SMX London 2013 - Is Link Building Crucial for SEO


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A look at the role that link building needs to play in search marketing campaigns

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SMX London 2013 - Is Link Building Crucial for SEO

  1. 1. Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or A Waste of Time & Money? David Naylor 15th May 2013 – SMX LONDON
  2. 2. Is link building still crucial for SEO? …actually, was it ever? NO!
  3. 3. …it just made things easier! • ‘Over-cooking’ anchor text • Comment spam • Forum spam • Article spinning • Link networks
  4. 4. So what’s crucial now? Link clean-ups! Reprofiling Removing Readjusting Rebalancing Rethinking!
  5. 5. Social signals…Really?! How are Google counting these? Why would Google trust RT’s / Likes? I could buy you a million ‘Likes’!* *Come see me after 
  6. 6. So what now?! Become a BRAND!!! I’ve been saying it since 2009!
  7. 7. A bit about Brands
  8. 8.  Google+  Google Local  PPC  Trust Signals  Increased volume of search for your brand name Are you ticking all the boxes for Google? Creating a Brand - SEO
  9. 9.  Demonstrating thought leadership (white papers)  Regular and consistent media engagement  Demonstrating innovation and “first to market”  Reacting to industry milestones and movements Are you distinct and recognisable within your sector? Creating a Brand – PR via 10Yetis
  10. 10. Why create a Brand "Brands are the solution, not the problem," Mr. Schmidt said. "Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.“
  11. 11. And the Brands listened!
  12. 12. Brands are the Problem Google’s Mr Singhal calls this the problem of “brand recognition” Where companies whose standing is based on their success in one area, use this to “venture out into another class of information which they may not be as rich at”.
  13. 13. Brands are the Problem
  14. 14. Content Marketing
  15. 15. Google still want great content that people will link to A.K.A. Content Marketing Bullshit Content Marketing has been around forever! It’s just another Buzzword!
  16. 16. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! * We think they might have made it up
  17. 17. Examples of Content… valentines-day-survey- infographic/ Embed link : lentines-gifts
  18. 18. Matt Cutts on Infographics… Last summer Google’s Matt Cutts said that he: ...would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree. The link is often embedded in the infographic in a way that people don’t realise, vs. a true endorsement of your site”.
  19. 19. Examples of Content…
  20. 20. Examples of Good Content…
  21. 21. Content isn’t all LOL Cats But the internet loves a Grumpy Cat
  22. 22. Hate Bait Why women hate me for being beautiful Why-women-hate-beautiful.html
  23. 23. Brand Buzz ASOS yellow dress ess&date=today%2012-m&cmpt=q
  24. 24. Brand Buzz
  25. 25. What does it take
  26. 26.  Interesting?  Controversial?  Thought provoking? So what does it take? Is it…  Engaging?  Thorough?  Data driven? nobody wants to know what two things they should put on their fish & chips…
  27. 27. Still haven’t found one site ranking without any “unnatural” links Disavowing / removing bad links can help rankings – clean-ups! Still need to go out and “encourage” people to link to your content Brand signals alone won’t make you rank, but helps  But …
  28. 28. Thanks for listening @davenaylor