1865-1895                                        By: Shelby Brown               1850                                      ...
The Homestead                          Act was a U.S.                          law that provided                          ...
In 1867 the                                               Credit Mobilizer                                               s...
The                                                       Participants in a                                               ...
A Graft is the illegaluse of politicalinfluence forpersonal gain(mainly money).                    The “Guilded Age” is   ...
The Battle of                                              Little Big Horn                                              oc...
Ragtime is a                                                                                                      blend of...
George Westinghouse began to help Thomas Edison                                         Mugwumps were make electricity    ...
The HaymarketAffair occurred onMay 4th 1886 ariot gathered atChicago’sHaymarketSquare to protestpolice brutality.Several p...
The Ghost Dance                                           is a ritual to                                           prevent...
1892                                                                                1893Ida B. Wells       Populism was th...
William Hearst                                                                                                            ...
July 8,1896William Bryan,the Democraticnominee of the                                                            William H...
Angel Island in                                                 the San                                                 Fr...
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Timeline powerpoint

  1. 1. 1865-1895 By: Shelby Brown 1850 1857The Bessemer “Sweat shop” was Frederick LawProcess was a a negative Olmstead helpedcheap and connotation for Calver Vaux drawefficient way to working a plan formake steel environments that “Greensward”invented in 1850 were which wasby Henry unacceptably selected toBessemer and difficult or unsafe become CentralWilliam Kelley. used beginning in Park in New York the 1850’s. City. http://www.xtimeline.com/evt/view.aspx?id=764612 http://www.google.com/imgres?q=greensward+plan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweatshop
  2. 2. The Homestead Act was a U.S. law that provided 160 acres in the west to the head of household to cultivate for 5 years. This land was reserved Ellis Island in Native American New York was land and caused the main many disputes in immigration the future. station from 1862 to 1924. 1859 1862 1864Social Darwinism is an The Chyanne and The stockholderseconomic and social Arapaho tribes werephilosophy based on of the Union attacked in the SandCharles Darwin’s Pacific Railroadtheory of evolution by Creek Reserve on November 29, 1864 formed the Creditnatural selection,stating that by Colonel John Mobilizer andunrestrained business Chivington. 150 contracted it tocompetition will ensure were killed and the lay track for threethe survival of the casualties were times the costfittest. This was mostly women andpublished in Darwin’s and pocket the children in the Sandbook “On the Origin of Creek Massacre. profits.Species” and used toexplain AndrewCarnegie’s success in http://just-write.contentquake.com/2009/11/19/survival-of-the-facts/business. http://www.black-hawk-design.net/BlackHawk/washita_river/page27.htm http://www.cartoonstock.com/vintage/directory/c/credit_mobilier_of_america_scandal.asp
  3. 3. In 1867 the Credit Mobilizer scandal case Oliver Hudson went through the Kelley started the Supreme Court. Patrons of Husbandry in 1867 which was an organization for farmers that became more commonly known as Grange. 1866 1867 The Grandfather Grange was another Clause was introducedThe original name for the in 1867 to excludeBuffalo Soldiers Patrons of some people from thewere members of Husbandry started laws put in place tothe U.S. 10th by Oliver Kelley to keep African provide a social Americans fromCalvary formed voting. It stated if youron September 1, outlet and grandfather could vote educational reform1866. Soon all for farmers and before January 1,African American 1867 then you could isolated farm vote too. This law keptregiments formed families. Another African Americansin 1866 were assignment of from the polls becausecalled Buffalo Grange was to their grandfathers hadSoldiers. regulate railroads. been slaves. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Soldier http://www.flickr.com/photos/bootbearwdc/118098571/ http://www.allposters.co.uk/-sp/Grandfather-Clause-Posters_i6271756_.htm
