2009 Career Exploration Resource Guide
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2009 Career Exploration Resource Guide



Find out about career opportunities in South Central Minnesota.

Find out about career opportunities in South Central Minnesota.



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2009 Career Exploration Resource Guide 2009 Career Exploration Resource Guide Presentation Transcript

  • WELCOME TO THE AREA CAREER EXPLORATION Dear ACE Participants, We are excited to have you participate in our Area Career Exploration (ACE). Our mission is to make you aware of career opportunities in this area. There will be a chance to have face-to-face interactions with area employers and ask about the countless career opportunities available to you. Education representatives will provide you with information needed to obtain the skills necessary for the career opportunities that interest you. Our area, which is your area, is a great place to work, live and have fun. We have several great cultural events, types of recreation, and we are close to many other attractive activities. This area is rich in history with countless great employment opportunities. Our area is country living at its best. We hope you enjoy your experience at the Area Career Exploration, that ACE introduces you to opportunities in the area that interest you, and you consider becoming a part of the area. So, explore … set your goals … develop your talents … and think about the opportunities in the area. We wish you well in your journey, and we will always welcome you back. Marcia Bay Bob Wallace ISEEK Partner Communications &Training Director President iSeek Solutions Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce Garey Ferguson Denise Felder Business Service Specialist ACE Resource Guide Chair & MnCareers Editor Department of Employment & Economic Development iSeek Solutions 2
  • THANKS TO OUR 2009 AREA CAREER EXPLORATION VOLUNTEERS ACE EVENT COORDINATORS: • Garey Ferguson, Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED) — 507-235-3653, garey.ferguson@state.mn.us • Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce — 507-235-5547, bob@fairmontchamber.org ACE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: ACE EVENT MARKETING: • Marcia Bay, iSeek Solutions • Garey Ferguson, DEED • Garey Ferguson, DEED • Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Butch Hanson, Fairmont Area Schools • Mike Humpal, City of Fairmont Economic Development ACE EVENT DAY COMMITTEE: Authority (FEDA) • Marcia Bay, iSeek Solutions • Lynn Manske, Fairmont Area Schools • Roni Dauer, Fairmont Community Education & Recreation • Dave Patschke, Fairmont Area Schools • Sue Eisenmenger, STEP, Inc. • Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Garey Ferguson, DEED • Susan Gallagher, Minnesota WorkForce Center • Heather Gleason, South Central WorkForce Council ACE RESOURCE GUIDE CONTENT: • Callie Goerndt, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Denise Felder — Chair, iSeek Solutions • Butch Hanson, Fairmont Area Schools • Callie Goerndt — Assistant Chair, Fairmont Area Chamber • Tammie Hested, Minnesota Valley Action Council of Commerce • Connie Hines, Minnesota Workforce Center • Garey Ferguson, DEED • Shirley Jordison, Minnesota WorkForce Center • Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Char Kahler, Char Commercial Art • Keith Kenney, US Bank • Lynn Manske, Fairmont Area Schools ACE RESOURCE GUIDE COVER/LOGO DESIGN: • Ernie Nuss, Roessler, Nuss and Co. P.A. • Char Kahler, Char Commercial Art • Vicki Paskey, Minnesota Valley Action Council • Jennifer Ridgeway, DEED • Lowell Spee, City of Fairmont ACE RESOURCE GUIDE PRINTING: • Tom Steffes, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Norwood Publishing • Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce 3
  • ACE VOLUNTEERS FINANCIAL COMMITTEE: FAIRMONT AREA SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS: • Roni Dauer, Fairmont Community Education & Recreation • Shelia Artner, Fairmont Area Schools • Garey Ferguson, DEED • Krisit Brandt, Fairmont Area Schools • Mike Humpal, Fairmont Economic Development • Mark Borchardt, Fairmont Area Schools Association • Holly Christian, Fairmont Area Schools • Lynn Manske, Fairmont Area Schools • Scott Geerdes, Fairmont Area Schools • Tim Penney, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation • Butch Hanson, Fairmont Area Schools — SMIF • Lynn Manske, Fairmont Area Schools • Tom Steffes, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Dave Patschke, Fairmont Area Schools • Lawrence Sukalski, Martin County IGNITE • Jenny Schwieger, Fairmont Area Schools • Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce • Lee Stewart, Fairmont Area Schools • Dave Ternberg, Fairmont Area Schools EDUCATION COMMITTEE: • Jennifer Benedix, Minnesota West Community & Technical College • Kristi Brandt, Fairmont Area Schools • Scott Geerdes, Fairmont Area Schools • Butch Hanson, Fairmont Area Schools • Traci Lardy, Presentation College — Fairmont • Lynn Manske, Fairmont Area Schools • Jenny Schwieger, Fairmont Area Schools 4
  • ACE RESOURCE GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome 2 Thanks to ACE Volunteers 3 Career Clusters & High-Demand Occupations What is a Career Cluster? 6 Career Cluster Interest Survey 7 Career Cluster Graphic 14 Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources 15 Architecture & Construction 17 Arts, A/V & Communications 19 Business, Management & Administration 21 Education & Training 23 Finance 25 Government & Public Administration 27 Health Sciences 29 Hospitality & Tourism 31 Human Services 33 Information Technology 35 Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security 37 Manufacturing 39 Marketing, Sales & Service 41 Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 43 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics 45 Green Careers in Minnesota 47 High-Demand Careers in South Central Minnesota 49 College, Career & Job Search Resources Education Planning & College Resources 51 South Central Minnesota College Resources 52 Career Exploration & Job Search Resources 53 Minnesota Job Banks & Employment Websites 55 National Job Banks & Employment Websites 56 ACE Event Information ACE Participating Colleges 57 ACE Participating Businesses 58 ACE Map of Fairmont High School 63 5
  • WHAT IS A CAREER CLUSTER? Where do you start when choosing a career? With the number of career choices out there, it helps to organize your options. Career clusters are one way to group career paths. Careers with common features are in the same cluster. The 16 Career Clusters can be used during career exploration as a way to find your best career match. Look at the circular graphic on page 14 to see how all the career fields, career clusters and pathways fit together. HOW CAN CAREER CLUSTERS HELP ME? Six Career Fields are the broadest level of career options. They're a good place to get started exploring. Underneath those six career fields are 16 Career Clusters. This is where you can get more details about careers paths that interest you. Careers that need the same knowledge and skills are grouped in the same cluster. Each cluster can include hundreds of different careers. Each career cluster includes one or more of the 81 Minnesota Career Pathways. A pathway is a group of related career specialties within a career cluster. A pathway has its own knowledge and skill requirements. Educational programs can be developed around each pathway. These programs are called Programs of Study, and can include high school and college courses based on industry expectations and skill standards. The center of the career pathways graphic (page 14) shows Knowledge and Foundation Skills. These are a core set of skills needed to be ready for work and college. If you don't know how to start, take the Career Clusters Interest Survey on page 7. This survey asks a few simple questions to match your interests to career clusters. 6
  • CAREER CLUSTERS INTEREST SURVEY Name _________________________________________________________________________ Grade _________________________ School ________________________________________________________________________ Date __________________________ Directions: 1. Circle the items in each box that best describe you. In each box you may circle as many items as you want. 2. Add the number of circles in each box. 3. After you've reviewed the whole survey, find your three boxes with the highest numbers and record those on page 13. 4. Discover more about the Career Clusters that matched your interests on pages 15-46. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Learn how things grow and stay alive. describe me: 1. Math number 2. Make the best use of the earth’s natural resources. 1. Self-reliant 2. Life Sciences circled in BOX A 3. Hunt and/or fish. 2. Nature lover 3. Earth Sciences Box A 4. Protect the environment. 3. Physically active 4. Chemistry 5. Be outdoors in all kinds of weather. 4. Planner 5. Agriculture 6. Plan, budget, and keep records. 5. Creative problem-solver 7. Operate machines and keep them in good repair. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Read and follow blueprints and/or instructions. describe me: 1. Math number 2. Picture in my mind what a finished product 1. Curious 2. Drafting circled in looks like. 2. Good at following 3. Physical Sciences Box B BOX B 3. Work with my hands. directions 4. Construction Trades 4. Perform work that requires precise results. 3. Pay attention to detail 5. Electrical Trades / Heat, 5. Solve technical problems. 4. Good at visualizing Air Conditioning and 6. Visit and learn from beautiful, historic, or possibilities Refrigeration / Technology interesting buildings. 5. Patient and persistent Education 7. Follow logical, step-by-step procedures. 7
  • Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Use my imagination to communicate new describe me: 1. Art / Graphic design number information to others. 1. Creative and imaginative 2. Music circled in 2. Perform in front of others. 2. Good communicator / good 3. Speech and Drama Box C BOX C 3. Read and write. vocabulary 4. Journalism / Literature 4. Play a musical instrument. 3. Curious about new 5. Audiovisual Technologies 5. Perform creative, artistic activities. technology 6. Use video and recording technology. 4. Relate well to feelings 7. Design brochures and posters. and thoughts of others 5. Determined / tenacious Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Perform routine, organized activities but can describe me: 1. Computer Applications / number be flexible. 1. Organized Business and Information circled in 2. Work with numbers and detailed information. 2. Practical and logical Technology Box D BOX D 3. Be the leader in a group. 3. Patient 2. Accounting 4. Make business contact with people. 4. Tactful 3. Math 5. Work with computer programs. 5. Responsible 4. English 6. Create reports and communicate ideas. 5. Economics 7. Plan my work and follow instructions without close supervision. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Communicate with different types of people. describe me: 1. Language Arts number 2. Help others with their homework or to learn 1. Friendly 2. Social Studies circled in new things. 3. Math BOX E 2. Decision maker Box E 3. Go to school. 3. Helpful 4. Science 4. Direct and plan activities for others. 4. Innovative/Inquisitive 5. Psychology 5. Handle several responsibilities at once. 5. Good listener 6. Acquire new information. 7. Help people overcome their challenges. 8
  • Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Work with numbers. describe me: 1. Accounting number 2. Work to meet a deadline. 1. Trustworthy 2. Math circled in 3. Make predictions based on existing facts. 3. Economics BOX F 2. Orderly Box F 4. Have a framework of rules by which to operate. 3. Self-confident 4. Banking / Financial 5. Analyze financial information and interpret 4. Logical Services it to others. 5. Methodical or efficient 5. Business Law 6. Handle money with accuracy and reliability. 7. Take pride in the way I dress and look. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Be involved in politics. describe me: 1. Government number 2. Negotiate, defend, and debate ideas and topics. 1. Good communicator 2. Language Arts circled in BOX G 3. Plan activities and work cooperatively with others. 2. Competitive 3. History Box G 4. Work with details. 3. Service minded 4. Math 5. Perform a variety of duties that may change often. 4. Well organized 5. Foreign Language 6. Analyze information and interpret it to others. 5. Problem solver 7. Travel and see things that are new to me. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Work under pressure. describe me: 1. Biological Sciences number 2. Help sick people and animals. 1. Compassionate and caring 2. Chemistry circled in 3. Make decisions based on logic and information. 3. Math BOX H 2. Good at following Box H 4. Participate in health and science classes. directions 4. Occupational Health 5. Respond quickly and calmly in emergencies. 3. Conscientious and careful classes 6. Work as a member of a team. 4. Patient 5. Language Arts 7. Follow guidelines precisely and meet strict 5. Good listener standards of accuracy. 9
  • Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Investigate new places and activities. describe me: 1. Language Arts / Speech number 2. Work with all ages and types of people. 1. Tactful 2. Foreign Language circled in 3. Organize activities in which other people enjoy 2. Self-motivated 3. Social Sciences BOX I Box I themselves. 3. Works well with others 4. Marketing 4. Have a flexible schedule. 4. Outgoing 5. Food Services 5. Help people make up their minds. 5. Slow to anger 6. Communicate easily, tactfully, and courteously. 7. Learn about other cultures. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Care about people, their needs, and their problems. describe me: 1. Language Arts number 2. Participate in community services and/or 1. Good communicator / good 2. Psychology / Sociology circled in volunteering. listener 3. Family and Consumer BOX J Box J 3. Listen to other people’s viewpoints. 2. Caring Sciences 4. Help people be at their best. 3. Non-materialistic 4. Finance 5. Work with people from preschool age to old age. 4. Uses intuition and logic 5. Foreign Language 6. Think of new ways to do things. 5. Non-judgmental 7. Make friends with different kinds of people. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Work with computers. describe me: 1. Math number 2. Reason clearly and logically to solve complex 1. Logic / analytical thinker 2. Science circled in problems. 2. See details in the big 3. Computer Tech / Box K 3. Use machines, techniques, and processes. Applications BOX K picture 4. Read technical materials and diagrams and solve 3. Persistent 4. Communications technical problems. 4. Good concentration skills 5. Graphic Design 5. Adapt to change. 5. Precise and accurate 6. Play video games and figure out how they work. 7. Concentrate for long periods without being distracted. 10
  • Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Work under pressure or in the face of danger. describe me: 1. Language Arts number BOX L 2. Make decisions based on my own observations. 1. Adventurous 2. Psychology / Sociology circled in 3. Interact with other people. 2. Dependable 3. Government / History Box L 4. Be in positions of authority. 3. Community-minded 4. Law Enforcement 5. Respect rules and regulations. 4. Decisive 5. First Aid / First 6. Debate and win arguments. 5. Optimistic Responder 7. Observe and analyze people’s behavior. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Work with my hands and learn that way. describe me: 1. Math-Geometry number 2. Put things together. 1. Practical 2. Chemistry circled in 3. Do routine, organized and accurate work. 2. Observant 3. Trade and Industry courses Box M BOX M 4. Perform activities that produce tangible results. 3. Physically active 4. Physics 5. Apply math to work out solutions. 4. Step-by-step thinker 5. Language Arts 6. Use hand and power tools and operate equipment/ 5. Coordinated machinery. 7. Visualize objects in three dimensions from flat drawings. Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Shop and go to the mall. describe me: 1. Language Arts number 2. Be in charge. 1. Enthusiastic 2. Math circled in BOX N 3. Make displays and promote ideas. 2. Competitive 3. Business Education / Box N 4. Give presentations and enjoy public speaking. 3. Creative Marketing 5. Persuade people to buy products or to participate in 4. Self-motivated 4. Economics activities. 5. Persuasive 5. Computer Applications 6. Communicate my ideas to other people. 7. Take advantage of opportunities to make extra money. 11
  • Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Interpret formulas. describe me: 1. Math number 2. Find the answers to questions. 1. Detail oriented 2. Science circled in 3. Work in a laboratory. 3. Drafting / Computer-Aided BOX O 2. Inquisitive Box O 4. Figure out how things work and investigate 3. Objective Drafting new things. 4. Methodical 4. Electronics / Computer 5. Explore new technology. 5. Mechanically inclined Networking 6. Experiment to find the best way to do something. 5. Technical Classes / 7. Pay attention to details and help things be precise. Technology Education Activities that describe what I like to do: Personal qualities that School subjects I like: Total 1. Travel. describe me: 1. Math number 2. See well and have quick reflexes. 1. Realistic 2. Trade and Industry courses circled in 3. Solve mechanical problems. 3. Physical Sciences BOX P 2. Mechanical Box P 4. Design efficient processes. 3. Coordinated 4. Economics 5. Anticipate needs and prepare to meet them. 4. Observant 5. Foreign Language 6. Drive or ride. 5. Planner 7. Move things from one place to another. Record your top three boxes on the bottom of page 13. Disclaimer: Your interests may change over time. These survey results are intended to assist you with informal career exploration. Consider more formal assessments and other resources or services to help you plan your career. This survey does not make any claims of statistical reliability. Note: This survey does not make any claims of statistical reliability and has not been normed. It is intended for use as a guidance tool to generate discussion regarding careers and is valid for that purpose. Source: Adapted from the Guidance Division Survey, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (2005) 12
  • CAREER CLUSTERS INTEREST SURVEY — RESULTS Directions: Record your totals from each box on pages 7-12 below. Look through the information about your top three Clusters on pages 15-46. When you attend ACE, visit the career exhibitors that match your top three clusters. Pages 15-16 Box A _____ Pages 31-32 Box I _____ Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Hospitality & Tourism Pages 17-18 Box B _____ Pages 33-34 Box J _____ Architecture & Construction Human Services Pages 19-20 Box C _____ Pages 35-36 Box K _____ Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Information Technology Pages 21-22 Box D _____ Pages 37-38 Box L _____ Business, Management & Administration Law, Public Safety & Security Pages 23-24 Box E _____ Pages 39-40 Box M _____ Education & Training Manufacturing Pages 25-26 Box F _____ Pages 41-42 Box N _____ Finance Marketing, Sales & Service Pages 27-28 Box G _____ Pages 43-44 Box O _____ Government & Public Administration Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Pages 29-30 Box H _____ Pages 45-46 Box P _____ Health Science Transportation, Distribution & Logistics My top three Career Clusters of interest are: 1. 2. 3. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ For more information, check with a career counselor at your high school, college or job training program, community agency, or WorkForce Center. 13
  • 14
  • AGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCES Do you enjoy working with animals? Are you interested in protecting the environment? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Computer skills to use related Agriculture, food, and natural resources workers produce agricultural goods. This technology and software. includes food, plants, animals, fabrics, wood, and crops. You might work on a farm, • Patience and cooperation skills ranch, dairy, orchard, greenhouse, or plant nursery. You could also work in a clinic or for working with people and animals. laboratory as a scientist or engineer. Some agriculture, food, and natural resources workers market, sell, or finance agricultural goods. • Physical stamina for heavy lifting, carrying and working with large machinery. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Problem-solving skills to deal with • Join a group concerned with environmental issues like living or renewable energy. weather-related complications or animal wellness issues. • Job shadow or volunteer at a local animal shelter. • Science skills to know rules and • Get involved with the National Future Farmers of America Organization (www.ffa.org) methods for working with natural or Foremost Farms (www.foremostfarms.com). • Volunteer to care for flowers at the local park. resources. • Take a class related to: o Agricultural Business o Agriculture Technology o Animal Science o Natural Resources Management o Environmental Science ACE Participating Businesses: • Martin Soil & Water Conservation District • Fairmont Veterinary Clinic LLP • Natural Resources Conservation Service • Hawkeye Sow Center • Rural Advantage • Marin County Pork Producers • WFS 15
  • AGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCES Annual Low/ Career Title Description Education / Training Job Outlook Median Wages On-the-Job Training Plant and harvest crops, or care for Farm and Ranch Animals Most learn working on farms. livestock. Responsible for $22,949 / $25,001 Farmworkers College education optional for equipment and supplies. specialized tasks. Purchase farm products either for Related Work Experience further processing or resale. Include Farm Products Purchasing Most advance with previous Christmas tree contractors, grain $44,544 / $51,730 Agents and Buyers experience or knowledge of the brokers and market operators, grain company. buyers, and tobacco buyers. Operate or tend food or tobacco Food & Tobacco Roasting, roasting, baking, or drying On-the-Job Training Baking & Drying Machine equipment, including hearth ovens, $22,203 / $31,605 Most receive short-term Operators kiln driers, roasters, char kilns, and training. vacuum drying equipment. Repair and install heating, air 1-2 Years Heating & Cooling System conditioning, refrigeration systems, Most complete 1-2 years at a $38,019 / $45,795 Mechanics oil burners, hot-air furnaces and technical college. Others train heating stoves. on the job. Adjust and repair cranes, bulldozers, 1-2 Years Heavy Equipment graders and conveyors used in Most have degree in diesel $32,516 / $41,514 Mechanics construction, logging and surface mechanics or automotive mining. repair. Plant and take care of flowers, On-the-Job Training shrubs and trees on large Landscapers & Most receive short-term training properties, grassy fields or private $18,556 / $20,643 Groundskeepers on the job. Certification for lawns. Might also shovel and some tasks required. remove snow. Help engineers to design, test and Associate Degree assess engines, machines or other Mechanical Engineering Most have 2-year degree in products. Might do research, read $35,303 / $42,080 Technicians engineering technology. Work blueprints, build prototypes and experience helps. record data. 16
  • ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION Do you like to create models or make designs? Do you like to work with tools, objects, and numbers? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Customer service skills are Architecture and construction workers work on buildings and other structures. This includes highways, bridges, houses, and buildings. You might create the designs or used by independent contractors plans for new structures. Or, you might use the plans to build it or manage the workers to relate to clients. on the project. Some architecture and construction workers do skilled trades, like • Dependability to be on time carpentry, painting, or plumbing. Or, you might work as a landscaper and take care of and work well with others. flowers and trees on large properties. • Manual dexterity is necessary to fit pieces of various sizes together and use a variety of tools. • Mathematics is used every Ways to Explore this Cluster: day to quickly compute simple • Do home-repair projects. calculations and measurements. • Job shadow at an architecture or home design firm. • Problem-solving skills are • Read trade magazines to stay current on major construction projects and trends. needed to finish the project even • Start a lawn mowing service. when a dilemma occurs. • Take a class related to: o Blueprint Reading o Business Computer Applications o Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) o Geometry o Technical Writing ACE Participating Businesses: • Carpenters - Local 464 • Plumbers - Local 34 • Day Plumbing, Heating & Cooling • Sheet Metal Workers - Local 10 • Operating Engineers - Local 49 • Tech Builders, Inc. • Pipefitters - Local 455 17
  • ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION Annual Low/ Career Title Description Education / Training Job Outlook Median Wages Apprenticeship Cut, fit and assemble wood and Most complete an other materials to construct Carpenters $32,497 / $38,034 apprenticeship or train for 18- buildings, houses, fixtures or 22 months at a technical equipment. college. Prepare cost estimates for product manufacturing, Bachelor's Degree construction projects, or Cost Estimators $40,036 / $54,346 Most have 4-year degree in a services to aid management in related field. bidding on or determining price of product or service. Install, maintain or fix electrical Apprenticeship systems or fixtures. Ensure Most complete 3-5 year Electricians $40,131 / $47,620 work complies with building apprenticeship. License codes. required. Repair and install heating, air 1-2 Years Heating & Cooling System conditioning, refrigeration Most complete 1-2 years at a $38,019 / $45,795 Mechanics systems, oil burners, hot-air technical college. Others train furnaces and heating stoves. on the job. Build, install or repair pipe Apprenticeship systems carrying water, steam, Most complete 4-5 year Plumbers & Pipefitters air or other liquids or gasses. $32,185 / $42,491 apprenticeship. Math skills Systems can be metal, plastic needed. or ceramic. Operate or maintain stationary engines, boilers, or other mechanical equipment to On-the-Job Training Stationary Engineers & Boiler provide utilities for buildings or $37,783 / $43,740 Some complete formal job Operators industrial processes such as training programs. generators, motors, turbines, and steam boilers. 18
  • ARTS, A/V TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS Is artistic expression important to you? Do you like to work with technology? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: Arts, audio/video technology, and communications workers use creativity and their • Customer service skills are talents on the job. You might work for an audience as a performer or artist. This used by independent contractors includes painters, dancers, sculptors, actors, and singers. Or, you might work behind to relate to clients. the scenes to make a performance successful. This includes set designers, editors, • Dependability to be on time broadcast technicians, and camera operators. Some audio/video technology and and work well with others. communications workers have high-profile jobs. Or, you might use your creative • Manual dexterity is talents with technology and work as an animator, graphic designer, or film editor. necessary to fit pieces of various sizes together and use a variety of tools. • Mathematics is used every Ways to Explore this Cluster: day to quickly compute • Join a community theatre group. simple calculations and • Seek opportunities at a campus radio station, community cable TV station, web venture or local measurements. newspaper. • Problem-solving skills are • Volunteer to teach multimedia, art, music or dance classes. • Write a blog or publish original fiction, drawings, photography or videos. needed to finish the project even • Take a class related to: when a dilemma occurs. o Band, Chorus or Music o Creative Writing o Interactive Media and Web Design o Mass Media Marketing o Public Speaking ACE Participating Businesses: • Ad Mfg, Inc. • Sauck Media Group • Image Wear • Seifried Portrait Design • KSUM/KFMC • Sentinel 19
  • ARTS, A/V TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Format typescript and graphic 2-4 Years elements using computer Most receive formal training or Desktop Publishers $24,948 / $30,514 software to produce earn a degree. Internships or publication-ready material. work experience is essential. Create designs using print, Bachelor's Degree electronic and film media for Most have degree in art or Graphic Designers commercial or promotional $25,297 / $31,578 design. Portfolio needs, including packaging, recommended. displays or logos. Set up or operate printing 2-4 Years machines, like offset, letterset Most train through 2-year Printing Press Operators $21,633 / $25,553 or screen printers, to print on associate's degree or paper or other materials. apprenticeship. 1-2 Years Telecommunications Service or repair telephones Most complete 1-2 years at a Equipment Installers and and other communication $37,718 / $43,494 technical college. Others train Repair equipment in homes or offices. on the job. Teach courses in drama, music, and the arts including Master's Degree University & College Art, fine and applied art, such as $42,341 / $54,121 Most have degree in education Drama & Music Teachers painting and sculpture, or or a subject area. design and crafts. 20
  • BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION Do you enjoy working with other people? Do you like to plan and organize activities? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Computer skills to use relevant Business, management, and administrative workers give the support needed to make software and technology. a business run. You might check employee time records or train new employees. Or, • Critical-thinking skills for problem- you might work as a top executive and provide the overall direction for a company or solving and generating new ideas. department. There are many types of jobs at all levels. For example, you might manage • Leadership skills to be willing to the financial activities of a business, direct the public to specific people or do extra tasks and make timely departments, or record incoming and outgoing shipments. decisions. • Cooperation skills to work on projects with coworkers. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Speaking skills to effectively • Participate in a school or charity fundraiser. relay information to customers • Join Junior Achievement and coworkers. • Use school assignments and extra-curricular activities to practice managing workflow and timelines. • Start your own business. • Take a class related to: o Algebra I and II o Business Law o International Business o Office Procedures o Public Speaking ACE Participating Businesses: • City of Fairmont • Rosen's, Inc • Federated Rural Electric • Steve E. Pierce, CPA LTD • Preferred Capital Management 21
  • BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Conduct programs of compensation and benefits Compensation, Benefits & Job and job analysis for employer. Bachelor's Degree Analysis Specialists May specialize in specific $37,646 / $41,850 Many have 4-year degree areas, such as position related to human relations. classification and pension programs. Recruit and place workers. Bachelor's Degree Might work for a human Employment, Recruitment & Most have 4-year degree in resources department, $35,740 / $41,368 Placement Specialists human development, HR or headhunter or nonprofit business. employment service. Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing reports, handling information On-the-Job Training Executive Secretaries & requests, and performing Most advance with previous $30,946 / $36,510 Administrative Assistants clerical functions such as experience or knowledge of the preparing correspondence, company. receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings. Varies Check employee time records, Most receive training at a Payroll & Timekeeping Clerks record payroll data and $28,290 / $33,579 community or technical prepare paychecks. college. Others train on the job. 22
  • EDUCATION & TRAINING Are you outgoing? Do you like being in school? Cluster Description: Skills Used in this Cluster: Education and training workers guide and train people. As a teacher, you could • Creativity and enthusiasm to influence young lives. You could also support the work of a classroom teacher as a keep students interested in counselor, librarian, or principal. You could coach sports activities or lead community materials. classes. You could also work with adults. For example, you could lead training to • Flexibility to present materials and employees in a business. Or you could work as a university or college professor for concepts in a variety of ways to undergraduate or graduate students. different people. • Organization skills to create lesson plans and track students' Ways to Explore this Cluster: progress and problems. • Coach a sports team. • Self-confidence to stand in • Teach a class at a community center. front of people and speak. • Tutor a family member or neighborhood youth. • Tolerance to deal with • Volunteer at a library or literacy program. unmotivated or disruptive • Take a class related to: students and changing o Child Development educational guidelines. o Cultural/Ethnic Studies o Psychology o Safety and First Aid o World Languages ACE Participating Businesses: • Minnesota West Community & • Elmore Academy • ISEEK Technical College - Fire Safety • Fairmont Area Schools • Minnesota West • Presentation College • Fairmont Community Community & Technical • Rasmussen College Education & Recreation College • South Central College 23
