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PSP TED Talks Project

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Mc intyre brooks_ted_powerpoint Mc intyre brooks_ted_powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Eddie Obeng TED Talk Presentation By Brooks McInytre
  • Thesis:The rules for businessin our world havechanged and we needto learn how theychanged.
  • He Began his speech by asking a question toconnect to the audience and gather there focus onhim.
  • His enthusiasm on stage and thecreativity or his speech held theaudiences attention. He knew hisinformation well and you could tell heenjoyed making the speech.
  • Commandment 2Eddie shared his dream with people and his ideas on how to accomplish thatdream in catching the world up to its self. He is very passionate about hisdream and very willing to talk about it.
  • Dynamism= 4.7 Eddies speech was very enjoyable his comedy was well mixed into it and he had good visuals to go with it. The only thing that he could have changed that would have made it any better would have bin him slowing down his words a little.
  • Tips used from Reynolds and DuarteHe used a good combination ofpictures and drawings through outhis speech. Also using personalstories to help connect to theaudience.
  • I learned that in a good speech you need to keepyour audiences attention and be interested in whatyour speaking about, also that failure is not alwaysa bad thing.
  • Eddie Obeng compared to Ken Robinson. Well first Ken talked much slowerthen Eddie. Both were serious during there speeches but also had goodhumor thrown in to emphasis the point they where trying to make. Both werevery thought out and I enjoyed both.
  • TipsPrepare ahead of time, Be energetic move around a little if your into yourspeech so will your audience or at least they will pay attention. Don’t changetopics to quickly and come back to your main point.
  • Citations