"Survival of the Adaptable" - Presentation to BTI Team M&A


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"Survival of the Adaptable" - Presentation to BTI Team M&A

  1. 1. Survival of the Most Adaptable Introductory Presentation to BTI Group2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 1
  2. 2. Bruce Rossiter• President – Zoom Industries – Acquiring companies to increase their value – Zoom Sales & Marketing – Generating strategic sales and business leads• Silicon Valley AMA – Chairman & Host of the Emerging Media Morning Forum – Board of Directors• Certified Social Media Strategist• Former business broker operating in Los Angeles brossiter@zoomsales.biz 408-260-52492/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 2
  3. 3. Good morning• My name is Bruce Rossiter.• I was invited to give a brief rundown about Zoom Sales & Marketing and Zoom Industries.• I’ll do that by giving you some good news and some bad news.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 3
  4. 4. The good news• We know the good news. More businesses than ever will be sold over the next 10 years.• Between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2011, more than 7,000 people will turn 65 every day of the year. Many own businesses they must sell.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 4
  5. 5. The bad news is best described by severalexperts as to the problems we face.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 5
  6. 6. Forrester research paperForrester Research explains in a new paper* that in the future there will only be two types of companies:• Those that are agile and adapt to consumers’ changing media behavior, and• Those that go out of business. *CMO Mandate: Adapt or Perish by Chris Stutzman for CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals. 11/10/20102/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 6
  7. 7. Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page recently stated:• “…this new, exponentially expanding world of information technologies is now creating permanent instability ….”.• “It disrupts everything it touches. It overturned the entire music industry...”• .• “Barack Obama and the Democrats just got hit with the same disruptive force. The viral dissemination of ObamaCare information fed directly into the historic November election shellacking.”• .• “Nor is it obvious how ‘Businesses’ should adapt to an exponentially larger population of ‘always-engaged people’.” * Daniel Henninger, “Stabilitys End “, WSJ, 2/3/20112/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 7
  8. 8. We have seen daunting examples of business disruption:• The house bubble collapse, abetted by media,• The Education market, with iPads replacing books,• The publishing business facing free content everywhere,• Unemployment remaining high due to outdated labor skills, Courtesy of The Traveling Richters 2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 8
  9. 9. • The rapid spread and pervasive amount of information is a common denominator,• The availability of digital platforms to over two-thirds of earth’s population is the second factor. – Mobile telephones (4.6 billion worldwide)* – Facebook (over 500 million users)** *http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/02/15/business/main6209772.shtml **http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics Courtesy of brainz.com 2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 9
  10. 10. Here is how we must adapt (adapted from the Forrester Paper as applied to businesses)The five habits of highly adaptive businesses include:• Accept change,• Dare the status quo,• Act continuously,• Participate personally,• Tear down boundaries. Courtesy of Left Field Cinema2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 10
  11. 11. Marketing leads the way in helping businesses adapt to changeMarketing has undergone a seismic shift in the last five years integrating social media with traditional marketing. It has learned to adapt from one-directional messaging (ads) to two- way conversations through Social Media. If we don’t all adapt to these new Social Media methods, our competitors will teach us how. But only after they own most of the market.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 11
  12. 12. As a group, especially in Social Media, we are not in good shapeZoom looked at 12 business opportunitywebsites that included the two BTI Group sites.(No chart identifies any single website). Where do we stand as to using Social Media?2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 12
  13. 13. We have a long way to go… 50% do not rank at all. Only 17% rank less than 1 million2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 13
  14. 14. Only 8% of our websites are Social Media enabled. Only 16% have a blog. Websites 2.0 that are Social Media Enabled Websites Web 2.0 Blog 1 No No 2 No No 3 No No 4 No No 5 No No 6 No No 7 No No 8 No No 9 No No 10 No No 11 No Yes 12 Yes Yes2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 14
  15. 15. How to adapt your marketingCourtesy of GetFit.SAMHSA.Gov• The first step - take a diagnostic test to assess your organization’s marketing adaptability.• This will give you actionable insights to: – Gauge the intensity of the effort required. – Identify weak links. – Prioritize efforts to become more adaptive.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 15
  16. 16. There is more we can do together• Marketing - Change to Social Media enabled and optimized websites,• Sales – Update our sales skills to the most effective selling methods,• Differentiate functional breakdown of skills: – Main Street – Only do this if you can become the Craigslist of business opportunities, – M & A – Many brokers have or will want to gravitate to this level of expertise and financial rewards,• Create a core group of individuals - keep the passion alive for ongoing adaptation.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 16
  17. 17. Here’s what we do• Zoom helps you become much more marketing and sales adept by: – Generating business and sales leads for you, or teaching you how, – Building Web 2.0 websites (social media enabled, including blogs), – Writing and supplying content to Web 2.0 sites and blogs, – Optimizing Web 2.0 sites and blogs so you are visible and findable in searches by your target markets.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 17
  18. 18. Why is a blog important?In a nutshell, a blog allows several things to occur: • It allows you to show your expertise through your writings. People develop trust when they believe you are an expert, • It allows your reader’s to engage with you through their comments, • Unlike newsletters, blogs can be linked to hundreds if not thousands of other sites and platforms, • Blogs increase your websites visibility and ranking, • Blogs help you dominate the results on a Google search, • Unlike ads, blogs live on for years, constantly giving you exposure in the topic areas of your articles.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 18
  19. 19. An important Zoom specialty - optimizing blogsTechnorati has accounted for over126,000,000 bloggers worldwide*Your readership multiplies dramaticallywhen you optimize your blogs *As tracked by BlogPulse, http://royal.pingdom.com/2010/01/22/internet-2009-in-numbers/.11/23/2010 19
  20. 20. eCairn’s readership increased 1000% when they started optimizing their blogs • Readership increased from 150 average users to 1,500 average readers. • eCairn had two blogs that spiked at over 6,000 readers. • Their traffic rank puts them at 30,000 out of 234 million blogs.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 20
  21. 21. This picture contains about 37,000 ants. It would take another3370 of these charts to represent the number of bloggers.11/23/2010
  22. 22. How do you communicate with 126,000,000 bloggers? The usual way is one at a time.11/23/2010 22
  23. 23. Influencer Target Marketing targets Influencers to pass on the message to their network.11/23/2010 23
  24. 24. Influencer Target Marketing is becoming as important as targeting to a company’s potential customers.  A company can not afford to address just its potential customers.• It must direct its messages and conversations toward influencers that engage with its potential customers.
  25. 25. Zoom Industries - an important buyerOur Overall Goal:Acquire companies and increase their value.We Offer Two Options for sellers to achieve their goals:• Provide liquidity to minority shareholders,• Purchase the total company.Prior to Zoom, its principals have been involved in: – Financings, M&As, or profit improvement projects for over one hundred companies, – These transactions represent over $600 million of capital.2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 25
  26. 26. Thank you• I would like to meet each of you to see how we each can supercharge our respective businesses.• Please reach out and let me know your interests. brossiter@zoomsales.biz or brossiter@zoomindustries.biz 408-260-5249 (Santa Clara) and 408-456-6920 (San Jose)2/8/2011 © 2011 by Zoom Sales & Marketing 26