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Theme6pt2pwrpnt Theme6pt2pwrpnt Presentation Transcript

  • Paul Revere’s Ride
    • Brooke Soto
    • History 140
  • General Gage’s Dilemma
    • Thomas Gage - Commander in Chief of British forces in the New World
    • King appointed him governor of Massachusetts, but the people of New England were defiant
    • Gage belied Bostonians were the worst, and the most familiar, the Boston silversmith Paul Revere
    • By 1774, General Gage acquired a strong state in America & the Empire
    • He worked faithfully to support the authority of the king & parliament, while seeking to consolidate the Americans
  • General Gage’s Dilemma
    • His dilemma was as Edmund Burke said, “ an englishman is the unfittest person on earth to argue another englishman into slavery.”
    • His policy wanted to get rid of democracy
    • He wanted to limit access to law, & shift political cases to England
    • He wanted to keep America commercially dependent on Britain
    • Immediately, he wanted to strip weapons away from the Yankees with small military procedures
  • The Mission
    • With Gage’s number’s being short, he surrendered at the heart of the rebel movement quickly
    • The Whig leaders found out that England was preparing to attack, but wouldn’t fight until the British fired the first shot
    • He had many hidden plans for the attack, but made sure he stayed within the limits of the law
  • The Mission
    • Gage found out that the news of his movement could reach Concord before his troops would
    • He planned to spy & sent out British officers in disguise to intercept any messengers
    • The Americans were aware of these men & warned the country
  • The Warning
    • A messenger tells Paul Revere of the future attack
    • April 18th, 1775 Bostonians become aware of British plans to attack Concord & Lexington the next day
    • John Hancock & Samuel Adams were the targets
    • Revere went by boat to Charlestown to warn the Whigs in Lexington
    • An alarm system had already been arranged
  • The Warning
    • By Revere lighting the lanterns in the steeple of the North Church, it signaled that the British would be approaching by sea
    • The Charleston Whigs gave Revere a horse & he traveled to Lexington at almost midnight
    • Revere had to change routes when he almost ran into the British officers looking to stop messengers
    • Once hitting Lexington & meeting with Adams & Hancock, Revere & another rider left for Concord
  • The Capture
    • Traveling to Concord, Revere & Dawes met Samuel Prescott
    • Unfortunately were captured by the British
    • Dawes was able to escape & Revere & Prescott were taken
    • They came across other riders that had been caught
    • Prescott escaped
  • The Capture
    • Revere was abused with questioning
    • He told the truth & outed their plans to attack
    • He said people in Lexington were already aware
    • Once gunshots were heard, the prisoners were let go & they all fled
  • The Circle of Fire
    • Lord percy came to Boston as a commander of his own regiment
    • He was popular because he was the eldest son of a Duke
    • He Led the 1st Brigade march & ran into the American militia in Lexington
  • The Circle of Fire
    • In Lexington, the command of the militia was taken over by Brigadier William Heath
    • April 19th, 1775 he met with the Massachusetts committee of safety & went to join his troops
    • Through American fire & New England’s persistence, British officers were surprised
    • Heath’s commanding was seen as a victory when they won over the British in the end