  • EDUCATION & TRAINING Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Master's Degree Help students with career and Most have a master's degree School Counselors education choices, and $41,797 / $49,516 in counseling or education. personal and social problems. License required. Instruct and motivate athletic groups or individuals. Varies Fitness Trainers & Aerobics Demonstrate techniques and $18,099 / $19,563 Most have certificates or Instructors evaluate performance. Exclude degrees plus experience. Athletic Trainers. Teach children from 4-6 years Bachelor's Degree old. Prepare for elementary Most have degree in Preschool Teachers $24,719 / $36,783 school or teach basic science, education. Varies by school art, music, math and reading. type. License required. Teach courses pertaining to education, such as counseling, Master's Degree University & College Education curriculum, guidance, Some have master's degree. $42,916 / $53,609 Teachers instruction, teacher education, Others have 8-year doctoral and teaching English as a degree in a specific field. second language. Teach courses in English Master's Degree University & College English language and literature, Some have master's degree. Language & Literature $45,279 / $60,436 including linguistics and Others have 8-year doctoral Teachers comparative literature. degree in a specific field. 24
  • FINANCE Do you enjoy working with numbers? Are you comfortable following detailed plans? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Accuracy skills for dealing Finance workers keep track of money. You might work in financial planning, banking, with numbers and money. or insurance. For example, you might provide financial services to a business or • Computer skills for individual. Or, you could maintain financial records or give advice to business spreadsheet and financial executives on how to operate their business. software along with standard office programs. • Discretion to protect customers' personal information. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Instructional skills for • Join a local investment club. advising people about • Manage your own checking account. investment opportunities. • Take a class in personal finance. • Mathematics skills to calculate • Volunteer or get elected treasurer of an organization. transactions. • Take a class related to: o Accounting o Algebra I and II o Business Computer Applications o International Business o Statistics ACE Participating Businesses: • AgStar Financial • First Farmers & Merchants National Bank • State Bank of Services • Peterson Anthony Insurance Agency, Inc. Fairmont • Bank Midwest • Profinium Financial • US Bank • Borchardt Agency, Inc. • Sweet Financial Services • Wells Federal Bank 25
  • FINANCE Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Find and notify customers On-the-Job Training behind on payments. Might Most receive short-term Bill & Account Collectors receive payments, prepare $24,367 / $29,867 training on the job. College statements, start repossession courses helpful for procedures or keep records. advancement. Review settled claims to determine that payments and settlements have been made Varies Claims Adjusters, Examiners & in accordance with company $52,086 / $59,299 Most have certificates or Investigators practices and procedures. degrees plus experience. Report overpayments, underpayments, and other irregularities. Plan, direct, and coordinate accounting, investing, banking, Bachelor's Degree insurance, securities, and Most have 4-year degree or Financial Managers $83,475 / $100,168 other financial activities of a higher in a related field and branch, office, or department extensive work experience. of an establishment. Sell policies that provide Bachelor's Degree financial protection for people Most have a 4-year degree in Insurance Agents $37,185 / $40,662 or property in case of death, business or economics. accidents or acts of nature. License required. Interview persons desiring to On-the-Job Training open bank accounts. Explain Most receive short-term banking services available to New Accounts Clerks $26,415 / $28,390 training on the job. College prospective customers and courses helpful for assist them in preparing advancement. application form. 26
  • GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Do you like to plan and organize activities? Are rules and laws important to you? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Communication skills for effective Government and public administration workers help pass and enforce the law. You writing, speaking and listening to could work in national, state, or local government. You will find almost every type of clients and coworkers. occupation within the government, including some jobs that are only found within • Confidentiality to guard clients' government. For example, you might inspect new or remodeled buildings for safety, and organizations' private information. help people file the paperwork for a marriage license, or create proposals for urban • Critical-thinking skills when development. making decisions about the lives of others and possible consequences. • Organization and time Ways to Explore this Cluster: management skills to complete • Attend city government meetings. multiple projects on time. • Join the debate team. • Patience when working on projects • Go on a work-site visit to a local courthouse or city hall. with many obstacles or that take a • Run for student government or an organization's board. long time to complete. • Take a class related to: o Cultural/Ethnic Studies o Economics o Political Science o U.S. and World History o World Languages ACE Participating Businesses: • City of Blue Earth • Fairmont WorkForce • Minnesota National Guard • City of Fairmont Center • U.S. Army • City of Winnebago • Labor Market • U.S. Marines • Department of Employment & Information • U.S. Navy Economic Development • Martin County 27
  • GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Plan, direct, or coordinate supportive services of an Bachelor's Degree organization, such as Administrative Services Most have 4-year degree or recordkeeping, mail $60,345 / $69,513 Managers higher in a related field and distribution, telephone extensive work experience. operator/receptionist, and other office support services. Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of companies or Bachelor's Degree organizations. Duties can General & Operations Most have 4-year degree or include formulating policies, $56,082 / $77,442 Managers higher in a related field and managing daily operations, and extensive work experience. planning use of materials and human resources. Plan and direct social service Bachelor's Degree programs for public and private Most have 4-year degree or Social & Community Service agencies. Oversee staff, $52,197 / $62,570 higher in counseling, social Managers volunteers, budgets and work, management or related program activities. field. Collect taxes from individuals Bachelor's Degree and businesses. Follow state Tax Examiners, Collectors, and Most have degree in and federal laws and $42,269 / $56,220 Revenue Agents accounting, business or regulations to determine how related field. much is owed. 28
  • HEALTH SCIENCE Can you work fast in an emergency? Do you enjoy helping people? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: Health science workers promote health and wellness. They diagnose and treat injuries • Computer and technical skills to and disease. As a physician, dentist, or nurse, you could work directly with patients. use office, lab and medical You could also work in a laboratory to get information used in research or provide equipment, like X-ray machines. administrative support by keeping medical records. Health science jobs are found at a • Detail orientation to notice small variety of different sites. For example, you could work in a hospital, office, clinic, or changes in patients' symptoms nursing home. Or you could work on a cruise ship, at a sports arena, or within a or data records. patient's home. • Organization skills to manage multiple projects and scheduled appointments. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Physical stamina to stand for • Attend community health events about health issues or ailments. long periods of time and lift • Join a student organization like Health Occupation Students of America (www.hosa.org). equipment and/or patients. • Participate in the Science Club • Speaking and listening skills to • Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. make sure patients understand • Take a class related to: treatments and medical concepts. o Anatomy and Physiology o Computer Applications o Human Development o Safety and First Aid/CPR o World Languages ACE Participating Businesses: • Burtis Chiropractic Center • Fairmont Medical Center-Mayo Health System • Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center 29
  • HEALTH SCIENCE Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Clean teeth and look for signs Associate Degree of oral disease. Might instruct Most have 2-year degree. Dental Hygienists patients in tooth care, take X- $60,765 / $67,465 Some have bachelor's degree. rays and apply fluoride or License required. sealants. Plan diets and educate people Bachelor's Degree about nutrition. Might Most have degree in nutrition Dietitians and Nutritionists supervise food preparation for $44,428 / $49,594 or food services management. individuals, hospitals, schools License required. or other facilities. Perform complex medical laboratory tests for diagnosis, Bachelor's Degree Medical & Clinical Laboratory treatment and prevention of $46,716 / $53,006 Most have degree in medical Technologists disease. Might train or technology or life sciences. supervise staff. Mix and dispense medications Professional Degree following prescriptions issued Most have bachelor's and Pharmacists by physicians, dentists or other $103,005 / $116,033 complete a 4-year pharmacy authorized medical program. License required. practitioners. Assess and plan rehabilitative Doctorate programs that improve Industry shifted from master's Physical Therapists mobility, relieve pain, and $60,597 / $67,194 degree to requiring 8-year decrease deformity of patients Ph.D. Licensed required. with disease or injury. Care for patients under supervision of a physician. Professional Degree Might give physicals, collect Most have bachelor's and Physician Assistants $72,687 / $79,686 patient histories, counsel complete a 2-year PA program. patients or prescribe License required. medications. Assess patient health and care 2-4 Years for ill or injured patients. Might Most have associate or Registered Nurses $52,135 / $62,782 advise patients on care bachelor's degree. License management. required. 30
