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Marketing Tips & Tricks to Bootstrap Your Way to ROI
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Marketing Tips & Tricks to Bootstrap Your Way to ROI


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Presented in partnership with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Broker Savant on Thursday, June 13th. Learn the marketing tips and tricks startups use to stretch their marketing budget and create …

Presented in partnership with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Broker Savant on Thursday, June 13th. Learn the marketing tips and tricks startups use to stretch their marketing budget and create a serious return on investment.

Presented by Cate Conroy, CEO & Founder of Conroy Media Group, you will have a chance to learn all of the inside marketing tips and tricks that startup marketers use to make every dollar count. You'll learn:

- How to establish a baseline for your marketing goals
- The steps to understanding and reaching your target audience
- Tools you need to create content that connects with your audience and generates business
- Analytics tools and important shortcuts to save you time when analyzing results

Attendees will leave with a strategy they can implement immediately to start seeing an ROI on their marketing efforts.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Bootstrap Your Way ToMarketing ROIMarketing tips & tricks fromstartup marketer Cate ConroyPresented by@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 2. Marketing StructureBrand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 3. Brand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavantMarketing Structure
  • 4. Brand StoryWhy?Your audience needs to know who you are and why theyshould work with you.How?• Branding package• Onliness statement• Mission statement@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavantMarketing Structure
  • 5. Brand Story@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavantMarketing Structure
  • 6. Brand StoryOnliness statement“Our brand is the only _______ that __________.”Mission statementWhy are you in business?What image do you want to convey?What level of service do you provide?@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavantMarketing Structure
  • 7. Marketing StructureBrand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 8. Marketing StructureDataWhy?You need to know what works and what doesn’t.How?• Google Analytics & Solutions Gallery (free)• Clicky (free up to 3,000 daily pageviews)• Kissmetrics (paid)• Informly (paid)@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 9. Marketing StructureDataGoals?- What are you hoping to achieve?- How will you know when you’ve been successful?- What metrics will track your progress?- Which system tracks those metrics?@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 10. Marketing StructureBrand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 11. Marketing StructureContentWhy?You need to communicate your brand story to youraudience & begin a conversation.How?• Audience Personas• Communications Roadmap• Thematic & Editorial Content Calendars@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 12. Marketing StructureContentContent Calendar@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavantSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayTopic 1 Title,AuthornameTitle,AuthornameTopic 2 Title,AuthornameTopic 3 Title,AuthornameTopic 4
  • 13. Marketing StructureBrand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 14. Marketing StructureSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailWhy?Communicate via your audience’s preferred channel – notyours.How?• Distribution Strategy• Hootsuite (free), SproutSocial (paid)• Express Pigeon, MailChimp, Constant Contact• PR Firm@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 15. Marketing StructureSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMail@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavantURL TargetAudienceEnewsletter? LinkedIn? Twitter? No Yes#HelloYes:CMO MagNYTimeswww.blogpost.comPaul ProductManagerNo Yes Yes#ProductDevNo
  • 16. Marketing StructureBrand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 17. Marketing StructureAudienceWhy?The relationship with your audience is like dating – youneed to treat them well, learn their likes/dislikes and berespectful.How?• Talk to them.• Surveys (Google Forms, SurveyMonkey).• Analytics.@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 18. Marketing StructureAudienceAsk1. What has been the best part of this month?2. What has been the hardest part of this month?3. What do you need?@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 19. Marketing StructureBrand StoryDataContentSocialMediaPR EmailDirectMailAudience@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 20. Marketing StructureRepeat.Often.@Cate #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 21. Thank #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant
  • 22. Links To Tools Mentioned:Google Analytics – Solutions Gallery - Drive – – – – – Social - Pigeon – Chimp – Contact - #BoostrapROI @BrokerSavant