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22 8-11

  1. 1. YEAR 3 ENGLISH LANGUAGE LESSON PLANSubject : English LanguageClass : 3ADate : 22 August 2011 (Monday)Time : 09.00 - 10.00 am (2 periods)Enrolment :Theme : World of KnowledgeTopic : Razin going to Town - Prepositions of locationFocal Skill : Speaking and writingIntegrated Skills : Reading and listening.Curriculum Specifications : 1.4.2 Listen to and follow simple instructions 2.3.1 Responding to ‘Wh’ questions 3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs. 4.3.2 Complete missing words in simple texts (with guidance in the form of words and pictures)Previous knowledge : Pupils know how to show where a person, animal or thing is.Keywords : at, on, in, under, between, in front of, near, behind, beside, oppositeLearning outcomes : By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to 1. talk, read and write about locations. 2. give and follow instructions about locations correctly.Thinking Skills (TS) : 1. Make decisions 2. Problem solvingMultiple Intelligence (MI) : 1. Linguistic 2. Spatial Visual 3. InterpersonalValues and Citizenship (VC) : 1. Cooperation 2. Love for oneself. 3. Being thankful to God.Educational Emphases (EE) : Thinking skillsTeaching aids (TA) : Handout, textbook
  2. 2. Step Skills / Knowledge Teaching-learning activities RemarksSet Speaking 1. Teacher asks pupils to listen Focus - Elicits pupilsInduction carefully to his instructions. about location.(5 minutes) 2. Teacher gives some instructions to pupils. • Put your bag on the floor. • Put your chair on the desk. • Put your bag under the floor. • Put your chair in the desk. 3. Pupils follow each instruction. 4. Teacher asks “Wh” questions to pupils about the instructions given.Presentation/ Speaking and 1. Teacher reads aloud the passage Focus - Reading simpleIntroduction listening with correct pronunciation. passage with correct(15 minutes) 2. Pupils listen attentively and read pronunciation and after the teacher. intonation. 3. Teacher posts questions about the passage. Reading passage : 4. Teacher encourages the pupils Refer to Appendix 1 to response 5. Teacher explains the meaning of unfamiliar words. 6. Teacher asks pupils to read back the conversation in group and individually.Practice and Speaking and 1. Teacher discusses with pupils on Focus – Describe locationDevelopment writing words to describe locations by of things correctly.(20 minutes) showing some example using things in the classroom. Handout on giving • At directions : • On Refer to Appendix 2 • In • Under • Between • In front of • Near • behind • Beside • Opposite 2. Teacher discusses with pupils on using the right words to describe locations.
  3. 3. 3. Teacher gives handouts to pupils. 4. Pupils attempt to finish the exercise. 5. Teacher discusses the answer with pupils together.Production Writing 1. Teacher asks pupils to work in a Focus - Applying(15 minutes) group on describing location of knowledge learned things or people in school. Example : • The whiteboard is in front of the class. • The pupils study in the classroom. 2. Pupils present their findings.Closure Writing 1. Teacher asks pupils to create Focus - Summarize the(5 minutes) many words from the word lesson “Location”. 2. Teacher checks the answer. 3. Teacher summarizes the lesson with pupils.