  • HOSPITALITY & TOURISM Have you worked in a restaurant? Do you like to plan family recreational activities? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Customer service skills to Hospitality and tourism workers help people enjoy vacations and entertainment deal effectively and courteously activities. You might work at a restaurant, resort, sports arena, theme park, museum, with the public. or hotel. For example, you might manage operations of a college cafeteria, guide high • Flexibility to handle unexpected school students on a trip to Spain, or rent equipment at a recreation center. and hectic situations. • Memorization skills for remembering orders, tables and customers. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Patience to satisfy customers' • Help plan an event like a dance or charity event. expectations, particularly those • Plan a family vacation. establishments dependent on • Plan and cook meals for family or neighborhood events. repeat business. • Take a part-time job in a restaurant, amusement center or hotel. • Physical stamina to lift • Take a class related to: platters of food or cooking o Family and Consumer Sciences pots and stand for long o Geography periods of time. o International Business o Marketing o Office Procedures ACE Participating Businesses: • Hampton Inn • Comfort Inn • Holiday Inn • Fairmont Convention • Perkins Restaurant & Visitors Bureau • Super 8 31
  • HOSPITALITY & TOURISM Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Varies Plan, direct, or coordinate Some complete 2-4 month activities of an organization or Food Service Managers $30,508 / $37,747 program at a community or department that serves food technical college. Work and beverages. experience necessary. Accommodate patrons by registering and assigning rooms, transmitting and On-the-Job Training Hotel, Motel, & Resort Desk receiving messages, keeping $17,684 / $19,556 Most receive short-term Clerks records of accounts and training. collecting payments from departing guests. Use hand tools to perform On-the-Job Training Meat, Poultry, & Fish Cutters & routine cutting and trimming of $20,661 / $22,648 Most receive 1 month to 2 Trimmers meat, poultry, and fish. years training. Prepare, cook and present 1-2 Years food according to recipes in Restaurant Cooks $17,743 / $20,252 Some train on the job or attend restaurants, hotels and short-term program. institutions. Serve food and beverages to On-the-Job Training customers at tables or Most learn on the job. Upscale Waiters and Waitresses counters. Take orders and $16,796 / $25,208 restaurants require previous make out checks. Might set or experience. clear tables. 32
  • HUMAN SERVICES Are you a good listener? Have you planned programs for school or community organizations? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Confidentiality to guard Human services workers help individual and families meet their personal needs. You clients' private information. might work in a government office, hospital, nonprofit agency, nursing home, spa, • Critical-thinking skills for hotel, or school. For example, you might help students with career and education making on-the-spot judgments in choices at a high school, cut and color hair in a salon, or manage funeral services at a stressful situations. funeral home. • Physical stamina to stand for long periods of time or endure long, stressful work shifts. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Problem sensitivity to relate • Coordinate a school wide food and/or clothing drive. and react appropriately to • Participate in Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). clients issues. • Intern or volunteer with a nonprofit program that deals with issues meaningful to you, • Time management skills to like animal welfare, poverty, the environment, children or veterans' issues. adequately provide services • Take a class related to: to the public within time o Ethnic and Gender Studies constraints. o Computer Applications o Life Skills o Psychology o World Languages ACE Participating Businesses: • ARC Southwest Minnesota • Habilitative Services, Inc. • MRCI WorkSource • Aspire Salon & Spa • Human Services of Faribault & • REM Heartland, Inc. • Community Options & Martin Counties • STEP Inc. Resources (COR) • Minnesota Valley Action Council • Vocational Rehabilitation 33
  • HUMAN SERVICES Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Provide persons, families, or vulnerable populations with Bachelor's Degree the psychosocial support Medical & Public Health Social Most have a 4-year BSW needed to cope with chronic, $37,497 / $42,691 Workers degree. Others have a 6-year acute, or terminal illnesses, MSW degree. License required. such as Alzheimer's, cancer, or AIDS. Counsel and advise individuals with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or Master's Degree other problems, such as Substance Abuse & Behavioral Master's degree in mental gambling and eating disorders. $15,052 / $18,992 Disorder Counselors health counseling and license May counsel individuals, required. families, or groups or engage in prevention programs. Assess and treat individuals Bachelor's Degree with mental, emotional, or Mental Health & Substance Most have a 4-year BSW substance abuse problems, $44,230 / $50,491 Abuse Social Workers degree. Others have a 6-year including abuse of alcohol, MSW degree. License required. tobacco, and/or other drugs. Cut, shampoo, color and style 1-2 Years hair. Might apply makeup, Most complete a 9-24-month Hairstylists & Cosmetologists $15,110 / $16,795 remove body hair or give nail- training program. License and skin-care services. required. Supervise, care for and teach groups of young children. Varies Child Care Workers Oversee their personal care, $15,233 / $16,335 Some train on the job. Formal safety, learning and play education becoming standard. activities. 34
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Do you learn new computer programs quickly? Are you organized and able to focus on details? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Cooperation skills to work Information technology workers are in a growing and always changing field. You might with clients and co-workers work with computer hardware, software, multimedia, or network systems. You might on projects. design new computer equipment or work on a new computer game. Some information • Detail orientation to pay technology workers support and manage computer hardware. For example, you might attention to specific aspects make sure the networks are working or manage a network that links people across the of systems, programs or world. Or, you might support others and answer questions about specific software or machines. hardware. • Instructional skills to teach others about computers or explain programs. • Manual dexterity for technicians Ways to Explore this Cluster: who take machines apart and fix • Build or modify a personal computer and install software. them. • Create your own Web page with a database and interactive elements. • Writing skills to create reports and • Set up a LAN (local area network) for gaming. documentation. • Volunteer or intern as technical support for a nonprofit or community agency. • Take a class related to: o Algebra I and II o Electronics o Multimedia o Technical Writing o Trigonometry ACE Participating Businesses: • BEVCOMM, Inc. • Midwest IT Systems, Inc. 35
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Develop, create, and modify general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Analyze user needs Bachelor's Degree Applications Computer and develop software Most have degree in computer $55,587 / $68,219 Software Engineers solutions. Design software or or software engineering, or customize software for client computer science. use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. May analyze and design databases. Provide technical assistance or 2-4 Years training to computer users with Most have specialized Computer Support Specialists hardware or software $30,733 / $37,714 certification or degree in problems. Might help in person related field. or over the phone. Coordinate changes to 2-4 Years computer databases or code. Most have degree in software, Database Administrators Might plan, coordinate and $40,893 / $48,619 computer or information implement security measures science. Certification to safeguard databases. recommended. Design, test and evaluate Bachelor's Degree Network Systems & Data network systems. Recommend $52,664 / $62,695 Most have degree in computer Communications Analysts hardware and software. Might or information science. supervise programmers. 36
  • LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY Can you work with various kinds of people? Can you work in the face of danger? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Patience when working with Law, public safety, corrections, and security workers are found in a variety of settings. For example, you might guard the public and enforce the law as a police officer or clients who are angry, scared, security guard. Or, you might provide fire protection as a firefighter. Other workers frustrated or stressed. provide legal services to people who commit crimes. For example, you might monitor • Confidentiality to guard activities within a prison, advise clients of their legal rights, or research legal clients' private information. procedures to support court cases. • Critical-thinking skills when making decisions about the lives of others and possible Ways to Explore this Cluster: consequences. • Attend court hearings and other public legal proceedings. • Selective attention to notice • Take drivers education and keep a clean driving record. details about people and • Intern or volunteer with a program that works with at-risk youth or ex-offenders and their situations. families. • Problem-solving skills to • Job shadow at a law firm to ask lawyers or paralegals about their careers. know rules and methods to • Take a class related to: analyze data. o Cultural/Ethnic Studies o Debate o Psychology o Safety and First Aid o U.S. Government ACE Participating Businesses: • City of Fairmont Police Department • Martin County Sheriff's Department • Krahmer and Nielsen, P.A. • Minnesota Department of Corrections • Martin County District Court • Office of Public Defender/Fifth Judicial District 37
  • LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Keep order and enforce rules On-the-Job Training in city, county and federal jails Must have high school diploma Correctional Officers and prisons by monitoring the $35,369 / $41,848 and pass written, physical, activities and work drug and background exams. assignments of inmates. Control and put out fires or On-the-Job Training respond where life, property or Most train for several weeks. Firefighters the environment are at risk. $22,688 / $24,649 Must also pass written and Might provide medical or physical tests. search-and-rescue services. Perform secretarial duties utilizing legal terminology, procedures, and documents. 1-2 Years Legal Secretaries Prepare legal papers and $29,041 / $34,730 Some train on the job or have correspondence, such as 2-year degree. summonses, complaints, motions, and subpoenas. Research legal precedents, Associate Degree investigate facts or prepare Paralegals and Legal Most have 2-year degree. legal documents for lawyers. $33,389 / $37,544 Assistants Advancement requires 4-year Conduct research to support degree. Certification required. cases. 38
