BRoy Work Sample Set


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An abbreviated version of my portfolio.

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BRoy Work Sample Set

  1. 1. Portfolio Preview Brittany Roy 860.463.4745
  2. 2. [ Reach Breast Cancer Healing Center: Midlothian, VA ][ Apprx. 18,000 SF ] [ Revit Rendering ]The Reach Breast Cancer Healing Center provides an unconventional support setting that will help women maintain a sense ofbeauty and self while dealing with breast cancer. It also enhances a feeling of reassurance, offering a community of womengoing through the same experiences as one another. The space also considers family and friends as an imperative part of thehealing process, providing spaces for family and friends to meet to know that they are not alone either. This will help womenfocus on healing themselves rather than worrying about others during their recovery.The main imagery driving the design is the banyan tree which starts as one central trunk and grows many other roots and trunksfrom its branches creating a strong, centralized support system. Brittany Roy 860.463.4745
  3. 3. [ Instinct Parkour Retail Store: Savannah, GA ][ Apprx 7,000 SF ] [ Hand Renderings: Marker ]The focus of this project was to create a space that met ADA guidelines. The project was to design a retail space geared towardparkour and free-running practitioners, and was meant to be interactive and energetic while still accessible.We were challenged to find innovative ways to help handicapped people to experience such a physical activity as parkour andfreerunning even with handicaps such as physical mobility, visual impairment, and auditory impairment. Brittany Roy 860.463.4745
  4. 4. [ Loomstate Organics Corporate Office and Showroom ] [ Apprx. 10,000 SF ] [ Hand Rendering ] *Renderings done by John Mark Waluskiewicz This corporate design project was a collaborative project focusing on office design for a sustainable company. My partner and I chose Loomstate Organics, a company that produces 100% organic cotton clothing and is geared toward a fashion forward, young adult demographic. Our office space caters to the workspace needs of the employees, while also providing a showroom for the company’s products. The Golden Ratio served as our overall design driver, as did nature and the ocean which are both important to the company. In Brittany Roy the end, the aesthetic we achieved was a playful sophistication, representative of the company and its 860.463.4745
  5. 5. [ News Place Condos at Ellis Square: Savannah, GA ][ Apprx. 1,500 SF ] [ Hand Renderings: Colored Pencil, Marker ]This residential design project was to create a luxury apartment for a client of our choice. We were given the choice of variousapartment layouts, and had to chose which style best suited the needs of our client.I chose to focus on Feng Shui as a means of organizing my spaces and choosing colors. I used the Pa Kua, a compass-like tool usedin Feng Shui design, to layout each space and apply various elements to them. Brittany Roy 860.463.4745
  6. 6. [ Immortal 600 Folly Structure at Fort Pulaski: Savannah, GA] [ Scaled Model: Various Materials ] In Form, Space and Order, we were first introduced to the organization and creation of space. The focus was on smaller, more conceptual exhibition-like spaces. For our final, we created a folly structure for Fort Pulaski that dealt with a topic of our choice in relation to the fort. My focus was on the Immortal 600, prisoners of war who were kept at the fort, the majority of whom died there. Brittany Roy The folly structure was intended to be a tribute to the 13 men who are said to be buried at the fort. I was inspired by the idea of the fallen soldier, represented here in the wooden posts falling away from the direction of the grave site that the structure to. The opposing forces of freedom and imprisonment also played a part in inspiring the design. 860.463.4745
  7. 7. [ Professional Work ][ Mohegan Sun Exhibit Space; Project Management ]For this project, I had the opportunity to project manage an exhibit/museum space for the new Mohegan SunGovernment Center. The space was designed by Outthink, LLC and was turned over to Creative Dimensions for projectmanagement and fabrication. I was in charge of facilitating correspondence among all parties on our end, orderingall samples and final materials, completing construction drawings for smaller design elements (3form panels, displaycases, artifact bases, and flooring), and making site visits as needed. I also had a hand in painting the exhibit, placinggraphics on the walls, and installing and staging the space for final review. Brittany Roy* Please note, all designs are by Outthink, LLC. 860.463.4745
  8. 8. [ Professional Work ] [ Big Y Store Re-design, Conceptual Design, Google Sketchup ] The exhibit design company that I worked with on this project handles the main signage and graphic design for the Big Y grocery stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts. They were looking to re-design their aisle markers and food court awnings in a fun, lightly themed way. I had the opportunity to present conceptual design ideas to the Brittany Roy Big Y team, and after a few tweeks on the production end, this has become the current design package for all remodeled Big Y stores. 860.463.4745
  9. 9. [ Fine Art Projects ] [ Various Mediums: Pen and Ink, Gouache, Acrylics ] Brittany 860.463.4745