Social Stats and Communications Trends


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Social statistics and overview of trends affecting story engagement on the PC, mobile devices and TV.

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  • Facebook usage: #4 in the worldTwitter usage: #6 in the world average of 292 minutes, or 147 videosDemographics for all social networks : 18-34 (86%)35-54 (64%)55+ (43%)Graph: Facebook is the leading social platform37.4 million usersYouTube subscribers 32.1 M users Twitter 15.5 Million LinkedIn 7.9 Million
  • Demographic: 25-3488% on facebook79% on YouTube 42% on Twitter35-4480% on Facebook 66% on YouTube37% on Twitter
  • Facebook usage: #4 in the worldTwitter usage: #6 in the world average of 292 minutes, or 147 videosDemographics for all social networks : 18-34 (86%)35-54 (64%)55+ (43%)Graph: Facebook is the leading social platform37.4 million usersYouTube subscribers 32.1 M users Twitter 15.5 Million LinkedIn 7.9 Million
  • 90% of consumers trust their peers for recommendations BrightEdge survey from April 18, 2011McCann Wave 2011 Survey they are moving away from to brand sites have dropped 10% and connecting with brands in social networks has increased 20% And, when they are connected, they are more likely to buy
  • Consumers exposed to a brand’s social media and paid search programs are 2.8 times more likely to search for that brands products compared to users who saw paid search alone.There was a 50% increase in click-through-rate when consumers were exposed to ‘influenced’ social media and paid search.The consumer’s propensity to search for brand product terms significantly spiked when exposed to both influenced social media and a brand’s search ad, with a jaw-dropping 42-point increase in searcher penetration.In organic search, consumers searching on brand product terms who have been exposed to a brand’s social marketing campaign are 2.4 times more likely to click on organic links leading to the advertiser’s site than the average user seeing a brand’s paid search ad alone.
  • Engagement is the Journey, Loyalty is the Destination-Loyalty 360
  •  - It's a site we did for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation- We sold in the idea of doing something like Pinepoint to showcase the foundation's work in New Orleans- They loved it so Amil went down and shot footage for a week with a local crew that gathered loads of video, stills and sounds - The experience is meant to be multidimensional "non-linear" storytelling meaning people can follow any path and take from the story what they want. It isn't a guided experience.- It also blends video, stills and ambient sounds in a way that creates a highly engaging and visceral experience for the user- Unlike Pinepoint, which is build in Flash, this is all HTML5 which makes it much less of a load and more device friendly. Amil and Lauren Klein from our team here were instrumental in gathering this all into a story and working and obsessing with a shop in Denver that did the design and buildout. Joel made sure it was well architected and easy for the user to maneuver in.  
  • Social Stats and Communications Trends

    1. 1. Anyscreen AgencyPC, Mobile & Smart TV
    2. 2. the state of social
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. in the US…93% of 18+ internet users are on FacebookAlmost 50% of 18-34 users check Facebook right when they wake up57% of people talk more online, than they do in real life48% of young Americans finds out about news through Facebook and TwitterAfrican-Americans and Latinos are more likely to use Twitter and YouTube thanCaucasians.Visits to video sites is increasing most in rural areasUS LinkedIn subscribers makes up 68% of users Social Media Activity 30% 160 140 25% 120 20% 100 15% 80 60 10% 40 5% 20 0% 0 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Twitter Facebook YouTube Twitter
    6. 6. in Canada…people spend more time online than in any other countryAnd they spend more time onYouTube than anyone else− 71% of the online population in social media activity Canada visits YouTube monthly versus 55% of Americans 40 35 30Twitter is the fastest growing social 25 20network with a 19% increase in users in 15one year 10 5 0− 60% of Canadians are on social Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn networks, versus 62% in UK and 59% in US
    7. 7. in the UK…Facebook is now a bigger pastime than watching TVIt’s also responsible for 50% of mobile internet trafficYouTube now accounts for 1 in 5 visits to social networksLinkedIn and Foursquare are rising in popularity Social Media Activity100% 40 90% 35 80% 30 70% 60% 25 50% 20 40% 15 30% 10 20% 10% 5 0% 0 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Twitter
    8. 8. in Mexico…Smartphone and tablet penetration rates outpacing those of the US andCanada (among internet users)• 59.1 million mobile phone users• 40.4 million internet users)• Smartphone penetration among mobile phone users in Mexico was 14% at the end of 2011.
    9. 9. And consumers are connectingwith brands via social channels 50% 36% 84%of users on social of social network of followers networks are users posted read tweets connected to about brand posted by the brands content brands they follow
    10. 10. and, when they are connected…they are more likely to buy. 71% Facebook fans more likely to buy outspend non-fans the brand after by over joining a brand community 4x 10
    11. 11. Social mediaalso makesyou morediscoverablea social media presence canpush a brand to the top ofGoogle searchover half of the top 200 globalbrands have a Facebook pagethat appears higher in searchthan brand.comand, 45% of brands on Twitterappeared in the top 20 Googlesearch results for the brand’sname
    12. 12. marketers are taking notice…93% of marketers already use spending on social media as a percent of total digital marketing spend according to topsocial media for business companies* worldwide, 2011 vs. in 3 yearsmost predict that in three years <5% 67%social media will be between 5% 13%and 20% of total digital 5%-10%marketing spending 22% 32% 10%-20%top areas of focus are: 5% 2011– social media policies 27% In 3 years 20%+– integration into marketing plans 7%– social strategy 28%– issues monitoring and response note: Numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding; * primarily Fortune 500 source: Booz & Company and Buddy Media, * Campaigns to Capabilities: Social Media & Marketing,” Oct 4, 2011 12
    13. 13. according to Gallup..“organizations that have optimizedengagement have outperformed theircompetitors by26% in gross margin and85% in sales growth.their customers buy more, spendmore, return more often, and stay longer.” 13
    14. 14. Let’s look at some storytelling trends byplatform (that extend beyond ‘social’)
    15. 15. PC Trend #1: Getting VisualInfographics Photography
    16. 16. PC Trend #1: Getting VisualVideo
    17. 17. PC Trend #2: Interactive Data
    18. 18. PC Trend #3: Non-Linear Storytelling
    20. 20. Mobile: Constant Connection
    21. 21. Mobile: Location Aware
    22. 22. Check In to Check Out
    23. 23. Mobile: Doesn’t Have to be Smart
    25. 25. Rise of the Smart TV
    26. 26. The Converged Experience
    27. 27. YOUR TURN
    28. 28. PC Mobile• Pinterest (Clipboard) • QR Codes• Tumblr • Augmented Reality• Wordpress • Viggle• Ustream • FourSquare & GoWalla• Google+ • Instagram • NFC • Google Goggles
    29. 29. Your Task• What is it?• How does it work?• Are their other similar services? If so, what’s the key difference for this one?• How organizations are using it to engage key audiences?• How could the Anyscreen Agency use it (new ideas)?