  4. 4. The Participants in a Transcontinental trust turn over their stock to a group of Railroad was a trustees and railroad line William Tweed companies were linking the began the Tweed entitled to dividends Atlantic and Ring in 1869. It was on profits earned by a group of corrupt Pacific coasts of the trust. John D. politicians whose Rockefeller used the United States main scheme was trusts to gain control that was the construction of of the oil industry in completed in the New York City America. 1869. Court House which resulted in a 10 million dollar graft which was spread amongst them. 1868 1869William M. “Boss” A PoliticalTweed became Machine is anhead of organized groupTammany Hall, that controlsNew York City’s activities of amost powerful political party in apolitical machine, city.in 1868. Sitting Bull, Tatanka Iyotanka, was the leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux and never signed the Treaty http://www.gloucestercitynews.net/clearysnotebook/2011/11/the-revolution-is-tuesday-time-to-vote-king-george-out-of-office.html of Fort Laramie in http://mrnussbaum.com/nativeamericans/sittingbull/ http://www.uic.edu/educ/bctpi/historyGIS/blackhills_1wk/bhselfserve/states/index.html 1868. http://bvapush.pbworks.com/w/page/4313744/Tweed%20Ring
  5. 5. A Graft is the illegaluse of politicalinfluence forpersonal gain(mainly money). The “Guilded Age” is a novel by Mark Twain co-written with Charles Warner that showed the corruption and the need for wealth during the 1870’s to the 1890’s. The “Guilded Age” is also another name for that time period. 1870 1871 In 1870 John D.In 1870 Frederick Rockefeller The Tweed Ring Jacob Riis became aOlmstead planned a processed 3% of the was broken in 1871 police reporter andlandscape for U.S.’s crude oil and and William Tweed was appalled at theWashington D.C. refined 90%. was sentenced to 12 conditions of theand St. Louis. He years in prison (his New York slums. Healso designed the sentence was used his talents toBoston Park system reduced to one year) expose the“The Emerald and later escaped hardships of theNecklace”. but was recaptured city’s poor and bring in Spain. about the awareness of the need for reform. http://www.solutionevents.com/html/bike_run_path.html http://www.pbs.org/marktwain/scrapbook/05_gilded_age/index.html http://www.chancenarrative.com/?attachment_id=765
  6. 6. The Battle of Little Big Horn occurred in early In 1874 June 1876. The George Soux men led by Armstrong Sitting Bull killed Custer found all of the Seventh Calvary including gold in the George Black Hills and Armstrong began the gold Custer. Sitting rush there. Bull was assisted by Chief Joseph. 1873 1874 1876 Alexander In 1876 Graham BellAndrew Thomas Alva invented theCarnegie Edison telephone inentered the invented the 1876 with thesteel business world’s first help of Thomasin 1873. research Watson. The laboratory in telephone Menlo Park, created many New Jersey. new jobs for women. http://clio.missouristate.edu/wrmiller/HST/HST525/carnegie.htm http://www.history.nd.gov/textbook/unit3_comculcon/unit3_6_3_custer.html http://www.dipity.com/gohara/Expansion-and-Industrialization_2/ http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2008/03/dayintech_0310
  7. 7. Ragtime is a blend of African In 1880 George American Pullman built a Spirituals and factory for European Forms manufacturing sleepers and other that originated in railroad cars on the the saloons of the Illinois Prairie. He south. African provided housing American pianist and most other living and composer necessities but Scott Joplin Pullman held his town under tight became famous control. from his ragtime compositions. Ragtime led to 1879 1880 rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, Ida B. Wells Thomas Edison moved to and rhythm and had his blues.Also known as Memphis to be a incandescent“Old Law teacher and soon light bulbTenements”, became a patented in 1880Dumbbell reporter in 1880. and later inventedTenements are an entire systemtenements built in for producing andNYC after the distributingTenement House electrical power.Act of 1879 andbefore the NYTenement HouseAct of 1901. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbbell_tenement http://fineartamerica.com/featured/new-york-city-tenement-house-everett.html http://thegreatgeekmanual.com/blog/this-day-in-geek-history-october-21-2009 http://www.amazon.com/Joplin-The-Ragtime-Dance-Waltzes/dp/B008Y2M0C2
  8. 8. George Westinghouse began to help Thomas Edison Mugwumps were make electricity Republicans who safer and refused to vote Republican in the In 1885 Sitting cheaper in 1881. Bull appeared on 1884 presidential election because William F. of political and “Buffalo Bill” financial Cody’s Wild West corruption. Show. 1881 1883 1884 1885Booker T. Joseph Pulitzer wasWashington was a Hungarian immigrant whoa prominent bought the “NewAfrican American York World”educator who newspaper in 1883believed racism and pioneeredwould end once popular innovationsblacks became such as large Sunday editions,more prominent comics, sportsin society. In editions, and1881 he founded women’s news tothe Tuskegee surpass his mainNormal and competitor WilliamIndustrial Institute Hearst. http://guides.library.duke.edu/content.php?pid=333750&sid=2729629in Alabama. http://above-the-norm.blogspot.com/2012/04/buffalo-bill-cody.html
