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Zero to Sixty with Oracle ApEx

Zero to Sixty with Oracle ApEx



Presentation about Oracle Application Express - getting started to getting productive. Check out http://bdb.intelivideo.com for a full ApEx education for just $49.99!!!!

Presentation about Oracle Application Express - getting started to getting productive. Check out http://bdb.intelivideo.com for a full ApEx education for just $49.99!!!!



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  • This is currently geared for a ½ day presentation. The idea is to take people from limited (or no) knowledge about Apex to a good understanding in a short period of time.
  • demonstrate query builder join emp, emp, and dept tablesImport Movie Reviews, exclude Review column, use ID but use new seq, rating number, when varchar30Review table in object browserAdd lookup table on country columnReview SQL it will performLook at UI defaults, note use of look up tableUpdate label for CountryMake verdict a radio group for form (See It, Skip It, N/A)put ID as first columnCreate application, analyze by Verdict and Format, avg on year and rating

Zero to Sixty with Oracle ApEx Zero to Sixty with Oracle ApEx Presentation Transcript

  • Zero to Sixty with Oracle Application Express Bradley D. Brown, brad@intelivideo.com InteliVideo, CTO
  • Agenda• Who am I?• High Level Concepts• My assumptions and expectations• What I‟ve done with ApEx• What and How with ApEx• What you‟re going to do tomorrow – I hope 
  • Who am I?• Bradley D. Brown • Today http://bradleydbrown.blogspot.com • InteliVideo in April 2012• Founder • Video Monetization Platform • TUSC in 1988 • Built it to sell training online • Sold to Rolta in 2008 • Focused on mid and long tail and corporate deals • IntelliReal in 2005 • Sold to Equifax in 2011 • ApEx provides a “quick turns” approach to our offerings • 10+ other companies, boards • You‟ll see this…send me an• Professor – DU email and I‟ll give you free access to my ApEx class (in• Author – 6 technical books exchange for feedback)
  • High Level ConceptsWhat we’re not going to talk about (too much)• History of ApEx • Integration• Product Positioning • Web Services• Great/Bad for x, y, z • Advanced Topics• Installation• Configuration • The good news is I have Apex presentations on all of these• Architecture, Scale topics and a whole lot more • Go to www.tusc.com to download
  • Assumptions and Expectations• You know some SQL and • You understand that ApEx is PL/SQL, but youll be OK if you a rapid development tool dont (for now) • Developing app• You came here because you • Designing databases think ApEx might be good for your company (or startup) • You also get that ApEx can be used for large scale• Why are you here? production applications• Hoping today will get you • Let‟s check out: excited about what you can do http://Intelivideo.com with ApEx
  • What I‟ve Done with ApEx• TUSC • ClearSale • Many consulting gigs • Raised money • Lots of training • Engaged a partner • First book on ApEx • Trained their staff• IntelliReal • InteliVideo • First UI was 100% ApEx • Entire business around ApEx UI, Web Services, etc. • Quick turns• Independent Nation • Demoable application
  • Oracle Application Expressfor ClearSale
  • InteliReal – First “Find” functionality
  • iMVI for Property
  • Recent Sales
  • Custom Report
  • APR / IPR
  • Heat Maps• A look at different neighborhood trends in home values
  • GeoSearch• Grouping of properties• Colorized and customizable
  • Highlight and Visual Search• Highlight it• Build your search, see it
  • Test Scores within a radius• Visual results
  • Independent Nation• Contributors by party contributed to… 17
  • What and How with ApEx• Major Components • Components • SQL Workshop • Shared • Utilities • Items • Application Builder • Processes • Workspaces • Buttons • Applications • Branches • Regions • ….
  • Wanna Do This Yourself?• http://apex.oracle.com• Sign Up• First and Last Name, Email• Workspace• Schema and Space Allocation• Short Survey• Explain why – Because Brad suggested it… • Accept the Terms
  • Major ComponentsApplication Builder SQL Workshop Teamwork Administration
  • SQL Workshop• Object Browser • SQL Commands • Look at emp table and all of • select * from emp where the tabs deptno = :deptno • Create lookup • Show explain plan, history and saved SQL • Select other object types – views, … • SQL Scripts • Other schemas • Utilities • Create objects too • Query Builder • Data Workshop • Generate DDL • …
  • Utilities• Build a Query• Let‟s load a file• Methods• UI Defaults• Comparisons
  • Application Builder• Types of Apps • Database • Websheet• Apps have pages• Pages have regions• Regions are • HTML, Reports, Forms, Charts, Maps, Trees, Calendars, Lists and more
  • ApEx Environment contains Workspaces ApEx Environment HR Actg Purch IT Maint Trans
  • Workspaces contain Applications HR Workspace App 1 App 2 App 3 App 4 App 5 App 6
  • Applications contain Pages Application 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
  • Pages have Regions & Shared Components
  • Pages have Regions & Shared Components
  • Application Builder Terminology Navigation Bar Tabs Breadcrumbs Item Region Button
  • Great Wizardry…from a CSV• An Application from a Comma • Advanced topics Delimited File • Conditional display• An Application from Scratch • Items • Interactive report • Session state • Graph • Templates • Form with a Report • Processes • Security • Monitoring activity
  • From Scratch• Design up front • Start adding pages• Data already exists or was • Blank loaded in table • Report• Name it • Table / Query• From Scratch • Interactive / Classic• Pick “base” schema • Form / Tabular • Table • Master Detail • Report and Form
  • Adding Functionality• Wizard or Scratch • Regions• Click “Create” • HTML • Page • Report • Region • Form • Control • Chart • Shared Component • Breadcrumb• Conditional Logic • PL/SQL • Tree • URL
  • Shared Components• App Definition / Comments • Navigation• Logic – Web Services • Tabs, Lists, etc,• Security • User Interface • Authentication • Themes, LOVs • Authorization • Files • CSS • Images
  • Miscellaneous Functionality• Export / Import • Monitor Activity • Flashback (as of) • Dashboards• Team Development • Utilization Report• Manage Service• Manage Users/Groups
  • Referencing Items• Substitution String • Items can be used to: • #variableName# • Include a substitution string• Short Substitution String within a template • &variableName • Create an item at the application or page level• PL/SQL • Use built-in substitution • v(„variableName‟) strings to achieve a specific • nv(„numericValue‟) type of functionality• Bind Variable • :variableName35
  • Built-in Monitoring• Chart activity by application • Page Views by Hour• Chart non internal user views • Page views report aggregated by workspace• Chart of developer activity • Recent page views (with optional• Chart page views by day workspace filter)• Chart page views by non internal users • Top Browsers (with time filter) • Top External Sites• Monthly calendar report • Top Users • Top Workspaces37
  • What You‟re Going to Do Tomorrow• Sign up on apex.oracle.com and • Read, learn, study, play with build your first application ApEx• Work on your laptop • Write a class and publish it on InteliVideo.com!!!!• Attend advanced topics / presentations • Have fun!!!!• Watch my class on InteliVideo• MaxApex also sells a production environment for as low as $10/mo
  • Questions?
  • Copyright Information• Neither InteliVideo, Rolta nor the author guarantee this document to be error-free. Please provide comments/questions to brad@intelivideo.com.• InteliVideo and Rolta © 2012. This document cannot be reproduced without expressed written consent from an officer of InteliVideo or Rolta.