliance Education Research
  • 9. Medical Physicist’s Primary Responsibilities 2% 3% 4% Clinical 5% Academic 8% Research Administrative Regulatory Product Development 78% Source: 2002 AAPM Survey
  • 10. Pathways into Medical Physics B.S. in Physics M.S. or Ph.D. in Physics or related field or related field Medical Physics M.S. or Ph.D. in Medical Physics Postdoctoral Training Medical Physics Residency Program On the Job Clinical Training On the Job Clinical Training in Medical Physics in Medical Physics Practicing Medical Physicists
  • 11. Medical Physics Education Training Career
  • 12. KFUPM Master’s Program Follows guidelines of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM Report 79: Academic Program Recommendations for Graduate Degrees in Medical Physics).
  • 13. Academic Program Requirements Requirements Credits Completion of Core Courses 18 Completion of Medical Physics Elective 15 Courses Completion of clinical training (MEPH 590) 6 Completion of Master’s Project 3 Passing the M.S. comprehensive examination - TOTAL 42
  • 14. Core Courses COURSE # TITLE CR MEPH 510 Radiobiology 2 MEPH 561 Radiological Physics and Dosimetry 3 MEPH 563 Radioisotopes in Medicine and Biology 3 MEPH 566 Radiotherapy Physics 3 MEPH 567 Diagnostic Radiology Physics 3 MEPH 569 Health Physics 4 18
  • 15. Medical Physics Elective Courses COURSE # TITLE CR MEPH 501 Physics for Medicine and Biology 3 MEPH 511 Instrumentation for Medical Physics 3 MEPH 568 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 2 MEPH 570 Advanced Brachytherapy Physics 2 MEPH 571 Advanced External Radiation Oncology 3 MEPH 573 Imaging in Medicine 3 MEPH 574 Applications of Digital Imaging: DSA, CT, MRI 2 MEPH 575 Diagnostic Ultrasound Physics 3 MEPH 581 Laboratory in Radiological Physics – Radiotherapy 1 MEPH 582 Laboratory in Radiological Physics – Diagnostic Radiology 1 MEPH 583 Laboratory in Radiological Physics – Nuclear Medicine 1 MEPH 584 Laboratory in Radiological Physics – Health Physics 1 MEPH 585 Laboratory in Radiological Physics – CT, MRI, and DSA 1 MEPH 586 Laboratory in Radiological Physics – Medical Ultrasound 1 MEPH 591 Selected Topics in Medical Physics 1-3 MEPH 592 Independent Reading 1-3
  • 16. Needs For Improvement Hiring Medical Physics Faculty Stronger collaboration with hospitals Laboratory facilities Better collaboration between KFUPM and UQU Target accreditation by Commission of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP)
  • 17. Medical Physics Education Training Career
  • 18. Clinical Training Collaboration with KFSH&RC and RKH The student spends 4 months of hospital training to complete a clinical rotation in radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and health physics The student observes and practices clinical procedures under the direct supervision of a senior clinical medical physicist The student writes progress reports and a final report on the procedures he performed
  • 19. Need for Residency Residency programs are aimed at both educating and providing practical experience so that the medical physicist would be ready to practice in a hospital setting and obtain board certification.
  • 20. Residency Accreditation Commission of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) Compliance with standards of training Overall quality of the program Number and competence of the teaching staff Teaching loads Rigor and breadth of instructional offerings Adequacy of facilities: Machinery and Procedures Supporting personnel Aptitude of students Performance of the graduates
  • 21. Outline Medical Physics Education Training Career
  • 22. Medical Physicist Rewards Challenge of applying the principles of physics to medicine Satisfaction of working with the state of the art medical technology Contributing to the well-being of patients Receiving competitive compensation
  • 23. Professional Credentials of Medical Physicists Education: M.S. Training: Training vs. Residency Certification: By specialty Am. Board of Radiology (ABR) Am. Board of Medical Physics (ABMP) Canadian College of Medical Physics (CCMP) Others
  • 24. Average Income (MS Degree in USA) Total Annual Income 140 Salary (Thousands) 120 100 80 60 No Certification 40 Certification 20 0 0-2 3-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20+ Years of Experience Source: 2002 AAPM Survey
  • 25. Survey • Dr. Al-Jarallah of the Physics Department surveyed the need for medical physicists in 23 hospitals and medical schools across the Kingdom (May 2000) • The survey showed an urgent need for 33 clinical medical physicists at those hospitals
  • 26. The Ministry of Health (MOH) The Head of Preventive Health estimates MOH future needs at 100 clinical medical physicists over the next 5 years
  • 27. MOH Statistics (2001) Number of Hospitals 193 Number of Health Centers 1792 Number of Hospital Beds 19675 Number of Radiologists 300 Number of X-ray 2958 Technologists Medical Physicists ?
  • 28. Hospital Statistics (2001) Total Number of Hospitals 331 Total Number of Beds 47018
  • 29. Recommended Staffing Level The Inter-Society Council for Radiation Oncology recommends one full time Oncology Medical Physicist for every 400 treated cancer patients per year (Radiation Oncology in Integrated Cancer Management, “Blue Book”, 1991) The AAPM recommends one Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physicist for a 300 bed hospital (report # 33: Staffing levels and responsibilities in diagnostic radiology, 1991 )
  • 30. Estimate of the Need Based on the staffing recommendation and the number of hospitals, the Kingdom is in need of approximately 150 Medical Physicists to have one medical physicist for every 300 beds
  • 31. Number of Medical Physicists According to a 2001 survey, there are 18 Medical Physicists in 11 radiotherapy centers (Collaborative Quality Assurance Program for Dosimetry of Radiation Therapy Equipment in KSA, Dr Jazi Al-Mokhlef et al ).
  • 32. Reality of The job Market Most hospitals do not have a Medical Physicists Most hospital administrators do no know what is the role of a Medical Physicist Many hospitals have no quality management program and rely on the supplier of their equipment to do yearly maintenance (conflict of interest)
  • 33. Reality of The job Market There are no regulations that require hospitals to hire medical physicists There is no association for Medical Physicists to promote the profession in the Kingdom There is no medical physics job announcement bulletin
  • 34. Conclusion Medical Physics Education Training Career
  • 35. Conclusion: Education We have promising BS (Umm Al-Qura University) and MS programs in Medical Physics (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals) There is need for support and stronger collaboration with hospitals To maintain high standards aim for accreditation
  • 36. Conclusion: Training There are limited opportunities for the training of Medical Physicists in the Kingdom There is an urgent need for a residency program to prepare Medical Physicists for their clinical jobs and for board certification
  • 37. Conclusion: Carrier There is a need for medical physicists to insure quality health care This need is not evident for most hospital administrators and government institutions There is an urgent need for a Medical Physics Association that will promote the profession, facilitate employment, and lobby for government regulations to insure quality health care