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Hybrid fiber powerline communicatiion (hfpc)
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Hybrid fiber powerline communicatiion (hfpc)






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    Hybrid fiber powerline communicatiion (hfpc) Hybrid fiber powerline communicatiion (hfpc) Presentation Transcript

    • GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013 CONSUMERS demand Internet services but generally they do not care how it is delivered.Hybrid fiber Powerlinecommunication (HFPC) Give FTTX wings
    • Hybrid Fibre Powerline (HFP) Overview New solution which combines BPL with fibre BPL is used on LV only Aerial fibre optic cable on MV poles provides backhaul Optimised for use with electricity systems based on overhead poles Use MV pole wayleave as key asset BPL to consumers can be combined with direct fibre services for business customers Unused fibres provide “dark fibre” business opportunity GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • Next generation services Common Advance Near FutureEntertainment (IPTV, Broadcast,VOD):• Standard Definition TV - 2-4 Mbps 2-4 Mbps• High-definition TV - - 8-12 MbpsInformation (Internet):• Browsing and emailing 1-2 Mbps 5 Mbps 5 Mbps• Personal content (P2P) < 1 Mbps < 1 Mbps 5 Mbps• Instant messaging < 1 Mbps < 1 Mbps < 1 Mbps• e-government etc. - - < 1 Mbps• web-radio/podcast - < 0.5 Mbps < 0.5 Mbps• Interactive gaming - 2 Mbps 2 Mbps• Home monitoring - - 2 MbpsCommunications:• VOIP - < 1 Mbps < 1 Mbps• Video Conferencing - - 2 MbpsTotal 1-4 Mbps 8-12 Mbps >50 Mbps GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • HFP Schematic Existing MV Cables New Aerial Fibre Cable HFP Distribution BoxExisting FDT } To LV Subscribers GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • HFP vs. MV BPL Backhaul MV HFPActive repeater needed every 500m Up to c.100Km without repeatersLimits bandwidth available in LV cells Full 200Mbits/s raw bandwidth in all LV cellsHigh latency limits VoIP deployment Low latency Requires complex design & Simple design & installation installation Low bandwidth (< 80 Mbit/s) High Bandwidth (Gb/s) GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • Optical access topology Desktop Home Building ODN LO/COFTTD ONT MSAN < 10 Gbps FiberFTTH Copper TP Ethernet ONT MSAN < 1 GbpsFTTB Copper TP Copper Ethernet VDSL/BPL ONT MSAN < 100 Mbps ~ 100 mFTTC Copper TP Copper Ethernet Modem VDSL2/BPL ONT MSAN < 50 Mbps ~400 mFTT(N) Cooper TP Copper Ethernet Modem ADSL2+ MSAN < 16 Mbps 3-5 km GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • The challenge FTTH offer very high bandwidth to the premises, especially to the house, however the following challenge hold the deployment:  Limited access method  Installation disturbance (intrusive)  Limited availability in every room GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • Access technology Fiber Wireless BPL (PLC) NoteHome Access One room All room, Limited All electricalLocation socketMulticast YES NO YESSupportBandwidth GB/TB 108 Mbps 200 MbpsSecurity High Medium HighMobility Low High Medium GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • FFTX – BPL Integration Point 2 PC ONU BPL Modem FO network CPE BPL Master IPTV House Electrical Network 11. FO terminated at housing Main Electrical Panel electrical MDB (Outdoors)2. FO terminated outside the house GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • Drill and Hack: no more Access in every electric outletFO (PG) – BPLInterconnection Access in every electric outlet No rewiring inside the home GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013 *) PG = Premise Gateway
    • Product Architecture EnclosureFiber Input FTTH BPL Modem Power And Modem PLC Source (ONU) PWR Adaptor FTTX BPL Network GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • HFPL main benefits Cost effective  Networks of this nature can not only be deployed quickly but also at a fraction of the cost of FTTH and GPON/DSL Innovative  Fiber to the node (FTTN) solution for high speed broadband services with possible migration to FTTH in the future. GEPON/BPL and standard GPON ONTs can coexist on the same splitter Simple design  Uniquely integrated GEPON/BPL solution that minimizes network complexity and the number of network element Full service coverage  Network can be planned to support basic broadband connectivity plus upgrade to deliver triple-play services First time revenue  By not having to provide traditional copper or coax access connections to the premise allow for simple, fast and automated service provisioning and a reduction in customer acquisition cost GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013
    • ContactPT Global Solution Comindo Wisma Prima Lt 4 Jl. Kapten Tendean 34 Jakarta 12790 Indonesia Tel: +62-21-28886646 Fax: +62-21-28886646 broto@taurus-gscom.com www.taurusinfoworld.com GSCOM Confidential (C) 2013