iGaming Barcelona 2013 - How to use PR for Natural SEO

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A look at the various ways that PR can be used for a natural SEO campaign

A look at the various ways that PR can be used for a natural SEO campaign

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  • 1. How to Develop Natural SEO through PR October 2013 – DAVID NAYLOR
  • 2. Let’s Roll Back
  • 3. Google started directly targeting : - Thin & duplicate content pages - High ad to content ratio - Content farms - Over optimised link profiles - Poor quality, unnatural links Affiliates were hit the hardest February 23rd 2011
  • 4. This Year so Far
  • 5.  Been a year of clean ups, reinclusions, recoveries and rebuilds  A year of unnatural link warnings, WMT’s messages, manual penalties and disavow files  Huge amount of sites still penalised and struggling  More and more needing a full clean up and strip back  Some have been left untouched – next on the radar 2013
  • 6.  Unnatural link warnings released mid May followed by Manual partial penalties – can do clean up & reinclusion requests  Big Penguin hits – 23/5/13 – Algorithmic - can’t do reinclusion May 2013 drops – 2 types Icelolly.com
  • 7.  If you have been hit – clean up, cut deep, rebuild profile  If you haven’t been hit – clean up, cut deep, rebuild profile  Look at Anchor text, link position, type of site What to do first It’s expected that the next Penguin will be harsher
  • 8.  Extending User privacy data – 100% “not provided” in Google Analytics Ongoing updates  New Hummingbird algorithm to “return better results” pushing hard for original, high-quality content
  • 9. How to Develop Natural SEO through PR
  • 10.  PR is one part of the overall SEO campaign  It doesn’t replace good onpage infrastructure, good content, relevancy for Google, relevancy for users, good linkage  It is the fastest way to build a brand and become a brand  PR skills should be adopted Part of our SEO Toolkit
  • 11.  Google+  Google Local  PPC  Trust Signals Are you ticking all the boxes for Google? Creating a Brand - SEO
  • 12.  Demonstrating thought leadership (white papers)  Regular and consistent media engagement  Demonstrating innovation and “first to market”  Reacting to industry milestones and movements Are you distinct and recognisable within your sector? Need a joined up approach Creating a Brand - PR
  • 13. Why create a Brand? "Brands are the solution, not the problem," Mr. Schmidt said. "Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.“
  • 14. What Does it Take?
  • 15.  Mutual respect  Play to our strengths  Coordination between teams  High levels of communication  Sharing of information How we work together… Content isn’t pushed out without advice from either party.
  • 16.  Interesting?  Controversial?  Thought provoking? So what does it take? Is it…  Engaging?  Thorough?  Data driven? Its all about the angle, but how can you get proper coverage in the press?
  • 17. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! * We think they might have made it up
  • 18.  Content Marketing has been around forever! Its just another buzzword  Difference between PR done right for branding and SEO Content Marketing = Bullshit!
  • 19. PR for SEO
  • 20.  Most important thing – a good angle will get pick up  Roladex PR is dead – media is powered by freelance journalists  A good angle won’t be ignored if journo have never met you before It’s all About the Angle
  • 21.  Only 2 paid for wires that we see benefit from DW Publishing Realwire  Press Association & Associated Press can save you legwork  Ring-arounds are still very important to follow up the release and the best way to get coverage News Wires
  • 22.  Forge new relationships with journalists via social media  Twitter is a great platform for finding potential opportunities #journorequest #prrequest  Act fast – Less than 20 minutes to respond to a journo request The Power of Social
  • 23.  Strategic direction for the releases  End goal is increased traffic, increased ranking or direct traffic  Titles of releases important, resyndication on-page  Link-claim ring around  Creating linkage or a buzz to the coverage SEO through PR
  • 24.  Don’t need to be expensive, just well planned  Massive boost, coverage and social buzz if it goes “viral”  Remember “viral” is rare, due to the volume out there  Over optimised releases are dead  Brands need to get back to writing releases with journalists in mind, not search engines Next level PR - Stunts
  • 25.  We use PR pushes as part of our SEO Toolkit  Before you even venture into PR, get cleaned up first  Success from PR comes primarily from the angle  The Roladex is dead, build your own connections with freelance journalists Recap
  • 26. Thanks for listening Any Questions? @davenaylor bronco.co.uk