  9. 9. The HaymarketAffair occurred onMay 4th 1886 ariot gathered atChicago’sHaymarketSquare to protestpolice brutality.Several policeofficers werekilled and manyworkers died inthe chaos. 1886 1887 1888Settlement George EastmanHouses were The Dawes Act The Interstate invented thefounded by was a law Commerce Kodak cameraCharles Stover enacted in in Commission was and sold it to theand Stanton Coit 1887 that was a group of five public for $25,in NYC in 1886. intended to men established and they could “Americanize” to uphold the ship their film toSamuel Gompers Native Americans Interstate his processingled the Cigar by distributing Commerce Act of plant to haveMaker’s reservation land 1887. them developedInternational to individual for only $10.Union to join with owners.other craft unions http://homicide.northwestern.edu/historical/movements/haymarket/in 1886. http://www.nush.org/AboutUs/timeline.htm http://e-ducation.net/video.htm
  10. 10. The Ghost Dance is a ritual to prevent poverty and cure disease. It was also said to restore their lands and way of life. In 1890 Sitting Bull resisted arrest and was killed in the struggle. 1889 1890 The ShermanIn 1889 Jane Antitrust Act On December 28,Addams founded enacted in 1890 1890 the SiouxChicago’s Hull made it illegal to and GeorgeHouse with Ellen form a trust that Custer and hisGates Starr. They interfered with Seventh Calvarywere some of the free trade fought at themost influential between states or Battle ofwomen in the other countries. Wounded Knee.settlement house The entiremovement. Seventh Calvary was killed along with 300 unarmed Sioux. http://www.american-architecture.info/USA/CHICAGO/CHIC-LS/CHIC-LS-041.htm http://home.comcast.net/~zebrec/NH_Native_History.htm http://www.lpusd.k12.ca.us/rm1/online/hotpotatoestav/TAV5-1f.htm
  11. 11. 1892 1893Ida B. Wells Populism was the Scabs were Urbanization wasreporting career “People’s Party” strikebreakers used the growth of when Henry Frick, oftook off on March founded in 1892. cities due to the the Carnegie Steel9, 1892 when Company’s technologicalthree of her Homestead plant in boom in the latefriends were Pennsylvania, stated 19th century andlynched and she he was going to cut growing industrialbegan writing, wages and a strike strength(mostly in broke out on Junespeaking, and 29, 1892 that left the Midwest andorganizing for three detectives and Northeast).civil rights. nine workers dead. http://www.peacebuttons.info/new/E-News/peacehistorynovember.htm http://catalog.flatworldknowledge.com/bookhub/2044?e=trowbridge2_1.0-ch03_s02 http://www.faculty.fairfield.edu/faculty/hodgson/Courses/so11/population/urbanization.htm
  12. 12. William Hearst purchased the New In 1895 W.E.B. York “Morning Du Bois was the Journal” in 1895 and first African sought to outdo his American to biggest competition, Joseph Pulitzer by receive a filling his paper with doctorate at lies of scandals and Harvard cruelty to attract University. readers. 1894 1895In 1894 Eugene The PullmanV. Debs’ Strike was aAmerican violent strike inRailway Union 1894 to protestwon their strike George Pullman’sfor higher wages tight control overand added to the his workers.momentum ofunionorganization. http://utopiaclass.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/due-929-weekly-journal-5/ http://www.lemaze-studio.com/cgi-bin/webdata_pro.pl?_cgifunction=search&_layout=canvas&products.canvas=yes&products.artist3=Rhead,%20Louis%20John http://www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/stories_people_dubois.html
  13. 13. July 8,1896William Bryan,the Democraticnominee of the William Hearst1896 election, and Josephdelivered the Pultzier’s“Cross of Gold” competingspeech opposing newspapersthe gold began to sell overstandard. 1 million copies per day in 1898. 1896 1898 1899William McKinley Plessy vs. In 1899 Andrewwas the Furguson was the Carnegie’s SteelRepublican 1896 Supreme Companycandidate in the Court Case that manufactured1896 election and said segregation more steel thanwon the of races in public all the factories inpresidency with was legal and did Great Britain.the support of the not violate theeast which was 14th Amendment.about 7 million This establishedvotes. the doctrine “Separate but Equal” and permitted this for http://latefruit.wordpress.com/tag/political-cartoons/ http://www.flickr.com/groups/gayphotographers/discuss/72157626733984279/ almost 60 years. http://mintees.com/talk/197423-graphic-work-august-2011/
  14. 14. Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay was the primary immigration port for Asian immigrants between 1910 and 1940. These immigrants endured much harsher conditions than at Ellis Island. 1903 1905 1910On December In 1905 W.E.B.17,1903 Orville Du Bois foundedand Wilbur the NiagaraWright had their Movement whichfirst successful insisted thatplane flight at AfricanKitty Hawk, North Americans get aCarolina. It liberal artscovered 120 feet education so theand lasted 12 African Americanseconds. community would have more educated leaders. http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/classic/dawn-of-flight-timeline2.htm http://www.kansasheritage.org/crossingboundaries/pagex6c1.html http://angelisland.org/history/