Famous people with disabilities


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This presentation lists some famous people that have over come their disabilities. Despite people who did not believe in them.

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Famous people with disabilities

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  2. 2. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesAs a lad of nine, he did not know theletters of the alphabet. He wasthough of as dull and backward. Heentered Davidson College, but he hadto withdraw because of illness. Laterhe went to Princeton but his gradeswere mediocre. 2
  3. 3. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis famous entertainer hasachieved success in both standupcomedy and movies. Unfortunately,due to ADHD he found formaleducation too challenging and wasunable to complete high school. 3
  4. 4. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesHis head was large at birth. His motherdid not agree with those who felt thatthe child was abnormal. He was sentto school, but the teacher thought himto be mentally ill. The motherwithdrew the child from school andtaught him herself. As it turned out, hemight have done well in vocationaleducation. 4
  5. 5. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesAs a child, he was labeled slow. Heclerked in a village grocery store. Hesuggested putting slow-merchandiseon a counter and selling it at a reducedrate. It turned out to be an excellentidea. 5
  6. 6. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis woman was born withCerebral Palsy which affectedher speech and physicalcoordination. She grew up tobecome the first actor with adisability to have a staring role,staring in the Facts of Life andmost recently Dead wood. 6
  7. 7. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis was another child who was slowin school work. About the only thingthis apparently right-brainedindividual had going for him was hisvivid imagination, which used tobother his teachers, especially whenhe doodled. 7
  8. 8. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesHe was unable to learn in school dueto abuse at home and sufferinganxiety. He is unable to read orwrite. Became an NHL coach for fivedifferent teams and GeneralManager. Coached the MontrealCanadians to their last Stanley Cupwin in 1993 . Now a member of theSenate 8
  9. 9. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis statesman could be calledacademically disadvantaged. Hefailed grade eight, did terrible inmath, and generally hated school. Hecontinually worked to overcome a“speech impediment”. Still he wasupset by people who were “inebriatedby the exuberance of their own theirown verbosity”. 9
  10. 10. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis person had a learningdisability called dysgraphia,which prevented anyunderstood or legible writtenwork. As a result, all materialhad to be dictated to a typist/transcriptionist. 10
  11. 11. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis person was born withcerebral palsy. He becamethe first comedian to performon the Ellen DeGeneresShow. He also won the LastComic Standing,demonstrating that peoplewith disabilities can make animpact. “…signing anautograph takes 45 minutes” 11
  12. 12. Famous People with Learning Disabilities “You care for nothing but shooting,dogs, and rat-catching; you will be adisgrace to yourself and yourfamily.” Considered by all histeachers and by his father as a veryordinary boy, rather below thecommon standard in intellect. Hewent on to define evolution. 12
  13. 13. Famous People with Learning Disabilities This person believed to have ADHD,left high school after 4 terms. Hisschool record was undistinguished,marked by absenteeism andlacklustre grades. He later becamea eminent scientist, inventor, andinnovator. He is the father of thetelephone 13
  14. 14. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesAs a boy, he wasafflicted with adebilitating stutter, andinitially took up actingonly at the urging of hisspeech therapist. He hasgone on to become anOscar winning actor 14
  15. 15. Famous People with Learning DisabilitiesThis person could not talk until the ageof four. He did not learn to read untilhe was nine. His teachers consideredhim mentally slow, unsociable and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.Thought to have Aspergers a form ofAutism. He failed the entranceexaminations to college. He lost threeteaching positions and then became apatent clerk. 15
  16. 16. Famous People with Learning Disabilities 16