  • MANUFACTURING Are you good with working with your hands? Can you explain to others how a machine works? Cluster Description: Skills Used in this Cluster: Manufacturing workers work with products and equipment. You might design a new • Dependability to do quality work product, decide how the product will be made, or make the product. You might work and be committed to each task on cars, computers, appliances, airplanes, or electronic devices. Other manufacturing within a project. workers install or repair products. For example, you might install refrigerators or • Flexibility to be willing to learn washers, repair plumping in commercial buildings, or diagnose engine problems in new technology and production cars and trucks. techniques. • Manual dexterity to complete labor by hand. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Problem-solving skills to • Call a company to ask for a job-site visit or to job shadow. troubleshoot when machinery • Do basic repairs on home and electronic appliances. breaks down or find a solution • Explore the requirements to enter an apprenticeship. when a job runs longer than • Participate in Skills USA. expected. • Take a class related to: • Visual color discrimination for o Applied Math jobs that involve color-coded o Blueprint Reading electric wires or printing documents. o Industrial Technology o Physics o Technical Writing ACE Participating Businesses: • 3M • BioFuel Energy, • Harsco Track • CrownTonka • TMeyer, Inc. • Aerospace Systems- LLC Walk-Ins Technologies • Winnebago Nortech • CHS, Inc. • Kahler • Easy Automation, Manufacturing • Art's Way • Continental Inc. Automation Company Manufacturing Carbonic • Kerry Ingredients • GKN • Zierke Built Company, Inc. Products, Inc. & Flavours • Hancor, Inc. Manufacturing, Inc. • Avery Weigh-Tronix • Corn Plus • Redi Haul 39
  • MANUFACTURING Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Control or operate an entire 1-2 Years Chemical Plant & System chemical process or system of $37,206 / $42,006 Most complete training 1-2 Operators machines. years. Repair, maintain, or install computers, word processing 1-2 Years Computer, Automated Teller & systems, automated teller Most complete training in $23,038 / $29,728 Office Machine Repairers machines, and electronic office about 9-18 months. Some machines, such as duplicating complete an apprenticeship. and fax machines. Repair, install, adjust or Apprenticeship Industrial Machinery maintain machinery for Most complete an $36,178 / $40,369 Mechanics industrial, printing or other apprenticeship lasting 3-4 companies. years. Others train on the job. Set up and operate machine Apprenticeship tools to produce precision Most complete an Machinists parts and instruments. Might $30,942 / $35,881 apprenticeship lasting 3-4 fabricate, modify or repair years. mechanical instruments. Weld metal parts of pipelines, 1-2 Years cars, boilers, ships, sheet Most complete training in Welders & Solderers metal pieces or other products. $27,216 / $32,927 about 9-18 months. Some Might cut or trim metal objects complete an apprenticeship. to correct dimensions. 40
  • MARKETING, SALES & SERVICE Are you friendly and outgoing? Do you like to do public speaking or debating? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Flexibility to accept times Marketing, sales, and service workers help businesses sell products. You might when sales and money are advertise and promote products so customers want to buy them. Or, you might sell low. products and services to customers. For example, you might develop a marketing plan • Initiative to continually strive for a small start-up company; sell furniture; or measure and fit lenses and frames for to find new customers. eyeglass customers. • Organization skills to keep track of sales records, market trends and customer files. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Self-confidence to face • Design promotional materials (brochures, flyers, etc.) for a local business. rejection and keep a positive • Get a part-time job in a retail store, real estate office or in promotions. attitude. • Participate in Junior Achievement. • Speaking skills to explain the • Volunteer as an event planner or fundraiser for a nonprofit or community group. benefits of a product or service to • Take a class related to: potential customers. o Accounting o Entrepreneurship o International Marketing o Multimedia o Psychology ACE Participating Businesses: • Fairmont Chamber of • Martin County IGNITE • CENTURY 21 Commerce • Minnesota Small Business Northland Realty • Hawkins Chevrolet-Cadillac Development Center • Dan's Appliance • MarketLink 41
  • MARKETING, SALES & SERVICE Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Sell goods for wholesalers or Less Than 1 Year manufacturers to businesses Most learn on the job. Some Wholesale & Manufacturing or groups of individuals. Work $44,718 / $53,203 complete program at a Sales Representatives requires substantial knowledge community or technical of items sold. college. Develop marketing plans to sell products or services. Bachelor's Degree Research and analyze Most have 4-year degree or Marketing Managers $62,618 / $75,167 audiences and products. higher in a related field and Create budgets and supervise extensive work experience. staff. Research market conditions in local, regional, or national areas to determine potential Bachelor's Degree sales of a product or service. Most have degree in business Market Research Analysts $43,022 / $55,572 May gather information on management, marketing or competitors, prices, sales, and sales. methods of marketing and distribution. Direct distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer. Bachelor's Degree Coordinate sales distribution Most have 4-year degree or Sales Managers by establishing sales $53,590 / $68,249 higher in a related field and territories, quotas, and goals extensive work experience. and establish training programs for sales representatives. 42
  • SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS Do you want to know how things work? Do you like to prepare projects for science fairs? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Analytical skills to research a Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workers do scientific research in project and reach precise laboratories or the field. Others plan or design products and systems. Or, you might conclusions. support scientists, mathematicians, or engineers as they do their work. For example, • Communication and you might oversee the construction of roads, develop systems to prevent diseases, or cooperation skills to interact help engineers do research and read blueprints. with project partners. • Computer capabilities to stay current on appropriate software and equipment. Ways to Explore this Cluster: • Creative abilities to solve • Do an informational interview with an engineer or someone who works in a lab. problems and draft new • Join a science, biology, technology, electronics or math club. ideas and designs. • Learn computer applications or technology related to the field, like CAD. • Leadership skills to lead • Teach youth at a technology or science camp or after-school program. projects and work well with • Take a class related to: customers. o Blueprint Reading o Calculus o Physics o Technical Writing o Trigonometry ACE Participating Businesses: • Bolton & Menk, Inc • Martin County Highway Department 43
  • SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages Plan, direct, or coordinate activities in such fields as Bachelor's Degree Engineering Managers architecture and engineering $83,027 / $94,829 Most have 4-year degree or or research and development higher, plus work experience. in these fields. Design and oversee creation or Bachelor's Degree installation of electronic items Electronics Engineers $55,774 / $62,420 Most have degree in electrical for commercial, military or engineering. License required. scientific uses. Design and oversee Bachelor's Degree construction and maintenance Civil Engineers Most have 4-year degree in of structures like roads, $60,676 / $82,143 civil engineering. License railroads, power plants, or required. water systems. May study and record time, motion, method, and speed involved in performance of Industrial Engineering production, maintenance, Associate Degree clerical, and other worker Most have 2-year degree in Technicians $37,028 / $45,469 operations for such purposes engineering technology. Work as establishing standard experience helps. production rates or improving efficiency, usually under the direction of engineering staff. 44
  • TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS Do you have good eyesight and quick reflexes? Do you repair family's and friends' vehicles? Skills Used in this Cluster: Cluster Description: • Customer service skills to deal Transportation, distribution, and logistics workers move people and products by road, with people and be successful if air, rail, and water. You might work as a driver, pilot, engineer, or captain. You might self-employed. repair or maintain the vehicles, trains, planes, and ships that move people and • Dependability to keep on products. Or, you might work behind the scenes to make sure the products and people schedule and be responsible for get to the right place on time. the safety of others. • Manual dexterity to manipulate equipment controls. • Physical stamina to lift and carry Ways to Explore this Cluster: items for transport or to be able • Join a local investment club. to sit for long periods. • Manage your own checking account. • Selective attention to stay alert • Take a class in personal finance. despite potential distractions. • Volunteer or get elected treasurer of an organization. • Take a class related to: o Industrial Technology o Introduction to Business o Physics o Safety and First Aid o Trigonometry ACE Participating Businesses: • Baarts Trucking, Inc. • Hawkeye Foodservice • Wal-Mart #3861 • Beemer Companies, Inc. Distribution • Westman Freightliner • Hy-Vee 45
  • TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS Annual Low/ Occupation Description Education / Training Outlook Median Wages 1-2 Years Adjust, repair and overhaul Bus & Truck Mechanics & Most have degree in diesel trucks, buses and all types of $34,110 / $39,774 Diesel Engine Specialists mechanics or automotive diesel engines. repair. Direct pickup, transport and Varies storage of goods for airlines, Transportation, Storage & Degree needed for trucking companies, railroads $55,636 / $62,404 Distribution Managers advancement. Industry and others. Also coordinate knowledge required. warehouse activities. Drive a truck (at least 3 tons) Less Than 1 Year Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck or tractor-trailer combination Most receive training for 4-8 $28,491 / $35,382 Drivers truck. Transport and deliver months. Commercial driver's goods, livestock or materials. license required. 46
