Meet the Candidates!


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Meet the candidates of the Student Coordinating Council in the Brown School at WUSTL!

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Meet the Candidates!

  1. 1. Student Coordinating Council Candidate Statements
  2. 2. Co-Chair: Lauren Bugh My name is Lauren Bugh and I am a first year student in the MSW program. I am running for the offices of Co-chair. As you can see, I really want to be involved and believe I have a lot to contribute. I have co-chaired many student events throughout college, been a member of steering groups (plan large events at school), have served on the alumni relations committee for student council and my sorority, and love to be involved. I think student council has a lot to offer to the students, faculty and staff. I would love to be a part of this great organization, working to make a difference in all of these groups. The Brown school has many wonderful students an faculty, and I would be honored to work in collaboration with them to better serve this community. I hope that you agree with me, and elect me to be a member of this student council. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!
  3. 3. Co-Chair: Kelsey Laitinen As someone who enjoys working with and getting to know a wide variety of people and efforts, I feel that my personality works well with the duties of the Co-Chair position. Responsibilities of this position which require organization, communication skills, and flexibility are exciting to me. In addition, this position provides great opportunity for encouraging involvement and collaboration among the Brown School community. Hopefully this helps to paint a picture as to why I’m interested in running for Co-Chair, but please feel free to ask me any questions!
  4. 4. Community Liaison: Lauren Singh I am honored to be nominated by one of my fellow Brown School classmates to run for Student Coordinating Council. I have decided to run for the Community Liaison position. I believe I am a good candidate for this position because of my extensive background in community service. I have completed a yearlong volunteer program and have done numerous short term and long term community service projects that have included tutoring, volunteering at a nursing home, and volunteering at a hospital. Although I am new to the St. Louis area, I am willing to learn about what is going on in the community and what the community’s needs are to better connect the Brown School to the community and ultimately make long term relationships between the Brown School and the community.
  5. 5. Community Liaison: Paul Sorenson No matter how much the Brown School offers a sense of community, we're at a loss unless we also reach out to the city we live in -- the complex, always-changing St. Louis. If elected as the Student Coordinating Council's Community Liaison, I would work beyond putting together a generous community service day and hope to link students with the world beyond Brown. Having worked for a number of years as a journalist and an active resident of Iowa City, I know how to collaborate and connect with many people on a variety different levels and would love an opportunity to do that here. If you have any questions or ideas about how I could contribute to Brown as the SCC's Community Liaison, always feel free to email me at: Happy voting.
  6. 6. Community Liaison: Chad Baker I’m interested in being the Community Liaison for several reasons. First, I enjoy getting people together for social events whenever possible. My family places great value on building community and it’s been a common practice for us to get people together for social, philanthropic, service-based and fundraising efforts for as long as I can remember. It’s one of my greatest pleasures to get people together to celebrate any occasion, and it would be awesome to continue that tradition organizing events and gatherings for WashU and the Brown School. Second, community service is like second nature to me. Since I was little, I’d been very involved in organizing and executing community service projects in my hometown of Boston. I have a lot of great ideas for how to increase the Brown School’s presence in the local community by leveraging talents and skills that I’ve witnessed among my peers here and channeling that energy into powerful service projects. Third, through family and friends I’ve met a lot of great, inspiring community leaders that I’d like to introduce the Brown school community to who are working on fantastic projects in their respective communities that I feel would be instrumental to several students, groups and initiatives here in the school. I believe I have a lot of the skills and motivation to pour into this position and bridge the interests of the Brown School community and the St. Louis community in exciting, innovative ways.
  7. 7. MSW General Member: Brian Pieh Hello, My name is Brian Pieh and I am interested in the MSW General Member position. I am interested in the position for a number of reasons. I have never had a significant role in any type of student organization related to student government, and I would like to take on that responsibility and learn more about how student government operates. I think the MSW General Member position would offer the unique opportunity of learning a lot about student government and being involved in many different aspects of student life, but I feel it is a position where I can play more of a supportive role relative to some of the other positions, and that is where I am most comfortable. I think that I can get along with most people pretty well and am willing to take on responsibilities and learn from others, and I think I could be a good addition to the council.
  8. 8. MSW General Member: Kendra Donaldson Hi my name is Kendra Donaldson and I am running for the MSW General Member position. I believe that I would make a good representative for the MSW student body. I am a very motivated person and I have had experience as a student-faculty liaison during my undergraduate career. During that time I served as a voice for students and brought any concerns that students had to the attention of the faculty and staff so that issues could be resolved. I feel that because I am a good listener and pay very close attention to the opinions of others, that I would be effective at representing the MSW class by serving on the SCC and acting as a liaison. I thank you for considering me.
