October 4 campus notes 10042012


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October 4 campus notes 10042012

  1. 1. Thursday, OctobeThursday, October r04, 2012 04, 2012
  2. 2. Vote.It’s your rightworth fighting for.
  3. 3. Dr. JAY AVENIDOAllied Health
  4. 4. GROW Stay in school to growEVOLVE Do your work to evolveBECOME Graduate to become
  5. 5. Career Services Charlie King Sabina Contractor Director of CS CS AdvisorAngela Ellis Erica Okere Shannon WaltersCS Advisor CS Advisor CS Advisor
  6. 6. Metro Bus PassesImportant information: NOW AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTSBeginning March 2012, Metro will nolonger issue monthly passes.The monthly pass will be replacedwith a 30 day pass.Bus pass is valid for unlimited ridesfor 30 days from the day of first use.Financial aid money must be on yourstudent account in order to chargeyour bus pass.Bus pass is non-refundable andirreplaceable, students are allowedonly one pass per course.Visit www.go-metro.com or call 513-621-4455 for bus schedules and rideinformation.
  7. 7. Dr. Gerald Lindahl General Education Studies
  8. 8. Woodlawn Norwood Shuttle service between campuses Monday, Tuesday & ThursdayDeparts Woodlawn 8:30am Arrives Norwood 9:05amArrives Woodlawn 9:45am Departs Norwood 9:10amDeparts Woodlawn 9:50am Arrives Norwood 10:20amArrives Woodlawn 10:55am Departs Norwood 10:25amDeparts Woodlawn 11:00am Arrives Norwood 11:30amArrives Woodlawn 12:05pm Departs Norwood 11:35amDeparts Woodlawn 12:10pm Arrives Norwood 12:45pmArrives Woodlawn 1:20pm Departs Norwood 12:50pm
  9. 9. Prince Ellis Info. Technology Architectural DesignBiomedical Technology
  10. 10. Voting is a mostpowerful right. Ask these Great AmericansNovember 6
  11. 11. *Come to the library**Leave your name and contact information* We want to thank YOU *November 12, 2012*
  12. 12. Computer labs are open onFriday and Saturday Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
  13. 13. Nancy Killeen Veterinary Technology
  14. 14. MIKE DAVIS •Information Technology •Legal Studies •Audio/Video Production •Architectural Design & Drafting •Computer Networking •Biomedical Equipment Technology
  15. 15. Shelley BoskoEarly childhood
  16. 16. Remember, it’s the lawSmokers must beaway from thedoors of any publicbuilding.
  17. 17. Your star can make a differenceVote November 6th
  18. 18. Doug Yeager Audio Video Production
  19. 19. Attention All StudentsWe need singers for The 11th Annual Holiday CD. Sign up sheets in both libraries Doug Yeager 513-672-1936
  20. 20. This is a notice that the annual Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Crime and Security ActReport is currently available on the College’s website at:http://www.brownmackie.edu/cincinnati/student-consumer-information.aspxPaper copies of the Crime Report are available on campus in the Advising Office or by callingthe College at 513-771-2424.The annual Crime Report contains the following pertinent information:The Institute’s Safety and Security Policies; The procedures for reporting a crime; Security personnel at the Institute; Policies for preparing the annual crime report; Security and access to campus facilities; Campus law enforcement; Programs offered about campus security and the prevention of crime; Off-campus student organizations; Drug and alcohol policies; Sexual assault policies and the rights of victims; Information regarding registered sex offenders; Emergency Notification and Evacuation Policy; Fire Safety; Missing PersonThe crime statistics for the Institute’s Campus, Non-Campus Buildings and Public Property forcalendar years 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  21. 21. Shannon ZozCriminal Justice & Paralegal
  22. 22. Let it snow Let it snow oliday CD Let it snow Sign up in the library
  23. 23. Are you registered tovote? If not, now is thetime to get registeredand perform your civicduty and register.If you have notregistered tovote, please stop byand see an AcademicAdvisor and completea Voter RegistrationForm.
  24. 24. GLENNA ABNEY Student Success Center Coordinator
  25. 25. Leeann Strausbaugh Interim Associate Administrator
  26. 26. Computer Lab EtiquetteIn order to preserve a clean and healthy environment in thecomputer labs we will enforce the policy:No Food And Beverages In The Computer Labs
  27. 27. Center Focus: Students, Faculty, and Staff Melanie Moon Early Childhood Education Legal Studies Practical Nursing Allied Health (including Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Surgical Technician, Health Care Administration) Jon Scharf First Quarter Studies General Education Classes iPad Champion Veterinary Technician Dee McGuire Accounting Audio Visual Production BusinessInformation Technology (including Biomedical Technology, Computer Networking/Database Office Management, Architectural Drafting) Professional Development Whatever your needs – our center focus is to help!
  28. 28. Anisha DanielsBusiness management Accounting Tech.
  29. 29. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Performed by Bobbie Bean Assistant Director of Admissions 2012 Holiday CD Coming in December
  30. 30. Career Services Presents……. Walgreens On Campus Recruiting for …. Store Manager Team Leads & Pharmacy Technicians October 8, 2012 1 pm at the Norwood CampusPlease contact Erica Okere in Career Services for further information 513/672-1946 or eokere@brownmackie.edu Lets Get to Work!
  31. 31. Career Services Presents…… Speed Way On Campus Recruiting October 11, 2012 12pm at the Main CampusPlease contact Erica Okere in Career Services to Interview 513/672-1946 or eokere@brownmackie.edu Lets Get to Work!
  32. 32. My vote What willfreed man. yours do? Vote November 6 and find out!
  33. 33. Check your grades in EcollegeThis is yourperformance progress report.