  • GREEN CAREERS IN MINNESOTA Example of Jobs That Will Build the Green U.S. Economy & Fight Global Warming Green careers and job opportunities include positions with environmentally-friendly and Building Retrofitting socially responsible employers, and jobs that work with energy conservation, and Electricians, Heating/Air Conditioning Installers, Carpenters, Construction Equipment Operators, environmental advocacy. Roofers, Insulation Workers, Carpenter Helpers, Industrial Truck Drivers, Construction Managers, Building Inspectors RENEWABLE ENERGY is the strongest area of economic opportunity for Minnesota. This opportunity will create green jobs both through the expansion of existing firms, as well as attraction of firms Mass Transit looking to serve the region. The subcategories of wind, solar and biofuels can deliver the largest Civil Engineers, Rail Track Layers, Electricians, Welders, Metal Fabricators, Engine Assemblers, number of green jobs. Production Helpers, Bus Drivers, First-Line Current: 9,477 green jobs in this sector Transportation Supervisors, Dispatchers 2020 projection: 12,238 - 18,458 jobs Energy-Efficient Automobiles GREEN PRODUCTS offers the second strongest opportunity for the state of Minnesota. While Computer Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Minnesota may attract some additional firms in this category, much of the opportunity for green jobs Engineering Technicians, Welders, Transportation growth in this sector will come from existing firms taking advantage of growing green markets. In Equipment Painters, Metal Fabricators, Computer- Controlled Machine Operators, Engine Assemblers, particular Green Building Products and Green Transportation (transit) products demonstrate the Production Helpers, Operations Managers clearest opportunities. Current: 9,541 green jobs in this sector Wind Power 2020 projection: 10,340 - 12,640 jobs Environmental Engineers, Iron and Steel Workers, Millwrights, Sheet Metal Workers, Machinists, GREEN SERVICES cover a broad range of industries including energy auditors, green product Electrical Equipment Assemblers, Construction distributors and solar installers. Minnesota must insure that as an action plan is implemented and Equipment Operators, Industrial Truck Drivers, Industrial Production Managers, First-Line Production existing policies are adopted, a workforce is readily available. For example, several states began to Supervisors focus on encouraging residential solar only to find out that there was a very limited number of solar installers. Minnesota’s workforce, education, training, economic, and environmental groups have Solar Power begun to work together to align their efforts for green job opportunities centered on enhancing the Electrical Engineers, Electricians, Industrial Machinery energy efficiency of buildings and performing retrofits. Mechanics, Welders, Metal Fabricators, Electrical Current: 22,441 green jobs in this sector Equipment Assemblers, Construction Equipment 2020 projection: 24,841 - 28,337 jobs Operators, Installation Helpers, Laborers, Construction Managers ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION had positive growth numbers. Minnesota is widely recognized Cellulosic Biofuels for its commitment to environmental conservation. The question is how this behavior translates into Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Chemical Equipment economic opportunity for the state. Operators, Chemical Technicians, Mixing and Blending Current: 11,367 green jobs in this sector Machine Operators, Agricultural Workers, Industrial 2020 projection: 11,514 - 12,032 jobs Truck Drivers, Farm Product Purchasers, Agricultural and Forestry Supervisors, Agricultural Inspectors Source: The Green Jobs Task Force, www.mngreenjobs.com 47
  • EXPLORING GREEN CAREERS ISEEK's Green Careers www.iseek.org/careers/green.html Find out what "green careers" are, the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for them, and the existing career paths most impacted. New Opportunities in the Green Economy http://deed.state.mn.us/lmi/__shared/assets/opportunities17456.pdf This article details four industry sectors that are expected to be the main catalyst for creating green jobs in Minnesota in coming years. Something in the Wind http://deed.state.mn.us/lmi/__shared/assets/wind17454.pdf Publication explaining how Minnesota's wind-power industry is among the largest in the country and positioned to generate new jobs. Putting the Green in Gasoline http://deed.state.mn.us/lmi/__shared/assets/green17455.pdf In this article, find out how Minnesota is among the national leaders in biofuel production and is expecting to continue to grow in that sector. Help to Shape the World http://deed.state.mn.us/lmi/__shared/assets/world17457.pdf This profile of Mankato green designer Eric Lennartson describes how his love for building and design began with a set of LEGOs. STEM Occupations in Minnesota http://deed.state.mn.us/lmi/__shared/assets/stem17459.pdf Fact sheet detailing the growth of science, technology, engineering and math careers in Minnesota. Green Jobs Guidebook http://edf.org/documents/8489_Green%20Jobs%20Guidebook%20FINAL%20with%20cover.pdf This is a resource for job seekers, students, guidance counselors, career advisors, policy makers and anyone else interested in knowing about the tremendous potential of existing and growing green jobs. 48
  • HIGH-DEMAND CAREERS IN SOUTH CENTRAL MINNESOTA Annual Low/ Career Cluster Career Title Education / Training Median Wages Food & Tobacco Roasting, Baking & Drying Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources $22,203 / $31,605 On-the-Job Training Machine Operators Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Recreation Workers $20,395 / $23,388 Bachelor's Degree Architecture & Construction Construction & Building Inspectors $40,331 / $49,225 Related Work Experience Architecture & Construction Maintenance and Repair Workers $28,191 / $33,928 1-2 Years Architecture & Construction Stationary Engineers & Boiler Operators $37,783 / $43,740 1-2 Years Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Desktop Publishers $24,948 / $30,514 1-2 Years Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Graphic Designers $25,297 / $31,578 Bachelor's Degree Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Printing Machine Operators $21,633 / $25,553 Less Than 1 Year Business, Management & Administration Compensation, Benefits, Job Analysis Specialists $37,646 / $41,850 Bachelor's Degree Business, Management & Administration Bachelor's Degree Plus Computer & Information Systems Managers $73,811 / $92,709 Related Experience Business, Management & Administration Employment, Recruitment & Placement Specialists $35,740 / $41,368 Bachelor's Degree Education & Training Postsecondary Biological Science Teachers $49,917 / $61,649 Master's Degree Education & Training Postsecondary Business Teachers $46,442 / $57,480 Master's Degree Education & Training Postsecondary Education Teachers $42,916 / $53,609 Master's Degree Finance Claims Adjusters, Examiners, & Investigators $52,086 / $59,299 1-2 Years Finance Insurance Sales Agents $37,185 / $40,662 Bachelor's Degree Finance New Accounts Clerks $26,415 / $28,390 Related Work Experience Bachelor's Degree Plus Government & Public Administration Administrative Services Managers $60,345 / $69,513 Related Experience Bachelor's Degree Plus Government & Public Administration General Operations Managers $56,082 / $77,442 Related Experience Government & Public Administration Social & Community Service Managers $52,197 / $62,570 Bachelor's Degree Health Science Dental Assistants $35,599 / $39,443 Less Than 1 Year Health Science Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics $21,742 / $25,089 1-2 Years Health Science Family & General Practitioners $132,369 / $145,600+ Professional Degree 49
  • HIGH-DEMAND CAREERS IN SOUTH CENTRAL MINNESOTA Hospitality & Tourism Hotel, Motel, & Resort Desk Clerks $17,684 / $19,556 On-the-Job Training Hospitality & Tourism Meat, Poultry, & Fish Cutters & Trimmers $20,661 / $22,648 On-the-Job Training Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Cooks $17,743 / $20,252 1-2 Years Human Service Medical & Public Health Social Workers $37,497 / $42,691 Bachelor's Degree Substance Abuse & Behavioral Disorder Human Service $15,052 / $18,992 Master's Degree Counselors Information Technology Systems Software Computer Software Engineers $54,971 / $74,915 Bachelor's Degree Information Technology Database Administrators $40,893 / $48,619 Bachelor's Degree Network Systems & Data Communications Information Technology $52,664 / $62,695 Bachelor's Degree Analysts Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Correctional Officers & Jailers $35,369 / $41,848 Less Than 1 Year Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Fire Fighters $22,688 / $24,649 1-2 Years Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Legal Secretaries $29,041 / $34,730 1-2 Years Manufacturing Chemical Plant & System Operators $37,206 / $42,006 1-2 Years Computer, Automated Teller & Office Machine Manufacturing $23,038 / $29,728 1-2 Years Repairer Manufacturing Industrial Machinery Mechanics $36,178 / $40,369 1-2 Years Marketing Sales & Service Market Research Analysts $43,022 / $55,572 Bachelor's Degree Marketing Sales & Service Bachelor's Degree Plus Marketing Managers $62,618 / $75,167 Related Experience Marketing Sales & Service Wholesale & Manufacturing Sales Representatives $44,718 / $53,203 Less Than 1 Year Science, Technology, Engineering Civil Engineers $60,676 / $82,143 Bachelor's Degree & Mathematics Science, Technology, Engineering Electronics Engineers $55,774 / $62,420 Bachelor's Degree & Mathematics Science, Technology, Engineering Industrial Engineering Technicians $37,028 / $45,469 Associate Degree & Mathematics Transportation, Distribution & Logistic Bus & Truck Mechanics & Diesel Engine Specialists $34,110 / $39,774 1-2 Years Transportation, Distribution & Logistic Transportation, Storage & Distribution Managers $55,636 / $62,404 Related Work Experience Transportation, Distribution & Logistic Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers $28,491 / $35,382 Less Than 1 Year 50
  • EDUCATION PLANNING & COLLEGE RESOURCES Get Ready for College — www.getreadyforcollege.org An easy-to-use website from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education that helps students with preparation, selection and financial aid. I Make It Happen — www.imakeithappen.org This website aims to provide support and information to Minnesota students that will help them prepare for and pursue college. ISEEK — www.iseek.org This website's "Plan Your Education" section has information on all colleges and academic and job-training programs in Minnesota, including information on admission processes and financial aid. CareerOneStop — www.CareerOneStop.org In the "Education + Training" section there is a Scholarship Search tool, a Financial Aid Advisor and information about colleges and job training programs across the country. FastWeb — www.fastweb.com This is the Internet's leading scholarship search service, helping students make the decisions that shape their lives. Free Application for Federal Student Aid — www.fafsa.ed.gov The FAFSA is the most important way to apply for financial aid. Most schools use the FAFSA to determine the amount of financial aid a student is eligible to receive and the amount they and their family are expected to contribute from savings or income. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities — www.mnscu.edu This is the largest provider of higher education in Minnesota with its 32 institutions, including 25 two-year colleges and seven state universities. The website has information about each campus and all of their two-year, four-year, graduate and job-training programs. Minnesota Private Colleges Council — www.mnprivatecolleges.org This group represents 17 private, 4-year liberal arts colleges in the state. Minnesota Career College Association — www.mncareercolleges.org This association represents private post-secondary schools and colleges, which are accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. 51