  9. 9. MSW General Member: Natasha Hilts The Student Coordinating Council is an excellent opportunity to become an integrated member of the Brown School family. Starting the MSW program has been quite an exciting and challenging experience; but, there is still a feeling of disconnect for me. The content of the courses and my professors are amazing! The students I have met thus far seem pleasant, but something is still missing. It would be a disservice to me and the school if I were to concentrate solely on my courses, my interests, and my grades for the remainder of my time here. Additionally, it is vital that I contribute to our school, rather than merely consume information. Dean Lawlor said something in orientation that truly resonated with me. He said something about walking across the stage at graduation and his ability to distinguish between the students he knew and those he did not. I would prefer to make my presence known during my time here. Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration.
  10. 10. MPH General Member: Robin Cheskin As a first year MPH student, I am very excited to be running for MPH General Member of the SCC. I pledge to consistently represent the desires and concerns of the students, faculty, and staff of the MPH program. I believe it is important that leaders within the Brown School share a vision of a community that fosters strong communication among Brown students and student group leaders. I understand the importance of open communication as I am currently involved with multiple student groups at Brown that include ALPHA and PHIE. A creative idea for a Brown School event would be a social potluck for all MPH/MSW students, which would foster friendship and networking among participants.
  11. 11. MPH General Member: Nora Geary Hello! My name is Nora Geary and I'm running for the Masters of Public Health General Member. I'm in the first of my three years here at Brown and I'm so excited about all of the amazing opportunities. I've attended MPH events, which have been great (Signature Health Forum, Institute for Public Health Annual Conference, and several documentaries). I know the MPH program is relatively new at the Brown School, which means there is a lot of room for growth. Students at Brown deserve to get the most out of the program and the amazing opportunities for professional development. By nature I'm inquisitive and like to know "who's in the know," and how others can become "in the know." And, when things aren't working, I'm talking about it...talking about it with students, faculty, and staff to figure out what needs to be done. Two (or three) years isn't that much time to have at Brown, let me help you get the most out of it by serving as your General MPH member! This is your time and your education.
  12. 12. Treasurer: Allison Mauk Building community is very important to me; I see being a member of the SCC as an opportunity to continue to build and support the community within the Brown School. As Treasurer, I will work hard to be available and helpful to student groups and student-led activities, making the money aspect as easy and straightforward as possible so more time can be spent on great programming. I'm excited at the prospect of being able to support student groups with all the great work that they do!
  13. 13. Treasurer: Eprise Armstrong As a member of SCC, I'll bring my enthusiasm for life, social justice and education. Most importantly, I'll bring open ears and a desire to see student driven and informed change.
  14. 14. Student Group Liaison: Bryan Capers The position I would like to be considered for is the student group liaison member. I am a strong believer in the idea that success derives from happiness and love. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. My mission is to continue to promote positivism, garner diversity, spread love, and derive in service. If this is what you are looking for to represent the Student Coordinating Council, then I am your guy.
  15. 15. Secretary: Jasmine Bass I am running for SCC secretary because I would like to be an active participant in the Brown School community. Becoming secretary of SCC would allow me to serve the student body while also serving the SCC committee. I have a passion for working and assisting others and I believe that it is important to be involved within this school. I would also like to use this position to continue to encourage student involvement and be an aid to the student groups offered at the Brown School. If elected I will work my hardest to be an asset to the students and student groups while serving my term as secretary.
  16. 16. Secretary: Laina Aboujawdeh I will be putting my nomination for the position of Secretary for the Student Coordinating Council. I am very interested in this position because I want to become involved in representing the Brown School students and I have experience working with a variety of student groups. I was Secretary for my sorority as an undergraduate student and I would enjoy bringing those skills I learned to this position. Please vote for me for the position of Secretary for the Student Coordinating Council!
  17. 17. Secretary: Becca Sousong "It has been a wonderful experience so far being part of a developing public health program. I am impressed with the heart and expertise of our faculty, but, actually, the students have been equally striking to me. That's especially encouraging since we have a unique opportunity to help shape this new program and make it great. SCC provides an excellent way for us to be involved with decisions for our education and the development of the program. I would love to be part of it and to represent fellow students as the SCC secretary." Prior experience: Medical School Executive Council Student Representative; Professionalism Committee Member
  18. 18. Alumni Board Rep: Lisa Clancy My name is Lisa Clancy and I'm running for Alumni Board Representative. I'm a first-year MSW student with interests in community development and urban education and I'm thrilled to be here at the Brown School! As Alumni Board Representative I look forward to engaging alumni by promoting partnerships between alumni and current students and creating new collaborations between alumni and the Brown School at large. I'm driven, focused, and a good communicator. If you want an Alumni Board Representative who will do these things and has these characteristics, then I'm your choice!
  19. 19. Alumni Board Rep: Nora Shields Hi! My name is Nora Shields, and I am running for the Alumni Board Representative member for the Student Coordinating Council. SCC presents a great opportunity to get more involved in the Brown School, and I feel I would be an asset to the council because I am organized, responsible, and dedicated. During college, I was part of my school’s student educational policy committee, and served as a link between faculty and students. Forming bridges between groups is familiar and important work to me, and is one of the reasons the Alumni Board Representative member position is of particular interest. I would be honored to serve as a connection between Brown School alumni and current students, and examine ways we can increase opportunities for meaningful interaction between the two groups.
  20. 20. Your 2010 SCC: Elections are November 8-11 DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!