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Overview about two web 2.0 tools: Netvibes and Pearltrees, used in knowledge management.

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Netvibes pearltrees-0413-slideshare

  1. 1. John
  2. 2. Introduction Web 2.0 describes web sitesallowing users to interact andcollaborate with each other Web 2.0 technologies haverevolutionized knowledgesharing and collaboration The challenge is to collectinformation from many sourcesand share the most valuableinformation
  3. 3. InfObesity Infobesity is overabundance of information: The amount of information is growing at an incredible 66% per year Roughly 50% of most web searches are abandoned Cost of information retrieval is between 2k€ to 20k€ per year/employee At least 95 h to 400 h of working is lost each year per employee The challenge will be to optimize the collect of information &
  4. 4. Social mediaSocial media in knowledge management: Social networks: find people/stay in touchwith contacts Blogs/micro-blogging: publishposts/information Wikis: online encyclopedia/dictionaries RSS portal/aggregator: news andwebsite/blogs RSS feed aggregator Social magazine: onlinenewspaper/magazine Social bookmarking: add, annotate, edit,and share bookmarks of web documents ...
  5. 5. Definition RSS feed« Rich Site Summary (or Really Simple Syndication) is a family ofweb feed formats used to publish frequently updated works - such asblog entries, news headlines, audio, and video - in a standardizedformat »RSS feeds can be read using software calledan "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator " ...The user subscribes to a feed by entering intothe reader the feeds URI ...The RSS reader checks the users subscribed feeds regularly for newwork … RSS allows users to avoid manually inspecting all of thewebsites they are interested in … »
  6. 6. AgendaNetvibes Create an account Discover default web page and menu Add an RSS feed Add widget, link, web page, … Organize your page Public page activation Tips
  7. 7. Key facts Created in 2005 by T.Krim & F.Fremont Headquarters in Paris, France Acquired in 2012 by Dassault Systèmes Slogan « Dashboard Everything »« Netvibes is a personalized dashboard publishing platform for the Web composed of widgets that are pulled from a widget list open to third party developers. »
  8. 8. Home
  9. 9. Create an account Create an account and/or Sign in + Mail activation
  10. 10. Web interface Default personal start page MenuDashboard Widget Module
  11. 11. Menu Modify language, page themes, … Create, manage, switch between dashboards, … Account info, backup, …
  12. 12. MenuSearch and adda widget(application orfeed)Add a new feed
  13. 13. Add a RSS feed Key steps: Select a website/blog of interest: Look after RSS feed icon and subscribe to it: Copy the link and paste it into Netvibes Click on RSS module preview to add it into active dashboard
  14. 14. RSS Module types Many ways to visualize the content: normal, slideshow, ..
  15. 15. Other module types Browse featured module and widgets: mail, weather, notes, bookmarks, website, …
  16. 16. Tab & module options Tab parameters: options & layout Module parameters: title, view, …
  17. 17. Activate public page Your public page is now available and must be configurated (theme, module, etc.) to share information
  18. 18. Tips #1Share Tab, Module or Articleusing « Share » optionClick on Netvibes Icon to directlyadd an RSS feedHave a look Netvibes EcosystemUse Netvibes Firefox extension tomanage new RSS feedFAQ: your feeds
  19. 19. Tips #2 Explore RSS feeds using RSS search engine Filter RSS feeds with specific key words usingFeedRinse Create automatically RSS feed from website withoutfeeds using Feedity Create manually RSS feed from website without feedsusing Feed43 Combine many RSS feeds into one unique RSS feedusing RSS mix Combine all these options: explore/create, filter andcombine RSS feeds or buy a Netvibes Pro licence
  20. 20. AgendaPearltrees Create an account Discover options and parameters Add a pearl Organize your pearls Find related Pearltrees Work in team Tips
  21. 21. Key facts Created in 2008 by P.Lamother & al Headquarters in Paris, France Slogan « Cultivate your interets »«Pearltrees is a visual and collaborative curation tool that allows users to collect, organize and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos and notes»
  22. 22. Home Page
  23. 23. Create an account + Complete your profile (name, language, photo, …)
  24. 24. Web Interface Default starting page Menu Main page
  25. 25. Menu Modify language, See notifications Find related notifications, … and news from Pearltrees (and other pearlers new contact)Go backto root Add a Search newtree new pearls, find Pearl people, …
  26. 26. Add a pearl Choose a Pearl type and add it to your tree
  27. 27. Organize your pearls Add Pearl Notes to contextualize a subtree Add a new Web Pearl linearly or not Add a (sub) Pearl Tree to categorize your Pearls
  28. 28. Find related Pearltrees Select one of your Pearltree of interest and ask related Pearltrees to find interesting sources of information Pick a Tree or a Pearl of interest
  29. 29. Work in teams Create a team from one of your PearlTree or team-up with others from outside Pearltrees Profile of a Pearltree: number of pearls, number of views, members, … Profile of a Pearl: number of picks, comments, team name, …
  30. 30. Tips Export/save your bookmarks Explore other well organized PearlTrees Don’t curate the web too much, but curate your PearlTrees Create or join teams Use this tool to collaborate with your collegues (provider survey, share subject of interest, …) PearlTrees is also available on iPad or iPhone Buy a Premium version to create private Pearltrees or to send message
  31. 31. ConclusionSome recommandations: Keep a separation between Personal and ProfessionalKnowledge Management as possible The learning curve is not easy, but it worth it (RSS feedidentification and management) Do not curate the web for nothing, keep an objective (identifyexperts, broader view of an activity and associated tools,enrich/share information, …) Work in team or in collaboration Take care of InfObesity Use these web tools in the seven days, or neverManagement of idea and innovation through SocialNetworking Technologies …