  • SOUTH CENTRAL MINNESOTA COLLEGE RESOURCES Iowa Lakes Community College Rassmussen College www.iowalakes.edu www.rasmussen.edu 712 362-2604 or 1-800-521-5054 888-5-RASMUSSEN o Algona, Emmetsburg, Estherville, Spencer, o Brooklyn Park, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Mankato, Spirit Lake Moorhead, St. Cloud, Woodbury Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical Rochester Community and Technical College www.southeastmn.edu www.rctc.edu 507-453-2785 507-285-7265 o Winona o Rochester Minnesota State University South Central College www.mnsu.edu www.southcentral.edu 507-389-1822 507-389-7220 o Mankato o Faribault, North Mankato Minnesota West Community & Technical College Southwest Minnesota State University www.mnwest.edu www.southwestmsu.edu 507-825-6800 507-537-6286 o Jackson o Marshall Presentation College University of Minnesota www.presentation.edu/fairmont www.umn.edu 507-235-4658 612-625-5000 o Fairmont o Twin Cities, Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester Riverland Community College www.riverland.edu 507-433-0820 o Albert Lea, Austin, Owatonna 52
  • CAREER EXPLORATION & JOB SEARCH RESOURCES ISEEK — www.iseek.org The "Explore Careers" and "Find a Job" sections have Minnesota career information, including local salaries, skills and training requirements. Use the career assessments to match your strengths to occupations. ISEEK Parent Portal — www.iseek.org/parents/index.html This section of ISEEK helps parents, guardians and mentors to take an active role in helping teens explore the worlds of education and work, the career development process, and today's labor market. DEED's Creative Job Search — www.deed.state.mn.us/cjs The online version of the publication teaches the skills needed to have a successful job search, including resume writing, interviewing and Internet jobs search techniques. eFolio — www.efoliomn.com This online portfolio is designed to help you showcase your education, career and personal achievements. All Minnesota residents can use eFolio to reach their academic, career and educational goals free of charge. Career Voyages — www.careervoyages.gov This website provides information on high-growth, high-demand careers along with the skills and education needed to attain those occupations. The site is sponsored by U.S. Department of Labor. 53
  • CAREER EXPLORATION & JOB SEARCH RESOURCES Minnesota WorkForce Centers — http://mnwfc.org Staff at WorkForce Centers help people get good jobs and find career direction. The WorkForce Centers offer several interest and skills assessments, job placement assistance and job search workshops. Fairmont's WorkForce Center can be contacted at: 507-235-5518. Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development — www.deed.state.mn.us/lmi/tools.htm DEED collects employment projection, salary and other information needed to gauge the supply and demand of workers and skills needed in a specific career cluster. DEED's Youth Employment Program — www.deed.state.mn.us/youth This program offers job and training services for economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth age 14-24. Access services through your local WorkForce Center by calling 888-GET-JOBS. CareerOneStop — www.CareerOneStop.org The "Explore Careers," "Salary + Benefits" and "Resume + Interviews" sections have national and regional occupation information, and online career tools including the "Skills Profiler" and "Employability Check-Up" tools. The site is sponsored by U.S. Department of Labor. Occupational Outlook Handbook — www.bls.gov/oco The website highlights national trends in careers, the kind of skills you need and economic factors related to the career. The site is sponsored by U.S. Department of Labor. 54
  • MINNESOTA JOB BANKS & EMPLOYMENT WEBSITES MinnesotaWorks Job Bank Star Tribune's Jobs Section www.MinnesotaWorks.net www.startribune.com/jobs State of Minnesota Government Job Openings St. Paul Pioneer Press' Employment Section www.careers.state.mn.us www.twincities.com/jobs Summer Jobs Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Job Board www.mnwfc.org/summerjobs.htm www.mncn.org/jobs/default.asp o List of Minnesota employers for part-time, seasonal and internship positions. Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Minnesota Merit System www.uppermidwestherc.org www.dhs.state.mn.us/agencywd/jobs/merit o Civil service examinations for employment in the social services and human services Diversity Minnesota agencies in 70 of Minnesota's 87 counties. http://diversityminnesota.com Fairmont Sentinel's Jobs Section MinnesotaJobs.com http://jobs.fairmontsentinel.com http://minnesotajobs.com 55
  • NATIONAL JOB BANKS & EMPLOYMENT WEBSITES USA Jobs International Jobs www.usajobs.gov www.intljobs.org o Non-military jobs within the federal government. FlipDog State Job Banks www.flipdog.com www.careeronestop.org/JobSearch/COS_jobsites.aspx o National list of job banks. HireMeNow www.hiremenow.com Hire Vets First www.hirevetsfirst.gov JobCentral www.jobcentral.com Peace Corps www.peacecorps.gov Yahoo! Hot Jobs http://hotjobs.yahoo.com Indeed www.indeed.com CareerBuilder www.careerbuilder.com Beehive/Monster Career Center http://beehive.monster.com Monster www.monster.com CollegeRecruiter.com www.collegerecruiter.com 56
  • ACE PARTICIPATING COLLEGES Minnesota West Community and Technical College - Fairmont Center www.mnwest.edu Career Area: Higher Education Educational Opportunities available at Minnesota West Presentation College www.presentation.edu Career Area: Health Science Health Science degrees Rasmussen College www.rasmussen.edu Career Area: Allied Health (MA, MLT) Microscope. blood pressure cuffs, blood pressure arms, agar plates to showcase bacteria, strep kit South Central College www.southcentral.edu Career Area: Higher Education Educational opportunities available at South Central 57
  • ACE PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES 3M — Tech Ad Mfg, Inc. — Commerce www.3m.com www.admfginc.com Aerospace Systems-Nortech — Tech AgStar Financial Services — Commerce www.nortechsys.com www.agstar.com ARC Southwest Minnesota — Caring Art's Way Manufacturing Company, Inc. — Tech www.arcmnsw.com www.artsway-mfg.com Avery Weigh-Tronix — Tech Aspire Salon & Spa — Caring www.wtxweb.com Bank Midwest — Commerce Baarts Trucking, Inc. — Civic www.bankmidwest.com Beemer Companies, Inc. — Civic BEVCOMM, Inc. — Tech www.beemerco.com www.bevcomm.net BioFuel Energy, LLC — Tech Bolton & Menk Inc. — Tech www.bfenergy.com www.bolton-menk.com Borchardt Agency, Inc. — Commerce Burtis Chiropractic Center — Caring www.borchardtagency.com www.burtischiropractic.com Carpenters - Local 464 — Tech CENTURY 21 Northland Realty — Tech www.hickorytech.net/~464kato/ www.c21northlandrealty.com CHS — Tech City of Blue Earth — Civic www.chsinc.com www.becity.org City of Fairmont — Civic City of Fairmont Police Department — Civic www.fairmont.org www.fairmontpolice.org City of Winnebago — Civic Comfort Inn — Commerce www.winnebago.govoffice.com www.comfortinnfairmont.com Community Options and Resources (COR) — Caring Continental Carbonic Products Inc. — Tech www.cormn.com www.continentalcarbonic.com 58
  • ACE PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES Corn Plus — Tech CrownTonka Walk-Ins — Tech www.cornplusethanol.com www.crowntonka.com Dan’s Appliance — Tech Day Plumbing, Heating & Cooling — Tech www.dansappliance.com www.dayplumbing.com Easy Automation Inc. — Tech Elmore Academy — Caring www.easy-automation.com http://elmore.youthservices.com Fairmont Area Schools — Caring Fairmont Chamber of Commerce — Tech www.fairmont.k12.mn.us www.fairmontchamber.org Fairmont Community Education & Recreation — Caring Fairmont Convention and Visitors Bureau — Commerce www.fairmont.k12.mn.us/cer www.visitfairmontmn.com Fairmont Medical Center-Mayo Health System — Caring Fairmont Veterinary Clinic LLP — Civic www.fairmontmedicalcenter.org www.fmtvets.com Fairmont WorkForce Center — Civic Federated Rural Electric — Commerce www.mnwfc.org/fairmont www.federatedrea.coop First Farmers & Merchants National Bank — Commerce GKN — Tech www.ffmbank.com www.gknoffhighway.com Habilitative Services, Inc. — Caring Hampton Inn — Commerce www.habsvinc.com Hancor Inc. — Tech Harsco Track Technologies — Tech www.hancor.com / www.ads-pipe.com www.harscotrack.com Hawkeye Foodservice Distribution — Civic Hawkeye Sow Center — Civic www.hawkeyefoodservice.com Hawkins Chevrolet-Cadillac — Tech Holiday Inn — Commerce www.hawkinsbestprice.com www.hifairmont.com Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties — Caring Hy-Vee — Civic www.fmchs.com www.hy-vee.com 59
  • ACE PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES Image Wear — Commerce ISEEK — Caring www.imagewearshop.com www.iseek.org Kahler Automation — Tech Kerry Ingredients & Flavours — Tech www.kahlerautomation.com www.kerryamericas.com Krahmer & Nielsen, P.A. — Civic KSUM/KFMC — Commerce www.fairmontlaw.com www.kfmc.com Labor Market Information/Department of Employment & Economic Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center — Caring Development — Civic www.lakeviewhealthservices.org www.deed.state.mn.us/lmi/home.htm Martin County — Civic MarketLink — Tech www.co.martin.mn.us www.marketlinkinc.com Martin County Highway Department — Tech Martin County District Court — Civic www.co.martin.mn.us/Highway/Highwaydepart.htm www.co.martin.mn.us/Courts/Courts.htm Martin County Pork Producers — Civic Martin County IGNITE — Tech www.mnpork.com www.co.martin.mn.us/mceda/mceda.htm Martin Soil & Water Conservation District — Civic Martin County Sheriff's Department — Civic http://martinswcd.net www.co.martin.mn.us/SheriffDept/Sheriff.htm Minnesota Department of Corrections — Civic Midwest IT — Expo Location www.doc.state.mn.us www.itsystemsinc.net MN Dept. of Employment & Economic Development — Civic Minnesota National Guard — Civic www.positivelyminnesota.com www.nationalguard.com Minnesota Small Business Development Center — Commerce Minnesota West Community & Technical College — Caring www.rndc.org www.mnwest.edu Minnesota West Community & Technical College - Fire Safety Minnesota Valley Action Council — Caring — Caring www.mnvac.org www.mnwest.edu MRCI WorkSource — Caring Natural Resources Conservation Service — Civic www.mrci.info 60
  • ACE PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES Office of Public Defender/Fifth Judicial District — Civic Operating Engineers - Local 49 — Tech www.pubdef.state.mn.us www.local49.org Perkins Restaurant — Commerce Peterson Anthony Insurance Agency, Inc. — Commerce www.perkinsfairmont.com http://petersonanthony.com Pipefitters - Local 455 — Tech Plumbers - Local 34 — Tech www.local455.com www.plumberslocal34.org Presentation College — Caring Preferred Capital Management — Commerce www.presentation.edu/fairmont Profinium Financial — Commerce Rasmussen College — Caring www.profinium.com www.rasmussen.edu Redi Haul — Tech REM Heartland, Inc. — Caring www.redihaul.com www.remminnesota.com Rural Advantage — Civic Rosen's, Inc. — Commerce www.ruraladvantage.org www.rosens.com Seifried Portrait Design — Commerce Sauck Media Group — Commerce www.spdgallery.com http://sauckmedia.com Sheet Metal Workers - Local 10 — Tech Sentinel — Commerce www.smw10.org www.fairmontsentinel.com South Central College — Caring STEP Inc. — Caring www.southcentral.edu State Bank of Fairmont — Commerce Steve E. Pierce CPA LTD — Commerce http://sbof.com Sweet Financial Services Inc. — Commerce Super 8 — Commerce www.sweetfinancial.com www.super8fairmont.com TMeyer Inc. — Tech Tech Builders, Inc. — Tech www.tmeyerinc.com www.techbuildersinc.com U.S. Army — Civic www.goarmy.com 61
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