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  • The purpose of this Act shall be to ensure the protection against ionising radiation – radiation safety and nuclear safety of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    Establish and implement a system, which enables development and use of ionising radiation sources in line with the requirements pertaining to the protection of health of humans and of safety.
    Establish and maintain a regulatory programme for ionising radiation sources, and thereby ensure compatibility with international standards on safety of radiation sources and for protection against ionising radiation.
    Establish a State regulatory body for radiation protection and nuclear safety with appropriate set of functions and responsibilities, and resources required for the establishment of regulatory control
  • The Agency shall answer to the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina with respect to lawful, complete, effective, and professional realisation of functions and competences referred to in Article 8 (Agency Functions and Competences) of this Act.
    The Agency shall, at least once a year, submit a report on the status of radiation safety and nuclear safety to the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina [ppt]

    1. 1. Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina RER/9/096RER/9/096 Regional Planning MeetingRegional Planning Meeting “Strengthening National Infrastructures“Strengthening National Infrastructures for the Control of Radiation Sources”for the Control of Radiation Sources” (TSA-1), (Phase II) Vienna, 19-20 March 2009
    2. 2. IntroductionIntroduction • Regulatory infrastructure for radiation and nuclear safety was on the entities level till november 2007. • The entity regulatory bodies ware not effectively independent. They were departments of their Ministries of Health. • The lack of effective independence limits the regulatory bodies’ ability for direct communication and cooperation. • The organizational structures and sizes of the regulatory bodies were not commensurate with the extent and nature of the facilities and activities that they regulate.
    3. 3. LegislationLegislation • Law on Radiation and Nuclear Safety (November, 2007) • Regulations from Entities are not into force • Drafts of basic Regulations are prepared
    4. 4. RegulatorRegulatory bodyy body • State Regulatory Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety is established with the purpose of performing administrative and professional operations in the field of ionizing radiation • The Agency is an independent administrative organization, under direct supervision of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. • The Agency is independent form other governmental and nongovernmental agencies and legal persons involved in promotion of radiation technologies. • The Seat of the Agency is in Sarajevo and as a part of the Agency regional offices are in the Republic of Srpska Entity (Banja Luka), and in the Federation of B&H (Mostar).
    5. 5. RegulatorRegulatory bodyy body • The Agency shall be financed from the Budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions • Financing shall be executed directly to the Agency and shall not depend on the amount of fee collected from authorizations, inspection, or from fines. • Total number of staff based on Document about Internal Organization of Agency is 33 • Open competition for Director and Deputies of Director is announced and parallel process of hiring (transfer) staff from Entities RB is in progress • Training for new staff is essential
    6. 6. Notification - Authorization – Licensing - InspectionsNotification - Authorization – Licensing - Inspections • Regulation on notification and authorization of the activities with the ionizing radiation sources is not into force • Licenses issued by Entities RB’s are still valid • Licenses for Technical Services are going to be temporary extended
    7. 7. PlansPlans • To have fully operated RB till the end of May (15 people) • Define priorities (short term)–IAEA Expert mission • Announced completion for new staff • Prepare and Issue basic Regulations (regulations on radiation safety and nuclear safety, radioactive waste management, and on safe transportation of radioactive substances) • Training
    8. 8. Inventory of radiation sourcesInventory of radiation sources -- medicinemedicine Practice RS FB&H Total B&H Radiotherapy Co-60 2 2 LDR Brachtheraphy Cs-137 1 1 HDR Brachytheraphy Ir-192 1 1 Linac 2 2 Diagnostic radiology Simple X-ray 151 227 378 Interventional 2 6 8 Mammograms 13 17 30 Dental 75 52 127 CT 15 17 32 Nuclear medicine Diagnostic (TC-99m, I-131) 1 4 5 Therapeutic (I-131 30mCi) 1 1 2 Therapeutic (I-131 200mCi) 1 1
    9. 9. Inventory of radiation sourcesInventory of radiation sources -- industryindustry Practice RS FB&H Total B&H Industrial radiography Mobile Gamma-Projector 14 9 25 Mobile X-ray unit 2 6 8 Gauges Co-60, Cs-137, Am-141... 41 54 95 Lightning rods Co-60, Eu-152/154 156 218 374 Luggage X-ray units 6 9 15 Calibration facility Co-60, Cs-137 14 14 Sr-90 (etalon sources, very small activity) 337 337 X-ray 1 1
    10. 10. Inventory of radiation sourcesInventory of radiation sources –– storagestorage Place No of sources Central Waste storage Sarajevo, FB&H RA-226 2 drums Eu-152, Co-60, Cs-137, Am-141, Am-Be 70 Temporary storage in Zenica Co-60, Cs-137, Am-Be 47 Temporary storage at Univ. Clinical Centre Sarajevo Co-60, Cs-137, RA-226 54 Temporary Storage Rudi Cajavec, RS Eu-152, Cs-137, Am-Be 44 Temporary Storage Omarska Co-60, Cs-137 35 Temporary Storage Birac Co-60, Cs-137 28