Department of Nuclear Medicine


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Department of Nuclear Medicine

  1. 1. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM) Dr Felix X Sundram Head Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Singapore General Hospital
  2. 2. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM) Nuclear medicine education  IAEA  WFNMB  AOFNMB  SNM (USA)  EANM (EANM-ESNM)  M.Sc (Universities)  Diplomas (DRM, DNM e.g. India)  WNA / WNU (World Nuclear University)  ANENT (Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology)
  3. 3. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Asia Regional Cooperation Council for Nuclear Medicine (ARCCNM)  Initiated by China, Japan, Korea in 2000  Present chairman: Dr June-Key Chung (Korea)  ASNM formed in 2003
  4. 4. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Aims of ASNM  To foster Education in Nuclear Medicine among the Asian countries, particularly the less developed regions.  To promote training of Nuclear Medicine Physicians in cooperation with government agencies, IAEA and universities and societies.
  5. 5. Department of Nuclear Medicine &  To assist in national and regional training courses, award continuing medical education (CME) points and provide regional experts for advanced educational programmes.  To work towards awarding of diplomas or degrees in association with recognised universities by distance learning and practical attachments, with examinations. Aims of ASNM (cont’d)
  6. 6. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Organization of ASNM  Parent body is ARCCNM  Dean - Dr Felix X Sundram (Singapore)  Vice-Deans - Dr Shuji Tanada (Japan) Dr Sang-Moo Lim (Korea) Dr Theo San Luis (Philippines) Dr S Boonyaprapa (Thailand) Dr Y N I Anand (India) Dr Zuo-Xiang He/Dr Chen (China) Dr Ren-Shyan Liu (Taiwan) Dr Saeeda Asghar (Pakistan)
  7. 7. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Faculty Members  About 10 to 12 teaching faculty members from various Asian countries  Physicists, radiopharmacists  NM Physicians  Assignments by Vice-Deans
  8. 8. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Teaching Courses  At ARCCNM meetings  Local NM annual meeting of NM societies in various Asian countries  Ad-hoc national training courses  Teaching is voluntary (some expenses borne by ARCCNM or host country)
  9. 9. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Finances  Grant from ARCCNM  Donations requested from Siemens and Nycomed-Amersham  Some IAEA funding A distance learning project for Nuclear Medicine Physicians would cost about USD 80,000/- for the first two years.
  10. 10. Department of Nuclear Medicine & Activities 2003 October 2003 - CME points and Certificate awarded by ASNM for KOICA/KIRAMS course in PET and Nuclear Medicine, Seoul, Korea. December 2003 - ASNM Certificate and CME points for IAEA/ASNM workshop on liver cancer treatment with radiounuclides, Manila, Phillipines.
  11. 11. Department of Nuclear Medicine & 2004 February 2004 - Certificate and CME points for ASNM training course in PET and Cyclotron, Singapore (participants from Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh). November 2004 - Planned ASNM Nuclear Medicine Symposium in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Activities (cont’d)
  12. 12. has attended the / KIRAMS / ASNM training course in nuclear medicine and Cyclotron / PET , in SEOUL , Korea At KIRAMS from 9 – 29 October 2003. The course is credited with 50 CME points from the ASIAN SCHOOL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Sang Moo Lim, M.D. Vice – Dean in KIRAMS ASNM Felix X. Sundram, M.D. Dean ASNM
  13. 13. has attended the Cyclotron / PET-CT training course at the Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET, Singapore General Hospital from 3 – 7 February 2004 The course is credited with 20 CME points from the ASIAN SCHOOL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Felix X. Sundram, M.D. Dean ASNM No.: