Writing project #1 explanation day


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Writing project #1 explanation day

  1. 1. ENG 102 (Cont.)<br />Explanation of Assignments<br />Your first project is broken up into several pieces, each working as a step to get to that final paper. Try not to think of these “parts” as separate – they actually work together so that there is no way that you can panic with nothing written the day before the paper is due!<br />Library Scavenger Hunt (Due on Friday, Sept 16): Our school librarian will come to our classroom and show us the secrets behind the SWIC electronic databases. I will then give you a “scavenger hunt” that you will need to complete before the next class!<br />Reading Response Assignment (Due on Friday, Sept 23): We will go over how to do this in class but you will need to summarize and analyze a section of Scratch Beginnings and two of your sources. Do each piece of this separately so you should be turning in two different texts here. See the example attached to this sheet.<br />Project Proposal (Due on Wednesday, Sept 28): It is quite common for a researcher to create a “proposal” of one’s possible topic and plan of action before jumping into the nitty-gritty research. Keep in mind that this proposal is most often an “informed proposal,” but not something thrown together at the last minute. Once you have selected the angle that you are going to take with this paper, look around for information – what information can you find about this topic? What are people talking about? (I’ve included an example with this sheet)<br />Your typed proposal should include the following:<br />A rational for choosing the focus that you have decided to talk about. Provide some background information in case the person reading it (me!) has no knowledge of this subject. <br />Question(s) guiding your thinking right now: Why do you want to research this angle? What do you want to find out? What is it that you find so interesting? What questions do you have? What made you want to talk about this topic?<br />Do you have a plan of action yet? Can you think of (specific!) places where you might be able to find information?<br />Annotated Bibliography (Due on Monday, October 3): Once you have written a proposal and started gathering information, you will start organizing your information in another common research tool, the Annotated Bibliography. You will annotate your three sources (Scratch Beginnings + 3 additional sources). Each annotation will include three parts: (1) The MLA citation for the source, (2) a paragraph that objectively summarizes the main points of the source, and (3) a paragraph that talks about your response/ analysis of the text. See example attached to this sheet!<br />Drafts (Due on either Monday, Oct 10, or on Wednesday, Oct 12): Bring in at least 3 copies to share in a peer evaluation of your work. To help make this work, I am going to “model” how this should work with a “Bad” paper.<br />Final Draft (Due on Monday, October 17): When you turn in this polished version of your research essay, you will also need to complete a “Submission Note” assignment to go along with your paper. The “Submission Note” assignment will completed in class and it is required. No stress with this – I’ll show you what to do on that day!<br />Questions?!??!?!?!?!? Be sure to see me as soon as you start to struggle! Don’t wait until the last minute! Dianna.Shank@swic.edu<br />